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Discussion in 'New Conglomerate' started by orgasmo-uk, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. orgasmo-uk

    orgasmo-uk Guest

    i think we should get a site and some permenant Forums that we can use for our own (and public) uses, and to give people info about us.

    im sure barrysworld will give us a page on their servers somewhere, if not i can prolly put it through my web design company in a sub folder somewhere.

    get in touch with you opinions.

    Nick Sumpter aka orgasmo
  2. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    Hi orgasmo :)

    As Cronn noted, we have a temp forum thanks to Will.

    Haven't pimped it much in outfit as need a permanent home and site - as for talking to the powers that be well that's not the best idea atm (see general forum its been a bit mad lately).

    We aren't "official" and its the old GAME.NET now (no comments from me there or I'll get a bullet).

    If anyone can get a site together I'll buy em a beer or ten. All we need is a main page, info, and for a proper forum to be on there - thats it.

    ttfn :)
  3. Will

    Will Guest

    I have hosting, I can transfer the forums by backing it up from the MySQL database, all I need to do is register a domain and do a wee bit of a setup. However, I'm not going to be able to do that until July since I'm working in another city, and then I'm off on holiday for two weeks.
  4. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    Will - cheers mate although I understood about 2 words of what you said ;)
  5. Yoni

    Yoni Guest

    oki there has been a domain registered and a webpage is in process

    Thankyou for all the offers and the use of the temp forums :D :flufflez: will its greatly appreciated

    The url is and will propagate in about 24 hours at the moment it points else where but there should be an almost complete website up by the weekend.
  6. [PS]Mung

    [PS]Mung Guest

    Oooooh What a guy. Nice one all concerned.
  7. Gef

    Gef Guest

    Totally wicked, I remember I said I was gonna do a design for it but I havent had internet for last two weeks. Getting 1Mb cable installed on saturday in new house so i'll be back then!!

    More drunken voice comms to annoy Xtro \o/
  8. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    Hey...good news about the domain etc (understands..), cheers :)

    Wish I knew more about web design etc, although I've moderated 30 bloody forums now..

    Gef, missed you mate, was getting worried but now I understand :)

    I'm finally in the top 10 for points in the outfit, yay me.

    Erm yeah bloody nice one all concerned... oh and Geffen you Trucking losar :p
  10. Yoni

    Yoni Guest

    deadmanwalking plz remember that when using orbital strikes you are using "OUR" well earned outfit points :p

    plz dont flush them down the toilet :p
  11. Will

    Will Guest

    Will you be wanting the database backup from the forum?
  12. Gef

    Gef Guest

    I made some dead basic php content managment scripts ages ago for adding news, calendar etc to a site if you want them. Made it for my old DAoC guild site..

    The calendar is quite neat but nobody ever bloody used it ;)

    Its all for PostGreSQL tho but not much work to convert it to MySQL.. Just a thought, unless Y0ni is uber php programmer in which case you will probably laugh at my feeble coding efforts ;P
  13. Yoni

    Yoni Guest

    heh I am not a l33t anything programmer but the person who is helping me with this is just a tad handy :) I will ask them if they need both the forum information and your stuff gef.

    Thankyou both for volenteering help


  14. [PS]Riddler

    [PS]Riddler Guest

    I do websites for my work (im not that good tho :p) so if anyone is doing a website i can help with the graphics as im not "ub4r!!!" but im decent, heres a ickle sample of what iv done recently only a holding page but the whole website is based around that concept :D PM or post reply if u want any help with grafix :D
  15. [PS]Mung

    [PS]Mung Guest

    And lets not forget, DMW won't be the only CR4/5 dude in the others will be able to do the strikes et al.

    However, one assumes that the outfit points gained by using the weapon (by destroying enemy units) will go a small way in increasing the points once more. Not completely, but some at least.
  16. orgasmo-uk

    orgasmo-uk Guest

    ok where are we?

    From the scan reading i did here i appears that we have a URL, if we need space i have unlimited though my web design company, im also going to design a mock up a site in CSS + xhtml compliant code for 100% compatability, but i need someone to put in the PHP or ASP code to allow easy updating via browsers. If anyone want to help with graphics (i think riddler did) then im open to help + suggestions.

    Before anyone barks im not taking over by any means, im just making a design to see if people like it.

    If someone can get us a shit hot and permenant forum thats in line with the design of our chosen site design then that would rock (i think will can do this for us, but if not we i'm sure we have other options).

    If we need anything hosting i can put it through my company so just ask.

    speak to you soon
  17. [PS]Riddler

    [PS]Riddler Guest

    Ill email you when i get home orgasmo and give you a rough idea of what i can do ;)
  18. orgasmo-uk

    orgasmo-uk Guest


    nice one matey, i can design some shit hot web site, but there always lacking in graphics which is my weak point and often lets me down.

    the latest site i have done is below, but due to some new understanding im well beyond this capability now, so this site could rock :) (i repeat COULD!)

    i will get some paper based designs done alter and get one mocked up, whilst playing PS in a window ;)
  19. Gef

    Gef Guest

  20. I can erm... think of pointless quotes and provide hilarious screenies and content :D
  21. [PS]Riddler

    [PS]Riddler Guest

    Gef those are sweet, ok they are above my level. But i can still do some decent stuff ;)
  22. Fook me geffen, all this time i thought u were an alcoholic crackhead.

    Nice to see you have other qualities :p
  23. Gef

    Gef Guest

    LOL thanks DMW! ;)

    Only usually an alchoholic crackhead behind the steering wheel of my truck tho :p
  24. orgasmo-uk

    orgasmo-uk Guest

    nice one

    loverly work gef, u have a nice graphical style and imaginative layouts, im sure between me u and riddler, as well as yoni and her assistant :) we can get a nice site put togeather with nice interactivity ie: profiles etc.

    oh and DMW can make useless content and use large stalites to kill people form miles away !!!
  25. Yoni

    Yoni Guest

    There is a TS server which we are now all using plz contact me in game and Ill give you the details
  26. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    I never did get that cup of tea dmw.
  27. Yoni

    Yoni Guest

    As I said there will be a site up by the weekend :) it will include new forums also.

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