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  1. DaVinci

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    They say we all lose 21grams at the exact moment of our death... Everyone.


    Who will be next?

    Hello - I am Grindhouse and i will be representing 21grams, as the founder/guild master and a member.
    21grams is a tight small mafia family, even though none of us are related.

    Courage, Experience, Might, Order and Loyalty is what we value most.

    We stand 12 men tall, with some of the best players across Europe, from various MMORPG’s.

    Some of has, have been playing DAoC, since the game launched, succeeded on the realm of Midgard and at this specific day people still talk about us in whispers.

    Some of us, come from top WoW guilds, PvE and PvP/Arena wise, won various tournaments and achieved high rankings.

    We are all currently waiting for Warhammer Online, and all of us have pre-ordered the Collectors-Edition box for Warhammer Online.

    Our goal, is to take Warhammer to a higher level, than just a game/mmo.

    Currently, all of our members, are playing DAoC and preparing for WAR, we are currently running in our fixed groups on a daily basis, and we are playing DAoC because some of us know for a fact, that most of the basics and mechanics are nearly the same... RvR - the best thing that ever happened to the mmo world.

    Thank you Mythic.

    What makes us special is that we are not simple players, who are playing to have fun and spend some time at a computer. No.

    We are doing this; to first of all expand the world of online gaming, take it to a higher level, make it an interesting E sport, and fun.

    And also to have the best guild groups, running around in the RvR zones.

    At this current point, we have a temporary website, and our official website, is being developed by a professional company residing in Denmark called - along with our intro movie, which is also being developed along with and other Entertainment companies residing in Denmark.

    This is a breakthrough, for both the online massive multiplayer world and the common guild - that’s our step to make it more interesting, more fun, and not just a game!

    We want a spot in Warhammer Online Beta, not only to improve our knowledge base before game launch, but also with corporation with our companies, to make our movie as real as possible and as close to the real WAR world as possible.

    I hope we've gotten your attention and that you will give us a chance to improve our knowledge of the game.
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    After little bit of panic and fiddling new guild url = Twisted Knights
  3. murdock

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    Guild The Dragon Fighters
    Guild Web Site: ::: The Dragon-Fighters :::
    Guild Master: Beano
    Right handman Murdock <as in Howling mad Murdock>

    Little bit about the guild its self ..
    We have been around since the Beta of Dark Age of Camelot had what id call the best years of gaming there then we moved onto swg wow back to daoc back to wow with some eq2 in there.
    But have progressed through many games, sometimes ending up playing the same games or not we still remain members of the clan as we have got to know each other, but it looks like Warhammer is bring every one back together again so we will be flocking back to mythic.
    Now down to the bit where every one says in their post why you should pick us for the beta ....
    See im not going to even bother typing that in its simple really when you think about it
    The Dragon Fighters ... by JRR Murdock.
    I was a young boy growing up in Humberton with my kilt on i hated kilts my dad always made me put it on so i rolled a briton and said dad im going to be a mighty fighter! a Dragon fighter !
    so i joined a group of guys called the dragon fighters.. funny that isnt it : /
    any way the story goes on blah blah blah and so on ... 3-4 years later i hit the merry age of 50 after running back to my grave stone to pray over and over again ....<cutting to the end>
    got slayed by the dragon!
    THE END.
    The point of the story is we fail where others sucseed and were damn good at it to and we add a sence of adventure to the whole thing ..... in the face of danger .. we turn and run!
  4. honvik

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    Guild - Element Zero
    Website -
    Guild Master - honvik

    About us:

    Element Zero was founded in November 2003. Founded on a basis that we were to be a fun gaming community playing games across several platforms. The guild was initially set up playing a couple of main games Final Fantasy 11 and Star Wars Galaxies, with various ancillary FPS games such as Call of Duty 2, Battlefield 1942 and Unreal Tournament.

    Our member base currently stands at over 300 members, mainly playing 4 Mass Multiplayer Online games. Currently we are playing World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Age of Conan and currently beta testing a game which for reasons of NDA we are not permitted to divulge.

