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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Flimgoblin, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. cfubar

    cfubar Fledgling Freddie

    How long between submitting the key to getting the confirmation email?

    Mines been an hour now .
  2. Marieke

    Marieke Fledgling Freddie

    waiting for more than 2 hours already...
  3. Elsavildori

    Elsavildori Fledgling Freddie

    bullshit mines been 3 hours already
  4. Uara

    Uara Part of the furniture

    been waiting about 3hours, well 2hr 45ish
  5. Cordain

    Cordain Fledgling Freddie

    3h 20min and counting here.
  6. Effex

    Effex Fledgling Freddie

    cheers aurelius your a star
  7. chaostheory

    chaostheory Fledgling Freddie

    Im only putting up whats from that forums if you dont like it unlucky you can always forget about it and bugger off and forget about the open beta could be alot better without peeps that moan about every single thing.
  8. Aurelius LH

    Aurelius LH Fledgling Freddie

    Calm, people, calm.... ;)

    Quite possible Elsavildori was expressing his opinion of the GOA comment chaostheory, not aiming that at you just for passing on the news. Tempers are understandably a bit worn just now, and people are not always coming across too clearly when they type.....
  9. chaostheory

    chaostheory Fledgling Freddie

    Could be m8 but there is always better ways to put yourself across than they way he did.
  10. Aurelius LH

    Aurelius LH Fledgling Freddie

    Fair point - but best be sure it was aimed at you (and I don't think it was, but only Elsavildori can say for certain) before you take it too personally. :)
  11. MrNadger

    MrNadger Fledgling Freddie

    aye, just keep F5ing and filling it in again, took me five or six tries after I gave up waiting for the Wheel of Woe to finish spinning. You should get a message saying your activation has been registered.
  12. Rayko

    Rayko One of Freddy's beloved

    how does the new key registration system pick which keys it will process first? I've heard people entering their keys and receiving a mail within half an hour, while others are waiting for nearly 4 hours already...
  13. AnkaVanka

    AnkaVanka Fledgling Freddie

    Seems to be utterly random...
  14. Krazeh

    Krazeh Part of the furniture

    I wonder if anyone at GOA actually has any clue as to what's going on??
  15. Aurelius LH

    Aurelius LH Fledgling Freddie

    For those who haven't seen it - Magnus just dropped in on the Official Updates Questions thread,

    "There are many, many questions regarding the e-mail confirmations which should follow a successful beta key validation. Some players receive mails quite shortly, while others wait for hours. All errands are stored and will be sent sooner or later. Naturally, our technicians do what they can to speed up the process, but for now we simply don't have an ETA on when these backlogged e-mails will be sent out."
  16. Lecoste

    Lecoste Fledgling Freddie

    u would think todays day and age an email system should be pretty much instant?
    god 3+ hours nothing is more than my 56k days

    goa still dont have a system capable of the demand in session.

    and please dont give me no blah blah bull about the huge capacity, this was no unexpected surge. it was planned organised and released by them, the ignorance towards the task was/is a farce.

    lets face it >> " we are really sorry but we 'must' delay ALL beta access for 24 hours due to major internal issues .. blah blah" <<

    would of made a hell of alot more people atleast satisfied than the current status.
  17. Grim666

    Grim666 Fledgling Freddie

    ok the wheel stoped spinning and now i just w8 for the epic e-mail:lol:
  18. mgX

    mgX Fledgling Freddie

    waited since 3 mins after that darned key auth thing came up today....
  19. rynnor

    rynnor Rockhound Moderator

    IF by Rudyard Kipling

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies,
    Or, being hated, don't give way to hating,
    And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

    If you can dream -- and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think -- and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with triumph and disaster
    And treat those two imposters just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
    And stoop and build 'em up with wornout tools;

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breath a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on";

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with kings -- nor lose the common touch;
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds' worth of distance run --
    Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
    And -- which is more -- you'll be a Man my son!

    Might as well read something improving :D
  20. MagnusGOA

    MagnusGOA English WAR Community Manager

    Good evening Freddies!
    We've posted some information on our news now we are currently translating a second piece.

    On a general note

    Whereas we are happy with some of the improvements on our systems today and we have seen a healthy population increase on healthy game servers, we are highly dis-satisfied with today's results. We were really hoping to bring WAR to more of you today. Everyone is really pulling all the strings we can on this.

    Blessings to you for your patience,
  21. Grim666

    Grim666 Fledgling Freddie

    thx for wasting my day m8 gg
  22. mgX

    mgX Fledgling Freddie

    i find it hard to blame everything on a single person, especially when hes a community manager = not really in charge of the technical aspect which is what is fookin stuff right now...
  23. adams901

    adams901 Part of the furniture

    lol i can see it now, on release day 1,000s upon 1000,s of people unable to register, because GOA have turned off registration so a) the account servers can process retail keys and b) starting areas dont become to busy.

