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Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by Shaft, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. Shaft

    Shaft Guest

    Is there a slight possibility that after the 2vs2 League, a new TFFA (Full Force) League will be set up?

    I would personally very much like that. :clap:
  2. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    /me aggrees with shaft.

    I think we should get the REAL season 3 started some time soon. theres not many tffa full force leauges going atm
  3. Damage

    Damage Guest

    I think that will be decided when TFFA 2vs2 League is finished or almost finished, let us dont run ahead on things eyes are fixed on the current League atm.

    But personally I like the idea aswell :p
  4. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    thinking again I would think the TFFA would be better without force and just sabers maybe we might get more clans doing this too
  5. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    We'll see, I'd have to agree though. The general consensus on Force Power is it should be disabled, if that is the case then maybe we should.

    But I've no say in the leagues anymore, thats Yoni's department :)

  6. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    well in that case

    [/me grovles to yoni]

    Oh and shouldt your title be
    bwjk2 & GAME.JK2 Community Liaison

    they may be the same but people will get confused
  7. Damage

    Damage Guest

    I thought Force is part of a Jedi? Why remove it?

    Last TFFA season League, Friendly Fire was on it prevented people from spamming Lightning and look out where they swing their sabre at.
    The things I've noticed while I was playing in last TFFA League is that it's a combination of Sabre Skills and Force Skills (in offensive/defensive matters). I know due to ForcePowers the player's sabreskill dont have to be aswell when ForcePowers are disabled.
  8. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    This better?

    And Damage I'd have to agree m8, that was the whole argument for keeping force from day one. However alot of people dont see things like that

    :( Its a sad fact of the game m8 :(

  9. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    well it seems force is a part of jk2 "BUT!" saber battles now come down to Skill and is classes as a artform if played well.

    im shoure every one here who played saber only can aggree that after some time you pick up the skills and swings. i think that TFFA needs to lose its force IF only the Light & dark forces only and leave in the normals [maybe deducting saber throw As it Tis geh]

    also if im a bwjk2l admin dose that mean i am a bwjk2 - game.jk2 admin too :) like damage's siggy says he is?

  10. Shaft

    Shaft Guest

    I agree with Damage, but...

    If you look at nowadays FFA/TFFA servers, what is the move that is most executed. I don't think I need to tell you that is the DFA.

    Oops, I just did...

    Anyway, my point is, the red stance is the most used stance, sure it still takes skill, it still takes precision and timing, but REAL skill and stuff are mostly used in duels.
    My for example FFA/TFFA style differs very much from my Duel style.

    Enabling the Force, since a Jedi means Force as Damage nicely said, will mean that people have and extra thing to use strategically/tactically. It adds a more, erm how shall I put this, erm, teamgame feeling.

    If u disable the forces, u are on your own, you cannot protect/defend your team by pulling or pushing the dfa'ing enemy outa the way, u cannot force heal/energise.

    The game will be more individually then with Forces enabled.

    I am experiencing this currently in the 2vs2 league. Not that I don't like playing in it, but the only thing Damage and I can really do together is for example, a DFA scissor/sandwich, or you kick some1 on the ground and the other DFA's. But those are on rare occasions, sure u can switch between targets etc, take over a target etc. But with forces enabled, I personally think it will add a little extra touch to the game.

    That touch is called 'team strategy/tactics'. THAT is the reason why I say, leave Forces enabled in the TFFA leagues. But I am no admin, all I can do is come up with decent arguments :D
  11. Damage

    Damage Guest

    I'm no BWJK2L admin Gray, but Public admin.
    or do I have to change my into BWJK@ & Public admin? ;)
  12. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    still i recon JCC members seem to get the treatment :( as i have been willing to be a public admin for Yonks
  13. Damage

    Damage Guest

    JCC hasnt got anything to do with it. The only advantage maybe is that BWJK2 Head admins, know me very well thru the clan. Hasnt got anything to do with ie "Like like you" "you are pretteh", we just were talking about Admins once and so on and here I am.
  14. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    dont get all fizzed up over it, i just took a look at the amout of JCC members who are admins thats all
  15. Shaft

    Shaft Guest

    Gray m8y, I am no admin, does that comfort you?
  16. Damage

    Damage Guest

    I Just think you have to keep Clans and Admins separated

    Those cookies your wife cooked must have been great btw you're trowing up every post ;)
  17. FragFodder

    FragFodder Guest

    If You're interested in the Admins List:


    Aeron - Unclanned
    Damage - JCC
    Falcon - JCC
    Pug - Unclanned
    Brooky - Unclanned
    Kosh - [JKon]

    Out of 6 public admins (which is all we need at the moment) only 2 of them are JCC. Falcon, Kosh and Pug do a double role as league admins.


    |Gray| - R.S.O
    Vapouriser - Unclanned ex RD
    Teflon - Unclanned ex RD
    CrazyAssCool - Unclanned ex JCC
    Falcon - JCC
    -=(}Pug{)=- - Unclanned
    Noghi - Kiss Army (I think)
    Kosh - [JKon]
    BingOs - [JKon]

    We purposly didn't go on a recruiting mission within JCC to avoid corruption allegations. We have chosen our public and league admins on merit and experiance, alot of the newer admins are also ex Games Domain.

    JCC haven't been given any special treatment. Granted when I was told to take admins on =RD= was the first place I looked as they where my clan at the time. Anyone would have done the same.

    hope that clears some things up :)

  18. Yoni

    Yoni Guest

    ehum Gray

    Fragfodder and I have deliberatly gone outside of the old bwjk2l community and our own clan to recruit good admins for our leagues and public servers.

    If you would like reasons as to why you are not a public admin then that is simple:

    The servers are not full yet there fore we do NOT need the quantity of public admins - however we hope that will change. Some of us double up for both as and when required but that is because we want to not because it is in any official capacity.

    Secondly you dissappeared offline through no fault of your own very quickly after DD1 finished leaving FF to build that league up from scratch. You have only recently re-joined the community and you did not make it known as far as I am aware (except in game.jk2 last night) that you wanted to be a public admin and as FF said we have all that we need at the moment.

    I would ask you to stop insinuating that either one of us give JCC preference as admins - as you can quite clearly see we have admins from all over the place alot of whom are unclanned.


  19. CAC

    CAC Guest

    tbh when was in JCC and had to admin a match for them i was tougher on them than i would have been on any other clan

    basically i did this cos they should have known better than to bend the rules

    however now im no longer in JCC i will treat them no different to any other clan in future

    oh and btw damage it should be ..
    JK2 GAMEmaster

  20. Damage

    Damage Guest

    Very reasonable CAC, I'd may do the same.

    is my siggy better now? :rolleyes:
  21. RSO:Gray

    RSO:Gray Guest

    Ok guys sorry my bad i will take it all back


    i say we all do a mexican wave

    IM also working on a map atm for a fun 2v2 :)
    it will take time to get the first frag btw :) as its a funny map type
    i hope to make a mod from it too >B)

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