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Coming up.

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' started by old.Tohtori, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Ctuchik

    Ctuchik Resident Freddy

    dual spec in 1.2 acording to their twitter. :)!/swtor

    God i've missed that one...

    And mailbox on your ship will be a legacy reward, also in 1.2...
  2. svartalf

    svartalf Can't get enough of FH

    There was a lot of information at the Guild Summit. I will post a summary from the Darth Hater website:

    Guild Summit Stream Live Blog
    Darth Hater is live at the Guild Summit bringing you the latest news and updates as they happen. The morning live stream session revealed a 1.2 preview video and the new "Friends of Star Wars: The Old Republic" trial program. The program allows for active subscribers to invite up to three friends to play the game free for a week.
    The afternoon session is underway and will cover a variety of features expected in the 1.2 update.
    Live blog notes, an embed of the live stream video, and details on the trial program can be found after the jump.
    Live Stream Operations and Flashpoints

    • Live stream resumes at 2pm CST.
    • Will be starting around 2:15pm CST as people file into the room. The live stream has surpassed 10,000 viewers.
    • Seated on panel is Game Director James Ohlen, Lead Game Designer Daniel Erickson, Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller, Associate Lead Designer Emmanuel Lusinchi, Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert, and Lead PvP, Operations & Flashpoints Designer Gabe Amatangelo
    • Gabe up first with information on Operations and Flashpoints.
    • 38% of level 50 players have participated in an Operation.
    • Eternity Vault had bugs. Karagga's Palace launched a bit more smoothly, and they hope future Operations will be more polished.
    • Normal Operation mode may be considered a bit too easy. Loot mode in normal may be improved.
    • The 1.2 Operation "Explosive Conflict" will be the first "Tier 2" raid instance.
    • Nightmare mode will be made harder, but needs a lot of testing and will not launch with 1.2 update.
    • "Normal" mode will be renamed to "Story" mode.
    • Orange gear will become more viable as end-game gear in the 1.2 update.
    • At least two more Operations in development. Will be included in future major updates.
    • Planning on better end game progression via Flashpoints.
    • Lost Island is the new 1.2 Flashpoint. Continues where Kaon Under Siege left off.
    • A "group finder" feature will be introduced in the 1.3 game update. Single server only to focus on community.
    • Q: Can trash mobs drop cash to cover repair costs? Georg: We have some graphs later to show credit distribution. We don't plan on making mobs drop more cash in 1.2 but we do have plans to distribute money a bit differently. We will be doing something about repair costs so people don't feel like they're broke.
    • Gabe: We're talking about a bolstering system, but no ETA.
    • Q: Could we see separate lockouts for Hard and Nightmare modes? Gabe: No. Same lockout for Hard and Nightmare. Story mode is on a separate lockout to players can casually experience it.
    • Q: Any other incentives for doing different raid settings? Difference between 8-man and 16-man? Gabe: The target is to make 8-man and 16-man about the same difficulty. It's still the same type of loot, though you'll get more in 16-man so have a bit of a bonus chance to getting mounts or recipe types of drops.
    • Q: Any plans for timestamped boss kills for competition? Gabe: Yes, we want to do something like that. Damion: I want to get achievements in the right way. We want to give "killer" player types the tools to be able to compete and validate achievements like world firsts.
    • Q: Not a huge difference between current different tiers of raid gear. Will there be a bigger difference in the Tier 2 raids? Gabe: We didn't want to inflate the Tier 1 raid gear too much. Georg: One more tier of PvP and PvE coming. The stats should be more sensible, with not a ton of Accuracy for example. 1.1.5 will introduce new lightsaber crystals with different stats. There will be more disparity between PvP and PvE gear, there will be less crossover. Won't be as easy to use the top tier of PvP gear to be successful in PvE.
    • Q: Metrics for Operations? When will we get threat meters and combat logs? Gabe: We don't want to rely as much as meters, we want to rely more on visual in-game cues. We do want to have those metrics though. They're not in 1.2 though. Georg: We do realize it is useful to figure out what is being done wrong. But we don't want to people to be able to go out and judge you. With 1.2 you will be able to enable a chat log feature that indicates what killed you or what you killed. We also will have a detailed parseable combat log able to be written to disc. The log will not be available in-game.
    • Q: Will crafting be able to compete with end-game drops? Georg: The answer is yes, but we'll talk about that more later during another presentation.
    • Q: What is the future of the space game? James: We like space. We have a secret project going on involving space but can't comment on it more right now.
    • Q: With regards to enrage timers in encounters, that seems to lock us into 1 tank, 2 healers, 5 DPS group. Will that change to allow more dynamic group makeups? Gabe: We intended to need two tanks for Operations, but it didn't work out quite that way. We plan on going more in that direction with 1.2 update. Damion: We didn't want to have different encounters requiring different group compositions, so we'll be moving more towards that to.
    • Q: Will there be any "split goal" type operations like we see in the movies? James: Yes, that's something we'd like to do in the future.
    • Q: As an Operations leader will we get more tools for managing parties? Gabe: There will be more talk about that during the UI panel, but yes, we want to improve the UI for the Ops group.
    • Q: Will we get a "ready check" system for Flashpoints and Operations? Gabe: We know there are some staples like this missing, and we want to get those in as well.
    • Q: Are we going to implement hard modes for Flashpoints that don't have them? Gabe: Yes, but no ETA.
    • Q: Can you get schematics from reverse engineering Operation gear? Georg: Yes. More on that later.
    • Q: Will there be another difficulty level added to Flashpoints? Gabe: Not in the near future. We'll add more Flashpoints and make them progressively harder.
    • Q: Will you do more dynamic/open world specific Operations? Gabe: Update 1.2 will have more open world Operation bosses.
    • That's the end of the Operations and Flashpoints presentation. Will resume with the PvP panel in a few minutes.
  3. svartalf

