Are NC looking for members?

Discussion in 'New Conglomerate' started by orgasmo-uk, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. orgasmo-uk

    orgasmo-uk Guest

    This mesage is aimed towards Xtro who might remember me from the old tribes 1 days playing with fatgit Etc.

    I have spoken to fatgit who has advised me to get in touch with NC of these forums to get info on whether or not you are willing to take me on as a member to beat up until i get good. I have just installed PS and so im a newb to the game but i have 9 years of online gaming in quake, HL, CS, RA3, MoH, BF 1942, UT 2 + 2003 and most other games that came out between 94 and now.

    hear from you soon.

    Nick Sumpter aka orgasmo
  2. scarffs

    scarffs Guest

    I'm not da boss, but would sure be nice having you aboard.

  3. i am da boss... msg me in game name Deadmanwalking
  4. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    I certainly do hello mate! :)

    Msg deadmanwalking and join up ASAP :)
  5. orgasmo-uk

    orgasmo-uk Guest

    woohoo hiya mate

    alright xtro, great to see a face from the past, i've been playing in DMW's squad all day and im officially in your outfit. Add me to ya MSN messanger thingy if you like, my address is:

    if you remember Scum-Person too, hes buying it tommorow, im sure he will get good at it quick and be able to join us.

    speak to you soon

    nick aka orgasmo.

    PS: do we have a webby for this outfit or do i need to design one?
  6. Xtro

    Xtro Guest

    Cheers mate and yes I certainly remember Scummy too :)

    I have MSN but find it abhorrent - nearly as bad as IRC mate.

    As for the webby - ooo you can DESIGN? RAH! :D

    We have a temp forum (see FAO Barrysquad thread) for now please register on there. We need to p1mp the forum ingame.

    Cheers matey and look forward to seeing you in game :)

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