Blue-screen while playing daoc after 1.73


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 20, 2005
so I got an odd problem tonight after patching 1.73. While I play, I get a bluescreen. This happens when I port (those 3 times it has happened at least). The blue-screen says something about driver_irq_something and that it inflicts from rtl8180.sys file (is my WLAN card in Laptop). So I have tried to find another driver for the card, but is none new. Also, I checked for new graphics card drivers (just incase) but no success.

Just wondering if anyone else have had this problem, and perhaps was able to fix it somehow?

Titan Moist

Fledgling Freddie
Feb 3, 2004
AKA the blue screen of death

i used to get this when i duel logged 2 accounts simultaniously its your computer over heating, gfx card or procssor in question shutting down to 'save' itself, or at least that was what i was told when mine did it, that or loss of memory. i updated my drivers and it was ok after that

im not much good at this but hope it heps sme, id sugges seeing a real pc doc for a solution tho, so gl m8 :cheers:

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