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  1. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    Going into the weekend, some guildmasters have already received good news. We'll post a list of the lucky guilds once we're done.

    Keep up the good work, the winners so far have gone to great lengths to impress us and stand out, the rest of you have a high standard to reach!
  2. Dvergar

    Dvergar Regular Freddie


    Hello everyone, I am here to bang the drums of war for Trauma, to raise our standard, and take what is rightfully ours!

    Trauma is WoW raiding/PvP/casual guild based on Bladefist PvP server (which we all fondly refer to as Deadfist). Our members come from all over Europe, from UK to Macedonia, from Russia to Portugal. If that raiding/PvP/casual description sounds contradictory, then the history and the nature of Trauma will make it clear I hope.

    A Brief History of Time..errr.. Trauma!
    Trauma was founded sometime in late 2006 (our longbeards are not sure of the exact date unfortunately) out of the ashes of the hardcore raiding guild The Freak Circus (TFC) . Initial intentions of the founding fathers were to have a casual PvP guild. Considering who the founding fathers and initial members are, that idea still makes me chuckle. Soon after TBC hit the servers, our ancients found them self raiding again, slowly growing in numbers as more and more old TFC members reactivated them self, and also some fresh blood was introduced to the guild. Then two very important milestones happened for Trauma, first and most important Dvergar joined Trauma, and second and also somewhat important, by killing Magtheridon Trauma took the title of Bladefists best alliance raiding guild, a title we still hold and we are proud to tell not one alliance guild at this time is close to our progress, dedication and general awesomeness.

    The Traumatic Spirit!
    Being a guild that exists for such a long time (some of us also consider TFC in the Trauma timeline) we had many members join us. But Trauma is more than a guild, Trauma is the personification of online friendship, of bonds stronger than simple loot hoarding. Many of those members decided that raiding is not their vocation, and that PvP is the way to go. They are still in Trauma, being the gchat spammers hat keep emoing how vanish is OP/broken. Others like the social aspect, and are here just to get us defocused with guild chat while we wipe on Sunwell bosses. As an illustration, from over 80 members (I think) only some 30-35 are raiding.

    The best way to describe the Traumatic spirit is to quote a /w I received yesterday at raid end:
    "How can I not love this guild, I logged in a very bad mood, and now I am all smiles." (copyright by Brandaris)

    It will take many pages to describe the hurdles this guild went thru, the problems and the general drama. But we are still here, stronger than ever, basking in the lumination of our perfection!

    The Trauma aristocracy
    The supreme ruling body of Trauma are the 4 wise men: Oblom, Reykaan, Slamdancer and Xteen (in alphabetical order, don't shoot me :(). Together with the other officers they oversee the functioning and wellbeing of our beloved guild. All decision are made after (fiery) debate, but the burden of decision still lies on this poor souls.

    The Warhammer infection
    Having a solid number of Warhammer TT players, we were very excited of the incoming MMO. Even happier we were to find out that our Armies are on same side, the side of Order (except that cursed Druchii known as Reykaan, but he is greatly outnumbered and surrounded, so the crisis was immediately solved in the best Warhammer tradition). A good portion of our members have already placed pre-orders, and the move is imminent. However we believe that this is not enough. We believe that WAR will be our home in the coming years, and we feel it is our duty, and our responsibility to help make WAR a home to be proud of, a pixel place as perfect as it can be!

    Our Web Home!

    Fully home cooked by Slamdancer, the bear we all love <3

    Being the Traumatic Warhammer opssessed dwarf, I was given the privilege to make this post. I can be contacted thru this or our own forum, or if you want to raise the diplomatic contact to a higher level, contact one of our Supreme Rulers on the Trauma forum.

    Modesty is not my strong side it seems.
  3. Aqe

    Aqe Fledgling Freddie

    Resistance is Futilez. We will be beta testers!


    Futilez the guild:
    Futilez was formed in 2006 under the name EGG. We choose that name because most "golden egg" winners where in our guild.
    End of 2007 we lost previous website so we renamed the guild to Futilez and registered our new website.
    After the flop with Dark and Light the guild have been searching for a new MMO to play. Members have played Pirates Of The Burning Sea, Sword of the new world, Tabula Rasa, Vanguard, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan together and our current aim is Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
    We have 160 active members in the guild and at least 50 people that will start playing Warhammer. Average age is around 30 years old but ages ranging between 16 and 50. The most important characteristic of our members is the level of maturity.

