Slaying the dragon - Round 9

Discussion in 'Albion' started by Delket, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. kandig

    kandig Guest

    kandig for paladin spot, couldnt make it before due to internet not working properly thou it should be fine now
  2. Gillan

    Gillan Guest

    have a heatcapped, purging, 6sec pbt theu if u need - ethorfide
  3. pudzy

    pudzy Guest

    1. Wasn't arranged with me, was arranged with a mate and my nephew

    2. I'm not the lame fuck that changed relam because an infil killed me with a crossbow, my reasons were decent :kiss2:
  4. Heero

    Heero Guest

    lvl 50 Heero S/S paladin signing
    purge and fh, sc armor, caped heat resist
  5. constanze

    constanze Guest

    i want to join with my reaver -> Nikolei
  6. Arcos

    Arcos Guest

    gifv Dragon group

    I got for you a capped theurg and merc you can have one of them



    Gronath is 45 air 26 earth but has purge, Arcos is 50 DW 50 Thrust, High Determination 4 but no purge. So you can decide.
  7. Sajko

    Sajko Guest

    Signing up my Cleric, Wolw rejuv spec, capped resists, purge etc :)
  8. Delket

    Delket Guest

    need 1 cleric now
  9. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    /slap :(

    Delket hates me :(
  10. Roalith

    Roalith Guest

    Er, doh. Not going to be able to be there, completely forgot the alliance London meet going on tomorrow :rolleyes:
  11. Tiffa

    Tiffa Guest

    I would like to come with my cleric.
  12. Livueta

    Livueta Guest

    I'd like to come with my mercenary Jubei if some alrdy signed up merc doesn't come.
  13. vivacelilp

    vivacelilp Guest

    Signin up any of my chars for backup incase someone else cant make it
    Include xaktoz Pom 5 sorc :-P
  14. darn,

    can't you start 1 hour later. 6 pm raids feck up my diner
  15. Delket

    Delket Guest

    Changed to bulge
    Added tiffa
  16. bulge

    bulge Guest

    Will be there :)
  17. Naveh

    Naveh Guest

    Gifv more spots for mini's! :(
  18. will come with bot to res AOLN!
  19. Aoln

    Aoln Guest

    i wont die tbh :x
  20. -Nxs-

    -Nxs- Guest

    <Jessy says nothing>
  21. Delket

    Delket Guest

    Too many new people today

    Was a farce cos no-one ran when he glared.
  22. -Nxs-

    -Nxs- Guest

    Better luck next time - shame to see a raid fail. Still if people want a stone - give me a shout :)

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