iNc Clan recruitment


Fledgling Freddie
May 7, 2004
Big hello from the iNc clan, just thought first we'd all say sorry to hear about the server shutting down soon and if we weren't saving to buy our own we'd have donated long before now :(
Just posting to let everyone know that iNc clan is recruiting new members. Our site should be back up within the next few days ( : looking very sexy I have to say) and anyone intrested in joining can contact me (Ghostchanter) on msn ( after about 6pm (GMT) each day and I'll be on ready to talk to you about anything. We are sorting our server out after the recruitment as we don't really want to get a 24man server only to go and recruit a 30man team hehe. We are in the CB league and the link to our clan page is :
See you on the FH server when I'm on and good luck with the payments :)


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