    We are a guild mixed of many races, nationalities, sexes and ages. We arrange from time to time events offline called EzMeet where guild members have the chance to meet and greet other members of the guild at places like Alton Towers UK to finally see the gamers in the flesh. This is all part of our diversity in ensuring members are having a wonderful time within the community that we have built.

    As a guild we are well respected as a community with our guild in World of Warcraft being one of the first guilds on our server and still going strong in it’s original incarnation to this day which is a feat that no other guild on the server can claim. We have conquered many high level end game dungeons and have a strong PVP element. Without losing that fun atmosphere which our members love.

    Element Zero has had huge success within Lord of the Rings Online claiming a large number of server first defeats of raid bosses as well as beings well respected amongst the Lord of the Rings community, as we have organised a wide range of community events.

    We hosted several ‘Pick up Raids ‘ where we gathered members of other guilds and lead them to defeat one of the harder raid encounters. We have had many guilds (Kinships) come and ask for advice and help with progression, which we freely give when we can!

    Our Age of Conan Section has only just started out but we have already achieved a number of feats, such as construction of guild cities; and very shortly we shall commence raiding with another guild.

    In the end we can show whatever game we are involved in we spread out and knuckle into the game’s core to help, have fun and create opportunities. Whilst always keeping that sense of fun and togetherness at the heart of everything we do.

    Warhammer is a widely recognisable and identifiable franchise, which many of our members have already enjoyed in other games, such as Mark of Chaos, Dawn of War and Fire Warrior.

    When the opportunity arose for us to re-apply as a guild to beta test a game that many of our members applied as individuals for; we were very excited. To play a game with your friends and compatriots is for many of us why MMO’s are so appealing. Especially when it’s for a game many of our members have been playing in tabletop form since they were small children.

    We would be honoured and privileged to be given the opportunity to help develop what is already shaping up to be what many of us are anticipating to be one of the biggest game releases for many years. We would bring to that a mature fan base with many years of gaming knowledge and a willingness to work and give what input we can to make this game the best it can possibly be.

    We hope that our past experience for bug testing games such as World of Warcraft will keep us in good stead for what is required in Warhammer.
    We look forward to crushing those Humies and making our WAAAGH.

    Element Zero.
  5. Ataris

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    The Black Tempest

    The Black Tempest

    No Man, Dwarf or Elf can stop a coming storm. It sweeps away all opposition and all those who would stand against it, swiftly and mercilessly.

    Such a storm is gathering in the north.

    War is coming; it has been for a long time now. But this is not just any war. This is the Age of Reckoning, when man and nation alike will face their fate and judgment. In such times, everyone, both strong and weak must rely on others in order to survive. But having allies is not enough. They must be strong, competent and organized.

    The founders of the Tempest are very experienced, having many years of gaming and MMO-playing on their back. Our Leader and Officers alike have plenty of experience in how to lead and coordinate guild efforts from earlier games and a long history of co-operation together. In the long run we hope to give an enjoyable and memorable gaming time.

    Our Focus
    The Tempest will be focusing on several goals, first of all providing a honest and pleasant guild community that every member can be proud to be part of, however our main goal will be RvR and the part of end-game PvE encounters that comes with it. Of course we will be making sure to do casual and spontaneous roleplay as a guild while pursuing this.

    Also having a more-than-faint interest in the Warhammer universe and lore, the game is ideal for our guild concept.

    No matter what your character’s background or personality is, he or she will have plenty of reasons to join up with the Tempest, but must be prepared to face the unusually hard discipline that is enforced in this multiracial war band. Chaos, Dark Elf or Greenskin makes no difference.

    What makes us unique?

    For indeed, the Tempest will focus heavily on military discipline and order. An organized group can defeat a multitude of foes if trained right, which is exactly what we will seek to prove.

    To achieve success you must have power, to have power you must have knowledge. For as the Changer of Ways have revealed, they are the same. The Black Tempest will go to any lengths to recover the artifacts and knowledge harbored in the libraries and valves of the elves and the imperial cities.. After all, none should be entrusted with things they do not understand…

    We hope that we’ll be given our chance soon to try out Warhammer Online so we can give all our devotion and effort into becoming an established guild in the community. Our guild is concentrated entirely around Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, and it is the only game we will be focusing on for the coming years.

