such stlong stealth groups

Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Boomeruk, Jan 23, 2004.

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  1. Boomeruk

    Boomeruk Fledgling Freddie

    been sat at mpkE for about 3 hours tonight watching people come and go

    see SB's, hunters buff up and make the run to mmg / amg / apk

    mostly solo, sometimes i see a duo... but none the less, lots of them.

    why is it the alb stealthers have to group in 5's 6's and even fg's? this has been said time and time again, but its totally destroyed mid / pryds rvr imo.

    its a bit sad really, cuz even though i have the best equipment possible in the game, the best buffs available in the game, i will still get my ass handed to me on a plate by a well played infi or mincer, note i said "a" not 7 and i enjoy it. i enjoy a fight where its 1v1, assin vs assasin we know the infi is the far supirior class but that means nothing to me, its the player behind the character that makes it fun, knowing the have gone out solo, looking to meet someone solo, and have a fight solo. win or loose, its FUN

    how can standing in 1 place for hours on end killing numours enemies in a fg of stealthers getting hords of rps fun? surely you didnt create the character you wanted, exped it all the way to 50, spent all your hard earned cash on good equipment, just to stand in a fg and maybe get the occasional style in on a enemy before it dies?

    I like to solo / duo as much as possible and earn my realm points, if i see mid stealthers in large groups, i just laugh spam them, but in ratio the alb stealth groups outweigh the mids 10:1 easilly (probably due to population numbers or something)

    from now on im gonna be running my solo / duo sb in HW, if any of the albs who keep ganking me in there fg's actually want to fight me, to get the most out of there equipment they worked hard getting, come and fight me, you might get some respect! or even find it fun killing someone all on your own! im omw there now so feel free to join me.

    this wasent inteaded as a whine thread, or a QQ thread, as its each to there own imo.... consider it more of a plea... to all the people who deep down, really do want to enjoy the class and play it as it was designed to be played.
  2. Araudry

    Araudry Fledgling Freddie

  3. Tindel

    Tindel Fledgling Freddie

    Yep, this week MPK have been camped EVERY morning by 7-8 alb stealthers :eek:
  4. Araudry

    Araudry Fledgling Freddie

    ah when i play every morning amg is camped by mid zerg sb, random fg and even more..
    stop crying cause u camp amg so much u get infil zerg at mpk at end :m00:
  5. Boomeruk

    Boomeruk Fledgling Freddie

    araudry :p

    everytime i see you i just run :D

    I know you solo most of the time, and have beaten me solo every fight we've had, top player, im never bitter when you beat me (even when u use vashish and pa me for over 1k )

    all im asking for is the likes of claudio, marijuana, tip, etc etc etc who group every day for hours on end to just try soming new and fight there own battles.

    heres an example.... i was running amg earlier today saw tip a mile away, pa him, cd him, his haub heals him 2,3 times and hes still full health by the time the stun wears off, by this time im almost ooe and tip hasent had one round or attack.

    he slams me, runs off, 3 infis add and another scout starts shooting me and im dead within seconds, yet tip was still 100% (?) hps? and needed no help what so ever in dispensing me.

    if i see 2 stealth classes fighting usually i leave em to it (unless its a sb fighting araudry where i will add cuz she hits like a bus and we need all the help we can get against her lol)
  6. Tindel

    Tindel Fledgling Freddie

    then that random group or sb zerg must be up veeery early :p
    and if you refer to the groups that i've been in we havent stopped by a single time at the mg's to "camp"
  7. Path

    Path Fledgling Freddie

    Even if they all go in duo's, by the time they hit MMG and AMG they have formed a larger group ;) You aren't really duoing if you're camping AMG with 6 other stealthers within a 1000 radius :p
  8. Araudry

    Araudry Fledgling Freddie

    most of the time when i log in morning infil zerg camp mpk or mid zerg camp amg once mid camp amg at morning they never move except if some alb or hib pull them out + sbs and hunters camping doors so no infil can pass but it always has been like that ...dont think it ill change soon anyways ;o
  9. Araudry

    Araudry Fledgling Freddie

    then it s close to impossible to solo in emain with so many infil/scout/mincer around :p
    i mean for emain;o
  10. Boomeruk

    Boomeruk Fledgling Freddie

    cmmon man, thats so not true

    if i see an area camped by stealthers, i just move to the next area... as any person with common scence would do, i can name 10 sb's / hunters who do the same because i see it every single time i pass a mg. whats the point camping somewhere thats already overcamped
  11. Araudry

