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  1. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    As most of you know, we sent out a bunch of invites yesterday and now the Guild Beta is well underway. We want to invite more of you though and we want guilds that missed the chance the first time around to have a shot at getting into beta.

    So if you're the leader of a guild that wants to try the WAR Guild Beta then this is your chance to show us what you're made of. What we want you to do is to make a post in this thread to tell us why your guild deserves a spot. Sell your guild, tell us what makes you and your friends special and the best ones will be rewarded with entry to the Guild Beta!

    It's not a competition as such but there are a few rules:
    • Please only post in this thread if you're entering for your guild. Off topic posts or spam will be deleted.
    • Only one post per guild. Only post for your guild if you are the guild leader or you have the permission of the guild leader to post.
    • Your post must include a link to your guild website. The quality of the website will also be considered along with your post here as part of the submission.
    • This is only open to guilds based in Europe or that have a European branch. Invites can only be sent to European players.
    • This thread will be closed on Friday 25th July at 5pm BST.

    Beyond that, anything goes! Make us laugh, write a story, write a poem, explain your guild through a flowchart or interpretative dance*. Whatever makes your guild stand out from the rest. We'll pick winners throughout the next week and a half and contact guild leaders directly.

    Good luck and get writing!

    *Interpretative dance not recommended. Height restrictions apply.
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  2. ukfura

    ukfura Fledgling Freddie

    Hi my name is fura and im leader of nightmares asylum.

    I think Nightmares Asylum deserves to get into the guild beta because we are currently playing Age of Conan and its just terrible and crashes all the time. Its full of bugs and we feel were already paying to play a beta of a game already. So only you guys can save us and release us from this pain!

    We have a pregnant member (female I think) and she has offered to call her 1st born WAAAAAGh! if you let us into the beta too!

    Nightmares Asylum is a well established guild and we were very sucessfull in World of Warcraft. We would love to play WaR Beta and we have alot of hardcore members that are looking for a new MMO out there to play.

    We like to play competitive PvP and PvE and we are looking forward to WaR PvP system which we heard is alot like DaoC which alot of our members have come from too.

    Also bribes can be arranged! (if you like fish or haggis)

    Nightmares Asylum
  3. Crashaw

    Crashaw Guest

    Good afternoon!

    Our Guild has around 80 active members ! We are currently in another game but we are seriously considering moving as a guild to WHO!

    15 of us have already purchased the pre-order pack for the collector Edition!

    Our website is

    We wish to play the bad guys as members of the Chaos race!

    Hope you pick us!
  4. Ragnog

    Ragnog Guest

    Hi there I’m Ragnog ,Officer of The Unnamed Guild (TUG for short)

    The Unnamed - A Warhammer Online Guild

    Now you maybe asking yourself “why did they give themselves a strange guild name”. Good question thanks for asking. Well it started when we all came together to form the guild….only problem was naming it….after a few hours of tossing names back and forth …one of the founding member kinda lost the plot and started ranting:

    (note the bad language has been edited out)

    “ Right if we don’t get a name soon….we are going to walking about WAR and people will say ‘look there goes the B******D UNNAMED GUILD!!!’ ”

    And at that sudden outburst we were named…THE UNNAMED

    We are mainly a UK based guild with a few members hailing from all over the world as well. Even though we are only a year old are numbers have swollen to 70 and are all very active on are mIRC channel as well as vent whilst we wait for WAR. Are ranks come from many MMO backgrounds DAoC, WoW, AoC, SWG, FF11...the list goes on but the one thing we look forward to is WAR . Many of the members, myself included have been following the development of WAR since its conception under Climax studios ( remembers the old video and animations) *shudders*

    We are a PvP orientated guild and cant wait to start the charge for one of the keeps just like back in DAoC…as one of are members would say “our milkshake will bring all the boyz to the WAAAGH!”

    Currently we are playing abit of TF2 to keep the team spirit going, as well as getting to know some of are newer members a little better.

    We have considered doing a little expressive dance at the games day booth but with the shape of some of are members that could be considered a cruel and unusual punishment for the rest of the people attending the event.

    Thanks for reading
  5. Jaycen

    Jaycen Fledgling Freddie

    Semper Dius - EU Order Guild

    Semper Dius - EU Order Guild

    Semper Dius : Warhammer Online Order Guild

    Who are we?
    Semper Dius was formed at the start of 2007 by a small group of like-minded players who wanted to epitomise "semi-hardcore": Dedicated, skilful players who have a real life and don't want a regimented Guild experience.
    Semper Dius currently has 45 dedicated and skilful members, but are still recruiting. We aim to have just under 80 members at launch.

    What makes our guild so strong?
    I am not talking about gaming prowess here (although I like to think we have that too!). the thing that defines Semper Dius as a great guild is community. I don't call our web page a guild site, it's a community site. We have members with a wealth of experience from a variety of MMOs; they are constantly debating the nuances of WAR while still finding a lot of time for banter and fun!
    The other strength we have is a democratic and respectful guild environment. Every major decision the guild has to take has input and feedback given by all members, and the majority vote wins. You can't please everyone, but this way we know a decision has not been made lightly.

    Do we have ranks?
    We use a democratic process to make our guild decisions as described above. Because of that we do not have a lot of formal ranks. However, we are very organised. Each Race has a leader who's job is to oversee that Race's members. Come launch it will be their responsibility to organise events for that realm and help to improve people's cooperation and skills. Out of game they are there as administrators and moderators to help the guild move along smoothly from day to day. Then there is me, the Guild Master. It's my job to collate all the feedback and votes for decisions and make the strategy we've decided on. I also am the full admin for the Guild site - a lot of my time at present is devoted to making that the best community platform I can.

    Why do we deserve to be part of Guild Beta?
    Longevity - This guild has been around for over 18 months and only gets stronger

    Dedicated members - the guild selects its members to be dedicated, skilful and compatible with the existing team. We take this game seriously but can bring brevity to the testing process.

    Community Contributions - Our members are dedicated to contributing to the community pre and post launch. We have dedicated forum posters and there are certain members who put a lot of effort into fan art, and fan fiction. Our work has been featured regularly and we have been mentioned in both monthly newsletters and the "War from the Front!" In fact I've asked one of our members to write a story just for this, which I'll insert here as soon as it's done.

    Experience - Between us our members have played nearly every MMO since they began - I think we might even have some veteran MUD players amongst us too! We know our stuff, and have experienced multiple play styles and genres. We want the opportunity to give professional feedback to make this game what it deserves to be!