    The demonic armies march, the Black Arks sail. The green hordes gather along the borders. It is indeed time for war and the Age of Reckoning...

    The Storm is coming…

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    Greetings to everyone!

    Imperium guild is a hardcore PvE/PvP guild curretly in Age of Conan. We are on the Crom server and we have achieved a lot of stuff, but that a bit later. A short introduction:

    Imperium guild was created by me and a friend with whom we also created the Bulgarian Age of Conan fan site. We created the guild as a Bulgarian guild in the beginning, but we didn't have enough numbers to really achieve anything.

    About a week into the game we decided to go international and we did the switch. We started recruiting - spamming forums and chats and we got our numbers high in a short amount of time.

    The guild started becoming quite strong and I got us a site setup (a new one is coming soon with private design) and a member donated a Ventrilo server. As most of us hit 80 we wanted to get a taste of PvE raiding and in our first weeks we managed to get second kills in the realm on all Tier 1 bosses and tonight we even claimed server first on two Tier 2 bosses.

    The guild is growing very strong now and we have a solid reputation on the realm. We are also engaged heavily in PvP and I could say that at the moment most of my guys are enjoying more defending our battle keep rather than raiding (as most bosses are bugged to hell).

    We had a honest discussion a few nights ago and we all agreed that we don't think Age of Conan can keep our interest for more than a few months, but it was more than clear that everyone enjoyed raiding together and just having a nice laugh in vent.

    Me as a MMO player from more than 7 years I can also say I've never had more fun with any other guild and I would the whole "core" of raiders to stick together and I believe this might be the game in which we could continue our journey together.

    Thank you for your time!
  7. Dwollie

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    So I mentioned the opertunity for us to become a beta guild and asked what we could say, this is what 'they' came up with:

    "The dark skies dropped over the bunch of heroes ready to stand their ground against the forces of darkness.. many of the heroes were certain that they were able to defeat the wickedness that stood in front of them. But even these heroes knew that they were mising an important factor in the fight that was appon them! They sighed and prayed that the missing element would come to save them from certain death!

    To their relieve they were heared, and from within the mist the help they sought came riding! A group of 3 came riding through the mist: strong, reliable, beautifull and relentless warriors ... all diferent in class, al different in form... but all three being that what the heros needed to defeat the drakness! MIsty, Clio and Wicce dismounted and looked at the heroes... and spook as one: 'We are here, and together we defeat the darkness! We are the backbone you need, we are the strength that will make you to be able to lift you weapon when you think you cant.. we are the energy that will power you spells....we are the force that will give your heals the healing power that you need!! We are here, and we will defeat the darkness!!!!!!!!!

    All roose as one and together they showed the darkness that Light would always win!!!! Once the darkness was defeated Misty, Clio and Wicce gathered the heroes and together they called out a warning so that the darkness would know who they were up against: 'Nom Nom Nom Popcorn is here!!! And we will always stand in your way!!'
    * for the epic tale of this battle donate 150g to Apacki and the tale will be sent to you by ingame mail:p*"

    Every day us males in Nom Nom Nom Popcorn lives under this... the torment of female hormones that, even though they are few and largely outnumbered, keeps the whip close and the bashing eyelashes closer - 'they' think they are godess saving us with their *cough* accurate, precise and always on time *cough* healing and just the fact that they're around supposely saves the day.

    And who are we other than that you may ask?
    Well we have never been the top dog guild fighting for the first boss kill, but when someone left us for a better place, and you asked them how thing were they would answer "well it's great to progress, but I really miss the random guildchat even at 3 in the morning". That's our mark on the online world really - an always ongoing guildchat laughing at events from the past such as the famous coffee mug dropping onto a keyboard and firing a shadowbolt just as we were getting ready for a boss fight or the even more famous rogue who wanted to see if it would be possible to pickpocket a boss (you can't [​IMG]). Also we've parted about 3 times, but everytime we tried to get away we missed the community we built so we reformed, and it's that community that has now become Nom Nom Nom Popcorn, even after many quit the game our old site kept up and it kept having a good core of members.