    svartalf Can't get enough of FH

    PVP talk:
    • Gabe talking about the current state of Warzones.
    • Medals are not currently balanced across classes. Healers are at a disadvantage.
    • Faction imbalance is something they want to address.
    • People leaving Warzones in the middle of the game is also something they want to handle.
    • New Warzone: Majority 3-point control objective. Need to have two out of the three objectives to "do damage" to the objective.
    • Update 1.2 will include ranked Warzones.
    • Will use ELO ranking system for both solo and group play in ranked Warzones. This is considered "pre-season" will ratings sort themselves out.
    • New PvP Warzone dailies will be introduced in the 1.2 update.
    • Objectives scores currently do not work quite right because not all the medals are in the game. 18 new medals to be introduced.
    • Medal rewards will be capped to try and prevent medal farming.
    • There will be medals for winning matches fast as opposed to dragging them out and trying to farm other medals.
    • Losing team will be encouraged to stick it out to try and earn more rewards.
    • Vote to kick system will be in for 1.2 update. Players can vote for inactive players to be kicked from the match. They are working on ways to prevent abuse of kicking people who don't deserve it.
    • Medal count will be a modified on overall rewards. Someone who doesn't do anything in a Warzone will not see much reward. This should discourage AFK players.
    • There will be more emphasis on Expertise and PvP oriented stats on new PvP gear to make it not as powerful in PvE.
    • Adding new entry level PvP gear for new level 50s to bridge the gear gap between new level 50s and people in higher tier PvP gear.
    • Existing Warzones will be made same faction. Targetted for the 1.2 or 1.3 update.
    • Future updates will include cross server matches. Ranked matches will be more likely to go cross server to find a more even match.
    • Want to introduce the ability to create tournament brackets to allow for mini-tournaments between PvP teams.
    • Will be able to queue with a full 8-person group for Warzones. Will also allow groups to persist between Warzones so you don't have to re-form every time.
    • Open world PvP is less popular than Warzones. Three times more level 50s are playing Warzones than participating in Ilum.
    • Some organized PvP events are happening in Outlaw's Den, which is good and will be supported. Minor changes to make it more accessible.
    • Ilum was a bit too ambitious and had some technical difficulties. They will be pulling it back a bit, won't be incentivized as much while it undergoes some redesign to make it more fun.
    • New tier of PvP gear called "War Hero" will be obtained through ranked Warzone PvP.
    • Less randomness will be involved in gearing up PvP gear.
    • Some issues to be addressed: Mirror class imbalances, speed hacking and exploits. Hope to get all the exploits taken care of by the time ranked season one start, another reason to have the pre-season first.
    • Q: Will match making in non-ranked Warzones be improved so solo players don't get steamrolled by pre-mades? Gabe: The current system tries to do that now, but loosens up over time. With the ranked system, out match-making system will improve. It still can be an issue if we have uneven numbers of peope queuing. Cross-server queuing should help that too in the future.
    • Q: With more focus on PvP gear with PvP stats, will the diminishing returns on Expertise be changed? Georg: Yes, all the caps and numbers for PvP stats have been adjusted for the new tier.
    • Q: Can you give us some insight on what happened with Ilum? Gabe: Once we went live, some technical things effected us that we didn't expect.
    • Q: Will we get objective based fighting back in Ilum? Gabe: We had planned on having objectives locked for periods of time. In beta, we had issues with them becoming permanently locked, so we had to adjust our plans a bit for launch. Then we had trading objectives happening, so that's not what we wanted either, and we went to kills. Without sharing too much of the future Ilum plan, it will be objective focused.