    Renown - Order guilds are in the minority compared to Destruction from what we've seen so far. I'd like to think Semper Dius is one of the better-known Order guilds in Europe. We won 3rd place in last year's Greeny Awards.

    Already testing - We started with a few members in Beta by chance. We've been doing all we can so more members get the opportunity to give feedback on the game. This really took another gear up when GOA announced the Beta competition based on stories and artwork. Our members worked really hard and managed to win some keys into Beta themselves. From that point we have been working our creative butts off to try and get buddy keys for more members. We have been slowly successful, but I'd like the opportunity to have more in the Beta en-mass, so we can test things that need more than just a handful of organised players to complete!

    I hope this is OK for now. I'll update this post with the story when it's ready, as well and any other golden nuggets my great guild members come up with! Thanks for the opportunity, and we look forward to more people dropping by our site to say hi in the public forums!


    GM of Semper Dius

    P.S. while not really a "hi mum" moment, I'd just like to say "I Like Zefire!!"
    P.P.S this post was written upside down with a banana. Not interpretive dance, but the effort was there.
  6. Hericus

    Hericus Guest

    Sons of Sigmar

    Hello, my name is Hericus and I am an officer of Sons of Sigmar. We are the Order guild and our members are from all over the Europe. We would like another chance to get into a guild beta, since we made the guild a month after the original guild beta registration :)

    Our policy is that anyone can join as long he behaves maturely. Age is no problem and of course anything that makes problems in the real world doesn't exists in our guild: religion (except for the church of Sigmar :) ), nationality and similar things that can spawn flaming and rude words.

    We've been following Warhammer for quite a long time now. Few of our members are full blooded Warhammer Loremasters and fans :) The guild exists for about 9 months (if my memory serves me well) and since then we have over 100 members. To be honest only about 20-30 of us are really active (others are waiting for the game to come out) and it is that these members would really like to finaly meet each other in the game.

    Why do we deserve a spot in the Guild Beta: Well if you ask me (since I'm the one writing this) I will tell you that most people are going slowly insane. The forums are bursting with activity and speculations. But mostly we want to meet each others in the game and to confirm that we are really great guild with great members.

    I really can't think of anything funny to say, or some interesting stories. All our members are on XFire and we have really active forums. If you want to hear something funny just check the topic about guild classes on our forums and watch me suffer on them :) You'll get it.

    So thank you for reading my bable, and please visit our site, check the movies (Zeph will really like a comment about them) and join us if you want to fight against the Chaos forces in the upcoming WAR!

    LINK: Home : Sons of Sigmar - Guild Launch Guild Hosting


    Dusan (Hericus) Sijacki
    Officer of Sons of Sigmar
  7. Methos

    Methos Loyal Freddie


    I am the GM of <The Ministry> and i would like to apply this guild to the guild beta.

    The reasons for TM applying and why i think we would be able to contribute:

    1. We have a solid memberbase, of which many are committed to playing WAR when it comes out;
    2. The Ministry has existed since the DAoC server Excalibur went live and has had a strong commitment and investment in DAoC since 2002;
    3. The Ministry has always strived to combine PvE with a strong presence in RvR throughout the years;
    4. We have many mature players which are aching for a new challenge;
    5. We've had a guild forum running non-stop since 2003;
    6. We always seem to find and run into bugs and functionally incorrect features, which always helps in beta tests. ;)
    7. We have some MMO addicts which are starting to show withdrawal symptoms;
    8 That includes me. :)
    9. We just want to be among the first to enjoy (and uhm test :p )sacking cities!
    10. Doesn't an oldtimer DAoC guild like The Ministry just deserve a guild beta entrance? :fluffle:

    The guild forum is located at The Ministry :: Index

    Methos <The Ministry>
  8. Ernesto

    Ernesto Fledgling Freddie


    I am Ernesto, leader of the online gaming guild called Ginnunga.

    I figured I could write a little bit about our now rather long history in hopes it could amuse at least some of the readers. I apologice right now for a possible wall of text.

    We formed up back in October/November 1999 in EverQuest, and a whole bunch of us have stayed together ever since then. Naturally, over a long course such as 10 years, members have come and gone, but there is actually a surprisingly large core still goofing around together.

    When we started out in EverQuest we figured we wanted to have a tight guild, with few rules but also a rather strict moral code. We aimed to form a guild where everyone was friends, but still not slack on the discipline and the fighting standards. We never aimed to be the best but we always looked at quality and companionship. During our time in EverQuest, a funny phenomenon occured that I wish to share with you, a phenomenon we called "patchkids".

    You see, in these early MMOs the launch of a new expansion was not a small ordeal. Often the servers were down for several days in a row and many emergency patches occured. Funnily enough, 9 months after the first expansion called "Ruins of Kunark" we had a small explosions of little mini guildmembers popping up and yet again, 9 months after the second expansion, "Scars of Velious" another batch of gnomes appeared. It seemed to all of us, that when we couldn't make heroics in Norrath, we made babies in the bedrooms. I will in no way, shape or form mention any names, especially not my dear friend Makrill, who seems to be strongly in the lead of Patchkid-production.

    Another funny thing that happened during this time was what we now call "The Fear of Ruum". Back in these times, the Internet was alot more anonymous than it is now, at least for us, so when our friend Ruum used the face of a known swedish criminal as his Avatar, everyone who wasn't from Sweden, wrongly mistook that photography to be Ruum and due to the very scary appearance of this criminal (known as Christer Pettersson, now diseased) made pretty much everyone in the guild fear him and the one who feared him the most, was our missionary brother Maldran from Pheonix in the US who started answering everything Ruum said with "Yes Sir!" and obeyed his every command.

    We played on american servers (Mithaniel Marr) at that time, I don't even think there existed any european ones, but due to our timezone we had sometimes a hard time recruiting players. However, at one point a great thing occured to us, we need to recruit stay-at-home-moms. At this time, without stereotyping things, it seemed that pretty much all the women playing EverQuest played three different classes: druid, cleric or enchanter. All of those very important support classes, that there were few to find, especially in the manly "testosterone" type guilds out there. Since we had a rather friendly atmosphere, we seemed to attract these wonderful ladies, and pretty soon, half of our guild was filled with wives to armymen, who stayed at home watching kids and playing online games, while their men were out serving their countries. We could never have been happier - we got to meet awesome people from the US, as well as have the servers largest overabundance of enchanters. It was a win win situation and I still to this date think that we had one of the highest percentage of females in our guild on the server (30-40%).

