TFFA 2v2 and Duels Day 5

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    Welcome to news of a 2v2 TFFA saber only low force league. This competition is due to start 18th of March so if you are interested please let us know by emailing either or

    2 groups consisting of eight 2 man teams (either clanned or unclanned) will battle it out for the top four places in each stream. These 8 teams will then play through quarter and semi finals till we are left with only 4 teams playing it out for 1st 2nd 3rd and runner up places.

    Jump, Attack, Defense

    Friendly fire / saber will be on
    No Ghoul 2
    and no g_sabertracesaberfirst

    For this tourny standard tffa maps will be used. Hopefully this will change with later iterations.

    If you are interested in playing plz email /

    Duels Day 5
    yes we are in our 5th season of duels day and would like to invite players to enter this 32man knockout contest on the 1st of April 2003.

    layout will be the same as previous duels day.

    Invitations will go out to those who played in DD4, however if you did not play in that tournament and would like to have a go plz email or

    CTF League
    Due to this mod not being popular this league has been cancelled for the time being.



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