Freddyshouse Guild (Destruction - Core)

Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Spookie, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Guild Name: Four One Four

    I thought it needed a new thread just to make thing less cluttered and easier for those who want to join to get their hands on the info they need. Basically this is a continuation on of the open beta guild we had going (so close to a standard as well :()

    We're looking to join the #war.prydwen/White Rose server. It means not only will be get a better experience. We will also avoid all "Oh well in WoW we did this..." comments! :p

    The server is yet to be announced (WR don't want it getting out just yet.) but anyone else with a CE who will need to know it. Give me a PM and I'll reply the moment I know.

    Send a tell to Spookie ingame for an Invite!

    Beyond that our doors are open to everyone on FH. Regular events if people wish to attend. Elitist pricks need not apply. Shiny happy people.

  2. Downanael

    Downanael Fledgling Freddie

    Destro? Boo!
  3. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Have to appeal to the majority. :)
  4. Helfar

    Helfar Fledgling Freddie

    Pls let me know as I have CE, but the ointment is helping.... oh and I will need to know which server to try to get into :)
  5. knightyc

    knightyc Fledgling Freddie

    im getting CE ill pm you when done with this

    got £50 back off tax man today just in time :p WOOT!!
  6. Halgar

    Halgar Fledgling Freddie

    Sounds good! Count me in :cheers:
  7. Acrisius91

    Acrisius91 Fledgling Freddie

    Why will it mean we'll get a better experience? :S
  8. scorpius

    scorpius Fledgling Freddie

    sounds like a plan
  9. Aesis

    Aesis Fledgling Freddie

    Hi, I am looking for a WAR guild but I haven't really followed this one during Open Beta =). So I have a few questions: How many people did this guild have in OB? Who are the founders of this guild? Does this guild have any relation to any old DAoC guild? Do you already (or plan for the future) to use some sort of voice communication program? Do you plan to make a guild website besides these forums? Well thats about it. I can think about a few more questions but then it mind seems I take this too seriously ;). thanks edit: cant seem to get ""Enter"" to work?
  10. Jorge Regula

    Jorge Regula Fledgling Freddie

    If I end up buying the box, I'm in.
  11. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Ex-DAoC players know how to RvR. ;)
  12. Jorge Regula

    Jorge Regula Fledgling Freddie

    Hopefully we'll end up on a server where Destro is a little less dominant. The four hour queues for each scenario that we have to sit through on Hirn isn't much fun.

    P.S. How to edit a post? :|
  13. Everz

    Everz FH is my second home

    Fact :worthy:
  14. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    That's the idea behind keeping everything so under wraps to maintain a server balance. :)
  15. twix112

    twix112 Fledgling Freddie

    Well I got the CE so I'm in... just tell me what server and I follow like a puppy... a puppy with swords and a lust to kill order but the same consept... =)
  16. Mortious

    Mortious Fledgling Freddie

    Ill come along, I enjoyed being with you guys in the OB and I have CE so Send me details :)
  17. Jilson

    Jilson Fledgling Freddie

    Been looking for a guild, seems this fits the bill for me, will be rolling a Zealot :D
  18. Failrien

    Failrien Fledgling Freddie

    I'd like to join also. SE Headstart here (Monday morning). Will be a Zealot. TA :D
  19. rayben

    rayben Fledgling Freddie

    If you need another guy, count me in.
    SE though so not until monday. I'm going emo with a sorceress (male though)
  20. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    If you can check your inboxes that would be loverly. :)
  21. Lavitas

    Lavitas Fledgling Freddie

    Hey, would be interested in joining this guild as it's always more fun playing with a regular group of people in these type of games. Will be joining the game on monday and I think I will be making a marauder although not certain on that, quite liked the witch elf from what I played of it during open beta. Give me a shout if you can provide a home for me :)
  22. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie

    Oh btw be sure to add: "Spookie" to your friends list so I can get something organized. :p
  23. dee777

    dee777 Loyal Freddie

    Shaman SE preorder here that would like to hang out with you guys. :)
  24. Diggler

    Diggler Fledgling Freddie

    I was in the beta guild n I'll join this one too =) info please
  25. Lawoos

    Lawoos Fledgling Freddie

    This may be a stupid question :D But how many can u totally be in a guild? I'll start on monday with a witch elf, and I'd love to join if there is still room left
  26. Gomez0511

    Gomez0511 Fledgling Freddie

    Rolled shaman in OB was fun so I'm in 2 nice to share some giggles with you all. Gonna roll a shaman on Monday SE pre-order.
  27. Uara

    Uara Part of the furniture

    Count me in Spookie, only managed to get an SE but I will be there on the monday! most likely going Chosen :D
  28. Lookdaddy

    Lookdaddy Can't get enough of FH

    me and 4 of my IRL m8s will be looking for a guild on destruction aswell! :)

    Think we will be playing sorceresss (me) shaman, DoK, chosen not sure about the 5th yet
  29. Erulin

    Erulin Fledgling Freddie

    Which server guys ? Would be nice to play with some daoc players
  30. thergador

    thergador Fledgling Freddie

    give pm with server name when know if poss

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