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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Santa's little helper, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Santa's little helper

    Santa's little helper Fledgling Freddie

    Hello all,

    I've quit war along time ago - but this is the most active forum, so it seems appropriate to post it here.

    I'm looking for an mmo to play... What MMOs do you recommend? I liked daoc, and not war.

    Would be best if the game was appealing to people older than 10... (that's no flame, but c'mon... who likes having 4x 10 year olds in your party?).
    The game needs to have a great community...

    Hope someone can help :drink:
  2. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

    Tbh I think the DAoC forums are more active than these ones.

    Errr I guess there's DarkFall Online out at the moment? I can't really think of what else there is to play right now (hence I'm still playing WAR).
    Then in beta at the moment there is Fallen Earth, Global Agenda, Mortal Online, Aion, and Champions Online so I guess you could look into one of those.
  3. Wonk

    Wonk Can't get enough of FH

    Street fighter
  4. Gahn

    Gahn Resident Freddy

    People speak nice things about Aion, that's the game i actually got under "magnifying glass" ^^
  5. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

    Yeah I've got my fingers crossed for Aion being good too, I'm just annoyed I didn't get into last weekend's beta event so I could see for myself; but apparently there will be more in the future.
  6. civy

    civy One of Freddy's beloved

    Ive played aion on the chinese servers. Only played for a couple of hours since i didnt want to ruin it. Gotta say it has alot of promise. I'll be giving it a go.

    Guide to Chinese Aion OBT | MobiusZone

    Is a guide how to setup a account and download the game. You only get 5 hours from a login but you can make as many as you want and dont have to hand over any info other than a username and password.

    edit: there is a english lang pack. You should be able to find it on google. If you cant drop me a pm.

    edit2: If you do a direct download then make sure the filename it saves as is the same as the hyperlink.
  7. Nate

    Nate FH is my second home

    There isn't any pvp before the end game though is there? Letdown tbh. ***** grinding.
  8. Santa's little helper

    Santa's little helper Fledgling Freddie

    But seriously .. who the hell wants to play some gay ass chineese shit with "warriors" with long hair, and 20 meters swords?

    Not to mention no english servers.
  9. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    i didnt see any in the last beta session but then again, they didnt allow us to play very much either. only 1 to 20 of one side, next session is the other side and only 1 to 10.

    so its kinda hard to say if theres any pvp or not before end game. i just have a feeling that the end game will be focused more on pvp then pve.

    but i'm pretty certain that there will be pvp in the earlier levels to.
  10. civy

    civy One of Freddy's beloved

    You can customise the chars like in no other MMO I’ve seen. You can make them look like luris, dwarves, humans, giants. EU servers will be out later this year. I believe around September. It’s taking so long as they are redoing the voices/humour etc for a western audience
  11. Poag

    Poag m00?

    WoW people jumping on Aion there.

    Theres a reason its OB in china and not here.

    NCSoft NA are currently retooling the game for the western market. Adding more quests and making it less grindy.
    From the reports of players the two games are drastically different in the gameplay style, but the underlying hardware and world are the same :)

    Heres a eurogamer article on the 'West' version
    GDC: Aion: The Tower of Eternity Hands On - Page 1 // MMO /// Eurogamer - Games Reviews, News and More

    I've not played myself but aparently its a decent game from a nutty Hungarians pov :p
  12. Gahn

    Gahn Resident Freddy

    But seriously .. wtf you ask for if you don't wanna even hear what people have to tell ya?
    As mentioned above also in Sep is coming for the western market with English Servers.
  13. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

    you obviously didn't look much into the game before making that judgement
  14. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

    I started following the steps but then the second link I followed to me to a different page to the example page so I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.
  15. Santa's little helper

    Santa's little helper Fledgling Freddie

    So you whine over my whine? Well that makes sense...

    Want some cheese with that whine?
  16. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    So you whine over his whine over your whine?

    He wasn't even whining!
  17. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

    So you whine about him whining over gahn's whine over his whine?
  18. Gahn

    Gahn Resident Freddy

    You are kinda of funny trying to get outta jail with shit comments, you wanted some advice, people give it to ya and you retort stupid uninformed remarks.
    Says it all tbh :kissit:
  19. civy

    civy One of Freddy's beloved

    The client download step?
  20. Loneliness

    Loneliness Loyal Freddie

    So you whine about pikeh's whining about gahn's whine over his whining? Yet we still dont have any cheese!

  21. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    But thats wrong!

    I whined about Santas whining about Gahns whining over Santas Whine. So Moose Whined about my whine over Santas whine over Gahns whine because of santas whine.

    I didnt whine about Gahn!

  22. TheBinarySurfer

    TheBinarySurfer Can't get enough of FH

    Have to say i'm enjoying twiddling around on LOTRO at the moment - quests are quite decent and actually make sense following a logical progression, and you have "insta" pvp in the form of Monster mode that you can do at any level (basically you get a premade max-level monster that you choose and control to fight against players with).

    I do still play WAR, but only when friends are on as the zergy, laggy, pve-based endgame has really started to get to me lately. Combine this with the "endgame" shutting down all the content and forcing everyone into the same zone (further raising lag and increasing those ridiculous random port-outs from the forts & keeps) and i just have 0 motivation to play when my friends aren't online!
  23. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    Is there any other endgame content rather than PvE stuff?
  24. Santa's little helper

    Santa's little helper Fledgling Freddie

    Gahn you've created a space-whine-continum-hole! Those are dangerous, you get sucked into the whine and never come back! Now watch out, radio-active-whine man!

    Did anyone try out some new MMO-RTS? They are the new thing, i guess - some of them looks very promising.
  25. Gahn

    Gahn Resident Freddy

    At least it spices up ze forum :m00:
  26. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

    Yeah, sorry I just re-read my post and it didn't really make sense. I made an account on that first site, and then when I went to download the client it linked me to a different page to the one in the example picture.
    Is this like a trial for the chinese full release?
  27. civy

    civy One of Freddy's beloved

    full release. you wil get 5 hours from the account for free. then just make another :)

    You need to download


    Or find a torrnet. There are a few about.

    watch the Data.z01 as it wil try and save as least it did on my puter.
    LIke I said. If you get them down give me a shout and i'll give you a link for the english lang pack. Its on a guild server so I dont want to link it here for all to use;)

    Hope that helps.
  28. civy

    civy One of Freddy's beloved

  29. Santa's little helper

    Santa's little helper Fledgling Freddie

    I'm amazed how little progression there is, in the MMOs ... Since wow earned billions every day, you would think some smart investor would say: HMM! There might be money in this - let's get invested!

    But truth is, wow killed generations of MMOs to come, with its stupid pve, and non-excisting pvp (yes, I'm looking at you, Warhammer).

    Roll out old emain and daoc.
  30. Loneliness

    Loneliness Loyal Freddie

    Well when i left daoc i really enjoyed wow the new experience buzz was there, same as every other game. Its just unfortunate the buzz wears off quicker the more games you play for whatever reason.

    Even if WAR was daoc2 or had three realms i still think i couldnt be as enthusiastic as i was with the original (omg this shit pwnz) MMO

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