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Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Lamp, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Embattle

    Embattle FH is my second home

    So you say, without any real evidence naturally.
  2. Gwadien

    Gwadien Uneducated Northern Cretin

    Parents get disability money.

    But I highly doubt they get anything for asthma or adhd.

    You can't seriously believe that people get benefits for asthma, surely?

    Do you also think that autism/adhd isn't a thing?

    How you go to professionals and pretend you have autism, I have no clue.
  3. Wij

    Wij I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

    My daughter is autistic. Where's my free money?
  4. Gwadien

    Gwadien Uneducated Northern Cretin

    Do you get free transport from/to school?

    Although I couldn't imagine something worse than sticking a kid in a different taxi to school every day.
  5. Gwadien

    Gwadien Uneducated Northern Cretin

    @Job does your Mrs work at a special needs school?
  6. Job

    Job The Carl Pilkington of Freddyshouse

    Nope, academy girls school.

    But special needs is growing exponentially and it pulls in a good percentage of the toothless.

    I'll find out what its called, you dont need a full autism diagnosis, they just put them on the spectrum.
  7. Gwadien

    Gwadien Uneducated Northern Cretin

    Yeah, I also highly doubt that your wife took them out for the day shopping in a normal mainstream school.

    The only way I could see that happening is if the kid came into school with no shoes on, but going for a casual day out shopping in a mainstream school? Nope.
  8. Wij

    Wij I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

    Not been offered anything. The wife drives her in.
  9. Gwadien

    Gwadien Uneducated Northern Cretin

    You won't get offered shit, you have to research it for yourself.

    Obviously I have no idea of the diagnosis, and autism ain't one size fits all, and if she's in mainstream with no thoughts to a special needs school I'd imagine you wouldn't get anything.
  10. Wij

    Wij I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

    Hmm. Probably. I'll have a nose around...
  11. Gwadien

    Gwadien Uneducated Northern Cretin

    You better hope there isn't a bitch like Jobs wife working there who goes home and tells her husband lots of bullshit about how jealous she is of families getting support.

    I can't believe that someone like that is in education, amazing really.
  12. Gwadien

    Gwadien Uneducated Northern Cretin

    C'mon Job, where's your backtracking? Or we just going to ignore this and move on?

    Like we do with all the other absolute fucking bullshit you post?
  13. Scouse

    Scouse HERO! FH Subscriber

    Pigs again.

    "We didn't share pictures we captured from our controversial facial recognition trial with a private company."
    .....<time passes>
    "Well, actually, yeah we did"
    "But we only shared seven images! Honest!"
    "No. We've no records of the face matches. Yes, I can see how it smells fishy that we know we've shared seven faces, but we're saying we've no records, so how would we know, right?"
    "I mean, it's not as though we've previously denied this, and then been found out, is it?"

    *cough* TRUST us *cough*

    "Oh and we don't believe we've got similar arrangements with anyone else..."

    "Yes, Mr Mayor, and London Assembly, we lied to you. Oh, and sorry, Mr Regulator, for not informing you either"

    "Trust us! We've definitely no form for being a bunch of overreaching sometimes-criminal arseholes who'll bend every law we can in to further the advancement of the boshing of low-level miscreants (no matter the cost to the public in terms of money or privacy violation), whilst leaving high-level fraud, crime and criminal enterprise almost entirely untouched".
  14. Embattle

    Embattle FH is my second home

    Jesus can't they try just a little bit harder:

  15. Wij

    Wij I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

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  16. Scouse

    Scouse HERO! FH Subscriber

    That's pretty fucking bad.

    Will be avoiding paying for their content in the future. They've just gone on my "games to pirate, if I can be arsed" list (along with anything released by EA).
  17. DaGaffer

    DaGaffer Down With That Sorta Thing

  18. Wij

    Wij I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

    Seen up to season 21 :/
  19. Scouse

    Scouse HERO! FH Subscriber

    They still making it? Blimey.
  20. Moriath

    Moriath I am a FH squatter FH Subscriber

    Travelling to Portugal and finding summer heat and longing for a return back to autumn when i get back to the uk tomorrow. I just dont do well at 28 celcius haha
  21. Job

    Job The Carl Pilkington of Freddyshouse

    Ive completely proven you had no fucking idea of how disability payments work and no fucking clue who is eligible .who gets paid and the critera.

