Nessus Blood


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
It was the blood of the centaur Nessus that poisoned and killed the hero Hercules, administered by his wife in the belief it was a love potion.

Guillemot have finally decided to stick the knife into the Hercules brand of video cards, cting a "crowded market".

I remember Hercules cards from the early days of the IBM PC, bringing high resolution graphics to the tired old monotone displays, even before the time of CGA and VGA.

When VL-Bus was all the rage, I got a Hercules Dynamite Pro VL card, not because it was the best performance in either Windows or DOS, but the magazine review stated it was the fastest at playing Doom !

After my dodgy experiences of the first 3D cards and the infamous ViRGE and Voodoo, I returned to the fold with another Hercules Dynamite, this time powered by the upcoming nVidia TNT Ultra chipset and one that whooped all over the dual Voodoo II monkeys and even gave the earliest GeForces a run for their money.

Finally, I went with the GeForce flow and paid a hefty price for a GeForce II card, another Hercules, but this time the company had been devoured by Guillemot, their products were still as good as ever.

When I wanted to go for a GeForce 4, sadly Hercules had gone for ATi, who had not begun to challenge the nVidia crown at the time.

Farewell Hero Hercules.

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