    Araudry Fledgling Freddie

    if all mids were thinking like u then the game would be a lot more fun ;p
    and less zerging campers :clap:
  12. Krait

    Krait Fledgling Freddie

    It's called "Necro mentality" It dos'nt matter how many people are actually camping there if it's seen as the best camp there is.
  13. Astraad

    Astraad Fledgling Freddie

    Boomer just log ur sb in DF after the alb or mid or ( very odd occasion hib ) zerg has wiped the previous owners side out u log in and make ur way over to their side. This is the only way I play atm as its usually a gamble to walk through Milegates in emain or sometimes even leave the pk. Or you could go to Odin's as you will find the occasional 1v1 there too. Sauvage is also an option, emain however is not a place for a solo stealther.
  14. nuky

    nuky Fledgling Freddie

    i am sick of running solo and getting a mincer popping on me , insta stun and then 3/4/5 infils showing up and 2/3/4 scouts and dying before they all even get 1 hit in :| i dont know where these kids get their emjoyment.


  15. Bone_Idle

    Bone_Idle Fledgling Freddie

    Remove stealth from daoc and problem sorted. rvr will be fun again.
  16. haarewin

    haarewin Fledgling Freddie

    tonight i was running to apkE to suicide on my bard. i run through the mg and past voltage who chases. i pan camera around cuz i have been shot by 2 scouts, and see about 6 infils fall out of stealth to chase. i eventually stopped and 'fought' voltage (i say fought but i mean missed in melee and tried to dd :p)
    my point is - why all the stealthers when a non det tank is happy to solo in emain? (6pm ish)
  17. Voltage

    Voltage Fledgling Freddie

    was running solo yesterday afternoon.

    First of all, went to emain

    I died to 6 mid stealthers (couple of hunters, rest SBs)

    came back, died to a FG hib stealthers (loads of luris and a bard)

    so went to odin

    died to a DIFFERENT fg hib stealthers (loads of luris and a druid)

    got annoyed so went to DF and farmed dias... and didnt die to a fg stealthers.

    which is a shame cos if I did it would have made this post more worthwhile.
  18. bigchief

    bigchief Fledgling Freddie

    Thats a fair enough comment and alot of people do it. Just the stealther population is so high you just end up with people everywhere. When mpk is being camped camping mmg is pointless. So they go mpk too .. so the ppk amg go mmg, go mpk. etc.

    Not many ppl will do a tour of emain, find everywhere camped and just suicide. Most just end up mpk and stay there. Mids do the same, quite often ill come out and find a grp of 4+ camping apk, or even more of them amg. They die and albs take over, albs die and mids take over. Even on the odd occasion hibs appear in sufficient numbers.

    Just need to explain to the hibs the difference between needing a certain number of stealthers in an area to compete and running in a grp of 8 stealthers and places like odins might be fun :p
  19. Jalanteriel

    Jalanteriel Regular Freddie

    Just adding a few points here:

    - In terms of the game, it is a war going on between 3 realms, so all the talk about being ganked by 1fg of enemies stealthers or non while being solo doesn't really hold much ground :)

    - People complaining about being zerged in emain while solo - What the heck you soloing in emain anyway? that's just BEGGING to be zerged, stealthers or non.

    - If you want to solo, best choice would be either HW or Odins. If you get outnumbered by stealthers, either get a few fellow freinds to join you, or try the other frontier areas. Complaning about them isn't going to make them go away :)

    In addition, Kudos to all the brave soloers out there (except arraudry you're a fg on yer own - plus 90% of the time I do kill you you're RS :( )
  20. Smurflord

    Smurflord Fledgling Freddie

    This is half the can't see if the area's camped or not. I normally solo or duo, no real interest in stealth zergs, but so often you go to attack an opponent and 5 or 6 other stealthers appear out of nowhere going for the same target. Very annoying for the target, very annoying for me. Would love to just get some nice 1 on 1 real fights, otherwise it's just number and not a test of any skill.
  21. Araudry

    Araudry Fledgling Freddie

  22. Svartur

    Svartur Fledgling Freddie

    Most active alb stealthers are just plain boring or suck tbh

    Except Araddry, Chean, Steveeirwin and Bigchief and some others who regulary solo and do it well. Ok not fair(posting a bit drunk) ;) , i dont play all that much but I know they do.

