News Koran burning?

Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by rynnor, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Furr

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    Wonder how many of these people protesting can actually read? Not that I care, all religion is shit anyway.
  2. ford prefect

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    Have you Ever been to Oldham Nate? The Local Council there took a descision three decades ago to put all Asian people on one estate and to not allow them to apply for council housing on any of the other estates. There was no choice about it and no attempt to mix cultures in any way. In many ways the Local Authority contributed directly toward the race riots there.

    Equally Catholics go to Catholic school, obviously that isn't a form of segregation, so how is sending a muslim child to a muslim school to segregation? - incidentally I went to a catholic school, there where 15 Muslims in my year alone.
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    If a koran burns in a forrest but nobody is around to record it on their phone, does it still cause riots in afghanistan?
  4. Ch3tan

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    All religious schools promote segregation of some sort, but this is predominantly a Christian country, so those Catholic and CoE schools have been round a while, and they have progressed along with the rest of the country. I'd be interested to know how many Muslim schools had Christian students studying at them?

    The example of Oldham council is just that, old. Things that happened in this country 3 decades ago do not happen now.

    Anyway as for oppression of the West, it's the nearly insidious way that Islamic culture tries to dominate the political, moral and cultural systems of any country. It's like a more advanced form of Christian missionaries. By building up a larger and larger population of Muslims, you will see a lot of influence in politics and business over the next 10 to 20 years. Do you realise how popular Islam is with young kids? A lot, and I mean lot of youths for the last 10 years have converted to Islam.

    Now that is unfortunetly a risk you take in a democratic and free (compared to most of the world) country, and I certainly don't want liberties taken away just to protect our way of life from the perceived threat. But it is just that.
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    The Oldham Race riots took place in 2001, it is still standard practice to send asian council tennants to the Glodwick estate in Oldham. in 2008 a survey of the area showed that out of a population of 3,400 tennants, 27 were white and where living in prodomantly Asian households. I grew up there, there is nothing old about it I assure you.
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    The policy was set in a different time, now it may not have been changed yet, but it will. I do agree that segregation is an issue outside of most of the big cities, and especially in the north though.
  8. ford prefect

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    Indeed, and my point was that it isn't always or even often by choice.
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    Win :D

    See. Good has come from this already ;)
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    Nicked for Facebook, hope my muslim friends see the funny side :D
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    Religions with holy books, such as Christianity with the Bible and Islam with the Koran usually value literacy. Certainly in Bible times you were considered to be uneducated in the extreme if you couldn't read from the Hebrew Scriptures or Talmud.

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