    Heres an update on one case.
    Two sisters in her school get for her adhd.....and you might need to sit down for this one, the younger sister is getting it a year earlier than normal...for the trauma she is experiencing dealing with her sister having adhd.
    Thats how fucking silly it gets, its hardly a surprise really, they let men run in womens races...why not hand it out to the neighbours....fucking lol, thats probably next.
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  22. Job

    Job The Carl Pilkington of Freddyshouse

    Are you sure you work in a school?
    Do us all a favour and spend a day with your pastoral dept
  23. Scouse

    Scouse HERO! FH Subscriber

    Degrees getting easier (and worth less because of it).

    Definitely a thing. You don't adopt a code to fix a non-existent problem.
  24. dysfunction

    dysfunction I am a FH squatter

    And yet people like fixing things that are not broken
  25. Scouse

    Scouse HERO! FH Subscriber

    Oh come on - you know that the first year at University is now basically a foundation year for a lot of courses because students haven't attained the required level to actually do degree level work earlier on?

    That's an inevitable consequence of having such high attendance figures when previously universities were the preserve of either the very rich, or the top few percent of intellectual achievers.

    A masters degree is nowadays considered what a 1st class honours would have been previously - at least from an employment point of view.

    It's been going on for decades. Previously there was the argument about polytechnic collages being allowed to give degrees - and now they're all universities.

    So, whilst I wouldn't call it "broken" - as it's by design - the fact that degrees aren't worth what they used to be, and are no longer indicative of actual intellectual prowess and achievement in the way they used to be, is something to be mourned.
  26. Gwadien

    Gwadien Uneducated Northern Cretin

    Good old 'I HAD IT WORSE IN MY DAY'
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  27. Scouse

    Scouse HERO! FH Subscriber

    Don't give a shit. My educational achievements of the past are largely meaningless in terms of my income potential, and there's certainly no jealousy attached to todays students getting 2:1's - especially since employers know they're worth much less, so kids are finding it harder when they think they've actually done something.

    I'm just lamenting the fact that our higher education rankings aren't what they were. It's a shame - because UK degree means a lot less (especially since universities have now largely become another service industry that brings in foreign cash).

    I figured teach would be a bit butthurt - but I refer you to the original article - you don't adopt a code of conduct meant to preserve the quality of degrees if they're not under threat.
  28. DaGaffer

    DaGaffer Down With That Sorta Thing

    They're not worth less because they're getting easier, they're worth less because there are a lot more of them. Supply and Demand.

    It's very simple:
    1. Go to a top-tier university. It doesnt matter if you study flower arranging for three years, you'll still be more employable. The expansion in lower-tier universities replaced the apprenticeships and direct school leaver pool, it didn't really affect top-tier colleges.

    2. Failing that, get a masters. Once again, create scarcity. This isn't new; I did a masters for that reason 20-odd years ago.
  29. Scouse

    Scouse HERO! FH Subscriber

    Partly agree - it's both. There's a lot more (yep, supply) but they're also easier. Out of necessity - because despite what's said to preserve people's fragile little emotions - average-IQ people simply don't cut the mustard when it comes to degree level education.

    Absolutely. 100%. Largely the preserve of the rich who've been to private school (and received a better education) tho - than a meritocracy. (Poor and clever? You can, but it's a lottery, and your experience there may well be coloured by the fact that you're working class and on the receiving end...)

    Again - agree, but they still sell "degree" - a lower quality degree.

    Yep - again, agree. But it's way more prevalent than it was 20 years ago. Masters degrees now are what we grad-hire when previously a 2:1 or above was an indicator of that level of intellectual quality and focus.

    Ergo - degrees aren't worth what they were. Neither in employability stakes or as a label of intellectual achievement.

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