Well server clone didnt work

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Frosty, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Frosty

    Frosty Fledgling Freddie

    Server clone didnt work for Karak eight peak , so whats next

    Why cant they just link the servers together and just raise the population cap surely 400 more players wont too bad and it will make alot of player more happy.
  2. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

    well did you switch to the clone server?
  3. Soazak

    Soazak Part of the furniture

    The servers have roughly 6k cap, an overflow 400 or so people imo are not enough to warrent a whole new server.

    Perhaps if ALL the servers were near full sure, but as it is there are still plenty of servers with listed as low/low or low/med.
  4. Frosty

    Frosty Fledgling Freddie

    nope and had no intention to switch. And goa was told it wouldnt work same as it didnt on usa servers.

    so im wondering what they will try next.
  5. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

    If most people had no intention of switching anyway then maybe they should've asked around before taking the servers down for the afternoon and doing all this work.
  6. Cadelin

    Cadelin Part of the furniture

    They were going to increase the number of servers anyway. By cloning it gives people the choice to move if they hated the queues. What server cloning has done is highlight the constant whiners, the people that won't be happy whatever happens.
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  7. MagnusGOA

    MagnusGOA English WAR Community Manager

    There are no magic fixes to server overpopulation issues. Neither we nor Mythic has portrayed it in this way. Server population is always a challenge for any MMO. What we've done which no one else has done before is to offer a new weapon, or possibility, in addressing this issue. Ultimately though, server populations is much in the hands of our players. This is not so because we're lazy and don't want to resolve the challenges which are at hand, but out of necessity and respect of our player's freedom to play where they choose.

    In cloning servers, what we do is to tell the community: you're fed up with queues, here's an opportunity to do something about it without loosing the progress you've made so far in the game. That's all.

    If upping the population cap was an alternative, we'd naturally do so. The population caps in place are safety barriers serving one single purpose: providing a solid and stable servers for our players to engange in WAR.

    This is not to say that we're not recognizing our responsibility in managing server populations. On the contrary, this is something we burn for and recognize as a vital issue for our communities. However, it is important to recognize that there are no simple, hand's on sort of solutions to server populations. It will require hard and dedicated work from us service providers as well as commitment and even sacrifice from players.

  8. dros

    dros Fledgling Freddie

  9. Skopti

    Skopti Fledgling Freddie

    Fact is by making this clone server, GOA/Mythic have put the ball in our court, either move to the clone or stop moaning about the queues.

    Not a lot else that can be done unless they offer character transfers and even then it's a case of who will take the plunge.

    I blame White Rose :D

    Seriously though I'd rather have a queue to deal with than a half empty server without all those familiar names.
  10. MephTheLaw

    MephTheLaw Fledgling Freddie

    It's still lagging like a **** from 6-7 onwards.
  11. pikeh

    pikeh Resident Freddy

    Queue was around 200 odd at 6:00 this evening, a vast improvement on the 500-600 from before.
  12. Illudian

    Illudian Fledgling Freddie

    What about Free character transfers to excisting underpopulated servers? Personally, I would be up for that.
  13. Gibbo

    Gibbo Fledgling Freddie

    I think part of the problem is the game didn't come up with a huge message saying that server cloning had happened.

    I am sure it was there somewhere on the screen but if you don't read here or war-europe.com I doubt everyone realised that server cloning had infact happened.
  14. Soazak

    Soazak Part of the furniture

    Thanks for the reply Magnus

    Wouldn't you agree though? At around 6pm today (I know its only early) it was low/low on the population, going by what has been estiated on VN thats in the 0-250ish bracket isnt it? (Again I know you probably aint allowed to say). Surely that is going to leave a lot of players on a fairly poor server, in my personal opinion I don't see how someone could give 2 whole servers (enough room for 12k?) when the queue was around 600 at its largest. It was fairly obvious firstly from how it went with Mythic and Skull Throne, secondly how the community as a whole reacted with a "it's a gr8 idea but I personally won't be moving". It's a little unfair on the part of the people who do move as they are faced with a practically empty server until the population picks up (if), which seems a little wierd seeing as there are still servers that were part of the original release with a 'low' population.

