Slaying the dragon - Round 9

Discussion in 'Albion' started by Delket, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Delket

    Delket Guest

    SATURDAY 18th oct, 6pm, Cornwall station

    This weeks raid needs more clerics, so few signed up last week was a pain sorting it at the end.
    Also people could you sign up here, and early, last week i had to sort out about 6 people whod 'turned up' expecting to fill spaces. Its easier for me and yourself to sign up here so we all know where we stand

    Group 1

    Paladin - Yussef
    Armsman - Damionus
    Armsman - Bulge
    Necromancer - Jessy
    Theurgist - Imsodead
    Cleric - Blaen
    Cleric - Scunner
    Minstrel - Cayote

    Group 2

    Paladin - Diabolus
    Mercenary - Snajpah
    Mercenary - Talmont
    Cleric - Grylla
    Cleric - Cinderella
    Sorcerer - Rhaydsoft
    Reaver - Duo
    Theurgist - Gronath

    Group 3

    Paladin - Kandig
    Cleric - Sajko
    Cleric - Tiffa
    Theurgist - Ethorfide
    Mercenary/Polearmsman - Raknarok
    Friar - Tucka
    Scout - Aoln
    Armsman - Gryllus

    All raiders MUST have Purge + High Heat Resist, preference likely will be made towards those who came on previous raids as they know what to do more. Can be done without Purge, however I like everyone being able to escape an AOE/PBAOE better.
  2. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    50 Friar
    last heat resist etc
  3. -Nxs-

    -Nxs- Guest

    Gifv necro spot again pls :)

    50 Necro DS, MCL, urm been on other raids, max heat resist... yada yada yada.
  4. Roalith

    Roalith Guest

    Meh... will be there on time this time :p
  5. Cybwyn

    Cybwyn Guest

    Any point in any scout other than Aoln signing up?
  6. speshneeds

    speshneeds Guest

    <- gave up trying to get fishi on there :p
  7. bulge

    bulge Guest

    50/50 sword/shield arms signing up again if needed

    (always turns up on time - pokes Roalith ;) )

    I'll park at Corny in case you need me...
  8. [Cinderella]

    [Cinderella] Guest

    can make it this time :whip:
  9. snajpah

    snajpah Guest

    Im signing on again :drink:
  10. lubbock

    lubbock Guest

    Talmont, 50 Merc, 50 dual, Full SC armor and MP weapons, helped in a number of raids always on time and never cancelled.
  11. Scunner

    Scunner Guest

    signing again :)
  12. Delket

    Delket Guest

    Fact of the matter is i always pick aoln when he signs up because he along with certain others know exactly what to do and do it well. The scouts job is getting aggro...a lot and drawing AE's away from the bunch.
    Ill always take others is my favourite raiders dont sign up however :)
  13. pudzy

    pudzy Guest

    I'll come on my sorc m8, me this time not my twatty nephew :/, mana regen 4 be ok? ;o
  14. dokujin

    dokujin Guest

    Your twatty nephew? LOL. You sure it wasn't your evil twin brother? You're such a sad fuck, pudz.
  15. camsh

    camsh Guest

    Signing up Tucka again for friar spot
  16. Garaen

    Garaen Guest

    Would like to Sign Duo up for the Reaver spot. Cleric = Teh hard IRL :p
  17. old.diabolus

    old.diabolus Guest

    me for pala spot :O
  18. Aoln

    Aoln Guest

    signing up again :p

    will stop once i get the bow :eek:
  19. hansa

    hansa Guest

    Imsodead signing up, and will be there for sure this time :)
  20. Yussef

    Yussef Guest

  21. Fives

    Fives Guest

    Fivesmack paladin
  22. Naveh

    Naveh Guest

    Vid of the lastraid is almost ready... Need to do some minor editing to keep the file under 80mb... :<
  23. hangianix

    hangianix Guest

    Give me RA stone prezzie. :D
  24. old.Gryllus

    old.Gryllus Guest

    Gryllus, poler arms signing.

    Grylla, rejuv cleric, signing.

    2 persons, we both were there on the last week raid.
  25. Duzzy

    Duzzy Guest

    Signing up pala or sorc
  26. Simba

    Simba Guest

    50 S/S paladin signing :)
    48 chants, purge/fh, sc armor, caped heat resist.
  27. Gorse

    Gorse Guest

    Gorse 50 dw merc - purge -maxed in heat resist signing up or
    Afflatus 50 deathsight necro
  28. Saracen abuse again :(
  29. rakna

    rakna Guest

    Pole arms signing up again
  30. old.GeForce

    old.GeForce Guest

    meep meep, signing up etc etc

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