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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Roo Stercogburn, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Mr_Grumpy

    Mr_Grumpy Fledgling Freddie

    I usually play a BW and have done since closed beta but recently i tried out the lowly squig herder.


    I can outdamage a bright wizard lol. Seriously. Ive been playing BW long enough to know what impact the nerfs had and tbh i dont care , i just wanted a little break cause of the kotbs spam everywhere (meaning quiet t3 for me).

    a SH tho, lol.priceless.
  2. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    this is for 10 seconds every minute when you have rank 2 morale up, yeah? :)

    Withering heat does the same damage as the magus focus dd - but you get a snare too... plus they'll never crit for anything near the same damage (1200 crit ticks from withering heat are still the rage, you won't get that from anything other than a sorc/bw)
  3. Thatelf

    Thatelf Fledgling Freddie

    go troll somplace else i'm not getting dragged into childish arguments with you.
  4. Legean

    Legean Fledgling Freddie

    You can check my post history to see how much of a troll I am. I just pointed out you were labelling a broad set of the player base, the BWs, which you were. If you didn't mean it then fair enough but the fact is its what came across.
  5. Rushie

    Rushie Fledgling Freddie

    so u start by comparing a bw spell to a magus spell and go onto say that dmg from said spell should only be done by sorcs/bw's?

    why compare it to magus spell in the 1st place?.

    also what he says about SH's is correct, i get plinked every few secs now for around 1.3k. if they are using the tactic to to build faster they put out some pretty silly single target dps and also have a pet, for wizzies to do the same now we have to rely on channeled spells with 11(WH) and 13(FBB) sec CD's and fill the gaps with a lot of sub par spells to keep combustion high and theres some kind of bug with dd's atm that makes them land a few secs after u cast em which doesnt help with single target dps.

    bear in mind im speaking about single target dmg only, when it comes to ae BW's are still king, but thats very situational and if ppl are gonna herd up in big gangs then they deserve to be pb'd or ae'd down.
  6. Thatelf

    Thatelf Fledgling Freddie

    I said that i noticed a lack of BW's and wondered if they where all rerolling meaning,all the one's that where no longer playing their BW.Not ALL as in every BW that there is.A fair difference.
  7. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    Sorry, re-reading that I wasn't clear - What I meant was the base damage from the magus is the same, but without the snare. Throw in the combustion mechanic and you get to do a load more damage through crits. He was complaining his DPS was the same as every other DPS caster - it's not, it's higher at the cost of backlash. Your base damage is around the same but your crit damage (and therefore total damage) is well above the rest, at the cost of making you easier to kill.

    (yes, Magus are meant to be RDPS too ...)

    SH's are not plinking you for 1.3k damage every second.
    Once a minute (if you let them build up to level 2 morale) they'll hit you 4 times for that damage... (1.5s plink not 1s plink - GCD rears its head) assuming they crit every hit - which unlike for BWs isn't all that likely.

    (SWs have a similar high damage once every blue moon combination with their Festering arrow combined with a tactic)

    It is pretty nasty damage, but it's not that much above what high combustion BW/Sorcs are putting out - and they're not on a timer for it.
  8. scorge

    scorge Fledgling Freddie

    i chuckled at that :)

  9. Rushie

    Rushie Fledgling Freddie

    so u admit it is above what high combustion casters can put out? even if it is on timer(even without that morale thing they still put out consistently good dmg and if the pets on u as well it all adds up fast on a BW with no armour). so we have to get ourselves to 100 combustion, do loads of dmg to ourselves, be more aggresive with ae and have a pocket healer to put out comparable numbers?.

    dont u see this is essentially the problem all us BW's have with the recent nerf.

    theres a couple or really nasty SH's on K8P atm, i cant recall the names but with the right support they really do kick ass now.

    as it stands right now, other RDPS classes can put out similar and sometimes better dps while retaining better survivability and having more utility and not killing themselve while doing said dps.

    i really love my BW, i was a caster for 5+ years in daoc and when my guild went order its the only option (if anyone says DPS AM they gonna get a slap) for anyone wanting to be a caster. (this is probably 1 of teh reasons there were so many btw). i wont stop playing BW but it really is fucked, other classes would be better with ur spot in grp and i only persevere coz i play with guildies and alliance mates. but even that is getting boring fast since everyone realises u are an easy kill and u see teh big tank train bearing down on u with knockdowns/knockbacks(channlled spells)/disables/silences/fetch. as it stands tanks have way to much to counter casters imo and this need to be changed.
  10. Mr_Grumpy

    Mr_Grumpy Fledgling Freddie

    Um no. I can out damage ANY BW in scenarios these days without the use of morales.Or tactics. Not needed.