    I have faith in GOA so obviously I assume you know what you're doing, all I'm really trying to establish is....will server transfer (free or paid as in wow) be available?

    I am greatful for server cloning and any other fix you are able to offer.
  15. Boggy

    Boggy Fledgling Freddie

    Players need to start taking responsibility for this. GOA are contributing by putting options in front of us.

    As far as I am concerned you can either switch to a clone and tell everyone how it worked out or stay put on 8 Peaks and stop whining. As long as you have the choice of playing on a server with medium pop and you turn down that choice, it's your own damn fault you have to queue.

    You CHOOSE which server to play. Even if you "must" play a server because your friends/guild are there, blame your friends/guild for playing an overpopulated one. Your solution is to get them to move, not to get GOA to change how the server is configured just to suit your whim.
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  16. Iorlas

    Iorlas Fledgling Freddie

    There's no one on Azgal's clone(can't remember the stupid name)went there never saw a soul.Why would i ask my guild (desto) to go to a dead server?why would any Order players or guilds want to go there they don't have a queing problem?If a large number of destro went there and very few order would we have to que to keep the realm numbers balanced?
    Magnusk you say that if we are fed up with ques we have a chance to do somthing about it,yea sure go to a server which will not have any Order players as they have no reason to move.I find it very hard to belive that the high populated servers have 6k people on them even at peaktime there's lots of empty area's and empty PQ's,one of the M's stands for massive..As far as i can see the cloning was a waste of time and if thats the only solution you can come up with to stop the que time i for one will not be Paying to Que.Many people have said they would have no problem with the hour que if when they CTD or get disconnected there was an opportunity to log back in within a certian time and avoid the que,this has constantly fallen on deaf ears.
  17. Soazak

    Soazak Part of the furniture

    It's more about having the choice to do so.

    I'm just of the opinion that there was not enough people overall to justify such a project, but at least they are trying to do something about it. People complained nothing was done about Dyvet, here they are offering a solution for WAR...
  18. Cadelin

    Cadelin Part of the furniture

    You do realise that if something like this was implemented the queue time at peak time would probably be 3-4 hours? The queues are shortish at the moment because of all the CTD which means you rapidly move forward in the queue.

    GOA can see that the population is still growing and they need more servers, they wouldn't open more servers than they need because extra servers cost and empty servers are no fun so they are confident that these new servers will fill up given a bit of time.
  19. boinged

    boinged Fledgling Freddie

    Such whining!

    If they increase the caps:
    a) The lag will be worse
    b) Order will be even more outnumbered
    c) The shit will hit the fan when this inflated population is fighting in the end tiers.

    Either stay and queue or move and be thankful you have your old char intact. The server will fill up over time. You know what other MMOs do when servers are full? Nothing. Or if you're lucky they open a new one where you have to start all over again. Or charge you for a transfer.

    Cloning is a genius solution.
  20. Vepo

    Vepo Fledgling Freddie

    Well I guess once the 30 days end of free period we will see the queues completely disappear or be reduced to only a few minutes waiting.

    However the weekend is upon us, so expect 600+ queues to appear on the desto side and about 300 to 400+ on the Order side!!
  21. Gahn

    Gahn Resident Freddy

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't :ninja:
    People complaining for a 20 mins queue should really get real, WoW queues were far worse.
    The only real problem that needs fixing (even tho, crosses fingers now!, never happened to me till now) is the CTDs that force people to requeue.
    One solid solution would be if the Mythic Devs could catch (and i don't see why not) the Event client side OnUnload, if it is a logout, put people in queue, if it isn't a graceful shutdown put them on top of queue.
    Of course the best solution would be NOT to have any CTDs, but we don't live in a perfect world are we? :drink:
  22. Boggy

    Boggy Fledgling Freddie

    You don't need to ask your guild to go to Azgal's clone, although I will point out the reason it is underpopulated is down to the choices of your fellow players, not GOA. If the community used this board to organise a migration of enough people, you would see a decent population there.

    If you are dis-satisfied with queueing on Azgal roll on one of the servers with medium populations. If you think there are not enough Order around to play against the Des, roll Order.