    The rest of ya
    Reroll or dare to leave pk alone or at least duo one time every month for a change.

    Got TS:ed twice at amg yesterday. I ran out the timer both times (luckily they had no mincer), turned around to fight.
    1 scout turned into 2, well this will be fun I thought.
    Then 2 scouts turned into 2 scouts and 1 infil. Hmm this will hurt but someone is going down with me I thought.
    Then 2 scouts and 1 infil turned into 3 scouts and 1 infil. (Turned out to be even more later.)

    Thats when I gave up, restealthed and left crim valley where they chased me. Yet they stayed there thinking I would pop or summat.

  23. Boomeruk

    Boomeruk Fledgling Freddie


    thought id give emain another chance and what happens.... mmg mid side...

    1fg alb stealthers, all wearing same cloak / colours... another fooking stealth guild? you guys got skilllllz

    dont tell me..... amg was just too camped with infis so u all decided to move mmg to avoid zerging?


    edit: sorry about sucky screeny, i uninstaled photoshop and cba putting it back, but im sure u get the gyst of it :eek:

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  24. Cybwyn

    Cybwyn Fledgling Freddie

    Almost as pathetic as the time you and 2 SBs attacked me in DF just after I'd pulled a nightmare.

    Point is, don't come here acting all innocent (not just you, but all of the other moaners) because practically every stealther has grouped up and killed soloers/duoers at some point and to whine about it is just hypocritical.
  25. Svartur

    Svartur Fledgling Freddie

    Dont remember that occation but I sure as hell aint innocent. We did kill alot of albs when you had DF once. But I dont group with more than 2 ppl unless it some guild occation or summat. Mostly duo or solo.

    Not like most albs stealthers who mostly zerg

    Then again I am not always in emain, maybe there is a constant sb zerg there to. ;)
    Must have missed it if so
  26. Smurflord

    Smurflord Fledgling Freddie

    To be frank it seems like we're all getting the same problems. I'm just as sick of going to emain and being jumped by 6 SBs at a milegate as you are of being jumped by 6 infils. I would dearly like to solo around the place, but even the alternative locations are becoming no-go areas for a lone stealther. Go to odin's and you get jumped by 6 lurikeens instead, jsut for variety. Go to Hadrian's wall, and his Blexavier and his gank crew.
    I would dearly love to get 1 on 1 fights with any of you, without interuption. I never mind losing to a superior opponent, but I do mind losing to superior numbers. Hell, if anyone wants to pm me and arrange a fair fight, 1 on 1, please do.

    PS: Don't say this is against the CoC, it's not. Confirmed it with Kemor. What is against the CoC, is the prearrange fights to farm rps. The "You sit there and I kill you, then I'll sit down and you can kill me" type of fights are what the CoC is trying to prevent.
  27. Boomeruk

    Boomeruk Fledgling Freddie

    can an alb please confirm the fg that attcked me at mmg are deadly shadows? i saw the emblem and colour scheme and it didnt look like DS but it might have been.

    either way, all its gonna do is create stealth wars, where fg vs fg stealthers meet, and thats kinda lame

    Smurflord, id love to duel you, pm me sometime and we make a time / place

    shame its come down to this for someone to get a fiar fooking fight tbh
  28. Svartur

    Svartur Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah I know what you mean mate.

    Problem is most people think its impossible to solo and never even try.
  29. Tamron

    Tamron Fledgling Freddie

    Svartur, I have to say you are one of the very rare soloers I get to meet every so often. And you actually SOLO as well, not Hunter/buffbot duo <winks>. And to everyone who says to solo and play the class like it was MEANT - get serious, DROP the buffbot and REALLY play the class like it was meant. I don't go to emain (Been there once in the last 6 months), but actually Odin's is getting just as bad lately, with amg more often than not camped by stealther groups (not fg's, but up to 5-6 Hunter/SBs or Ranger/NSs are not uncommon). Of course even meeting a 'Solo' opponent these days means I get my ass handed to me 8/10 times as I am fighting a duo - the stealther and his bb.
    And yet I keep going out there, mostly solo somtimes duo, in foolish hope that one morning I wake up and all will be well again <laughs>. Guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. :cheers:
  30. Kreig

    Kreig One of Freddy's beloved

    From some of the names in the screeny, its a guild called "The Dude Crew".
    And they all have second names of "Dude", Sickly Dude, Wikked Dude etc
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