    • Q: Will we see player bounties? How about making more use of the pre-launch Adversary system? Gabe: We'd love player bounties. We don't have any solid plans for it. Damion: Adversary stuff is on the Wall of Crazy. No ETA, but it's on the list. We'll talk more about it during the Guild presentation.
    • Q: Are there plans to be able to queue up against a specific team in Warzones? Could we do guild vs guild Warzones? Gabe: Yes, we have a design for it. It didn't make the 1.2 update, but it's something we want to do.
    • Q: Will PvP gear upgrades become less grindy for players who are high Valor rank? Gabe: Right now the only way to get Battlemaster gear right now is from the bags from dailies, which can lead to bad behavior like leaving losing Warzones. In update 1.2 it will be direct purchase of items. There will be different colored gear to differentiate rewards. Ranked Warzone Commendations will allow for direct purchase of the new tier of PvP gear. Valor rank was meant more of a prestige thing originally, not a way to progress through gear.
    • Q: How about larger group PvP content? Gabe: We have larger Warzones in the work. We are limited to 8-man Warzones right now. We do enjoy massive PvP battles, which was the intent of Ilum and Outlaw's Den. We do want to provide more content for larger PvP battles in the future.
    • Q: Is the current Valor system going away with Ranked Warzones? What about Guild vs. Guild PvP? Gabe: Grouping up for Ranked Warzones for up to 8 people should provide more Guild related PvP content. Yes, Valor will become more of a prestige or experience thing than a progression tool.
    • Q: Are there any targetting improvements coming along for PvP? How about clickable nameplates? Gabe: We plan on making improvements to tab targetting, labels on the nameplates, bigger box to click on to target someone. Some of those will not quite make it into the 1.2 update.
    • Q: Can we see improvements to targetting, auto-facing, and strafing in PvP? It isn't very pretty to see players running around one another in circles to fight in PvP. Gabe: Auto-facing seems to diminish the tactics in PvP. There are different thoughts on this. We are working on some polish with the animations and graphics, so that will look better. Auto-facing in PvP is not likely. Georg: We tried both in testing, and went with what we have. Damion: With auto-facing, it comes down to who has a better rotation and we want PvP to have more dimensions than that.
    • Q: Will obtaining a best-in-slot set of PvP gear in 1.2 will you need to craft or do PvE to obtain it? Gabe: The best PvP gear will come from Ranked Warzones. Georg: With the ability to extract mods from Operation gear and better orange gear, it would be possible to slot in mods to make something that's among the best gear.
    • Q: Some stats on PvP gear isn't incredibly useful in PvP. Will the stats (such as tanking stats) be made more useful in PvP? Georg: Tanks who pick and choose or stack certain stats could be making themselves vulnerable to certain types of classes. It's a circular situation where since people are not taking Accuracy gear then tanks can skip Defense gear. With ranked Warzones where numbers are changing and people will be more aggressive, we'll see some changes towards the attitudes towards these stats.
    • Q: Will there be more things to do for end-game PvP besides dailies? Gabe: Ranked Warzones will not have such limitations as dailies since there's no cap on them.
    • Q: Will there be dynamic PvP events? James: We're not talking too much about dynamic events yet. We have a team working on it and have given them a bunch of tech. We have surprises, but we can't talk about it yet. But you could see something like that.
    • Gabe: We will be putting in a type of reward/badge drop for world PvP kills.
    • That concludes the PvP talk. Up next is the Legacy System in a few minutes.
  4. svartalf