    Of course you can continue to insist that the server populations should magically all work fine even though a disproportionate amount of players choose Des, and even though those players and guilds choose not to organise a migration to a clone or lower population server. But inisting that is foolish and not constructive.
  23. Frosty

    Frosty Fledgling Freddie

    Of course we have a choice to move or not move. the same as we have a choice to play or not play.

    But your missing the point moving to a server thats got noone on it is like not playing. but the fact is we want to play and have fun. and moving to a dead server would be a dull as ditchwater i think i would rather not play.

    Now if we could queue for a free server transfur then thats a diffrent story , even though i would be leaving people ive played with for the past 6 years i would move to enjoy the game without having to queue every time i log out/crash etc

    If they had closed the server in the first place for new accounts making new characters on the server when it was full there wouldnt be a problem. but people just kept jumping on board making the server more and more full.

    So to rap it all up yes your right players do have a choice but its not a viable one thats why we moan or whine.

    I do think goa have tried but they also didnt listen about how people felt about the cloning or advertise the cloning well enough.

    as for just stopping playing and reroll on a new server . no way hosey im 40 years of age and i find the game very boring lower lvls. and having made 3 characters 2x 20+ i dont feel i could do it again as having todo the same quests over and over again does me in. Its not like you have enough quests on 1 area to get your lvls you have to travel to each area.
  24. Sintoxis

    Sintoxis Fledgling Freddie

    Can you imagine the whine from people who got their game late and couldn't roll on a server where all their friends are because GOA stopped allowing people to roll new characters?

    Makes me shudder just thinking about it tbh :(.
  25. Veck

    Veck Fledgling Freddie

    I'm not quite sure what you mean with a free server transfer. Do you mean that people could transfer their character to any other server they want to? If that is the case, don't you think it will just replace the problem? As you have 4-5 servers with queue issues now and if all people on those server would get that opportunity to move their char to any server they would like to. I can definatly see people chosing servers with already a high population (server's with probably the best gameplay) and thus transfering the queues with them to the new servers. Also as it is a char transfer and not a clone everyone would be stuck on the "new" server with queues.

    Personally I think Goa did a very good job with providing a solution for people fed up with the queues. Like I said above I don't think the transfer solution would be a better one though.
  26. Angara

    Angara Fledgling Freddie

    Whine and moan is all you do. I gues its in your nature.

    You guys created this problem yourselfs by agreeing to ALL play on the same server. And now that GOA/Mythic is working on a choice to play on a less populated server, you still find a reason to be a little bitch about it.
  27. Boggy

    Boggy Fledgling Freddie

    No you're missing the point: the population imbalances are a problem of playing making and the players have the capacity to fix it. It would mean organising ourselves, agreeing between ourselves some migrations and making it happen.

    Why don't we do it? Because people think it sounds too hard and that it's always someone else's responsibility to make problems go away.

    Get off your arse and make something happen. You tell GOA what they should and shouldn't be doing but have contributed nothing to the solution yourself, even though the parts of the solution (medium pop servers and a forum) are all there waiting for you to pick up.
  28. Ch3tan

    Ch3tan I aer teh win!!

    I agree with the poster above who told everyone to calm down and wait till the 37 days free most of us have are over. Initial populations will drop as people decide not to continue, or cannot afford to at the time. Then the population will grow slowly agian, and it should fix queueing issues.

    Although I do agree that on servers where Des numbers are high that GOA should consider suspending new des char creation, and only allow order on those servers till numbers even out. This way, new players will be forced to populate other servers or not add yet another char to des.
  29. Poag

    Poag m00?


    Really. Myself and a friend were grouped up in a PQ group, waiting for it to reset and someone mentioned the queues were less this evening. The other 12 people in the group agreed and wondered why. So we piped up and said "They cloned the server today, didn't you know" to which the response from all 13 was "They cloned the server?"

    2/15 knowing about the clone isn't a good percentage :)
  30. Vasconcelos

    Vasconcelos Part of the furniture

    I only got to wait in an 8min queue yesterday at prime time (Order side). At least, better than the 15min queue we were used to :)

    Come the end of the free subs period, it will get even better, im 100% sure.

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