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Discussion in 'New Conglomerate' started by old.Tbird, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. old.Tbird

    old.Tbird Guest

    Can you please carry more shotgun pistols, life is hard enough as a TR inf without having to worry where you loot your next pistol from :)
  2. Gewny

    Gewny Guest

    make sure to step ligtly if u want to avoid the pain... :)
  3. [PS]Mung

    [PS]Mung Guest

    Shotgun pistols?

    What are they then?

    Does he mean Jackhammers? 'Cos if not, I want a Shotgun Pistol!
  4. Spinky

    Spinky Guest

    Pistols that use shotgun ammo, the scatter gun i think oO
  5. old.Tbird

    old.Tbird Guest

    Now come on guys, why would I know the names of your weapons, besides they dont tell me the name when I loot you :)
  6. Faeldawn

    Faeldawn Guest

    You should really know the name of your primary weapon tho :)

    Tell ya what, ill carry one in my pack just for you, all you gotta do is come get it :)
  7. Validus

    Validus Guest

    he means the mag scatter, which is quite shite besides the fact that it looks so pretty. i only use pistols for destroying mines anyway, and i use the AMP. i think its better than the scatter.
  8. I also found the AMP to be more effective than the Mag Scatter. The firing rate of the scatter is too low, making it harder to kill with than the AMP.

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