What do you drink?

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Darthshearer, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Darthshearer

    Darthshearer Can't get enough of FH

    Whilst sat here drinking a can of Stella, which is a rather odd for me as I aint a massive Larger fan, I was thinking what do you drink? I know a few people who drink Stella because "everyone else does" Sad but its an OK drink really.

    Guinness is my main drink, its gorg an even better in Ireland.

    • Guinness
    • Stella Artois
    • Vodka
    Mad Drink
    • Turbo Vimto
    Now I dont know if this is correct, as I only have it when Im steaming. It just tastes like Vimto and wow it blows your head of man. Its a double port in a pint glass, with a blue WKD poured in hmmmmmm nice :D

    :drink: :eek7: :puke:
  2. Elcain

    Elcain Fledgling Freddie

    ill drink anything anytime any place, i love my booze
  3. Munkey

    Munkey Can't get enough of FH

    Erm, everyone out here seems to drink Fosters but i prefer Tiger. If feeling a bit more upscale, some JD. Keep on that until wasted, then get people to make wierd combination of drinks for me until i'm gone.

    Living in Qatar isnt exactly one of the best places for this.
  4. Darthshearer

    Darthshearer Can't get enough of FH

    Fosters is water man! But JD is nice :D, Im like you when im steaming get the combinations going :D
  5. babs

    babs Can't get enough of FH

    Beer - Hoegaarden.
    Spirits - Southern Comfort 100 proof.
    Cocktail - Long Island Ice Tea.

    Stella tastes like dogs' urine (probably), but my homebrew is surprisingly nice :)
  6. Elcain

    Elcain Fledgling Freddie

    Peple drink fosters cause its cheap :p
  7. Darthshearer

    Darthshearer Can't get enough of FH

    Hoegaarden - V V V V NIce totally forgot about that :twak:
    Southern Comfort, I used to sup a lot but dont seem to much now
  8. Aoami

    Aoami FH is my second home

    Personally i prefer to drink spirits to beer, not sure why but i just do :p

    Faves are basically any vodka and Bacardi gold label.
  9. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    The occasional bottle of Kilkenny Red when I was still in Germany - or some Konig Ludwig Dunkel (a dark beer, kinda sweet).

    Thank Gods you can get imported Guiness here, which is quite tasty, too.
    And preferable over any American donkey wee beer.
  10. mank!

    mank! Part of the furniture

    Beers: Guinness, most ales.
    Spirit: Vodka
    Cocktail: White Russian
    Other: Red wine, preferably chianti
  11. Darthshearer

    Darthshearer Can't get enough of FH

    *Makes Funny Noise* With some favor (sp?) beans?

    What is the Guinness like over there? It travels really poor over here, I suppose because its brewed in London :(
  12. mank!

    mank! Part of the furniture

    heheh, actually I did try it on the off chance because of that and I quite like it!
  13. SparKeh

    SparKeh Fledgling Freddie

    Usual - Bud, Guinness, Vodka and redbull, occassionally red square of smirnoff ice if im in the mood for drinking tart fuel.

    Others - JD & Coke, arc

    As im from n.ireland though i get the best of the guinness :D
  14. Darthshearer

    Darthshearer Can't get enough of FH

    Tart Fuel
    :clap: its weird, I live in Leeds and you should see it if a bloke has a bottle of this and is in a night club. He looks round right conschiously. Scared he will get bullied for drinking a birds drink :)
  15. RandomBastard

    RandomBastard Can't get enough of FH

    I drink Stella, Grolsch, occasionally fosters (yes its piss but its cheap ) and carling cause its cheap at the local pubs.

    As for spirits, ill drink JD but prefer Grouse and quite like a nice malt when i can get it, which is rarely. Vodka has to be mixed, prefably with a fruit juice, dont mind the odd drop of rum , it's great with 5 alive though.

    I DESPISE Wkd blue and the likes and theres nothing that beats a nice wine with a good meal.
  16. fatbusinessman

    fatbusinessman Fledgling Freddie

  17. SparKeh

    SparKeh Fledgling Freddie

    Hehe, it was only last week i learnt that term 'tart fuel' the other term my mate in england uses is 'bitch piss' hehe, over here we just call the guy a pussy for drinking a womans drink, not very exciting.

    Has anyone had arc by the way? its a larger made by bass if i remember correctly. I used to work in a bar as few years ago and we got it in, it has its own special machine and glasses. You set the glass on the machine and press the button (pint or half pint) and the glass spins round slowly while ice cold water is sprayed around the glass, then the beer automatically flows in with like wee crystals of ice, it sounds a bit like bud ice people say. Its a nice larger, gives you a mighty head rush if drunk quickly, because its so chilled.

    I know at that time (2years ago) there was only 3 bars in n.ireland that had it, but i assume england etc. might have it in every bar for all i know :)
  18. Darthshearer

    Darthshearer Can't get enough of FH

    You get a load of real ale in the Wetherspoons. I lke the Blacksheep :) (No Jokes) :)
  19. SparKeh

    SparKeh Fledgling Freddie

    i'll tell ya what though, ive drank shit loads of cider in my younger years, never had magners until a few years again and it is such a nice cider. Beats diamond white, strong bow, old english etc hands down :)
  20. Darthshearer

    Darthshearer Can't get enough of FH

    I come off Cider when I was 16 :) Never liked it, just drank it when I was 15 / 16 to get hammerd when we was bored on a weekend :)
  21. mr.Blacky

    mr.Blacky Can't get enough of FH

    What I drink most is water :)
  22. Munkey

    Munkey Can't get enough of FH

    never drunk cider. just started straight off on beer.
  23. L_Plates

    L_Plates Fledgling Freddie

    Hell yeh 8 for 5 !!!


    Anyways i like most beers, Carlsberg, Carling, Miller etc etc.

    But when it comes to a spirit "LAMBS NAVY RUM"
  24. L_Plates

    L_Plates Fledgling Freddie

    Cider is 90% of the 1st drink ppl get sloshed on
  25. RandomBastard

    RandomBastard Can't get enough of FH

    Mine was lager and doubles sometimes even trebles of JD/Vodka and those smeg awful reef things
  26. Wij

    Wij I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

    Asahi4tehwinn \o/

    Carling is probably the one lager I loathe to the point of not being able to stomach though :)
  27. Munkey

    Munkey Can't get enough of FH

    i think it was the images of people getting hit by arrows that put me off :p
  28. L_Plates

    L_Plates Fledgling Freddie

    reef !!!

    God do i remember them , they were like acid.
  29. Munkey

    Munkey Can't get enough of FH

    Right, seeing as i've been in this country for so long and only left it once, i'm getting confused between all the terms. Now i know what cider is...and what beer is...and whiskey...but the rest? some help please :(

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