ML 2-5 Raid Sunday December 7th 12:00 CET


Loyal Freddie
Jun 4, 2004
Next sunday we will meet in stygia and start a ML raid.

Raid leader and BG holder will be Steward-PRYDWEN. BG will be public from 11:30 CET, raid will begin at 12:00 CET

We will try to do the raid sharp with break in between. Therefore the group or groups if we get enough, will be setup as good possible. I know that we will have a few thanes, and hopefully a couple of healers too. But mainrule is; bring what you like to play, and whichever char you need ML on.

If you got a buff bot, you are most welcome to bring it. However, if groupspace is short, the buffbots will be second priority.

Will try get a ventrilo server up, but untill now it have not been possible.

The raid time are not certain yet, however it will not stretch past 18:00 CET. If you can join, but only for the first 3 hours, let me know either at the start of the raid, or in a FH pm. If you leave without notification it will be concidered bad-mannered.

Make the community come together and prosper :clap:

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Steward - warrior (bb)



Fledgling Freddie
Sep 20, 2005
I'll be there if I can wake up that early. Hehe. Invited to a party the day before so I doubt I'll make it. :>

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