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Is it just me or are hunters very very very hard to lvl. I tried to solo with my hunter but it seems impossible, i simply keep getting killed. So, the only way i can lvl is by grouping, and i cannot always find a group when im online and most of my guild are play their high lvl chars. So, if anyone knows any good places fro a lvl 10 hunter to hunt that would be great, or if u have any tips on soloing.


kill ww pubs untill lvl 12-13, keep bow maxed rest in spear. When you ding 13 ask for damage add in gna and kill weeping willows, use slash arrows. They will usually go bow without melee, lots of em and you can kill em to about lvl 15-16. After that gain a few lvl at askheim or smth. And at lvl 19-20 you go kill Shreiking willows, once again use slash arrows. Dunno what to do when willows turn blue/green, but this is a nice way to gain some nice xp out of group.

The Exile

Well at start it can be very hard because you cant afford those nice arrows yet.
One way of soloing is getting a pet and sending it at your target first (Note: this only works if mobs are non-aggro or alone) then pelt it with arrows and finish it off with your spear.

Once you get better gear and arrows you can solo yellow/orange without even using a pet at all.

Also find mobs that have a weakness to the type of arrows you use, ie slash for weeping willows at gna faste.


Midgard Levelling Guide

Critters in Mularn area
Carrion Crawler (southern Gotar) (6)
Carrion Eater (southern Gotar) (7)

6-7 Hill People just east of Haggerfel, Mularn. Literally right next door, staring over the town. -lassaller

7-8 Crabs and Dirges east of the bridge at Audliten. Tomtes are camped but there's plenty of hunting at night. -lassaller

As you are headed south towards Gal or Gna, you'll cross a big bone bridge and then come to a watch tower before you enter Myrkwood Forest. There are two
named Troll Flayers at that watchtower that give kill tasks that are very closeby - carrion crawlers, pine imps, hosts of the earth, and hosts of the wind.

Hobgoblins near the bone bridge west of Naliten Gotar). There are more hobgoblins for level 9 on the W and SW shore of the lake (OK, it's an inlet) SW of
Nalliten in Gotar.

Silverscale Drakelings (south of Audliten)
Hobgoblin prowler (southern Gotar)
Nacken (southern Gotar)
Tawny linx (southern Gotar)
Hill People (West of Mularn)
Orms (West of Mularn)
Small Hill Cats (West of Mularn)
Wood and Pine imps outside Nalliten

Nisse's Lair first room

Grey Worgs, Undead Trolls just outside and around Gna Faste. Possibility of getting kill tasks for these from guard tower in Gna Faste as well.

Rabid Sveawolves (west of Haggerfal)
Large Sveawolwes (Hugginfel) (12)
Lake Serpents near Audliten (12)

12-14: Willows. Low hp casters (Gna). Again kill tasks for these near by. Heavily camped unfortunatly, but you can typicaly move passed these levels in an
hour or 2.

13-14 Mora Dancers. Just SE of the guard tower in Gna Faste you will find a large area peppered with Mora Dancers. They go down easily and drop lightweight
items that sell for nice cash and can drop nice magical loot on occassion.

14-16 Vendo Bone Collectors along road south of Svasud Faste. Low hp and roughly 16k each. -Blith

Weeping Willows (north of Gna Faste)
Rabid Sveawolves (west of Haggerfal)
Wolves (around Gna Faste)
Tinglers (around Gna Faste)
Creepers (around Gna Faste)
Svartalfar watcher (Myrkwood)
Minor Fideal (West Svealand) (16)

15-16: NE of Huginfell a ways you'll find the gates to the frontier of Yggdra Forrest. It can be a hike here but there is a stablemaster here for a ride back
to town when you're ready to leave. Key thing here is lots of wind sprites spawn just outside the gates. These sprites drop cash only and a decent amount of
it too. You should be able to rack up 5-10 gold an hour here easily and the xp is pretty good as well.

