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    No Man, Dwarf or Elf can stop a coming storm. It sweeps away all opposition and all those who would stand against it, swiftly and mercilessly.

    Such a storm is gathering in the north.

    War is coming; it has been for a long time now. But this is not just any war. This is the Age of Reckoning, when man and nation alike will face their fate and judgment. In such times, everyone, both strong and weak must rely on others in order to survive. But having allies is not enough. They must be strong, competent and organized.

    The Black Tempest is here to bring it all to you!
    You can check out our promotion trailer here!

    The founders of the Tempest are very experienced, having many years of gaming and MMO-playing on their back. Our Leader and Officers alike have plenty of experience in how to lead and coordinate guild efforts from earlier games and a long history of co-operation together. In the long run we hope to give an enjoyable and memorable gaming time. Most of our members are from Europe and the guild is going to be on European server.

    Our forums can be quite chaotic sometimes, but do not be daunted by the powers of the Warp!

    Our Focus
    The Tempest will be focusing on several goals, first of all providing a honest and pleasant guild community that every member can be proud to be part of, however our main goal will be RvR and the part of end-game PvE encounters that comes with it. Of course we will be making sure to do casual and spontaneous roleplay as a guild while pursuing this.

    No matter what your character’s background or personality is, he or she will have plenty of reasons to join up with the Tempest, but must be prepared to face the unusually hard discipline that is enforced in this multiracial war band. Chaos, Dark Elf or Greenskin makes no difference.

    Joining our guild is simple! Just go to our website and from there to our forums, read the rules and post an application.

    So what makes us unique?

    The Tempest will focus heavily on military discipline and order. An organized group can defeat a multitude of foes if trained right, which is exactly what we will seek to prove.

    To achieve success you must have power, to have power you must have knowledge. For as the Changer of Ways have revealed, they are the same. The Black Tempest will go to any lengths to recover the artifacts and knowledge harbored in the libraries and valves of the elves and the imperial cities.. After all, none should be entrusted with things they do not understand…

    More information can be found from our website and our officers and memebers will gladly answer any questions at our forums. Questions regarding the Beta are also very welcome.

    The Black Tempest
    European guild
    Focus on RVR
    Casual RP
    Accepts all races and careers
    Website: The Black Tempest

    The demonic armies march, the Black Arks sail and the green hordes gather along the borders. It is indeed time for war and the Age of Reckoning...

    Join us for the storm is coming, and with your help we shall bring the forces of Order on it's knees, begging for a swift death...


    Recent Updates

    If you have any questions about the Beta you can always come by our forums and ask questions and we will be happy to assist.
  2. Ataris

    Ataris Fledgling Freddie

    You'll find us at Burlok(Core-RP) at Headstart and Launch!
  3. Succi

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    nice trailer

    uber voice acting :p
  4. Ataris

    Ataris Fledgling Freddie


    Took some time, but we're pretty proud with the result!

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