    Dark Age of Camelot
    When Dark Age of Camelot was released in 2001 we moved pretty much the entire guild there and yet again we played on an american server (Kay) for the simple fact that the euro servers got their patches later, and we wanted diversity in our members, we want players from all over the globe. We had a great time in DAoC, for the first time introducing ourselves to 3D RvR combat and alot of our earlier experiences with EverQuest really helped us out here, both when it came to slaying endless piles of monsters in Malmohus, to the famous assist-trains in Emain.

    Back in the early days of DAoC, levelling was rather harsh, at least with todays standards, but since we had spent two years hackin away in EverQuest, we had a pretty solid routine to get things going. Basically, we sat down in a camp spot, brought monsters to our camp that we could slay just with autoattacks,and then we let our infamous troll Snyggve drink himself near a stupor with the help of his good friend Captain Morgan, and then have him entertain us for an entire evening in his drunk ramblings.

    Since both Snyggve, myself and a few others were Swedish, our notorious friend Skolbyter chose to educate himself in the swedish language, so he promptly went to a fleamarket in Texas somewhere and bought himself an ancient swedish-english dictionary. He then spent the following few months composing insults to me in such a horrible directly translated swedish, you could do nothing but laugh until you cried. Although it means nothing to someone who cannot speak swedish, the now in-guild famous quote "Sot Svala, jag forsvara er heder mot ond gris Kjell" was coined. (Rougly translated, Sweet Svala, I will defend your honor against the evil pig Kjell).

    We kept the guild going for quite some time in Dark Age of Camelot, but when the beta of Starwars Galaxies came out, pretty much all of us obtained a beta key, and we battled it out and had a really good time during the beta, but when the game was released, only a very few of us actually stayed and played it, sadly.

    The guild was rolling on in DAoC and we merged with some other guild there to keep our membership amount up to a decent level, and with the merged we renamed the guild to "Volsungs" to iron out any merging kinks etc.

    Still to this day, we play every now and then on the classic servers, under the flag of "OndGris".

    Lineage II
    In 2004 the open beta for Lineage II was released, stunned by the amazing graphics, I decided to try the game out. We formed up the guild with 10-15 of our old members, who had stuck together in EQ and some from DAoC and quickly gained a bunch of new friends, who would turn out to be awesome!

    L2 was our first open PVP game, and being a carebear and PvE hero in my heart we managed to huggle our way through the very testosterone-filled and hostile enviroment of an FFA PVP game. By being friendly and awesome, we managed to grab a castle, and then subsequently hold that castle for a period of 10 months, which at that time was the longest anyone had held on to a castle.

    What separates an FFA PvP game the most from a regular MMO is that it adds an additional dimesion to the game, that being politics. Half the game took place on forums where the leaders and members discussed issuses, whined, flamed and declared wars. Myself being a rather sneaky bastard, we managed to manouver ourselves into a whole bunch of favourable positions just by wordplay and communication.

    We were a rather small guild, with mediocre levels, but the rest of the server had been led to believe that we were something fiercly strong and with the use of cunning tricks and alliances, we managed to influence the top game for a very long time without being openly contested in combat.

    However, all houses of cards must fall one day. At some point we had managed to ally ourselves with some strong forces in the game, as well as control most of the castles on the server. This led to an alliance of 36 guilds to attack us in our cosy little castle Oren. Now, 36 guilds, that is quite alot, even by more modern and larger games standards. Somehow we and our 11 allied guilds managed to hold the fort and won a landslide victory, which after a few wars had been fought, allowed us to be the first guild/alliance to ever conquer the main castle of the game, Aden more or less uncontested due to peace treaties forged.

    A short while after this, I, myself had to move and would loose my internet connection for quite some time. Since it was not possible to transfer the leadership in guilds at that time, we reformed our guild as Reborn under the command of Cogency. Reborn would then after a short while ally together with Enmity and form the strongest and most successful alliance in Lineage 2's history, Uprising.

    What we did in Uprising would be a far too long tale to tell here, but there are very very few people who have ever played Lineage 2 that has not heard of us at this time.

    World of Warcraft
    Lineage 2 wasn't for everyone, especially not for our old PvE heroes from the ages of EverQuest, so when World of Warcraft was released, for the first time we started up the guild simultaniously in a different game. We even went so far to start up two guilds in World of Warcraft, one on a PvE (Bloodhoof) server and one on a PvP (Stormreaver) server. The PvP server attracted most of the old DAoC people, as well as some killing hungry people from EQ and L2, while the PvE side consisted mostly of the awesome people who we first started EQ with, who were now too old, or too busy to play in the more competitive climat on the PvP server.

    Ginnunga is one of the only guilds who have been active from day 1 on Stormreaver that is still active and going strong and eventhough we shut down our Bloodhoof section after a while, we decided to start it up again half a year later on the Nordrassil server.

    Sword of the New World
    When Uprising was disbanded, pretty much a year ago, a couple of us decided to try out the asian free to play game Sword of the New World which we had a great time in for a while, but in the end we decided to abandon the game due to some flaws in the PvP system as well as a very low population on the euro server (Illier). After the nightmares of staying up until 5 in the morning to fight castle sieges in Lineage 2, we had decided to never again play on an american server that didnt have events during our timezone.

    Although we have officially abandoned the game, a bunch of us are still playing as guests in the guild Unforgiven on the Illier server.

    Age of Conan
    Despite not having a very big interest within the guild, we decided to start up a small section on one of the PvE servers (Ymir) since we felt that without our full commitment, it would be bad for us and our image to start halfheartedly in a PvP enviroment.

    The Real World
    During all these years we have played together, we have tried to have at least one annual gathering somewhere in the world, most of the time time it has been hosted in Sweden, for the simple reason that quite a few of us live there, especially post-WOW and it is very easy to arrange free living for all the guests that fly in. This years meeting was just concluded, eventhough I myself wasn't able to attend this year, but they tell me they had an awesome amount of fun, including rilfe-shooting, waterskiing, waffles, oh waffles and party-boating. Although hard to beat our last year when we rented an island for two days, where we had a huge BBQ and got silly until we all fell asleep in the green grass, just like it should be during a swedish summer!

    Online gaming is for us so much more than just a bunch of nicknames behind computer screens. We form friendships and bonds that reach far beyond the borders of cyberspace and reach deep into the real world of flesh and blood. I am happy to say that some of the people I met back in 1999 in EverQuest are today some of my very best friends that carry me through lifes hills and valleys. We are so much more than just a guild. We are Ginnunga.