    Help us, the male population of Nom Nom Nom Popcorn escape the whip, even if just for a while, send us to a better place full a violent dead that undoubtly will be better than the one currently awaiting us under the stilettes of Clio, Misty and Wicce.

    Nom Nom Nom Popcorn
  8. Khael

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    Runeblade of Darkness

    Hello everybody. I am Khael. Guild Leader of czech destruction guild Runeblade of Darkness and I am proud that I got chance introduce it to you.

    We have new website here Runeblade of Darkness - Index . If you have any questions contact me, coz we primary use czech language.

    Here is some lines about us. Before i post it here, I would like to thanks everybody who helped us. Members, school proffesor which teaching czech language, friend from Ireland and one British professor who corrected it and made last edits.

    Why do we want to be part of Warhammer online: Age of Reckoning closed beta?

    Everyone's got own hobbies or interests, which they likes to do and many of those people can put whole life in it. I've met people who spend time with cars, sport, computer or army. From time to time happens that this bunch of people meet themselves at random.
    That we are exactly. We are people who spend their time and energy about phenomenon Warhammer. Whole world of Warhammer is Fascinating and we are involved in table Warhammer, books and rest attributes. We've met before the very Fascinating project Age of Reckoning and form a guild. Everyone of us has had spend his time with other game before. We played World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, Dark Age of Camelot, LOTR online, Eve online, Age of Conan. Every of these MMO was some kind of fun for us. Well Warhammer online have to rock if it takes all the people from this MMO giants.
    Since the time we assemble and find each other we translate every news and develop event of Age of Reckoning into our native tongue and gives it to rest of our non english speaking community. Every single day some of us spend their whole day in Internet finding any news about Warhammer and some are in retail Warhammers.
    We've form the biggest guild in Czech Republic yet. Our guild is 23 members and still we got some people sending us application e-mails. When we find out the music for game have been recorded in our country our pride and hungry for Warhammer online became more. We couldn't breath when we find out we have opportunity to participate in closed beta and help with develop of the game. Our members have experiences with beta gamers( RF online, Lineage 2 ) and it would be very great to be part of MMO Warhammer online: Age of Reckoning closed beta.
    We also have to admit we would like to taste this game before release.

    Our Great Experiences with other games and knowledge of Warhammer online: Age of Reckoning
    makes us the hot candidates for closed beta.

    WaR has come.... Runeblade of Darkness

    The night before i got information about second chance with guild beta, i had a dream. Dream about me playing black orc and runing away coz some stunties wanted to kill me. But that isnt important. Important is that now, you have a power make from this dream a Vision. So we hope that you will choose us too.

    Last words: Every guild post some funny stuff here, so i made something too. Its short homemade video. I sacrifaced own health to made it. Enjoy :)
    YouTube - Khael GM of RoD and his movie star dog Beník
  9. Grizzly

    Grizzly Guest

    Clan Bearhawk.

    Hi there,
    My guild,Clan Bearhawk has to be one of the oldest guilds around,we started in Ultima Online back in 1998,since then we have been involved with Dark Ages Of Camelot and World Of Warcraft,with breif ventures into EQ2,GW and a little LOTR.We are mostly a mature guild with a averageish player age of 25-30 with the average mentality of 10-12! We have a lot of fun and are a very close guild,meeting once or twice a year in real life,where people have traveeld to the UK from a far a field as South Africa ! Usually we have a guild roster that exceeds 4-500 people and we led the biggest alliance on Excalibur server/Hibernia on Daoc in our prime with the first guild to place the biggest house as a guild house on opening.But lately after being in WoW since beta our guild is drifting alot to try other games due to boredom and 99% of our current and old members who we are in touch with on Ventrilo will all be coming to Warhammer with us and with a message board with 80,000+ posts your bound to get a fair bit of feedback !.Our website is at
    Look forward to hearing from you,
    Grizzly Bear.
    Guildmaster Clan Bearhawk.
  10. DaVinci

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    Heres is a demo on the website in development, its a very early stage, and there will be a few changes in it.. But this is how it more or less is going to look like.