15-16: Demonic Familiars in Darkness Falls. -Amoldor

16-17 Mora Riders con blue at lvl 17 South of Gna Faste guard Tower. Get about 30k+ for blue, about to 40K+ for yellow Mora Riders far south of Gotar.

17-22: Casters such as haxa 19-20 and windcallers 17-18. Windcallers on the hill NW of Hug. Follow the top of the hill all the way around to the Blod Fort.
The Windcaller's are all either yellow or orange, on their own and as they are casters are quite easy to take down. VERY good xp. 18th was one of the
quickest levels ever. -Throdd

Kill Tasks from Guards around Gna Faste

Wind Sprites outside Yggdra Gate
Vendo Flayers (Northern Vale of Mularn)

19: Rabid Sveawolves (Blodfelag fort, west of Hugginfel)
Savage Lynxes (Blodfelleg fort, west of Hugginfel)

19-21: Elf of gashir spawn stick to the right side of the zone line, as you drop down from skona into the swamp lowlands they will be to your left (if you go
up to the lake shore near the zone youve gone too far) --morpegguy

20-22: Soot harvesters. When you enter musp through the gate there are two spawns. One to the right, which is heavily camped more oftern then not, and one to
the left up on the mountian there.

Treekeeps (southeast Skona Ravine)
Dryad Greenthumbs (southeast Skona Ravine)

21-23: Very nice area of frosty colts, snow imps, cold lights, and the occasional savage lynx and svartalf hunter.basically you get frontier experience
without the bleeping snipers.down the road west from Huginfell, bpast the Svart camp, you will see a Blodfelag camp ahead of you. BEFORE that camp, on the
hillside to the south, are two spawns: wind sprites (15-17),minor fideals (16-19). The frontier spawns are way up on hillside between those two spawn areas.

21-23: At level 21-23 you can go to gna, and follow the road leading to askheim (wwfort), go behind it and follow the shore. there you will find a nest with
two yong envydrakes they are easy to kill, i killed one at level 21 , it was orange at the time. They spawn RIGHT after you kill them , so be wery careful
about camping. -DaRoN212

23: Shrieking Willows in Skona Ravine.
Camp1: From WW (Askheim) fort, follow the edge of the lake south about. Watch out for dirges swimming along the shore. 30 seconds job later you should come
to a peninsula with a fallen log on it surounded by willows. Stand on the log and keep nocking those arrows.
Camp2: From WW fort, go west around the fort and across the lake along the causeway. 1 minute jog. Once passed the lake angle NW and you should start to come
into a large spawn of willows spread out near a stonehenge like hill.
Camp3: From camp1 continue south along the lake. You will have to vear areound some morias and then dodge some dirges but following the lake you will come to
another peninsula with some willows on it. Dirges like to swim around here, so always watch for them.

23-24: Fire Flowers. Low hp caster mobs. Can baf, so be carfull. NEVER camped... *boggle* trees are such popular leveling mobs, and these ones always have
camp bonus.

Fire Flowers (Muspelheim)
Moss Maidens (Skona Ravine)

24-25 Demonic familiars (Darkness Falls), apprentice necromancers. At 25 the yellow con scorpian demonic familiars from the ramp where soultorn are. The
range here is unbelievable. -- vn_Blakavare

25-27: Plasmatasms north of Musp entrance in Lava pit (night time spawn)

26 Plated fiends with a pet (Darkness Falls). Pretty easy. Stay away from soultorn they have a lot of resistsances to our arrows and spear. -- vn_Blakavare

Young Firewyrms (Muspelheim)
Werewolf Warder (Skona Ravine)
Seared Skeletons (Muspelheim)
Mephitic Ghouls (Muspelheim)
Fire Wyrms (Muspelheim)
Tree Spirit (south of Stone Circle in Skona Ravine)
plz take note of the Young Fire Wyrms, they are THE best exp 26-29 (maybe 27-30, i forget), they look big and scary, but in truth they are caster mobs, u get
penalty with bow, but bonus with spear. --Lornein_tristan