    Its not hard any more, just take a look at scenario end taable resutls and you'll see. Detonate nerf kinda screwed bw damage out put a bit and the crit chance didnt help either.

    But then im not too bothered if you wish to under estimate a certain class cause thats good for those that play those classes :)
  11. Tiani

    Tiani Fledgling Freddie

    played lots and I have been outdamaged only a handfull of times, usually when there is no healer so that goes without saying.

    Duno what you other BW's are doing, I feel with Incini spec I am useful and not a dot spamming monkey. I kill people, I kill them extremely fast and still come top dmg ? /shrug

    It is silly though that as a BW you have to fight with people to come top DPS, silly that they ARE capable of putting out same numbers as a BW with no backlash mechanic.

    Plink needs changing, change the tactic if you are not going to give SW the same ability. WE definately need a nerf, if BW needed a nerf (which to a degree I think they did need a slight nerf) then WE definately need toning down.

    Make some change to root so its not completely pointless, Id love to see a polymorph spell to be honest and I dont think people would bitch about it so much, sure you would be taken out the fight but at least you aint rooted to the spot and taking damage.
  12. Thatelf

    Thatelf Fledgling Freddie

    Even here moaning about WE's ...why should a BW always be top damage dealer?why should a BW be unkillable?polymorph spell wtf?go play wow.
  13. Tiani

    Tiani Fledgling Freddie

    Because I do more damage to myself constantly, I pay for my damage with my health, where is your drawback ? where is your negative effect ?

    I said a polymorph style spell in replace of roots, it would be better for you. I played enough wow why would I want to go back

    BW are far from unkillable what ridiculous notion is that ?

    Besides I aint really moaning at them, when a WE pops on my screen I just take my hands of the mouse/keyboard and give them the kill, no point struggling.
  14. Seanpaul

    Seanpaul Loyal Freddie

    Festering has a long cast time though.
  15. Thatelf

    Thatelf Fledgling Freddie

    Well there ya go then...just from your last sentence you have no right to complain about WE's.Do i give up as soon as someone starts damaging me?no i don't.
    My drawback is i am even easyer to kill than a caster,i am always too far away for a healer(yes by my choice).i don't have a 100ft damage range.
    Please don't try and twist what i said..i never said BW's are unkillable...i said ..BW's think they should be unkillable.. a huge difference.If you played enough WoW why would you want polymorph?why would it be better for me?Your backlash has been reduced so don't come try BS me that you can die from it now.Let's have a looksee at some combat logs as i said i may able to help you.
  16. Tiani

    Tiani Fledgling Freddie

    my backlash has been reduced but still rpco's enough to make a difference, when you take 3 consecutive procs of 750 damage and see no crit it kids wains you.

    I give up because there literally is no point. Like I said before its stand still and die or run and die either way results in death, no skill involved.

    Since when did BW think that we should be unkillable ?

    Polymorph type spell is better than root for a number of reasons, you cant be poled and bursted down with only a chance to break it, as soon as someone damages you, you will be free to do whatever you want. Surely thats better than being rooted in one spot and getting FF down ?
  17. Thatelf

    Thatelf Fledgling Freddie

    root breaks on damage...
    Ok then if a WE isn't allowed to kill you then who is?Tanks or any other class can't get near you ,why ...because you kill them from 100ft range before they can even get near you.Why shouldn't a cloth wearing caster die just as fast as a WE?incase you didn't know...WE wears cloth aswell.
  18. Tiani

    Tiani Fledgling Freddie

    root has a chance to break on damage, polymorph is guaranteed to break on damage, next.
  19. Thatelf

    Thatelf Fledgling Freddie

    matters not...there is no polymorph in
  20. Tiani

    Tiani Fledgling Freddie

    I know that and if it matters not they why are you debating it with me.

    I saw saying I would prefer a polymorph-esque ( that means like polymorph lol) spell over the pbaoe root you get in this game, and I would presume a lot of other players would prefer it also.
  21. Thatelf

    Thatelf Fledgling Freddie

    you brought up polymorph...
    I'm off to kill BW's with my OP WE.;)

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