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Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by FragFodder, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    The 2v2 config is fairly simple, its similar to the BWJK2L TFFA config

    G_Gametype 5 - Hehe yeah Shaft, I screwed up
    G_SaberTraceSaberFirst 0
    G_Ghoul2CollisionDetect 0
    G_MaxforceRank 7
    G_ForcePowerDisable - Attack Defence Jump
    G_mkickdmgmodifier 0
    Fraglimit 0
    Timelimit 20

    Note: I need to checkup on the Cvars and values when I get home from work, these are just a rough indication

    Good luck to all those who are playing

  2. Damage

    Damage Guest


    g_gametype 0 (FFA) shouldnt it be 5 (TFFA) ?

    what about

    g_weapondisable 65531 (sabre only)
    g_friendlySaber 1
    g_forceRegenTime 200
    g_ForcePowerDisable 163821 (Attack/Defence/Jump only)
    g_mkickdmgmodifier 0

    I didnt know Kick damage is gonna be disabled..
    Sabre locks allowed?

    what about the map, which 1?

    So FF what do you think, checked it out correctly?
  3. Shaft

    Shaft Guest

    Hmm, I don't think kick damage should be entirely disabled. I like FragFest's current settings for example
  4. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Ghoul2 is to be disabled because of popular request (and Yoni told meh to, it is her league after all). The rest of the above settings are BWJK2L TFFA defaults anyway.

    Kick damage is being killed because its not a very skillful way to play, however maybe it could be set to 0.25 (5hp per kick). I'll have a word with tha boss about this.

  5. Damage

    Damage Guest

    Ghoul2 makes it realistic :D

    I dont have any problems with Kick damage being disabled, I'm not using it often anymore ;)
  6. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    Ok, final server settings are:

    g_sabertracesaberfirst "0"
    g_saberghoul2collision "0"
    g_dismember 300
    g_maxForceRank "7"
    g_weapondisable "65531"
    g_saberdamagescale "1"
    g_gametype "5"
    fraglimit "0"
    timelimit "20"
    G_friendlyfire "1"
    G_friendlysaber "1"
    g_forcepowerdisable "163837"
    g_forceRegenTime "200"
    g_mkickdmgmodifier "0.25"

    I still need to talk to Yoni about the kick damage, we'll see what she has to say.


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