Official Dragon Raids : Round 19

Discussion in 'Albion' started by Delket, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Delket

    Delket Guest

    Saturday 24th January, 6pm Cornwall station

    With 1.65 upcoming and some funky looking drops i want to get those interested in the weekly dragon raids back on form for weekly raids.

    If your interested apply below and ill put the list up for modification etc on about tuesday next week in prep. for the weekend.

    Group 1

    Paladin - Yussef
    Armsman - Roalith
    Damage - Damionus
    Necromancer - Bigchief
    Theurgist - Chodax
    Minstrel - Moi!
    Cleric - Lochly
    Cleric - Olezdad

    Group 2

    Paladin - Wermin
    Armsman- Punchy
    Mercenary- Chrystina
    Cleric - Scunner
    Cleric - Cinderella
    Sorc - Linnet?
    Reaver- Duo
    Theurgist - Sru

    Group 3

    Paladin - Soulfly
    Cleric - Joline
    Cleric - Seksual
    Mercenary- Gorse
    Theurgist - Skin
    Friar - Haedric
    Scout - Tafaya

  2. Garaen

    Garaen Guest

    I'm interested in coming with my Reaver, Duo. Cheers :)
  3. <--- cleric
  4. old.GeForce

    old.GeForce Guest

    oh hi der :p
  5. Minstrel if spot's not taken ;o
  6. borim

    borim Guest

    My armsman would love to hit the dragon once again
  7. cHodAX

    cHodAX Guest

    Me please Uncle Del :)
  8. experienced glaremagnet scout signing
  9. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    50 Friar
    50 cleric
    50 S/S Armsman

    All spellcrafted with Capped heat and Purge
  10. Yussef

    Yussef Guest

  11. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    Official :p

    Thats that suppose to mean :p
  12. Delket

    Delket Guest

    as in a continuation of the ORIGIONAL 3fg raids not u wannabe leaders of nowadays :p
  13. Roalith

    Roalith Guest

    blockbot ;o
  14. old.linnet

    old.linnet Guest

    Sorceress with mana regen 4 if you need one.
  15. Chrystina

    Chrystina Guest

    fully cap'ed merc signing up (det3, purge, 31% heat resis, etc) ...
  16. Aoln

    Aoln Guest

  17. Wermin

    Wermin Guest

    i'm interested, Pally, poler, friar :)
  18. sru

    sru Guest

    Sru - 6 sec pbt etc.
  19. Scunner

    Scunner Guest

    me pls delky :D
  20. Gorse

    Gorse Guest

    signing up

    gorse 50 merc - deter 5 - purge - capped resists
    afflatus 50 deathsight necro
  21. Talmont

    Talmont Guest

    Talmont, 50 merc, 50 dual, 50 slash, full SC, capped Heat, purge and Det V, and is quite experience dwagonslayer.
  22. [Oo]Escape

    [Oo]Escape Guest

    I'm interested with Cleric ;)
  23. punchy

    punchy Guest

    stlong poler, capped resists and such good things. been on successful 3fg raids before.
  24. bulge

    bulge Guest

    Poler 50/50 sc'd and det 1/purge
    S/S arms sc'd and det 1/purge
    Friar last heat sc'd
    available if required
  25. camsh

    camsh Guest

    EDIT: Need to work a shift on Saturday 24th so can't make it with Tucka :/
  26. Joline

    Joline Guest

    Interested to come with my cleric. Got BoF, purge, RP, capped resists etc.
  27. trapp

    trapp Guest

    would like to join with my merc Mistr
    50 thrust 50 dw
    SC armor det4 purge 31%heat

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