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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by scorge, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. Soazak

    Soazak Part of the furniture

    No one said it was
    iirc Sociopath in DSM IV is used for a couple of different mental illnesses (Excluding MPD)

  2. Bahumat

    Bahumat FH is my second home

    Did you ever notice how it made perfect sense when you read posts under the alt name :p
  3. Shike

    Shike Can't get enough of FH

    just popping by to say that Succi said it perfectly. Or even manisch!, or hawkwind (sp?).

    GOA did the right thing and I agree fully with MJ too, its called damagecontrol and it was in dire need.
  4. Fatload BoysDoCry

    Fatload BoysDoCry Can't get enough of FH

    The grassy knoll gents, the grassy knoll. :wub:
  5. Raven

    Raven Brrrrr!

    Requiel played an avalonian pally, he also had a bard. I have long since forgotten the names though. Though as someone said, he only ever got to RR3 or something (nothing wrong with that) but still thought he knew how RvR should work.

    Think he stopped playing, or at least played a new toon by the time the noob patch that gave out RPs for farting was released.
  6. AngelHeal

    AngelHeal Part of the furniture

    maybe hes the man behind: "team wizzy" xD
  7. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    oh but i very much DO understand, but i still agreed with him, being a CM or not.

    he SHOULDN'T have said it, but he did, and i agree with him.

    end of.
  8. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik FH is my second home

    and why should RR matter when it comes to being a CM? he doesent need to know how RVR work, he just need to know what the CoC says.
  9. Manisch Depressiv

    Manisch Depressiv Part of the furniture

    CoC says nothing to me, beside of maybe that Requiel wasn't able to set the font type/style right when he changed it :p.

    I'm wrong: CoC and EULA say I didn't read them when I bought the game in a shop so I don't care about artificial rules who are not supported by the majority of the community. The country I'm living in doesn't care about the CoC and EULA too btw, courts simply don't recognize them as they're used to constrain something for what the user has already paid (and that is the legal binding in Germany, the purchase contract). You can't sell something and then dictate the rules, it's bad style and simply not legal.

    Anyway, he was claiming we RP farmed each other for our benefit, maybe if he would have played more often (RR is an indication) he would have noticed that we didn't, that a set group or a duo farming at a tower / keep would gain way more RPs than anyone in his so called duelling circles and that a group going to a tower or keep on purpose, not wanting to take and claim it, was as much as farming as a solo guy, because it was as much of a controlled situation.
  10. TheBinarySurfer

    TheBinarySurfer Can't get enough of FH

    Not that i give a damn about the original OP topic here really, but DSM doesn't officially recognise Sociopathy as a separate illness to Psycopathy if i remember right? (feel free to correct me on this if theres any psychologists reading).
  11. Soazak

    Soazak Part of the furniture

    I think you're right, in DSM IV Sociopathy = Psycopathy, but other sources use it for different illnesses, so I don't think it's officially used as it doesnt necessarily mean anything specific

    offtopic i suppose ;p
  12. Raven

    Raven Brrrrr!

    Because 1v1 dueling circles were not RP farming, as manisch said you could get far more RPs from pissing about at a tower or zerging it up. Only the newbs that couldn't get involved, either they were anal roleplayers or just utterly shit at their class were jealous and reported it, turned out the CM at the time was one of them too and used to take requests via MSN to help certain players beat the duellers by getting him to spawn realm guards on them.
    Its not as if people lost on purpose, we fought to win not give away RPs, indeed half the time no RPs were made anyway because the fight would not go to the death. Personally if I battered someone to easy I would leave them on 10% or whatever so no RPs were made at all. Not exactly farming is it?

    I don't think it hurt that a few like minded people tested each other on the battle field, indeed it was still within the famous "SOTG" because back in the time that DAOC was set people would call each other out on the battle field for 1 v 1 combat. No arrangements were made over a 3rd party program* it was always a case of just turn up and see who is about.

    *asside from the solo zone which was actually allowed by the CM, the zone was announced on IRC, though not the exact location.

    The problem for the newb was that even if they had a fg of like minded morons they still got farmed by the soloers so had to call in for support from a GM buddy over a 3rd party tool (msn) which was absolutely fine by the community manager at the time.

    Anyway, you only need to read the thread at the time to see the reasons, there is little point going over the rights or wrongs of the particular case but it shows that he was liable to making quick fire badly thought out decisions then going all quite when people questioned them.
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  13. Maeloch

    Maeloch Part of the furniture

    Well, there is some element of interpretation involved with the CoC which requires judgement calls. Someone who never goes RvR making judgement calls on RvR matters is a bit like a priest giving out marriage guidance. ofc you can rely on listening to people who do RvR, but some of his calls suggest only a particular section of the community had his ear. And the idea that solo tanks are rp farming in duels is joke (don't recall seeing anyone doing it ever tbh).

    But to be fair, I suppose there is an issue with CM being highly RvR active if they wanted to be. Be plenty of shit-slinging about bias and RvRing instead of doing the job..

    Oh well, ancient history. Back to lvl12 and slideshow graphics on 3yr old daoc spec PC!
  14. Bahumat

    Bahumat FH is my second home

    I can't wait till Requiel posts again, it's gonna be noted as a key point in history.
  15. AngelHeal

    AngelHeal Part of the furniture

    right.. or not..
    it isnt like he created a new stonehenge
  16. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    I dunno - if you turn up to crau bridge looking for some RvR and instead you get a tea-party it's not exactly RvR.

    I'd often take my armsman over to DC solo but I'd expect to get steamrolled by groups of hibs, or if I'm lucky find another soloer or a straggler to attack (and most of the time die to ;) but hey ;))

    If they'd added in a three-realm arena somewhere I'd have probably given it a shot but having the dueling circles in the middle of what should have been an RvR area got in the way of the realm versus realm thing.

    Anyway this was all done to death back in the day.
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  17. Jupitus

    Jupitus Old and short, no wonder I'm grumpy! Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

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