Offical DAOC Server Classic + SI


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Jan 21, 2004
Hi Guys,

Good to see this place is still active and some old faces still posting.

Just wondering, assuming this server ever comes out as its been delayed a few times from the look of it are people thinking of playing of there ?
If its going to be the true original untouched experience I am interested my self and wondered what peoples thoughts are?
As much as I liked phoenix server its never felt quite right with some of the class changes they made etc etc. Now I like that it's give the server its only personality but its not what I was looking for.
Gone are the days of dreaming for a Remake with updates controls etc but in the same style, and combat its one think i love about the game and no one has come close.

anyway enough of my ramblings just interested to know what people are feeling..


Happy Shopper Ray Mears
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Dec 27, 2003
Not if it is run by broadsword I wouldn't, they burned those bridges by continual lying.

In fact, I probably just wouldn't bother anyway, Phoenix does everything I need from DAOC.

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