    21 GRAMS

    And a correction about developing the website along with
  11. Olger

    Olger Guest

    Critical Chaotica

    Critical Chaotica Comes to WAR!!

    That's right, you've just read it, Critical Chaotica is coming directly to a forum near you. You will soon see us in such threads such as, "why does Critical Chaotica keep killing me", and "who has welsh people in their guild?".

    Thats right we are Critical Chaotica an EU Destruction guild that prides ourselves on our team spirit, our teamwork, our friendship and our, well, urm, did I mention we work well together?

    Ok, so a brief history of who we exactly are and what we've done since meeting up:

    It started late '06, not as late as some other guilds i know but hear me out now, we all joined the same guild that started up on an WoW server, EU Zenedar if anyone was interested, and within months that guild, actually called "Obsidian Ascension" (don't ask, I don't have a clue why), in which we all started in grew into the endgame raiding guild we all wanted it to be. During that time, the current members of Critical Chaotica rose up through the ranks of Obsidian Ascenision into important roles. I myself was one of the only guild leaders that lasted until the end of the guilds time, other members of the guild had long term CL roles, watching other, less talented CLs come and go. At the start of the release of Burning Crusade, we changed our name to Genesis, and within 2 months was raiding endgame again. Since then, Genesis disbanded and with that many of us left the game, however retaining that bond and with the destruction of Genesis, Critical Chaotica was born, laying in wait for WAR to come close enough to touch.

    So that was our story, how we came to meet and such-like, we all met as WoWers, but left WoW as good friends from all over Europe, with our main base in the UK, but with members reaching out in many differant countries at this moment in time. Our guild roster has been increasing well in the last month or two, with approximately 2 new players being recruited a week. We hope to boost our roster much more during the beta. We have purchased the CE and will be moving in and making ourselves at home in the open beta, right where we belong.

    We sent out a scouting party off to recce the Games Day UK, which was an amazing experiance for those involved, and we managed to gain a lot of information for the guild. Especially as the ones that went are the ones that are really really really into the warhammer lore, so we thought they'd enjoy it more than any of us, which they did.

    We have a lot of experiance already within the guild, from experiance playing other betas, such as WoW, WoW:TBC, to name just two. We also have experiance with other MMORPGs, such as WoW (If you didn't get that one already ^^), DAoC, Age of Conan, Phantasy Star Online and Star Wars Galaxies.
    We have also created a guild podcast

    And not only that, but also made a guild promotional video

    If you want to talk to us about anything at all, please contact us at We will reply to all enquiries with the utmost possible speed.

    For any other information please visit our website at

    Critical Chaotica:The End Time is Inevitable

    Olger - Co-GM of Critical Chaotica, PR Guru​
  12. haritos

    haritos Guest

    Guild Fall From Grace

    Fall From Grace

    Guild Website:
    Server Ruleset:
    Core RvR
    IRC: #fallfromgrace @ quakenet (enter at own risk)

    My name is Killswitch and I have undertaken the role of representing Fall From Grace for this guild beta invite phase. Our (2) leaders are under some RL pressure these days so i grabbed this opportunity, organized a mutiny and took over the whole place. Bad thing is if i fail to persuade you gentlemen to accept us i will probably be put in IRC trial and executed.

    A little bit about us lot

    Id like to speak about FFG as a person that joined some time after the guild was created and the home page/vent server were already up. Sure theres some history here, our leadership (sir InQ and InnerVision) has been together since the days of Ultima Online and have successfully ran large guilds in several MMO's (or they made a fantastic job convincing me they did), but i believe the social aspect of the guild is the big winner here.

