Official Dragon Raids : Round 19

Discussion in 'Albion' started by Delket, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Mavl

    Mavl Guest

    I would like to join with my mincer, Ensiferum :)

    50 instruments, SC armor, Purge, SoS, 32% heat :)
  2. Pixie.Pebr

    Pixie.Pebr Guest

    50/50 poler interested.
    Capped heat, det4, purge.
    Been on a few 3fg before.

  3. flammingo

    flammingo Guest

    Could come with mincer :)
    got caped and the stuffs u need
  4. Bleam

    Bleam Guest

    Pala signing up m8!! Oo
  5. lillagullan

    lillagullan Guest

    pally, 66 shield, mob3 aom2 etc
  6. GrimReaper

    GrimReaper Guest

    Skin, 6sec pbt :) etc. etc.
  7. Tiffa

    Tiffa Guest

    I would like to join with my cleric and my hubby with his paladin (Darton) or arms (Kyel)
  8. -Lotheric-

    -Lotheric- Guest

    I need that dragon thrust pole tbh, so Im always interested in joining with poler.
  9. Huntingtons

    Huntingtons Guest

    Cykelmyggen friar :eek: purge capped heat and stuff :)
  10. Delky still smells :p
  11. Pixie.Pebr

    Pixie.Pebr Guest

    No you don't! ><

  12. Graknak

    Graknak Guest

    Cleric here, should be able to get on DR's on a weekly basis if the date will be set at Sat as they did last year.
  13. rakna

    rakna Guest

    Polearms signing up

    Capped heat, purge, det 4
  14. ciz3r

    ciz3r Guest

    can sign up with either 50 scout,reaver,minstrel
    you choose...

    scout and reaver fully sc:ed and capped in everything, minstrel still on epic but capped heat res
  15. RastaMan

    RastaMan Guest

    6sec pbt theurg, capped heat, purge, been on dragon raids before
  16. Sparda_soul

    Sparda_soul Guest

    i can bring my reaver ^^
  17. Uberall

    Uberall Guest

    sorc, or poler-hybrid arms, or 10 sec pbt theurg signing up, all SCd and capped. got purge too.
  18. durand

    durand Guest

    Try to get in this time.. =P
    50 Paladin ofc
  19. shortarse

    shortarse Guest

    been before wanna be again :p owwww pwease peek meh ucle delket ;o

    50 pole 39 thrust 42 shield det 5 purge and sb at j00r service ;o
    capped heat also ;o
  20. OMG, can't make it :(

    no Head for me i guess this week

    EDIT: I CAN:clap:
  21. Aoln

    Aoln Guest

    get a girlfriend :p
  22. pfff got a wife and 2 kids, can't handle an extra girlfriend tbh :(

    nice suggestion though ;)

    btw, can make it after all
  23. vestax

    vestax Guest

    I can come with Reaver 50 SR, 42+15 +mob3 sheild or 50 Sorc if someone drops out
  24. biffberga

    biffberga Guest

    Merc, 50 DW and Slash, Det3 and purge
  25. trapp

    trapp Guest

    slamya, cleric signing up

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