27-28: Ra of Pine and Ra of Oak in Skona Ravine. They live in the trees at the top of the ravine SW of Varul.
These guys con orange, move slowly (they are the same graphic as wildings), and are never camped. One million plus experience (with 250k of it from camp
bonus). Location is good in case there is a group forming in Varul dungeon

Young Wyverns (Yggdra)
Young Wyverns (Uppland)
Young Firewyrms (Muspelheim)
Mephitic Ghouls (Muspelheim)
Cinder Drakes (Muspelheim)

Seared Skeletons (Muspelheim)
Fire Wyrms (Muspelheim)

Callow Wolverines (Skona Ravine)
Ra of Pines (Skona Ravine)
Werewolf Warders (Skona Ravine)

33-35: Werewolf Guards in Skona Ravine. Two nice spots are tower next to Varu dungeon and east along that same ledge. Plenty of Callow Wolverines in a pit
near some guards if you get bored of Guards. Couple rare named spawns near that area as well.

Isalf Icemages (northeast of undead camp in Yggdra)
Isalf Scryers (northeast of undead camp in Yggdra)
Icy wisps in the undead camp (Yggdra)
Arctic Cockatrices (SE of relic keep) in Uppland
Arctic Cockatrices (SE of relic keep) in Uppland
Werewolf Scruffs (large room in Varulvhamn Dungeon)
Werewolf guards in Skona Ravine close to Varulvhamn.

Skona Ravine near the Malmohus entrance. Pick up a Brush Cat or Wood Rat pet or run to Malm for a Scaled Varg Yearling. (noticed varg have big level range at
34 they con from grey to yellow..might have been a decent camp at then entrance) Back to the camp.. On the floor of the last ravine, near the malm entrance,
under the ledge with WW warders on it, there is a Ra of Willow spawn. Dual spawn, VERY fast. At 33 most yellow quite a few oranges; at 33 most yellow and
some orange; at 34 some were still yellow most blue --Gatto

34-38: Whispering Willows in SW skona, they're worth 1.8-6mill depending on camp bonus. --ryqar

35: the avernal quatsits in DF are yellow and orange to me, and are dropping well with thrust arrows and my thusting spear --Flid-ee

35: I've been camping the Werewolf Churls at the entrance to Varulvhamn since L35, XP is great at around 4.9 - 5.6 mil per kill on a yellow, and 6.6 - 7.8
mil per kill on oranges. Be careful of Crazed Lycantics if you're soloing, though, they sometimes BAF or aggro you while you're working on a WW, and they hit
HARD. The furries have a decently long delay between swings, probably 3-4 seconds per swing (though they sometimes dual-swing), but the Lycantics hit for the
same damage every 2-3 seconds instead.. so it makes a huge difference if you're using a 2H like I am. -_halfhand


35-38: Mud Crabs in Vanern Swamp at about 56k 58k southeast corner. Start to con yellow at lvl 35 and give 6-7 mil xp. Rare drop of Magic Studded Sleeves.
Mud Frogs in surrounding area con blue to yellow and drop infrequent loot worth over 1gp each. Since Crabs only spawn in the area from 1830 to 0600, you can
kill frogs for loot while waiting for them to respawn.

Undead (Yggdra undead camp)

Werewolf Scruffs (large room in Varulvhamn Dungeon) (37)
Mud Frogs (Vanern Swamp) (37)
Mud Crabs (Vanern Swamp) (37)
Werewolf Lords in Varulv
Wintery Dirges
Wolfaur Quixot in Varulv

37-38: Sidhe on the edge of skona/vanern past the ww dungeon. Between the casters that look like skogsfru and the little wisp looking things you can get a
ton of exp. They tend to baf if you nail them too close to the camp or drag the humanoid sidhe too close to a wispy sidhe. On the bright side they drop FAST.
At lvl 37 I recieved 6-6.9 mil for yellow cons and about 8 mil for orange cons.
Kill off the Sidhe Gaotes before going after the elf ones. The loot the Gaotes drop are all gems (round diamonds, clear oval stones, white cloudy gems) and
each stack up to 10. The stacks go for 2 gold and some silver a peice. Made a ton of cash here, and shot through lvl 37. Lvl 38 was pretty slow for it,
though. The camp bonus dries up very quickly.
After you have all the baffers out of the way, the elf sidhes are easy.