    I didn't really feel like joining a pre-launch guild so early, but i soon changed my mind after chatting with the guys via the forums and IRC. The treatment you ll get at day 1 is exactly what you ll be getting for the rest of your time in the guild. Everyone is cheerful, friendly and willing to answer your questions. We probably enjoy making jokes and flaming each other a bit too much, but when the need arises, this mob of 6 years old will instantly transform into a perfectly disciplined troop to get things done (just like now with the whole guild beta issue). There is not even a hint of discrimination in the guild, everybody feels equal, and its really good to have 2 leaders with a great sense of humour you can talk to freely. (actually i feel bad for them, they have the same rights that we do but they also have to do all the work ;\ )

    Current Guild Status

    There are currently 30 core members including the leadership. We all know each other pretty well by now, been playing tons of games wether they are FPS,Strategy or console games. We even tried AoC to kill time, but that didnt really work out for us either. Its getting pretty hectic in the forums, some people just post too much, more and more of us are using inappropriate avatars and others are actually giving RL another shot because the agony of waiting is just unbearable. I actually googled "what to do to help guild mates recoverz" and immidietly got redirected here, so i guess this is it for us.

    theres also a nice interview our guild leader gave at IGN's Warhammer vault in the "Guild of the week" section, it can be found here

    Also, if you need to contact us please also include sending a mail to my address, because as i said our guild leaders may not get to see it in time.

    Id like to wish everyone here good luck and make sure you all provide some good feedback to the War team once you get in ;)
  13. Ataris

    Ataris Fledgling Freddie

    Some updates.

    In case was missed, our website can be found at The Black Tempest

    We also now have a promotional video up:
    YouTube - The Black Tempest Promotion Trailer
  14. Terren

    Terren Guest

    The Nothern Watch - EU Order Guild


    Formerly known as Sons of the empire, we are now walking under a new banner with even more pride and determination to erase the foul vermin of destruction from our holy soil... We walk as nothern Watchmen, who go by the name of The Northern Watch. For over two years now, we have been fully preparing the WAR ahead... Seeking out man and child who'll be able to wield a weapon...

    For we are the watchmen of the north, forever guarding our walls and towers, so our homeland can florish and we can have peace among our people...

    With a member count of about 50 highly dedicated member, we as a semi-hardcore mature guild feel ready for WAR... A very active and dedicated community... We can place ourselves amongst the well prepared and ready pre-release guilds...

    We are a RvR focused guild, however we'll implement some pve and rp aswell... which means we'll probably be going for a area RvR ruleset...

    Our faith will not falter and we will forever stand ready for the task at hand...

    Controlled by a GMC consistent of two commanders, a master of coin, a champion of the watch and a diplomat, we have a guild which is controlled in a democratic fashion... Where everyone has it's say, which also brings forth the diversity of ideas and believes clearly viewable aswell from the inside as the outside...

    Above that we have some skilled artists and writers, aswell as fanatic tabletop players...

    Should you be interested in seeing what TNW is all about, you should come and pay us a visit at The Northern Watch where you'll find plenty of info and a chance the meet the members in person...

    I wish you all the best of luck, and may Sigmar bless your blade and push you towards victory,
    as for destruction, prepare to bath in the light of righteouness or slain by our mighty swords, piercing arrows or clieving axes...

    Kinds Regards


    Diplomat of the Northern Watch

    homepage: The Northern Watch

  15. Silvarius

    Silvarius Guest

    Eclipse Guild Beta Application



    Person with remote: Hmm, let’s see what is on TV… *CLICK*

    Female Voice: Welcome to Eclipse Broadcasting Network. Today on demand we have…

    Person with remote: I don’t care what is on demand. *click*

    Male Voice: Today on the 1337 club we have a special reading from the Genesis story in the First Tome of Knowledge.

    Ben Stein’s voice: 1:1 In the beginning Mythic created the Models and the code. 1:2 Now the code was formless and emptY, darkness was over the surface of the models, and the Spirit of Mark Jacobs was hovering over the land. 1:3 And MyThic said, "Let there be light," and there was light. 1:4 Mythic saw that the ligHt was good, and they separated the light from the darkness. 1:5 MythIc called the light "Order," and the darkness he called "Chaos" And there was Champagne, and there was Beer—the first day. 1:26 Then Mythic said, "Let us make a being in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the Mobs of the sea and the Flying Greenskins of the air, over the Critters, over all the world, and over all the players that move along the ground." 1:27 So Mythic created GMs in his own image, in the image of Mythic they created them; male and female they've employed them. From the First Book of Tome of Knowledge- Genesis 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:26, 1:27……………

    Remote guy: What kind of boring dribble is that… *click*

    Big announcer guy voice: …And now for your news around WAR here is your host Tim Hardy!!

