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Discussion in 'New Conglomerate' started by Galewyr Dark, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. Galewyr Dark

    Galewyr Dark Guest

    ok i'm looking to setup a outfit webeh drawing the roster info from the PS data sheets...now i notice you guys have this already up on your sites....could you direct me to the location of the data sources. I havn't had a proper look yet as i am at work atm [damn superscout!!] but a direction would be grateful, also the format they come in...XML etc.

  2. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    Hi matey - you'd be better posting the question in the BarrysSquad forum tbh, as the site admin doesn't use this forum (well maybe once in a blue moon). Feel free to post away and ask :)
  3. Galewyr Dark

    Galewyr Dark Guest

    bah more forums to sign up to..curses!!
  4. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    lol you're Vanu so you aren't used to hard work are you ;) ;)
  5. Galewyr Dark

    Galewyr Dark Guest


    sry i fail to see what me being Vanu [distincly better colour scheme that yellow blue and brown] has to do with me not signign up for forums :p


    ps- brown isn't....s**t..its mud...from being run over

    pps- Black n purple 4teh win!
  6. shilak

    shilak Guest

    Well, if you prefer wearing pink, thats up to you ;)
  7. Galewyr Dark

    Galewyr Dark Guest

    well i supose those NC visors r a bit dodgy...prolly y ur aim is also so bad...so it might look pink through that messed up blueish visor :)
  8. Jupitus

    Jupitus Guest

    :flame: don't come into the NC area asking for help and then bitch at us, you n00b!!! :flame:

    Hehe if I had any idea Gale, I'd give you a shout - sorry. Couldn't resist having an ickle pop at yer though. Now reroll again and get ure ass back into NC :D
  9. Galewyr Dark

    Galewyr Dark Guest

    hmm..shame my 'ikle pops' usually end up in dead NC

    *Gale adds a few more 100 NC kills to her list :)

    been solved anyway

    Anyway wouldn't want to change my nice dress sense for the dodgy mixed up bowl of vom :)
  10. Jupitus

    Jupitus Guest

  11. Deady

    Deady Guest

  12. bazzaye

    bazzaye Guest

    i bet ive killed more NC than u <curse those reaver missiles>

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