    I seem to be running out of time, eventhough I had planned to describe a few more funny events more into detail, but I hope this little wall of text will be an entertaining read at least for some.

    Best regards
    Leader and founder of Ginnunga
  9. davbo

    davbo Guest

    WAAAAAAAGH!!! I'm Davbo (We don't really have a "leader" since we're all good friends in real life, but I'm the one who organises this rabble)

    Guild name: northern Scum.
    Flow chart: here
    Interpretive dance: see flowchart
    Poem: see flowchart

    We're a bunch of dudes that have been playing games together for about 4 years now. All from the UK, although one member is a dirty southerner. I think it was Paul Barnett who described the Orcs as football hooligans, well we're the northerm Scum you're looking for.

    We all met up as a Counter Strike clan playing competitive games in leagues etc, meeting up and holding our own lans. Although occasionally we still go back to play (and vow to never play again) it purely for nostalgia we jump on almost every new game out there, incl.

    Games we've made more choppy (off the top of my head):
    Counter Strike
    Call of Duty 4
    Star Wars Galaxies
    Team Fortress 2
    World of Warcraft
    EVE Online
    Matrix Online
    Guild Wars
    Dawn of War
    Age of Conan

    Currently we're all playing:
    Team Fortress 2: mostly on our server, which you can join us on here
    Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War (all expansions) this is our other addiction at the minute, we love this game!! and can't wait for the sequel.

    We're not one of these guilds which recruits before the game comes out, we don't want to let people down by deciding that we don't like it and then not playing. We only recruit people who we enjoy to play the game with, you can't learn that from IGN forums.

    That said, there are 8 of us who know each other in real life and we'll build on that when the game comes out.

    -- Dave.

    ps. WAAAAGH!!
  10. Tyrhem

    Tyrhem Guest

    So I am Tyrhem. Leader of The Warcult.

    Why you should pick our guild for a beta spot is because then we can actually form a guild and go on the battlefield and kill elves. Drag them all the way to our city by their pointy elf ears and then hang 'em from the biggest building with their heads down. After that we will go back on the battlefield and kill more elves. Make ‘em elves dead like elvis. Chaos will bring destruction to their lands, WE WILL MURDER THEIR SONS AND PILLA—What? Dark elves... Alright so maybe we won’t kill ONLY elves, but I think you get the point by now. Our guild exists of 6 members as of now, with plenty experience in other mmorpgs (and experts in the art of elf mutilation.) WoW, AoC, Lineage, Silkroad etc. etc. ;p

    Obviously, our guild will be choosing destruction.

    War is everywhere, and we will prove it! If we, y’know, get accepted that is…

    We are The Warcult, the poison in your brain!
  11. unwise99

    unwise99 Fledgling Freddie

    Insult to Injury - EU Order Guild


    Insult to Injury is a recently formed European based WAR guild, planning to play as Order on an EU Core RP server when the game launches.

    We aim to provide a relaxed environment where mature players can experience and enjoy WAR to its fullest in the company of like-minded people. A haven away from elitism, guild drama, and l33t-speak. Our recruitment strategy is very much geared towards finding mature and friendly people that wish to mercilessly slaughter the unclean hordes in the company of other mature and friendly people.

    We are looking to establish ourselves as the pre-eminent Order guild for older (25+) and somewhat more casual gamers. The kind of gamer that has to reluctantly balance their bloodlust with their real-life commitments, such as a job, family and friends.

    Our guild website offers a simple forum for now, although we intend to add functionality as and when required. Recruitment is very much open.

    Why do we deserve to be part of Guild Beta?

    Well, I'm tempted to say that with our older and more casual membership, Injury to Injury could offer unique beta feedback on aspects of the game that may otherwise be overlooked.

    However, the much more compelling reason is that one of our members has very sadly been enduring a state of cruel existential torment for many months over the issue of which career she will eventually decide to play. It seems evident that the own way that her suffering might be lessened is to allow her the opportunity to sample the prospective careers well in advance of the game going live. In this way, we hope that the laborious decision making process will be given sufficient time and space to find a natural resolution.

    I hope you understand.
  12. Chesty

    Chesty Guest

    Hello there.

    I am writing on the behalf of the newly created Fanatic Gaming guild.

    About our guild
    We are a destruction guild with 110 % focus on the RvR part. We aim to be the most feared guild all over the european servers - why? because we will leave no one to survive when we PvP. We will gank the silly midgets which runs away like cowards, we will stand up for every single member of our guild and leave nothing but chaos, death and horror.

    As to why we should be selected for the guild beta?
    We are most deffently some of the most dediated players WAR will ever get. Not just because we will be online 8-10 hours a day, but because we most likely are the only guild that has an actual headquarter IRL. Yes thats right, through the past 2-3 weeks we have build up an entire room for the only purpose: to play WAR! The room is not quite done yet, but when we get our homepage up during the next month, you can check out our 18 km2 GREENSKIN inspired GAMING ROOM.

    We will be the slimy scum that will ruin every sort of world peace, which should occure between PvE based guilds.

    Fanatic Gaming was astablished by Chesty together with Head and Bolbol.
    / the three of us has a whole career of mmoprgs behind us


    Total guild members: 13
    Officers: 2
    Leaders: 3

    Homepage: Joomla! - Web Installer (a new URL will come as we launch our website)

    Thank you for reading my post on the behalf of my guild and I.

    The Shaman.
  13. Dreamor

    Dreamor Can't get enough of FH

    Guild Name: Cult of the Dead Dragon
    Faction: Destruction
    Location: EU / UK Servers
    Established: 1st September 2001
    Website: Cult of the Dead Dragon

    Why the name ‘Cult of the Dead Dragon’?
    Those that played the EU Servers, more so Excalibur, will remember the Mighty Lord Draven running a group of guys call “The Dead Dragons Society.” Whilst a number of people may be unfamiliar with this guild, we are its ‘offshoot’ or little brother. We are a group of friends mostly, who like to play MMO games and try and complete the hardest of instances with as much fun and high spirits as possible.

    Is this a ‘Role Playing’ Guild?
    We originated as a Roleplay guild and have several members that are wiling to RP with other members of the guild. This is however not a requirement and whilst we have people into Roleplay, we don’t enforce it in any way. Just be yourself… if that’s a Troll, we’re fine with that...