38-41: Malmohus. At right of entrance, you have ten Drakulv Missionaries. The ones with the bows. Cause they try to shoot with bows and you interrupt them,
they can t fire at you.

Pyrotasm's in Muspelheim. At level 42, 1 in 10 will be blue or orange. Mostly all yellow. Exp ranges from 6-15 mil without bonus *which is usually 2-4 mil.
From the broken tower where you could find Gunnar's spirit (lvl 30 epic stage) look NE. You will see a lava pit with some strange looking bridge. Before that
bridge look right at the hillside. Lots of pyrotasms there, they look like plasmatasms.
Bone Eater Oracle (Yggdra)

40: Decent camp of wintry dirges, ice creatures and blocks of ice, all around the bone-eater camp.
I found that EXACT same spot of ice creatures around the Bone Eater Oracles too the other day... whilst doing combat with one of the Blocks of Ice, I was
suddenly attacked by those nearly invisible Wintery Dirges... so take care all who venture forth there...
I prefer the plain vanilla Bone Eater camp due west of Gjallahorn Faste... there are 2 blocks of ice who guard it, so I camped the south side and was able to
solo their in relative safety... -Thrain_Firehammer

Wyverns (NW of Fenrir fort in Yggdra)
Hagbui (Vanern)
Werewolf Lunarians (Bottom of Varulvhamn Dungeon)

41-46: Waylayers in Hadrians. They never ever baf, there are some extremely good shooting positions from hills and they drop a lot of money. --Afoaa

42-43: I was at the dirge camp in Odin's (55k, 40k)... the only time they'll mez you is if you get too close to them to pick up loot (which means you have to
angle around to pull them away from camp so you can get at the loot easily). The dirges at 43 are yellow with the occasional orange. With camp bonus, I'm
getting from 12 to 22 million (this drops to 10-16 without camp bonus).

44: Chillers (Raumarik. From the entrance, go past the wyverns and go west till you hit the river, then follow it'll see a few solo chillers and
frostweavers, and to the east along the mountains are camps of both with linked ones and a scout or two.)

44-46: Frostweaver Icestriders(Upp/Jamt/Ygg). Stick to the unlinked ones. Casters so low hp.

44-47: Fernir (Upp/Jamt/Ygg). Stick to the unlinked ones. Most of the prophets baf with a guard. The prophets cast stuns and have low hps. The stuns can kill
you if your not quick.

45: Bone Eater Oracle (Uppland). There's more oracles in uppland worth 15mill that could solo 45+. --CaptNewb These are at loc 19k, 17k or 17k, 19k. 2-3
oracles and a spineripper.

45-47 - Gorgans in Emain. Cute little buggers, and they are every where so you can keep moving for campadge.

45-50: Starting at about 45, you should be able to solo in the new parts of Varulvhamn
nicely. Everything in there is very susceptible to slash. The aggro can be
pretty nasty if you're not careful, but there are lots of safe spots where you can
camp and farm and there are numerous camps so you can switch among them when the camp
bonus runs out. The dogs are level 37 so you can charm them at level 46 if you have
35 BC. -Qisa

46: there are about 3 camps of shard golems (yellow to 46) in ygg by the alb undead camp, nw of horn relic. never seen anyone camping them, so there is
always a full camp bonus, and when you deplete one camps bonus you just walk about 10 paces and you have another camp to pull from and there is a stead
patrol of guards right through the camp so you dont need to worry about griefers.

46-50 - Knotted/Gnarled Fellwoods in Alb. Since there is never anyone there...

47-48: Icestrder Interceptors (Upp/Jamt/Ygg/Raum). Stick to the unlinked ones. Casters, low hp.

