powercolor v hercules 9800XT cards?


Resident Freddy
Dec 19, 2003
apart from the £70 ish price difference is there much of a performance difference between the two cards?

(yep silly its question time again, im just trying to cut my upgrade budget down a little to save enough £'s to get a spangly case too but i dont want to loose to much in performance if i can help it)

ta very much for the help

Big G

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Dec 22, 2003
You could save yourself some more money and buy the Hercules 9800 Pro 128 Mb which'll (so i've read in reviews) overclock to XT speeds. I have the Powercolor 9800 Pro which clocks to 412/365 after the addition of ram sinks.



Fledgling Freddie
Dec 24, 2003
I'm getting the same stable speeds from the same card with stock cooling, too. Only paid £170 for it. Bargain.

Essentially, they're the same card running at the same speed. They all have DVI-out, dual monitor support etc.. the only differences might be in the quality of the cooling.

Herclues are on their way out, too. Guillemot are getting out of the graphics card market. Not sure if that makes a difference, though :) They say the margins are too low for it to be worth the effort.. odd, considering they're so overpriced.

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