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Shadowblade specs....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vell, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. Vell

    Vell Guest

    Hey all. I made myself a little shadowblade yesterday, a kobold because they are sooooo cute! Bear in mind I'm making this character for pure fun - I don't necessarily want to be uber, I just want to be sneaky and have a laugh.

    I've had a little go on catacombs and come up with the following specs:
    Lvl24 (Thidranki)
    Stealth 16, Envenom 10, Critical Strike 15, Left axe 18, Axe 17.

    Stealth 36, Envenom 35, Critical Strike 39, Left Axe 35, Axe 34.

    How does this look? I've really got no idea how this will pan out - will I be completely useless or will it work out ok?
  2. You are making a ShadowZerker and the thread about that is in RvR section.
    PS: This is the third 'im starting an SB' thread this week :)
  3. Vell

    Vell Guest

    Actually, that is not a shadowzerker. Shadowzerkers go high stealth/LA/Weapon, and tend not to worry too much about crit and env. What I'm making is called a 5-spec.
    Oh, and I looked in the Excalibur RvR forums and couldn't find a SB thread anywhere near the top. I don't play Prydwen and therefore feel no need to check those forums. So nah nah :p
    Besides, I'm not asking what the 'best' spec is, I'm asking: Will that spec be fun to play, or will I be so useless that I end up deleting the character....
    Since I have no idea about SB's, i thought I'd ask a sensible question, in the 'general' forum. Hope this is ok by you, Ivan.
    Luv Ya :fluffle:
  4. mele-nko

    mele-nko Guest

    critblade: cs,axe(sword),stealth ,2 versions u got a template with and without envenom ( no laxe)
    soulblade: axe(sword), laxe, cs, stealth ( no env)
    5 spec: axe(sword),laxe,cs,stealth,envenom ( everything)
    shadowzerker: axe(sword),laxe, stealth, env ( no or below 15 cs)

    critblades used to rule, they are nerfed in upcoming patches etc..
    soulblades always sucked
    5 spec and SZ are they new sb's both doing very well in the us, since they are more melee oriented instead of the 1hit-but-if-it-fails-i'm-dead critbladers..
  5. xeuz

    xeuz Guest

    Mele-nko, how are you specced?
  6. mele-nko

    mele-nko Guest

    5 spec, fully autotrained


    stealth and encenom undifined atm.
    34 stealth
    34 env
  7. Solid

    Solid Guest

    my 5 Spec is this:

    39 LA
    39 Axe
    34 CS
    36 Stealth
    30 Env (Autotrained Stealth to level 32)

    I want higher stealth so that one day (RR5) I can get 50 Stealth
    I am considering dropping my Axe skill a bit lower to 34 and upping Envenom as I rather have a higher DoT tickign away if an enemy runs away. This gets me PA = CD and the Comeback/Frosty Gaze combo for evades

    Possibly change to:

    39 LA
    34 Axe
    34 CS
    37 Stealth
    34 Env (Autotrained Stealth to level 32)

    This gives me access to the 45 DoT at RR3 (+9 Env from items +2 from RR3) and 50 Stealth at RR4 (+11 items and +3 from RR)

    Both templates I get to be sneaky and run round using every single thing a SB has access to
  8. xeuz

    xeuz Guest

    is it really worth it to autotrain stealth so long for just 1 point more in envenom?
  9. Seems odd not to spec CS to 21 for PA.... even if your variance will be all over due to low weapon specs, PA will be doing more dmg than a well-specced normal hit anyway....
    it also seems odd not to auto-train stealth until at least 28, unless you're a very slow leveller; otherwise, why weaken your lvl50 char for the sake of a bit of lvl24 BG fun?

    But, erm, for what it's worth- 21CS, 16LA/Axe 10Envenom, 12stealth
  10. Solid

    Solid Guest

    Xeus I dunno, I was glad I did as I am now 39 so past my Sutotrain stage :) and I saved enuff points for that ectra env and no it wasnt so hard at all, esp as u rely on Env and LA styles eaely on
  11. Gekul

    Gekul Guest

    I don't think you should spread the points so thin so early. pick either SZ ot CB til you have more points to spend. If you intend ending as a 5 spec it might be best to start as a SZ as leveling is a little easier with that spec.
  12. Aye but as you notice they are quite the same templates :)

    And as for not looking it up... well then you are just as lazy as me... :cool:
  13. Vell

    Vell Guest

    You seem to have missed the point of my thread. Why weaken my character for a bit of BG fun? Errrr, because I want to have fun. That's why. Like I said, I don't necessarily care about being uber, so long as I'm not useless.

    I will take the PA into consideration - I already did take a look, but there is quite a nice chain from the 15 Crit, so i thought that would probably be enough. I also wanted quite high stealth - you have no idea how many assassins by skald has stopped simply because I spotted them well before they performed thier moves, and I think I would prefer to be a sneaky sneaky person rather than a bash you for lots of damage person. Does that make sense?
  14. svartalf

    svartalf Guest

    If you have stealth at your level (by items or by spec) by the time you go to RvR, then nothing else is too important, if FUN is your only requirement.

    What's your question? I don't understand. Yeah you'll prolly be pretty uber with a 5-spec, they are the way I think Mythic intends ppl to go.. they give you abilities to USE, so I expect shadowzerkers might be in for some sufferage later.

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