Freddyshouse Guild (Destruction - Core)

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Spookie, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Squidbot

    Squidbot Fledgling Freddie

    Good to hear :D
  2. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Guild was formed tonight (Karak Eight Peaks - Four One Four). Been working hard on getting rank two already.
  3. twix112

    twix112 Fledgling Freddie

    Good job! Will get on tonight and then I expect an invite ;)
  4. rynnor

    rynnor Rockhound Moderator

    Once I'm off this frikkin queue I'll /tell you :)
  5. Xahl

    Xahl Fledgling Freddie

    Damn! I would have joined into this guild, but Karak eight peaks is the fullest realm on WaR atm on Destro side ;/ waiting time in queue: 30 min. Srry that's kinda too long for me :(
  6. Forgotten.

    Forgotten. Fledgling Freddie

    So can someone please please confirm where most of the Freddie house lot will be... i really want to be in a community that i used to have when playing DAoC... wait does not bother me cos im sure this will change when they start with free migrations (if this happens) or people that just picked this server cos they like the name will re roll...

    Also.. i want to join you guys... be it order or destro... im completely undecided what class i like so maybe someone asking me to join their guild will help me decided... either bright wizard or WE
  7. Frosty

    Frosty Fledgling Freddie


    i just see you in game (name same as here) you dress like me. all in virgin white nice but what lies your telling ;)

    Lookdaddy said he has a word with you about joining, when we get sorted we will give you a shout we are all Ex daoc players ( 5 of us)
  8. Jorge Regula

    Jorge Regula Fledgling Freddie

    Waited ages to log in twice, one CTD and one pc crash so far, still only level three.

    Haven't used irc for ages - can someone list the common FH war channels and the guild channel, if there is one?
  9. bighairydemon

    bighairydemon Fledgling Freddie

    bah 2h q time at the mo :(

  10. Forgotten.

    Forgotten. Fledgling Freddie

    1 Hour wait to get into the server... i think im going to cry!...
  11. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Think we're ready to accept some more people reached a healthy 18 members. :)
  12. Ezeine

    Ezeine Loyal Freddie

    Now that my internet works again, I will try to be on today :p
  13. Forgotten.

    Forgotten. Fledgling Freddie

    Ok... i roll destruction last night... but i still cant get over how much i love playing a Bright Wizard... so today when i get on ... im deleting my char from Destruction... and playing Order....

    I think i will find it a little more fun to pawn you rather than play with you :D haha

    So i look forward to see you all on the battlefield!
  14. Granpa

    Granpa Fledgling Freddie

    Spookie are you accepting any more into the Guild....would be fun.:england:
  15. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Indeed we are. Trying to sort regular events. Got a firm core now who are mauling every RvR battle we get in to. :D
  16. Forgotten.

    Forgotten. Fledgling Freddie

    Ok ok... after lots of re rolling im back to destruction lol

    I prefer the classes here ... only class i like is bright wizard so i have rolled a zealot... i hope i like playing this class im tired of trying to find the class i like the most :)

    see you all soon
  17. legar

    legar Loyal Freddie

    great to see a freddyshouse guild! this was the 1st stop i went back to since between retiring daoc an picking up retail today!
    FH ftw ;)

    Ill see you guys ingame this thursday ;)
  18. bighairydemon

    bighairydemon Fledgling Freddie

    kool only 40 minutes to wait tonight I'm going to stick it out.

    Do you have any requirements for the guild such as age, previous experience or is it pretty lax?
  19. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Just maturity really.

    I don't want to see "LOL GET AIDS" in chat or it's going to be insta kick. We're happy to help anyone really we tried our first fort capture today but it went to shit due to tech issues.

    We are looking for more: Marauders, Witch Elfs, Magus & Squig Herders though! :)

    few shots from tonight:

    BO Captures
    GFX bugs
  20. twix112

    twix112 Fledgling Freddie

    yeah it was fun last night.. to bad we couldn't kill the keep lord... But well I take part of the responsible why we wiped since I was the MT healer and basiclly got aggro and died...... :p But now it's comfirmed.... I need a new comp to do the RvR so mayby next week a quad will be on the way... :p Anyone knows how WAR handle 64-bits OS??

    Btw spookie you said something in the warband chat yesterday that got my attention... We have a vent server?? =P what's the adress for that in that case?
  21. Fweddy

    Fweddy FH is my second home

    I'll be joining you all on Destruction Eight Peaks but only when the queues are low.
  22. legar

    legar Loyal Freddie

    I want to play a healer, wich one is in need? (on destro side)
    ill make a dps alt also, squig herder most likely
  23. Return to DAOC

    Return to DAOC Fledgling Freddie

    Spookie atm im also waiting for the ques to come down. Every time i log on to 8 peaks there is like 300+ in the que, last night it said the wait was going to be 18 hrs!!!
  24. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    I recommend logging in, going for your tea, coming back and you'll be in queues are round the 40 min mark atm.

    It's worth the effort as the guild is going from strength to strength. We are currently powering towards guild rank 7. :)
  25. twix112

    twix112 Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah and it's fun to... =) I thought I would get chewed at pretty good last night when we wiped since I was a healer... Bad xp from wow you could say... But the only thing that was written in the chat was more or less "crap, gather up and we try again"... So far for me it's worth the queue time to play with such a great bunch of ppl in the guild
  26. killfest

    killfest Fledgling Freddie

    cool now im back ill make a shammy later and ask for an invite :)
  27. Fizzlebutt

    Fizzlebutt Fledgling Freddie

    Heyo, magus here!
    I tend to shy away from the elite guilds that whine when you put one foot wrong. So, got room for one more?
  28. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Sure, just send a in game mail or PM Spookie. :)
  29. Deebs

    Deebs Chief Arsewipe Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    Spookie, do you have a teamspeak server for your use? Or using ventrillo?

    Also, balls, why no guild on Karak-Hirn ? Trust me to follow some others :p
  30. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Using vent: password is in game but I'll PM it to you. :p

    Only 14 slots as I'm poor atm but not many people are willing to talk! :p

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