    Tim Hardy: Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is Tim Hardy reporting for WAR News at Ten O’clock. Our latest story comes crashing through the curious realm of Warhammer like a tidal wave and of course is no other than the upcoming Eclipse. Steady in the ranks there you Astrologists this Eclipse isn’t of the lunar variety. Oh no, this one is something far more formidable than that. It could only be the terrifying Destruction guild that is sweeping the mountains and valleys of the Old World. Do we have a treat for you tonight! They have invited our station for an exclusive interview at their most recent celebration with the Guild Leader himself, Rufa. Live in the field Bob, how is it down there?

    Reporter Bob: Well Tim, it isn’t quite what I expected as it sure is a group of characters. I am standing here in a large open field surrounded by what I can only describe as being one of the most ghastly sites I have ever seen. All around me there are numerous Goblins, Orcs, Druchii and… “Things,” for lack of a better word. The guild master of this dangerous force has agreed to lead me around during the interview to give us a feel for some of the members while we get to know Eclipse and what it stands for. Ah, here is Rufa now…

    Rufa: Reporter Bob! So glad you could make it out here. As you can see we got quite a crowd today celebrating another batch of solid recruits. Did you know that brings our numbers up to 22? It is quite amazing really. Especially with our tough application process. Full resume, interview, the works!

    Reporter Bob: Sounds intense. So where do we start? I guess just tell me a little about the guild itself.

    Rufa: Well, Eclipse was founded by a few real life mates from a little known Old World settlement called Sveeden with a lot of battle and group experience but felt that something was always missing. Well me and my right-hand-man Rawdog found Tzeentch, started worshipping chaos, and blah de blah and figured as a zealot and marauder respectively of Chaos we would be best suited to fight the unbelievers in a group. Eclipse aims to fill the void we felt in other groups by creating a serious, mature guild…

    *Hacking* *Coughing*

    Squig: Ptew

    Bob: Oh my god! What is that slimy thing that just came out of that squig’s mouth?

    Goblin: Wahahahehehehehehee you’d be da funny man wit’ da big metal reflektionmagigger. Sarrow wanna see Sarrow face in et! WAHHPOO hehehehehehhe Sarrow scarededed yoo good ey! Eclipse be a fantastisicell place for a gobbo! Sarrow needz to hunt stuntiez. Now whare iz tha pare o’sokz….


    Bob: Did he just climb back in its mouth?

    Rufa: Don’t mind Sarrow. He is just one of the wide variety of people you’ll find here. We have a bunch of diverse races and classes within the guild. As I was saying, Eclipse creates a serious and mature guild environment where you can trust and have loads of fun with all of its members but still have the commitment and be almost as successful as the hardcore guilds. We call ourselves semi-hardcore, because we realize we will not be able to be the best and first at everything but we will strive for the same level of excellence as our counterpart hardcore guilds. We will still be a serious and well-structured guild that makes great progress within the server but Eclipse also values highly the social commitment to our guild. All of us here plan on battling at least 4 hours a day and making sure we have our hands in every cookie jar possible so to speak. Holding and capturing keeps, engaging the opposite factions in RvR combat, slaying the faction of Order, mastering skirmishes and completing all forms of quests I’m sure those lazy campground commanders will have for us are but a start to the list of goals for our guilds progress.


    *Crash* *clank* *yelp*

    Rufa: What was that Silvarius?

    Silvarius: It beez a bee Rufa. Dangerrus wit stingaz an da liek. I’z be protectin yoo!

