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    "What does the enemy get when they see us..?"
    A Cunning codename for our Free Company
    [EU : Order, Open RvR & RP]

    Browse our forums and Guard's Handbook.. Applications may be made through our website.

    We're a new guild so bear with us, please as we develop & construct more of our content?

    All interest and contributions welcome as only together can we form another EU-Order Guild to be proud of..

    To grow slowly but surely into a solid company of heroes.. people of all types, sharing a common sense of identity, direction values -eager to show the enemy what Order is made of through co-ordination, communication and cunning. We plan on enjoying all aspects of WAR.
    RESPECT - trusted & inspirational, a force to be reckoned with. Respecting themselves and others, always.
    INFLUENCE - contribute to the WAR effort in many ways, aware that each plays a vital part in the scheme.
    FRIENDS - attract relaxed, mature, tolerant people of all types who are keen to unite against the enemy.
    BALANCE - strive to enjoy successful RvR with 'casual' RP, heroic adventures and Real Life.. Fun for all.

    There are many parts of WAR to experience and enjoy.. we're not going to restrict anyone in what they decide to do or how they play the game. To be truly successful and able to enjoy the final stages, RvR/PVP will be vital. Our interests include :- RvR - The key to successful Realm domination, this covers much of what WAR has to offer.. let's enjoy it!
    PVP - Open World, Scenarios, Sieges and aany other varieties.. we'll bathe in the blood of our enemies.
    PVE - Exploration & Adventuring in the classic sense.. we'll be seeking to discover the secrets of the world.
    RP - Fun Role-Play offers us extra chances to enjoy the game but we don't want to force people into it.

    All races and careers of Order are accepted! Survival should not be limited or prejudiced by Race, Careers, Religeon, Location or anything like that. All types of friendly, tolerant people are welcome - from anywhere, with different interests or priorities.. We just ask for a relaxed, mature and tolerant attitude and an interest in joining our online community and wishing to contribute in some way. Together, united - we will be a force to be reckoned with.. influential in the survival of our Realm.

    Guild Structure
    Our organisational structure is there to offer co-ordination and support for all it's members, not to provide ego power-trips or make anyone feel badly. The structure may seem quite complex on first sight but it's relatively straight-forward and the upper levels will only be reached much later in our development.

    Realm / Server
    Playing on an EU : Order, RP server.. hopefully 'Open RVR-RP' but we'll have to wait and see what's on offer. Wherever the 'Conclave of Light' and 'The Eternal Waaagh' Alliances go, we'll be there. People from all over the world, in different time-zones are welcome as we're hoping to be able to provide some cover through day and night. Destruction must never win.. This is Waaaaar!

    What about our Role-Play - we want fun RP! Could consider us semi-light or 'casual' Role-Playing guild, not fascists or elitists who will mock or abuse others who think differently or aren't so experienced or keen to enjoy this area of the game. We'd hope to enthuse and guide people to RP rather than force them into it in any way.

    Secrets & Symbolism
    Our Name 'Soiled Garments' is, of course a cover.. a codename that our troops love to use as part of their joke upon the enemy. Why would we publicly reveal ourselves to our enemies? Any Orc, Chaos or Druchii would then know our plans and that just isn't acceptable. We want to keep our secrets safe.

    If you want more information - please, feel free to contact us or investigate our deeper information contained in the Guard's Handbook. ​

    If your interested in our guild, feel free to browse our site and/or forums.​
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    Aahaha - thank you, kindly - I'm always so impressed by the look & feel of this site and the lively discussions going on I forgot where I was and got lost there for a moment ;) Many thanks again.

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