    What is the main focus of the guild?
    The first and main focus is to have FUN. We have TeamSpeak servers, we encourage people to use them even if you can only listen in, we understand people are shy sometimes but it does make for a better play when you can hear who your gaming with. We want people to feel free to use the forum and speak there mind, we're not going to smack people down just because we don't agree with you, we encourage free speach.

    Is this an Order or Destruction guild?
    DESTRUCTION! We’re big fans of everything Chaotic and Dark. We have plans to perhaps have 1 night a week as a breakaway from this, however, where we may run an Order based guild / team for fun.

    Is this a multi-racial character guild?
    We are DESTRUCTION and therefore we obvisouly despise anything other than that. On a serious note however, we are happy to help people of all types and in the game.

    Can I add all of my characters to the guild or only my main character?
    You may add any and all of your characters into the guild. As long as you mention to us, which of your ‘alt’ characters belong to you so we can keep track of who’s, who within the guild. On the forums we also have a function within peoples Profiles to set who is your ‘Main’ and who is your ‘Alt.’ This also makes it easier to see who is who out of game… and also I am easily confused with everyone having alts 

    Do you have a forum, chatroom or voice chat servers?
    We do have a guild forum, which you can find at our website (noted above.) We do also have a dedicated TeamSpeak Server, we encourage people to use it. There are a few other plans in the works to add an out of game chat system, but keep checking the forums for more information on that 

    Is this a 'Heavy' or 'Light' guild?
    We are both right now, we plan on starting off by recruiting the people we can either via forums or ingame. We accept friends and all alts as well. We have, in the past, been a mixture of both for other games, such as WoW, so we know how to make it work.

    What are the ranks within the guild? How is it structured?
    At the top of the guild there is 2 Guildmasters (1 primary and the other his 2nd in command) our officer ranks and then the PVP Ranks / Leaders. Most likely you will start as an Initiate and from there, depending on experience (level) and your willingness to help others, your rank will increase both in game and on the forums.

    How large will the guild be?
    We’re happy and have plans in place for the guild to be as large as it naturally progresses. This is not to say we are going to have people ignored, the intention is we have a regular set of people making it easy for people to get a group.

    What are the rules of the guild?
    The rules of the guild can be found on our forum, Login , but should anything be unclear or you need assistance with anything. Please make a post with questions and an Officer/Moderator will be happy to assist. The only thing we ask is to be polite / respectful to one another, everything is pretty much as you would expect.

    Why should I join The Cult, rather than any other guild?
    We’re trying to get a friendly group of like minded people to level and later PVP with. We understand not everyone is ‘hardcore’ and we try to cater for both. We have a massive range of MMO Expierence from previous Guild Leaders to casual players.

    How do I contact the guild about joining?
    You can read our application information on our forums
  14. nelg39

    nelg39 Fledgling Freddie

    Platnium Blacks

    Platinum Blacks, Leader Nelg39(Glenn Webb).

    Small family Guild. only 5 members, all have CE pre order codes.

    experience in MMO`s Dark Age of Camelot, both EU and US servers,
    WOW, RF-Online, Everquest, DDO Online, Guild Wars, Arch Lords, Eve, and UO.

    guild ages 13 to 39 all family members.

    no Web site yet, will Start a bit closer to release.

    Guild rules, treat people how u expect to be treated.

    Guild was started just so i could keep in touch with my children while i was working away, we intend to expand guild to RL friends and online friends we meet in game, guild has always bin small, but my boys have bin playing MMOs for 8 years now, very polite and good gamers, even my 13 year old has bin playing for 7 years now, His BG twink on WOW, was one of the most sort after chars for group PvP, and there all RvR mad, last year we went back to DAOC on the US servers, and have only just stopped playing again this month.

    Guild Name came from are PnP D&D campaign in forgotten realms, the Platinum Blacks mercenary group, A small band of like minded adventures, that on the hole do good things, with an underlying thurst for evil power.

    We had decided on the side of destruction, but all the careers r very appealing so, will make final decision during OB.

    Thanks GW
  15. Liil

    Liil Guest

    Hi, my name is Liil.

    I am one of the founders of a Guild called Divine Legend created over 8 years ago in a game called Everquest. We have many active European members. I am also the current leader of the Divine Legend Kin active in Lord Of The Rings Online.

    We are a mature community (aged 25-60, although there is no limit!) and span across many MMO's - Currently LOTRO, EQ, EQ2, Vanguard and Conan to name five. We have found friendship though gaming and even a few romances and marriages!

    We do enjoy raiding, we are not a hardcore guild by any means, but we have always been successful raiders due to the maturity of the guild and the commitment to each other.
  16. Sheepyz

    Sheepyz Fledgling Freddie

    Guild name (and link to site): Twisted Knights

    About TK:

    The guild name comes from a recent merger of 2 guilds who raid/socialised together alot.

    What started as a small guild for friends and family has grown into a mighty community.
    Through grouping, raiding and socialising our good nature got us a top reputation.
    After a recent merger with one of our raiding alliance guilds the member base has grown beyond what we ever imagined.

    We welcome all people who apply usually on a trial basis to see how things go but have an age limit of 16+ (which gets broken at officers discretion) due to guild chat being rather blue most of time (someone has to think about the kids)
    The guild was set up on WoW but has expanded onto other games, Members are a mix of old school gamers from EQ, DaoC to New members from WoW, AoC, LotR, all ages, cultures and creeds.

    The guild rules are pretty laid back but believe in the old unspoken etiquette treat others as you yourself would like to be treat, dont rip off guildies and dont spam general channels (too much)
    We are not set to one stereotype of guild. We have a contingency that loves to raid, we have a contingency that loves PvP, everyone loves to socialise and have fun and some of us old schoolers love to think of the good old days back in frontiers and cant wait to get our teeth into some epic RvR once again.

    We are undecided as to which faction to play on WAR but leaning towards destruction.

    Hmmmm now to make you laugh to sway your favour...........

    There once was a woman from Eeling... no no no thats not suitable.

    A gnome a dwarf and an orc walked into a pub...... nope that may come across as racist.

    Just give us beta keys dagnabbit or the squigs get some of this :lol:
  17. uglydave

    uglydave Fledgling Freddie

    Legends Reborn

    Legends Reborn is a EU based Order guild whos aim is to become a force to be reakoned with on the battle fields. We have been around since Beta of that other game that shall not be meantioned and maintained steady progress pre and post expansion, we have always welcomed the casual as well the "hardcore" player and we will be involved in all aspects of WaR wether it be PvE, PvP or RVR although our focus will be mainly on RvR

    Currently our guild site consists of a forum which we troll on a regular basis and also a private ventrillo server were someone can always be found muttering to themselves. Registration is open for the guild if you wish to join us in WaR.