47-49: Trollkarls (room with the upper walkway in Spindelhalla)

47-49 Dark Siethskona Initiates & Mista
Also a statis epic mob caster 4 spawn yes in the Swamp... I forget which classes epic this is but they go down just as fast for the same reason above Except
the spawn rate is much faster 18-19 million x 4 x 4-5 minutes...pretty good solo exp IMO, when you cant get a grp... zone wall is close for afk time, keep a
pet incase a swamp snake jumps you (rare but a nice 25mil bonus sometimes) pelnty of greens and blues wonder around if you just MUST kill something during
your 4 minute downtime, and low exposure to death.... --morpegguy

47-50: I would rather solo wyverns [in Raumarik]...bad thing about wyverns is they nuke, and if they start chain nuking, be ready to run...but I have soloed
them for hours at 48 and 49. --Grismares_Rage you can solo wyverns at the gates of Raum IF you get the bodokin (spelling) thrust arrows, and make sure you
have a good thrust spear, they are weak to thrust and you will do on average 200 more damage on the crit and 80-100 more per follow up shot thean with FFB,
at lvl 49 with thrust arrows I was dropping the yellows before they got to me, with broadheads they would get to me with 1/3 health, I would HIGHLY suggest
getting someone to watch your back the first few pulls to make sure you can handle them. --Honig1

47-50: I've been killing the trees in Alb frontier, the ones on the east Forest Sauvage border. We get a huge bonus (like +50) to them, vs the -40 vs
Wyverns. They're blue/yellow/orange to me at 48 and they don't drop loot (which may give you away to any Albions that pass by) --Seek.

48-50 - you can solo the Tempters and Soultorns ledge past the Rocots in DF. Yellows and blues for about 15-24 mil depending. Make sure you stand against the
pillar not on the ledge itself else you'll draw agro from those below. Most times pull with crit.. get off 2 more shot then load and wait because the mob
will be out of view. When he pops up on the ledge release the shot and melee for 1-2 hits with your spear. --Craeven

48-50 - Low Wrathes in OG/Raum.

48-50 - Gorbechandes (sp) in Emain. The low level.

49 Wyverns (Entrance to Raum)


Thanks thats great, that will defintaly help me on my way! :D


Somebody mentioned arrows - and imo this is worth mentioning again.
Go for top arrows (x-heavy damage, accuracy and range) when you can afford them, maybe craft them yourself so they will be cheaper in the long run.
They do make life a lot easier when leveling a hunter.

Had a level 30ish hunter and when picking the right mobs (was before all the new arrows) he could solo orange mobs often.

I have an addition to the guide for hunt spots.

Blodfelag Hexas and Windcallers go down very fast - even when orange as long as you have the distance.
So do Fire Wyrms in Muspelheim (a much overlooked place for great exp).

Basically - what you want to look for is caster mobs (not nukeing mobs) that will stop and try to cast a spell. This gives you time to get 1-2 more arrows in your prey before they can get to you. (unlike nukeing mobs that just insta cast spells - ei Weeping and Shreiking Willows, wich however still are excellent exp due to low hitpoints)


Here's a good tip:
When you hang around Gna Faste or any other place with plenty of fletchers, be very POLITE to the fletchers and ask nicely if anyone can supply you with a few bundles of arrows.
When I had a lvl 10 hunter, I always had plenty of those high-end arrows because I know how to behave and make people feel appreciated.
Do NOT make an ugly begging-macro like "pLZ gIMMeE ARRAOWs!!!", people tend to frown upon those.
Hunters need love, not from Mythic but from the other players. :fluffle: This is why I always give the spears/bows I get to the nearest hunter.

Oops, looks like this post ended up as a "Love me coz I'm nice"-post. :doh:


Depends on your spec.

lots of young hunters tend to max bow, living the lie they can kill yellow+ with bow only.
Best to do is have spear and beastcraft maxed and put spare points in bow at low levels.

