WTF? So this plane that's 'disappeared'...

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Big G, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Job

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    Watching these crash videos..its amazing how many are caused by simple inadequate warnings for the pilots.
    The Helios flight that crashed due to loss of cabin pressure.
    An engineer left the system off...a warning buzzed , but its the exact same noise as dont take off, theres a theyre calling maintenance for help, meanwhile the passengers have masks dropped down...but nothing tells the pilots this!
    Their masks dont theyre fucking about talking to engineers and eventually pass out and the plane crashes into a mountain.
    Boeing 737 again!
    What was the fix....a fucking light that says low pressure.

    I cant
  2. Hawkwind

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    can you link where you got that. Find it difficult to believe that oxygen masks dropped without the audible (fucking loud) "Decompression" Alert messages from the PRAM (Pre-Recorded Announcement Machine) as they run off the same DECCOMP Discrete which is grounded from 15v to activate.
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    Presumably, by "the Helios flight" (as if we're all supposed to know what he's talking about) he is referring to Helios Airways Flight 522...
    An engineer didn't "leave the warning system off", he forgot to put the pressurisation system back into auto after doing a leak test but there were (according to the wiki) 3 separate checks that would've picked that up before or during the flight but didn't.
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  5. Job

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    Allrght mr pedantic it was not in auto mode..the post was getting too long anyway and I simplified it.
    Whatever the checks...a fucking proper totally failsafe warning should have been there from the start...the fucking plane crashed and everyone died because the pilots were overloaded with conflicting alarms.

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  6. Gwadien

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    Simplify it = Removal of vital information.

    Sounds like you're a Brexiteer!
  7. dysfunction

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    It's his thing. He doesn't read anything properly, gets it all wrong, get disinterested and then wanders off to find something else to get wrong.
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  8. Gwadien

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    He's just a massive hypocrite, he talks about people shouting and not debating subjects, but that's what he tries to do here, he doesn't discus stuff, he posts it and promises its the gospel.

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