    We intend to keep our guild relatively small in members focusing on getting to know everyone we play with and making a really solid group of people. Something that has really interested us is the guild alliance system because we want to become know as dogs of war, a regiment for hire if you will. We plan to achieve this firstly making a name for ourselves on the battlefields and then developing our website to allow for other guilds and alliances to request our axes on the battlefront. We want to be that regiment that you call when you cant get any members on to defend your keeps the regiment you call when your being rampaged at the gates of your fortress, and of course this will all be for a modest fee :drink: and if that doesnt work then well at least there will be plenty of dead destruction corpses in or wake.

    Warhammer has had many of us excited for a long time with a lot of us having played the table top game and even the good old pen and paper version d100 ftw and we would like the chance to enter guild beta so we can see if our ideas will work out for the live release, currently we are all WoWing ( Waiting On Warhammer ) so we would be able to fully focus our players on helping you to test the game in its current stage of beta and ready ourselves for the age of reakoning.

    P.S. this is what happened to our last member that wanted to roll destruction
  18. Whisperess

    Whisperess Part of the furniture


    I'm Whisperess, Guild Master of Heart & Soul. (together with Lorric, one of the founders)

    Who are we?
    Heart & Soul is an old guild formed in Dark Age of Camelot (Midgard, Excalibur server shortly after release, that's what roughly 6-6½ years ago?) and now actively looking forward to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. We have also made a brief cameo on Glastonbury (also Midgard) and after Daoc we've been playing together in a broad range of games, including but not limited to FFXI and WoW.

    We are a European guild with members from all over the place. Most of us are from Sweden and the United Kingdom, but we also have members from distant places such as South Africa and in the past even China. (no moneyfarmers though! ;))

    The official guild language is English.

    What are we?
    Heart & Soul is and always has been somewhat of a casual guild. We value friendship and our "family feeling" higher than any particular member's dedication of time or skill. We have a good mix of male and female members of all ages. Our average age is somewhere between 27-32. It's all about having fun and enjoying the time you spend with us. Thus, we are very careful about who we invite into the guild. It is important both to them and to us that they "fit in" in order to keep drama as far away from the guild as possible. In that same regard, we aren't a very large guild. As of this writing we're roughly 30 members, but in difference to some other guilds we've tried - every member counts. A proof of that is that regardless of what the members are currently playing and regardless of which other guilds they've tried, they all long for our reunion in WAR. Other guilds we've played together with in DAOC were happy to hear that we'll be playing WAR and looking forward to allying with us (or even fighting against us!) yet again.

    Activity wise, we're quite varied. We aren't what people refer to as a "PvE" guild, nor are we what people might refer to as an "RvR" guild. We believe in a mixed experience to ensure a greater enjoyment for our members. Our main focus in WAR will be RvR; but we will surely enjoy the PvE as well - all aspects count and variety is the spice of life!

    Why should we get into guild beta?
    Mainly because we're a really friendly bunch of people that take pride in making the game enjoyable for everyone, both within and outside of the guild. We're definately Order-based which seem to go against the norm if you look at the various forums around here.

    Then there's of course our Blood-Brawl sessions and that we'll hurt Fixit (a goblin we captured that currently resides on our application page) if we don't get in soon!
  19. Spookie

    Spookie Fledgling Freddie (- I realize we have the dullest title ever, but what are you going to do, we're a community of nomads. :p)

    Now since IainC asked us to sell our guild and I work in dirty dirty sales. I am literally going to sell our selfs based on techniques I was taught by TalkTalk Business! (This maybe a massive blow out, excuse me if it is but I'm going to try it anyway!)

    Hi I'm Spookie from, we're a rag-tag bunch of social pariahs – we helped murder Wireplay when it was owned by Gameplay then managed to demolish BY Games. and we've been looking forward to WAR for quite a while where our skills of self destruction will come to fruition at last! (A number of us are ex-DAoC players - HELLO PRYDWEN! A few are ex-WoW addicts looking for a change on proverbial drug and a few are fresh faced to MMOs in general).

    THE Hook

    We can't offer much more than our social lives, families and live stock. I'm sure you weren't expecting anything less from us! We are different because we'll happily admit our short comings rather than blaming it on game design ('nerf!') ;)


    I sat and looked at this stage for 10 mins and couldn't think of anything witty but this filler.​


    You know those beta testers who join, play, didn't enjoy it and then post on your forums telling you how much it sucked then left? We won't do that! We'll stick to our patented 'in fighting'(TM) where much poo will be flung until the offenders conform with the rest of the gang again.​
    You've seen those beta testers who leak shots and videos? I'm sure you're sick of them!. We don't do that. Use the excellent 'if you get the guild kicked out of beta, your PC goes out the window at the next LAN' system. It guarantees success!​

    Features & Benefits

    We have some fantastic features only people who have attended insomina lans can acquire such as friendly banter, iMob, violent practical jokes which end up in a trip down the plod shop, 48hr non-stop group stress test and the amazing 'jesus christ my sleeping bag is on fire' (only substitute sleeping bag for keep in WAR). How can you live without such brilliant features no other guild can offer you? :D

    Objections and trial close

    -- 'Are you serious?!'

    Well. No. We're all a bit tongue in cheek if you can't tell already! Most of us have been playing online since '96 racking up £500 phone bills. Most of us are ex-admins, community whipping boys and community liaisons for Wireplay & BY games. trickery was setup after it all went to pot for the n'th time. While we're a slowly dwindling bunch we've achieved rather a lot.
    One of the WoW guilds have managed to survive a turbulent existence on the server and is now the only remaining guild, on the server, not to disband and reform. It's currently being helmed by Velvet (the forum Adm0ng for trickery) who is dragging them kicking and screaming through the Sunwell. A few of our other members are part of 'Pro' gaming groups earning tonnes of dosh shooting pixels for pounds. While most of us don't approve (which number sin is Envy?) we still love them.
    --'Your website looks a bit sparse!'

