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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by lawson, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. lawson

    lawson Fledgling Freddie

    currently i am thinking about going back into online gaming,
    after Dark Age Of Camelot popularity went down i got bored.

    are there any current online game with large popularity and DECENT rvr ?

  2. Moriath

    Moriath I am a FH squatter

    could try aion
  3. Tallen

    Tallen Fledgling Freddie

    Erm...DAoC? :)

    They recently made a super-cluster on US which is hugely popular right now.
  4. Wonk

    Wonk Can't get enough of FH

    street fighter.
  5. TreD

    TreD Fledgling Freddie

    Aion is truely aweful no content from about level 32+ grindathon and the "pvpve" they made alot of noise about is just utter crap.I see they released a new vid of an upcoming patch/add on and all i can say from my time in aion is none of what they showed in that vid will work in game, the game was already out a year in korea and they have only now started to address the many problems the game has.If you want pvp stay with warhammer if you want pve go to wow but if you want poor pve and even worse pvp try out aion. :D
  6. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    as much as i want to say WAR has it i just can't.

    yes it has done some amazing progression since it released but it just isnt any good still.

    if you want great rvr there really is only DAoC that have it.

    WAR have a few things from DAoC but not enough to make it a good replacement.

    DAoC still is the absolute best rvr game out there, and the US servers are thriving now that they made a super cluster.
  7. Loneliness

    Loneliness Loyal Freddie

    This... Im on Ywain and its great, gw2 soon but i doubt anyone here will favour it.
  8. Blake

    Blake Fledgling Freddie

    one direction

    <MOD>FH does not endorse freeshards</MOD>
  9. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    you know that shit is against forum rules so why keep advertising about it?
  10. Blake

    Blake Fledgling Freddie


    as if i care :kissit:,.. only 1 thing to say " its the best place if u like to play a Not F*ck'd up mmoprg" :iagree:
  11. ST^

    ST^ Part of the furniture

    World of Warcraft.
  12. AngelHeal

    AngelHeal Part of the furniture

    you made a funny!!:lol:
  13. Raven

    Raven Brrrrr!

    As mentioned, DAOC on the US servers is still active...or at least is was when I played a couple of months ago.
  14. Loneliness

    Loneliness Loyal Freddie

    Thought id say hi, not in any mmo atm cod4 and mw2 although i tryed rom2 which was alright for a free mmo but boring as shit.
  15. Loneliness

    Loneliness Loyal Freddie

    Allods is now buy to play so i :iagree: with blake's sig.

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