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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Howley, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Manisch Depressiv

    Manisch Depressiv Part of the furniture

    Deebs, the above metioned Torrent link is from GoA's tracker, so you can save yourself the trouble and maybe just promote the Torrent from FH or so.

    Am wondering why they just didn't put it up too.
  2. Faya

    Faya Fledgling Freddie

  3. Deebs

    Deebs Chief Arsewipe Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    If I am to seed then I need the files else I am just providing a tracker with no data until user's start sharing. Only worthwhile if the GOA tracker is dying...

    That site looked like I had to sign up? If you have the torrent file can you attach it to a message for me?
  4. Draylor

    Draylor Part of the furniture

    The torrent as extracted from GOAs downloader:

    Its the same deal as the assorted WoW/etc downloaders in the past, open the .exe in any binary editor, find the torrent section (starts d8:announce), cut the rest and save that to a file.
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  5. Manisch Depressiv

    Manisch Depressiv Part of the furniture

    I don't understand.

    Rehosted it:
  6. knightyc

    knightyc Fledgling Freddie

    ok took all night to download. installed and the patcher asks for username and password. on another post says to just start using other .exe so do that goes to the ea screen mouse pointer changes then.......


    were do i put my codes? what have i done wrong...
  7. Ypnos

    Ypnos Fledgling Freddie

    Code entry is not yet available (for EU).
  8. Faya

    Faya Fledgling Freddie

    I have no clue if what i currently do is right, but i am downloading something :).
    Althou i downloaded via GOA i was missing 2 files in the end even it said complete so /shrug, i try that torrent stuff now...a man has to walk new ways now and then!

  9. knightyc

    knightyc Fledgling Freddie

    thats clever why give download when you cant even play it.......

    any idea when we can use it
  10. Faya

    Faya Fledgling Freddie

    Well you can say thank you for the 100000 people who wanted the download just so they can patch on 1st open beta day..which i will prefer aswell compared to start downloading the whole thing on OB day 1 :)

  11. knightyc

    knightyc Fledgling Freddie

    there was nothing there saying that you couldnt get on and play straight away tho for the ce people. There is me skiving a day off work out window damn :(
  12. koxi

    koxi Fledgling Freddie

    Anyone having troubble using Vista ? ^^

    I use two partitions and I want to install game on D:.. I can direct "downloader" to be saved on D: but when i run it to download client then i get "Insufficient disc space" cause it want to download to C: and I can't choose where to put it.. :twak:
  13. knightyc

    knightyc Fledgling Freddie

    I never got to chose were it saved so it saves it to were ever the downloader.exe is i found this out after having to delete some stuff off my c drive thankfully getting new one soon and remember to run it in admin mode
  14. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    It was made very clear that the client was available for download in readiness for the start of open beta. They even went as far as politely asking people not in OB to leave it for now so the OB people could get it. Simliary OB has been set for 7th September for along time so unless your calendar is way out then I suspect you didn't read any of the accompanying information regarding what this download actually was.
  15. Faya

    Faya Fledgling Freddie

    Runs under the window and saves the free day!! :lol:

    On a side note, im to lazy to look it up right now, but im pretty sure , as we are community based on info anyways, it was said sveral times that the servers are down after PW until OB starts, which is the 7th spt.

  16. Xandax

    Xandax Loyal Freddie

    To minimize network congestion of course. It'd be foolish to only put it up on the first day of Open Beta.
  17. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    Well, using the official client I'm stuck at 99%. I got there very quickly but rthat's no use if I don't complete the download.

    If and when it does complete what is the strategy for torrenting this Deebs? You gonna go with one of the links posted here or what as I can upload real fast from work?
  18. Faya

    Faya Fledgling Freddie

    99% seems actually 100%. Check your WAR folder if you have all the files, .exe included and try running it. You can opt to have the download window stand so it seeds abit, and it was said that after a while it jumps to 100%.
    But 99% seems ready.

  19. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    I can't seed using the GOA client, which link are we all going from so I can use the same one?

    Edit: people did a good job of extracting the torrent, they both point to same. :) Starting it up now.
  20. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    wonder if that last 1% is verifying the files or something?
  21. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    Could be, my poor old laptop is teh slow and the client is not exactly lightning fast at anything. But at least we have the opportunity to download in advance. :)
  22. Faya

    Faya Fledgling Freddie

    Dunno flin, im working trough the huge thread over at WARalliance, and so far people said 99%=100% and can be started to install.
    Simply checking if you have all the files and can start the xex should be ok i would say.

    On a side note, my download was complete but in my download directory i was missing files..then i read abit...and found a new directory on my Desktop screen with full files lol

  23. knightyc

    knightyc Fledgling Freddie

    sits and twiddles thumbs.

    at 57% my downloader screwed up was about 6am and had to restart it. then after that i kept waking up about every half hour to check sad i know lol. finally got to 100% at about 1pm and yes im tired beyond belief and still got to go work :'(
  24. Aada

    Aada Part of the furniture

    Know how you feel i got up a few times in the night to check mainly because i didn't want to leave the PC running while i went to work.
  25. jonrossi

    jonrossi Fledgling Freddie

    ok bottom line,

    even if i download the ob client i wont be able to play until the 7 th sept right?

    even though i have a CE.

    coz my comp keeps screwing up the download, and sky are telling me its goa's fault not theres
  26. Deebs

    Deebs Chief Arsewipe Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

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  27. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    No-one absolutely anywhere will be playing until 7th September. There are no EU servers running at the moment. Everything is currently being shifted onto the new 9 million euro data centre which I believe is in Lille.

    As a side note I've got the torrent running on uTorrent at about 1 MB/s up. About 983 seeds and 6500 peers atm in total but I'm only connected to a lucky few in the DHT and peer exchange pools but it all helps.
  28. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

  29. Rayko

    Rayko One of Freddy's beloved

  30. Dervish

    Dervish Fledgling Freddie

    Hmm that's why I asked if Deebs wanted to keep it FH only.

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