    It wasn't suppose to be a permanent edition. But we've been there for so long it would seem a bit daft to change a winning formula. Well that and we're too simple to change the front page! Most of us communicate via mIRC, Xfire and Steam. At well as the real word iterations of the phone and the pub.​


    I guess this has dragged on for long enough. I'm going to cut it here before I break the pacing of it and push my luck! It's taken three hours of my life to make it legible and has the odd “FUNNEH” in it after all.​
    In short, we're all fans and we're no better than the the person who posted next to or previously to me. We just hope that when you throw that dart at the print out of this forum thread it hits my post (hell it's long enough!).

    Oh and by the way, you do still kind of owe me for that caption contest last year! I lost my net connection in November and never got to claim my silver prize! ;) :p
  20. sirflano

    sirflano Guest

    Legion Of Khorne

    The legion of khorne is a guild at start for a community but hope to expand to rvr soon after, we accept members met in game, we advertise on the guildsite " :// "
    this is a community site for both our guild in WAR and our guild in WOW,
    it has games, videos, and movies, and [in construction] a detailed guilde of the game, eg. race/class info along with all the podcasts

    we are here to help "newbs" become rvr gods,
    we would love people to get into the guild beta even though we currently have only 3 members [ at least i didnt lie, and this means you can add a whole guild to the no. you have let in and yet only add three people :p ]
    and when looking at site please take into account thats it isnt finshed

  21. Manesni

    Manesni Guest


    one of my community members who frequents these forums pointed me at this post and seeing as I´m supposed to start our Warhammer online section i guess I´m supposed to type a short blurb here in an attempt to get our guild in the beta....

    our website can be found at The Conclave - Online Gaming Community

    I represent The Conclave´s warhammer (to be formed) warhammer online branch. We´re a multinational gaming community that just celebrated its 6th birthday earlier this month. our aim in general is to provide a platform for people to come together and play games, be it FPS, console, MMO or anything in between. our current guilds include a world of warcraft guild, battlefield 1942 guild, call of duty 4 guild and an ogame guild. with the launch of warhammer online we will be adding a WAR guild as well.

    our main focus in WAR will be a social group that wants to have fun, the focus will be on the conclave as a community and not as a structure for separate games. this will most likely mean we will not be the largest guild on the server because we won´t be a hardcore raiding or RVR guild but the people that do join us can expect a strong community with regular offline activities like beermeets or barbeques as well.

    what else is there to tell? I don´t know, I´ve never been much of a recruiter or a sales person.... I just like playing games and so do the most of us so I´d say drop by on our forum if you have any further questions.

    and if we dont´get into the guild beta? well... better watch for my axe then because I will find you in WAR and my ironbreaker will break something besides iron.... :flame:
  22. Robot

    Robot Fledgling Freddie

    Hello, my names Autokarma and I am the guild master of Vengeance.

    Vengeance has a great history which has spanned several MMORPG's over 6 years. Vengeance has always primarily been a PvP oriented guild, but still enjoys testing itself in PvE. The guild has players from many parts of Europe including Hungarians, Scots, English, Dutch and Swedes. We are also a mature guild with all members being 20+. We have always been a fairly active guild and have always seemed to leave our mark on a game, from either organising large pvp battles to pve raids. Vengeance was the Top for Realm Points in Dark Age of Camelot - Hibernia Excalibur and 2nd top on the Excalibur server until the guild left to join World of Warcraft, where we played for a number of years.

    Vengeance has been eagerly awaiting the chance to put its wits to the test in Warhammer Online. Ever since the news came out that warhammer was being made into an MMO. We were all extremely interested in the game. This was then increased ten fold, when it was mentioned that Mythic would be creating WAR.

    We believe we would be a worthy choice to be entered into the WAR guild beta, as we would add our skill, humour, influence, determination and our enthusiam. These combined with the guilds vast experience it has accumulated in MMO's and the beta's of MMO's. Brack also does Drag on weekends (not for the feint hearted).

    The URL for our website is -

    We hope this has persuaded you to invite us. If not then we will set the rabbit on you!


    Thanks for your time and we wait in anticipation of your reply.

    P.S. We also have Beer!
  23. balthezie

    balthezie Guest


    Well, what can I say, we've never needed to sell ourselves before but We are willing to learn :p

    Apocalypse has been around since "Legend of Mir 2" (some 7-8 years ago) formed successfully from 2 other guilds.
    After having done all that could be done there we spread ourselves across many other Mmorpg's, SWG, WoW etc. all having great success.

    Over the years we have grown stronger and stronger now having 1000+ registered members of our forums, Many members from all around the world though mainly europe and all ages from 18 to 56 (think he' that old but maybe a little older :p),we have also spread further and further out into lord knows how many other games.

    But now the time has come to find a world where all Apocalypse members can become one again and this is why I post here :)

    We have never had a regular website (never really needed one) but our forums are there for all to see Zints - Home - Zints take a look around
    Yeah I know it aint pretty but it's functional and serves us well.

    Here's hoping :england:

    Hmmm no Welsh flag!!!!!!!!!:m00: NO SHEEP EITHER!!!!!!
  24. Zeera

    Zeera Fledgling Freddie

    Shadow Brothers

    Hello my name is Zedrich and im the Guild master of Shadow Brothers.
    Im the guildmaster of one of the most funniest guilds ever seen on the prydwen server in Daoc. Most of our players are from the old block when it comes to Daoc, some of the members would say that they are young and beautyful, but the truth is .... only a few of us are. We have members from the age 22 up to 60 years old bouth boys and girls.
    In daoc we use to arrenge PVE raids and allso RvR raids, most of the rvr raids ended up with a bunch adolts sitting on ventrilo lauging about something someone did or said, well on our daoc alliance my misstells was legendary, and i was crowned as a Legendary grandmaster missteller. (i hope i post this in the right thred). :rolleyes:
    At the moment our guild are semi active in daoc and the rest are only wateing to get the hands of War to reform and move our entire guild there.
    We all see this as fresh start for us all to get together again.
    Shadow Brothers is a very helpful and friendly guild that was liked by the other albion guilds on Prydwen.
    Shadow Brothers have members trough a few countrys in Europe, like Sweden, Uk, Germeny and Scotland.

    The Brothers started on daoc beta and some of us are still plaing daoc, but more and more rare now when the prydwen population is so low, we will apply to this guild beta cous we are expeienced players, bouth in PvE and in PvP. Oh i almost forgot that we were very experienced when it came to crafting, some even enjoyed it so much that they made more then one lgm crafter *smiles*

    We enjoyed daoc and we from Shadow Brothers are looking forward to the next big game. To be abel to see a new world open up befor us, have new adventures to look forward to. To get that special feeling that daoc once gave us, when u almost didnt want to log of cous we know we could kill this mob, or take that keep. Always looking over our sholders just wateing to get attacked by the other realms when trying to breach trough the keep gate 5% 4% come on ... hurry hurry, my guess is that all of u that read this know what feeling im talking about. Excitement
    It made us a group, it made us a guild it made us good friends, even if we live in different countrys we still keep in tuch.

