New MMOs around?

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Santa's little helper, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. meerclar

    meerclar Can't get enough of FH

  2. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

  3. Roo Stercogburn

    Roo Stercogburn Resident Freddy

    Still enjoying WAR. No intention of playing Aion. Watching out for Jumpgate, rather looking forward to getting my hands on that. I've always wanted a fantasy MMO and a sci fi mmo to have going at the same time and Eve really didn't cut the mustard.

    I occasionally load up the Eve Apocrypha starting screen just to hear the music, which is excellent, then I switch it off again and go back to doing somthing else.
  4. civy

    civy One of Freddy's beloved

    Today I downloaded 14 day DAoC trial. CBA with warhammer anymore. Server is so out of balance its not worth logging in anymore. Gonna be doing a bit of PVE in warhammer/lvl a pally which ive never played in cam to kill time till aion.
  5. Roo Stercogburn

    Roo Stercogburn Resident Freddy

    Get your arse back in the game soldier.

    I'm not done giving away free RP yet.
  6. TheBinarySurfer

    TheBinarySurfer Can't get enough of FH

    Not really - Player vs Monsterplayer can be quite fun, but it's hugely stacked in favour of the players!
  7. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    unfortunately yes, theres not a single monsterclass that can with any degree of hope, safely do a 1v1 with a human player unless the human player is a complete retard, and even then it can be a gamble :)

    not to mention that the human healers are insanely overpowered when it comes to the healing they can dish out in notime.

    the thing is that LOTRO isnt balanced for pvmp on the human side, they are balanced for pve raids. only the monster classes are balanced for pvp.

    so you have one side that hit for less, heal for less and take more damage then the other side.
  8. TheBinarySurfer

    TheBinarySurfer Can't get enough of FH

    Yep, which is unfortunate but it's a game about heroes killing monsters so i suppose from a roleplaying perspective the balance is right. From a player persective though, it's very boring!
  9. Turamber

    Turamber FH is my second home

    DAoC in the States is alive and well. It is also a much better game than the one I remember quitting in 2005, well worth a look if you are searching for a new game or given up on Warhammer, the ultimate WoW clone.
  10. Mas

    Mas One of Freddy's beloved

    How do i patch my eu client to work on us servers, would this also allow me to use the latest client i have which is lotm? Also would i need to create a new account for the billing on the us daoc site?

    Quite interested in starting fresh on the us devon cluster.
  11. civy

    civy One of Freddy's beloved

    Download the 14 day trial from the US website. Its a quick download. Follow the instructions to make a account. You have to sub for a month when u register but u can cancel it right away so you only get the 14 days.

    Mythic Entertainment | Dark Age of Camelot
  12. svartalf

    svartalf Can't get enough of FH

  13. Malcolm

    Malcolm Can't get enough of FH

    i'm playing LOTRO again and enjoying it this time around, which is just as well as I shelled out for the founders lifetime subscription at launch :)
  14. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    shame on you :)
  15. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

    I've been playing Aion beta, and I think I'm definitely going to give this game a try on release. Also Fallen Earth, but I haven't got in to that much yet, as I haven't played it for very long yet.

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