    I appreciate this is beta, but you would have thought the account servers were able to handle an extremely small % of people trying to register, and yes 50,000 people is small compared to the hammering they will get on release day. It probally wouldnt have been so bad if the pre-order had not of included open beta access as part of the product.

    If this had happened where i used to work heads would be rolling about on the floor by now for not seeing this coming, and it still being a problem more than 24 hours later.
  24. Urrunoa

    Urrunoa Fledgling Freddie

    That things are not working out too well for the Beta and GOA is one thing, but to continue to mislead people is starting to be anoying. This is by far one of the worst launches I ever have seen and yes OB is part of the launch process, as it is used today as a marketing tool.

    I rather had you guys saying, sorry we messed up you will not be able to get into beta, as we have to fix our services for early start / official start, then this all will be working and nothing happens.

    It took GOA the first day to confirm my account, I never was able to validate it. It took GOA the 2nd day to bring up a beta key validation system, after 12 hours there is still no email confirmation of this.

    At this speed there might be the possibility to play beta for 1 day if lucky :) Would not matter much if you had not promissed access to it for your CE order customers who actually paid money for it, but I am happy you got your priorities right and focus on free beta key give aways.

    Now I am looking forward to playing Warhammer, it sounds like Mythic learnt from their mistakes in DAoC where they ruined a perfectly nice RvR game by introducing ToA to it, and never listened to their customers. The part with listening to customers is kind of important when it comes to games, their is company called Blizzard, which is pretty good at that and has 10 mio subscribers, might try that too. The other thing they good at is providing a top noch service, just a hint.

    Now a few questions:

    1. When will you be able to provide us with a functioning system so that we can participate at the beta, fair enough if not and you need all the time to fix this mess to make sure we actually start at the 18th?

    2. Would it be possible to give more accurate information, rather say we have no clue then those statements of things working and then the community have to find out they not. (e.g. beta key registration email confirmation taking 1-2 hours some less some longer, I am waiting like 1000s of others for 12+ hours not seen an email.)

    3. Is there any chance that you will be able to provide us with a better service for early start / retail start, and why? Will account servers be up before hand, will you manage to fix your authentication system, will we be able to set everything up befor all starts over again?

    Least but not last, I am not angry whatever, no sociopath here, but a bit disappointed that GOA seems to still have not learnt, is still badly prepared, when Mythic is delivering a very good service. Can we expect some of the same or is our only alternative to play with a load of americans on US servers, if we want a positive all around experience?

    My disappointment leads from the fact that I am getting messed about and not that I can not play beta, if you had said come back Thursday afternoon, we will be able to have fixed all, or there is no open beta, I would be perfectly happy.

    Thanks for you time and hope we see some responses / service before Friday!!!
  25. amtired

    amtired Fledgling Freddie

    Hmmm. Everyone that has a preorder, including me, will expect to be able to play the game three days before release. Everyone, all at once. Then on releaseday the invading hordes will join. All of them will also expect to be able to play. On the first try and definetly on the first day. No error 414, or "momentarily unavailable" is acceptable.
    No misunderstandings there i hope. Everyone will want to play. Same as the american customers.

    My question is - Will you be ready by then? Do you have the servers? Is your system able to handle this load, which i believe will be much larger than the one you should have been able to handle for beta?

    Its been three days and you have not been able to open the beta to everyone that has a code. Thats a little worrying isnt it? You must have known exactly how many codes were out there? So you could have prepared?
    On releaseday you cant know exactly how many games will sell, but you still have to be reasonably prepared for them.

    So... What will you be doing differently on release?
  26. Idris

    Idris Fledgling Freddie

    Yes, I think one of my current concerns is the fact there are a LOT of pre-order codes that still need to be input in order for things to go more smoothly next week.

    Once again, I find myself thinking hopefully it'll all get sorted today.
  27. Evoknox

    Evoknox Fledgling Freddie

    I'm kinda happy that I didn't pre-order at a store that offers the 3-day headstart. Will save me alot of frustration.

    I can already foresee the 3-day headstart actually being a 3-day test of the auth system, then when I get my copy 3-days later it will work flawlessly plus my lifespan will still be a little higher :clap:
  28. Paragon

    Paragon Fledgling Freddie

    Yea...i'm not taking any bloody chances for launch...

    as soon as the registration service is running again, i'll be creating 8 accounts for my friends, because i have a very sneaky suspicion that this is going to repeat itself...

    ps. *sigh* GOA has managed to turn me into a cynic regarding their service...never thought i'd see the day :(
  29. Naybuff

    Naybuff Fledgling Freddie

    17hrs and still waitting

    well i got to sign my beta key up but still not mail way over 17hrs now and no reply :(:(:(

    do it with sytle or turn it off.......
  30. dzhey7

    dzhey7 Fledgling Freddie

    SPAM. I'm sorry to say that, because it might lead to another GOA problems, but it really helps. I was waiting for about 10 hours, then I registered my key 6 more times and got the email in 3 minutes or so.

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