FAO Teh seel

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Tom, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Tom

    Tom FH is my second home

  2. Cynical

    Cynical Fledgling Freddie

    thats just plain evil :( who could harm a baby seal. There so god damn cute :mad:
  3. TdC

    TdC Trem's hunky sex love muffin Staff member Moderator

    seals are great! they taste just like kittens too :)
  4. Tenko

    Tenko Fledgling Freddie


    Wasn't very well done but I do appreciate it when someone tries to get a rise out of the more gullible wanderers of the www.

  5. jaba

    jaba Fledgling Freddie

    I would find that a lot funnier if I hadn't just watch some peta video against jlo and her fur coats, that very nearly made me sick. I would provide I link but I don't actually want to go anywhere near the site again ever. just plain wrong.
  6. Alliandre

    Alliandre Fledgling Freddie

    Some of the hate mail stuff is particularly amusing, as always. :)
  7. Chilly

    Chilly Balls of steel

    Excellent guide to clubbing baby seals, nice.
  8. old.Tohtori

    old.Tohtori FH is my second home

    All i'm gonna say is....

    Envious motherf*ckers :D
  9. Ch3tan

    Ch3tan I aer teh win!!

    Seal penis', smaller than rabbits feet, and luckier too.
  10. Gray

    Gray FH is my second home

    "What you rubbing there Tom?"
    "Oh... this is my lucky charm.."
    "Oh? Not a charm im familiar with.. what type is it?"
    "This is my lucky Penis charm, i always rub it when im feeling lucky"

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