    svartalf Can't get enough of FH

    Legacy System Talk:
    • Daniel Erickson taking the podium.
    • Legacy system designed to touch almost every system in the game, was too risky for launch.
    • Current state of legacy system: very pretty experience bar.
    • Game Update 1.2 will introduce Family Tree, automatically updated with all of your characters in a Legacy.
    • Reach level 50 with a species will unlock other species for other classes.
    • Level 50 with a species and you unlock all variations of that species across both factions.
    • Complete Chapter 2 and unlock class emote and apply that to your buffs.
    • Complete Chapter 3 and unlock Heroic abilities.
    • Example: complete Chapter 3 with Sith Warrior and unlock Force Choke on your other characters.
    • Complete all misions for companion type (ranged tank), unlock shorter cooldown and longer duration on Heroic for first companion of each type, in addition to stat boosts and Presence buffs.
    • Alignment abilities including Dark, Light, and Grey.
    • Social rank unlocks including dancing with companions and emotes.
    • Most rewards can be purchased with in-game credits or unlocked.
    • All unlocks and rewards are retroactive.
    • Cooldown reductions for emergency fleet pass and quick travel pass.
    • Jetpack unlockable as a short duration sprint for Bounty Hunter, other classes receive rocket boots.
    • Sprint moved to level 1.
    • Training dummies on Ships, including Operation and Warzone versions.
    • Repair Astromech will repair items, buy items, sell upgrade items for Ship droids.
    • Mailboxes and Galactic Trade Network on ships.
    • Legacy weapons and armor as tokens, usuable for alt. characters. Legacy items do not scale.
    • New item type: Bound-to-Legacy.
    • Customizing your alt. character experience: boosting PvP experience, lowering level required for Speeder license.
    • Q: Will transfering characters work with legacy system?
    • A: When character transfers come, the higher of the two legacies will take priorities.
    • Q: Will players be able to share Legacy names?
    • A: No plan currently, something they really want to do.
    • Q: Will players be able to use Force Choke as Republic? Will new unlocked species be transferable to current alts?
    • A: Yes, new unocked species will only be available to newly created characters.
    • Q: Will players be able to use weapons that aren't designed for them, like a Sith Warrior using a double-bladed lightsaber?
    • A: Not permenant weapons, but iconic class abilities.
    • Q: Will players will be able to change their looks, like hair color, facial features?
    • A: In the "short term," there is a plan to allow players to customize their characters post-creation.
    • Q: Will legacy buffs apply to party or just solo?
    • A: Yes legacy buffs will apply to party, potential to create unique party dynamics.
    • Q: Will there be legacy banks for characters?
    • A: It is in the pipeline behind guild banks, along with mail restrictions being lifted to help alleviate issues.
    • Q: Additional character slots per character?
    • A: No current plans, but noted desire.
    • Q: Will class buffs become cross-faction?
    • A: Yes, but they will not stack, and become faction appropriate.
    • Q: How likely will endgame flashpoints gear be transferrable to alt. characters?
    • A: No current concept for that, but there are Legacy items available for alt. characters.
    • Q: Will dual spec'ing come to Legacy rewards?
    • A: Multi-spec is coming, not just dual-spec. Not coming in 1.2.
    • Q: Any plans to be available to change your Legacy names?
    • A: Currently in the works, but currently only available through in-game tickets and customer service. Will become an automatic service in the future, either through time or payment.
    • Q: Is there a current cap to Legacy levels?
    • A: Legacy level cap is 50 currently.
    • Starting questions from the livestream.
    • Q: Any plan to give some form of crafting advantage through Legacy?
    • A: Crafting beginning to be more BoE, less BoP. Ship droids sell crafting mods for your droids, including voice restraining-bolt.
    • Q: What about companions, can they be put in family tree?
    • A: Not right now.
    • Q: Are we likely going to see cosmetic ship upgrades from Legacy in the future?
    • A: There will be cosmetic ship upgrades, but not neccesarily from Legacy.
    • Q: How can an Agent use the Force?
    • A: Point of the Legacy is that Force using abilities runs strongly through families.
    • Q: How will Heroic abilities affect open-world PvP?
    • A: It will make it interesting, open-world PvP is more like the wild, wild west.
    • Panel concluded.
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    svartalf Can't get enough of FH

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    svartalf Can't get enough of FH

    Moron 1.2
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    svartalf Can't get enough of FH

    Stuffs and stuffs...
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    I found this on Darth Hater, too.

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