Reason is , our fastest bow is 3.9 spd for dropped and 4spd for crafted and those bows does far to low damage to be effective.
Now if you are below lvl40 your quickness is simply to low to be able to shoot a mob more than 2 or 3 times as most before it reach you.
So one tip is to concentrate on the weapon you will use most at the moment, the spear.
Get a slow bow and only use it for pulls with heavy critshot and send pet to them, maybe you are lucky getting 2 more shots in then kill it with spear.
Beastcraft is nice to have since the buffs realy makes difference, dex/quick for drawspeed and spearswing + damage on both bow and spear. And the af buff makes up for studded a bit.
I know its tempting to have Bow maxed but its not worth it when exping.
Bow also have limited use in caves so spear hunters beat bow hunters there.

A good thing is to test some different mobs in an area, if you see a (-20) when using keen arrows, try change arrows to bodkin and see what penalty/bonus you get, if mob is resistant to all types change mob. Also change spear to the correct damage table.

Ideal targets is slow running targets or casters/archers.
Trees are good, but some of them nukes once in a while, can hurt alot, insects tend to go down easy aswell.

I had not so much problem soloing and I soloed alot, nearly 1-40 solo. With some group breaks in spindelhalla a few levels.
Try get some decent armor and bow/spears and it will go better.

Good luck!


I just soloed from 1 - 19 very fast. In fact I turned down groups because I was getting more exp solo.

In Myrkwood near Spind, a lot of the mobs are paired (e.g Tingler with an arcactite (sp) priest). With very good arrows I was taking down a yellow pair and taking no damage. Trick was to kill the priest first, send the pet to the Tingler, to hold it up, then shoot the tinger. Got group bonus, camp bonus and good exp. There are plenty of pets to choose from there too.

I had no problem taking Oranges from 10-15 after about 17 I noticed my arrows were missing more so was getting riskier but I still do it.

Also keep moving and keep away from other groups, this may be a lonely way to get exp but you want the camp bonus to be as high as possible. Always buff, always have a pet, always shoot using Crit shot, and always as far away from target as possible. Any doubt that you will loose a fight sprint a bit then use speed spell to get away. Don’t hesitate to loose the pet, remember you can’t use your speed spell if your pet is getting aggro and you still have it under your control.

I disagree with lefthand, I will max bow and will take down the mob before he gets too me, I will only use mele as a last resort. You need to reduce your downtime and you tend not to loose HP's when you are using the bow. When you use spear you too are getting hit ... longer downtime. Also easier to run away when using the bow, unless your being nuked by a caster...

But I am only level 19, plenty more hunters with far more experience around....


Going bow is a viablie option for you since you have a level 50 main char. For a newbie, the cost of arrows will be too much. And spear does a lot of damage, I killed yellows in 2-3 hits at level 10 with max spear.


obviously its going to be slow solo

you need to group etc, altho as a hunter it can be hard to get them you have to try

you really should try doing some killtasks imho


Wait till 1.56 hunters become sort of ungimped, no point playing 1 atm though, but when the patch comes they'll be the most viable archer out of the 3 realms.


Originally posted by optical-
...... no point playing 1 atm though, ......

Ouch Optical old m8, that hurts me to da quick ;)


get about 5gold and sit crafting arrow's up to level 500 this will save you sooooo much money on the arrow's and yes shooting 2k arrow's before having to replenish is a common occurance when solo exping

ive soloed almost all to L46 maybe bar 3-4 level's the first 35 are sooooo easy that ive started another hunter just for the fun of it

oh and follow the hunting guides and try and find the correct arrow's when i started there was only Keen arrow's (highest arrow's with slash dmg)

good luck
i specced spear to 10 then left it till L35, i maxed bow each level got bc high for the self buff's and stealth can always come later


Originally posted by old.Leel
Going bow is a viablie option for you since you have a level 50 main char. For a newbie, the cost of arrows will be too much. And spear does a lot of damage, I killed yellows in 2-3 hits at level 10 with max spear.

Ummmm Leel you are completely correct, my main char is financing the arrows of the alt, sometimes I forgot people don't have a main 50 char :)

Right from level 1 I bought the best arrows, and this has proved quite expensive for my main character!

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