    Rufa: You don’t have to tank every little bee. Oh look that cup over there needs to be protected from any vile liquid getting inside it. *aside to Bob* That will keep him busy for hours. Anyways in order to achieve the goals of Eclipse we believe we create an atmosphere of friendship and teamwork as early as possible with our newest members. Through chat, and in some of the Chaos Chosen’s cases silence, we really develop a good relationship which we feel will add an extra edge on the battlefield. Later you can even ask some of our newest members, they will tell how welcoming it was. As a guild of only 4 months or so we are new to the scene but are already getting a lot of good attention in many other places and have good relations with some of the hardcore guilds currently fighting on the limited front (closed Beta). We here at Eclipse are ready to do our part and would like a taste of some of the prestige before there is all out war and everyone can go and fight. We have a lot of experienced members who have been in many other wars (MMO games) and have taken part in a number of other limited fronts before the war is open to the masses (Betas or if your Paul Barnett Bee-tas). As a member of the current limited front we could provide our light humor and down-to-earth head in reviewing the current progression of the war while contributing to the community in any way we are called upon to do so. Unfortunately Bob I must now attend to some important matter but feel free to mingle all you want.

    Bob: Well thank you for the interview Rufa I look forward to hearing news of your departure for war. Well Tim, it looks like I have a little free reign to wander around let us see if I can get a statement from some of the members about the guild……………
    You there! Druchii with the knives. Do you have a second?

    Disciple of Khaine: Do you have blood for me to spill?

    Bob: Ummmm…No but I do have a quick question for you. What is your name? Also what do you think about Eclipse as a guild?
    Shifticus: Well my name is Shifticus but most just call me Shifty. Never understood why... but “Having only been in the guild a little over two weeks, I was immediately struck by how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Immediatley I felt like part of a team, chatting away as though I'd known these people for years. This is what makes Eclipse so great. Our fantastic sense of team spirit and determination to achieve our goals in a way that is both fun and memorable.” (Real quote from Shifticus of Eclipse)

    Bob: Well you heard it here folks. Eclipse, the new Guild on the streets. You better watch out folks or they may just totally eclipse your heart. This is Reporter Bob signing out, You stay bloody WAR.

    Remote guy: WOW! What a waste of my time. Let’s see what is on the cartoons. *click*


    Remote guy: I might as well just go outside. *CLICK*

    Eclipse Information

    Guild Leader: Rufa

    Guild Website: Eclipse - A European Warhammer Online Guild &bull; Portal This is the current website but a new site is currently being worked on to better suit the guild's need. It will be found at Eclipse - Coming soon...

    Closing Notes

    This song is kinda our guild song as it has a dark feel and Rufa loves Pink Floyd.
    “All that you touch/ All that you see
    All that you taste/ All you feel.
    All that you love/ All that you hate
    All you distrust/ All you save.
    All that you give/ All that you deal
    All that you buy,/ Beg, borrow or steal.
    All you create/ All you destroy
    All that you do/ All that you say.
    All that you eat/ And everyone you meet
    All that you slight/ And everyone you fight.
    All that is now/ All that is gone
    All thats to come/ And everything under the sun is in tune
    But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.” -Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse”

    "[Eclipse] A guild you wouldn’t mind invading your channel.” –Nefy of Unleashed

    “Now usually when I've joined guilds formed by real life friends, things don't tend to get done. All people do is talk about what they all did together last night, then about what they'll do tonight. But here there is a real sense that things are being done. With the two top Warbosses of the guild working on fixing up a rather spiffing(replace: sexual?) new website amongst other things, it's not your average "friends-formed" guild. I feel equal to everyone else and I'm certain that when we are in the deep end, playing this game together, things will only get better for us.” -Legend of Eclipse

    “Even from my first experiences with the eclipse members, being in the mIRC channel waiting to be interveiwed, I knew that they had a great community. Ive never met a group of people I could instantly get on well with, chat to at any hour of the day, and generally have a laugh with after just meeting them. That bodes well for a game like WAR, where community is so very important. The guilds philosophy is to be mature, structured with progression, but without having to absorb all of your life, and this suits me very well, as it does a lot of players, and Im hopeful of this working out fantastically. Im really looking forward to playing with these guys in beta!” - Atheri of Eclipse
  16. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    And we're done!

    Thanks for all your entries. The winners are being contacted and we look forwards to seeing you all in the beta very soon!
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