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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Heta, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Muylaetrix

    Muylaetrix Can't get enough of FH

    so, ... technically you got a co-worker and fellow gamer sacked ;p
  2. Dark Orb Choir

    Dark Orb Choir Loyal Freddie

    i think his firms HR did that tbh
  3. Malcolm

    Malcolm Can't get enough of FH

    Technically yes, but I did warn him and spent quite a bit of time editing the logs to try and make it look like he wasn't there all of the time.

    At the time we were using Kerio Winroute Pro as I didn't want to arse around with buying something more expensive for our Netware 4.11 server and the former manager was paranoid about people wasting time on the net when we moved from two 56K modem lines to ADSL.

    As it was installed on my PC which acted as the gateway, I BS'd the manager and said that I couldn't go through the software, so I wasn't logged :)
  4. Muylaetrix

    Muylaetrix Can't get enough of FH

    just kidding ;)
  5. Malcolm

    Malcolm Can't get enough of FH

    yeah i knew that :)

    it's a BOFH equivalent of a soldier's war stories, so when I'm 80 I'll be telling everyone that story time and time again, with listeners having to pretend they haven't heard it before :p
  6. Garaen

    Garaen One of Freddy's beloved

    I can't believe how quickly the request for keys thread has filled up! Is there an unlimited supply as such Deebs or will there be a cut off point?
  7. Deebs

    Deebs Chief Arsewipe Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    There is a limit on how many keys we have to dish out. FH has sent out a large amount which is not apparent by the size of this thread.
  8. Bone_Idle

    Bone_Idle Fledgling Freddie

    I prefer Deebs' old avatar with the eyes looking up and down :)
  9. Madtaff471

    Madtaff471 Fledgling Freddie

    TBH, the beta key was the bait and I was gonna wriggle off the hook:) but after reading the forum Iv'e decided to impale myself back on the hook and stick around. Great forum, LUV IT:D
  10. Everz

    Everz FH is my second home

    Obviously haha
  11. Everz

    Everz FH is my second home

    Wahey welcome aboard, beware of the locked and loaded squirrel however.. :ninja:
  12. Madtaff471

    Madtaff471 Fledgling Freddie

    Yikes, better hide me nut's then;):D
  13. Everz

    Everz FH is my second home

    Indeed, luckily the lock and loaded goffer/beaver is on watch eh?.
  14. Vagnrhall

    Vagnrhall Fledgling Freddie

    Haven't used Barrysworld/Freddyshouse since I stopped playing DAoC but yep registered for a beta key ;). Old account is lost in time.

    Great that people are adhearing to the CoC because from what I remember back in the days of DAoC it was often turned into a ranting or griefing forum. :twak:

    Hopefully old DAoC'ers and other players alike will form a respectfull and informative warhammer community. :cheers:
  15. Andyredbeard

    Andyredbeard Fledgling Freddie

    I'm one of the new people, got the link to the thread about the key giveaway from a friend and now when I've looked around a bit this seems like a nice place to lurk around on.

    Also, seems like most of you guys and girls are from the UK(?), and I like you people :). I'm a swede myself...
  16. Zoldot

    Zoldot Fledgling Freddie

    oh yeah How come you got join date 1997? :)

    I thought they recreated the site somewhere 03/04 considering I had to create a new account on the 9th of march 2004 when I was thinking about coming back to play DAoC.
  17. mooSe_

    mooSe_ FH is my second home

  18. Trottimus

    Trottimus Fledgling Freddie

    I'm a newb! Wave at me.

    Yea, gotta say, I was drawn here by the wonderful beta key giveaway scheme, I feel dirty.

    But, however, I'm going to play my ace card I didn't know I had until the other day!

    Here it is:

    My friend of a friend used this website a lot when he played DAoC.


    No... But still, glad to be part of a community before venturing into WAR,

    Now where's the bar?

    P.S - Hi D(w)eebs!

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