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Discussion in 'Jedi Knight Academy League' started by evilelvis, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. evilelvis

    evilelvis Guest

    hey all just signd uip my lcan, we've been playing for a while and now we want to take on some other clans in tffa. can someone give me a hand and direct me to where i should go. i've checked out the website and the about section dosnt work so i coudlnt lok there. it all seems to be about jk2 with the name consisiting jk2 and also it has 2vs2 in the fixuteres. i cant find the tffa part like there was with jk2 originally. argh help me please.
  2. [JKoN]KOSH

    [JKoN]KOSH Guest

    hehe dont worry about that, ive almost got the new webby complete, we will run duel tffa seiges ctf etc etc etc
  3. evilelvis

    evilelvis Guest

    ok thanks, thought i was lsoing it. :p any idea what kinda time it will be for the site to be sorted? and when tffa will be in operation?


    Sith 2 Kill

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