Subaru crashes

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Lamp, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Lamp

    Lamp I am a FH squatter

  2. Dakkath

    Dakkath Can't get enough of FH

    Only one of these crashes shown were actually subaru's...
    Although I'm not surprised, after all, we are the safest drivers around...

    But yeah, they had to hurt...

    Shame about including the one really nasty car wrapped around a tree crash, was the only one of the lot that would probably have been fatal for the co-pilot...

    It's a hard sport and sometimes people do get hurt :(
  3. Basic_X

    Basic_X Fledgling Freddie

    i wouldnt be the driver in that last crash, but all of those got to hurt..i manny nice cars...going to waste...dont drink and drive!!! :p
  4. Rellik

    Rellik Fledgling Freddie

    horrible tune! Scooter or wtf they are called suck so hard it makes me cry :(

    and yeh some of those crashes must have hurt :p
  5. Bugz

    Bugz Fledgling Freddie

    What a crap sport :m00:
  6. tris-

    tris- Failed Geordie and Parmothief

    what was worse, the injuries or that fucking sound track?

    rally drivers are off their tits, and its very enjoyable to watch people who are off their tits doing something crazy.

    1 or 2 of those cars were nice aswell.

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