    Take Care and we´ll see u on WAR.
    Shadow Brothers
    Shadow Brothers - A Dark Age of Camelot Guild
  25. Glowamane

    Glowamane Guest

    Dagon Roots

    Dagon Roots is a guild that was started in Planetside and moved to Shadowbane.

    Since then we have moved to WoW and are now a high end raiding guild there with alot of our players also trying out AoC.

    We have between 50 to 100 players ranging from our hardcore raiders to our more social friends who just cant bear to leave our guild :wub:

    We are a international guild with players from all over Europe and have a good social side, we have guild meets with us recently having raided Beljuim to drink all there beer :drink:

    Our Website is Dagon Roots

    As an officer of the guild, old DAOC player and devout follower of WAR I need to get some Beta Invites to convince the rest of the guild to follow me back to some good RvR.
  26. Oyjord

    Oyjord Fledgling Freddie

    "The Arsenal" reporting for duty!

    "The Arsenal is reporting for duty, sir!"

    The Arsenal

    We're an old, old guild that's been gaming together from UO, to AO, to DAoC, to WoW, to LoTRO, to name it, the Arsenal has defiled it!

    We consist of most "mature" gamers. That is, we're old foggies. We have members in their 30s-50s, most with kids, all with full-time jobs. We have core members in England, Belgium, Germany, Canada, America and Japan, but we're consider ourselves an English guild. But we've weathered the MMORPG storms, managed to stay together through thick and thin, and now we're ready for WAR!


    If you'd have us in your beta, we'll do ya' proud!

    All hail the Arsenal!

    Yours in bloody WAR,
  27. MajorKhaos

    MajorKhaos Fledgling Freddie


    The fighting outside the Suderheim outpost was getting closer, Johann realised at this point that he would be putting all his soldier training to use soon and drew his sword in anticipation of the impending encounter. He orders was to protect the contents of a locked vault in the tower, he didn't know what was in the vault, but didn't think it would be that important, as it was located in Talabecland rather than Altdorf.

    Moments later, the fighting had died down, he heard the sound of an armour clad soldier coming down the corridor towards the room. Captain Helborg is coming, he thought to himself, he said "That was a close fight, Captain" as he opened the door, only to be met by heavily armoured Knight of chaos staring at him. Johann froze at the sight of the Knight, who bellowed...

    "Kharnage have arrived and we're here to claim our Talisman of GuildBeta +1!"

    Kharnage is a guild of around 70 players with an active playerbase of approximately 30. The guild was formed originally as an Outfit in PlanetSide in 2004 and have been playing Online / MMO games as a group since. It's mostly a mature UK based guild, with a handful of other Euro players. Playing PlanetSide for the best part of 4 years has given most of our players a very PvP centric playstyle, although we do play PvE based games, at Hart [​IMG] we are looking forward to a continuation of DAoC RvR style gameplay.

    Our Website at is currently being redesigned to a WAR theme, in the meantime we are currently hosted at our sister website of

    Currently we are dispersed over various games:- PlanetSide, LOTRO, DAoC, Tabula Rasa, EQ2 and COH / COV. The guild has had involvement in other MMO Beta's including a few of us currently in the closed WAR beta, so we have a varied Beta experience to offer.

    The guild also have quite a few players who have a deep knowledge of the Warhammer tabletop game and the background / IP.


    Outfit Leader
  28. Javai

    Javai Fledgling Freddie

    We are the Knights of Pendragon
    Though the name may be a bad 'un
    For games not based in Olde Eng-land
    But we grew much bigger than ever planned

    We'd very much like to help test
    Warhammer, to make it the greatest
    From England, Wales and Denmark we hail
    All English speaking, but not all male

    So why should you take us into your Beta?
    Well we can't think of anything neater
    We played on Excalibur for all of five years,
    Even when Mids drove us to tears

    We are helpful, commited, friendly and wise
    (Well perhaps not that Bob bloke but he surely tries)
    We're keen that Warhammer is a huge success
    As we've not found a new home yet, but I digress

    Please consider us for a guild beta place
    If this wasn't text I'd put on my best face
    To persuade you that we deserve such a spot
    To aid in making Warhammer hot.

    The boring bit:

    I'm GM of Knights of Pendragon formed in the early days of DaoC it was initially just my husband and I but we grew by inviting those we got to know along the way. We're interested in pve and rvr and although not the largest guild ~ 30 members we are very close knit. Since DaoC we've existed in smaller subgroups in different games, including the ubiquitous WoW; LOTRO; AoC and one or two of us were even fool hardy enough to venture into Vanguard and Pirates of the Burning Sea, but we never quite managed to find one we could all agree on as we all enjoy different aspects of games to different degrees so we think WAR might well be the 'one' we've been waiting for. Website Knights of Pendragon
    • Like Like x 1
  29. Strid

    Strid Guest



    Wont type pages... We started as Hrafnin Flygur/ Percival--> Boldiam Zerg /Gareth (I know we are more out there, single testing and stuff)

    * We are a guild that most of us has been with DAoC from the early morning (Pre DF).

    * We hope to apply on aprox 20 memberships that is left, not run off to WoW.

    * Take care and hope to heare from you!

    / salute and hope this was short enough! =P
  30. Oyjord

    Oyjord Fledgling Freddie

    Hi again, Oyjord here to add a few Arsenal guild songs to our entry. I couldn't find the edit post button, so I'll just throw our guilds songs at you this way!

    Hail, Arses!

    Hello, hello, we are the Arsenal boys!
    Hello, hello, we are the Arsenal boys!
    And if you are an Order Fan,
    surrender or you die,
    cause we all follow the Arsenal.

    Que sera sera
    what ever will be will be
    we`re going to Inevitable City
    que sera sera.

    Drink, drink, wherever you may be,
    We are the drunk and disorderly,
    but we don't give a hoot,
    and we don't give a damn,
    Coz we came home with the High Elf's hand!

    Roll out the Arsenal
    Lets have a barrel of fun
    Roll out the Arsenal
    We've got them all on the run
    Just one more quest now
    Then how we all will cheer
    The Gang's all here

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