Classic Heretic temp


Fledgling Freddie
Jul 1, 2004
I have posted this on Glasto and Pryd/Excal forums already but was thinking: ''Why not putit up here aswell? might be some US playing people who see it here''

For a start, I totaly sux - sideways, when it comes to templates.

I need help with a heretic template for a classic but havent found one that is worth anything on VN boards ect. There is some temps for melee tics, the problem is that I need one for a Rej/Crush tic.

My spec: 50 Rej 50 Enhan 25 crush and 14 shield

50 in Rej coz I feel it works the best in group setups and I onely play for the group dynamics and isnt interested of soloing (would be melee tic if I was and not plowed so many realm skillpoints into group friendly RA's)

25 crush for the 6 sec stun after taunt style... would prolly be 25 shield if not for that style.

So, anyone who has a good one?

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