    What can we contribute with in beta?
    Futilez have many members that done many alpha and beta tests for other games and mmo's. We have been searching for a quality MMO so long now and will be very dedicated in helping make Warhammer a top quality game.
  4. DaanLand

    DaanLand Fledgling Freddie


    Clan: Lore, formerly known as LeFAp
    Webpage: (in process of going up - currently down for remodel)

    About the clan:

    well myself and a bunch of friends created a fun clan out of a hobby we played for nearly 15 years - Games Worshop :) after working and running my own GW store, we kinda moved into our other hobby - besides woman; online games :)

    We have been a high ranked clan in all the games we have played in, most notably top LANuk CS winners, UT and Quake also. We were also a successful clan in mmos such as UO, EQ, Diablo1, DiabloII, DAoC, and most recently Lineage2. We have played Lineage2 since its beta, and enjoyed everything it has had to offer.

    Our fondest memories are playing Diabloii. we beta'd it and even made the first milestone characters to the level cap before anyone else. we received an email from the dev team led by Bill Roper for our successes with GERBarb and also GERMania. we led many of the ladders after that playing the hardcore classic mode, that to this day has given us the name of today. however, the people that built the name of LeFAp, have all near gone, and it feels time to lay it to rest, and start something new with the waking of War.

    Meet the team:

    My brother and I am of the original team left that created LeFAp all 15 years ago. All decisions are democratic, and lay final with us. Hehe easier than said sometimes :)

    But we always make a decision that benefits us all as we are more than a clan, a community is more fitting. From a unit of friends, we are a large community of 100 gamers, most play casually, or the beast that is Real Life has put the reigns on their gaming somewhat :) (shakes fist)

    It is in our nature to play at the top and competitively, enjoying friendships of both clanmates and enemies together.

    Our main rule of thumb has always been to play for fun, fun and more competitive fun ;)

    We are a wide range of ages, nationalities and background. We all have an indepth background of gaming and many of us have been involved in a beta. This means we are able to find reporting easier, and test classes together and test utilities and gameplay best we can.

    We enjoy every aspect that games can offer us. We always play the games that offer us the opportunity of core teamwork, play for the bigger picture and for the greater of all our members. We hope all our members get out, what we all put in, and by making it a friendly environment for people to enjoy themselves and get away from the everyday life and escape to be somewhere else, with people that share the same interests, then good fun for everyone involved :)

    Why the move? The change?:

    With War here now, we would love to mix our much loved hobbies together, and build a successful destruction guild that is home for RvR and end game content.

    We would love the opportunity to take on the Order, its cities and towns, and be a frontline guild when people think of RvR/PvP in War.

    ps.If i may add, apologies regardig our website, our host recently decided to close and we lost everything :( we are in the process of getting a new site up as we speak, but hope it will not im pact too hard upon our guild. we are currently using as a hub atm the moment! I am currently ingame on the beta already under the char name of SheerKhan. Many of my guild are waiting for this to go through, so we can enjoy the game together and enjoy all that the Mythic / GOA and EA team has to bring. However our guild beta application didnt seem go thru as we hoped - my mistake in filling the form out it seems, its cost me a many round at the pub i'll have you know, so im still paying !!!

    We are an active group of 50 dedicated gamers who wait for your response to the guild beta :)

    Best regards and keep up the great work thus far !
  5. Wuzdrug

    Wuzdrug Guest

    Implements of Destruction

    Hi, I'm Wuzdrug, Guild ' Leader' of the Guild Implements of Destruction.
    We are a guild for now solely based in the Netherlands, but we intend to accept anyone motivated, friendly (and later on skilled) enough from any other country.

    The current members (and thereby founders) are all long-time Warhammer and Warhammer 40k tabletop veterans, all well at home in a wide variety of games, ranging from F.E.A.R. to WoW, Eve and beyond to (near) infinity. Obviously we are a tightly packed group of Real-Life friends who meet regulairy at the local warhammer store, as well as each other's houses.

    We as a guild intend on becoming the most feared guild on whatever server we choose to decend upon on launch, but until then...we're all very happy if we simply get the chance to help out finding all the bugs and making the game as great as it possibly can be.

    PS: Should anyone be interested in Joining the guild, please feel free to post an 'apply' (no real need to work yourself up for about that) at our newly formed, ableit slightly suffering from slackage, forum at
  6. InsaneFinn

    InsaneFinn Guest

    Guild name: Kalevala Syndicate

    Guild's website: please note, that all the info and forums here all in Finnish, except there is one info page with English text called Kalevala Syndicate in brief Kalevala Syndicate in Brief

    Guild leader: Oxa
    Leader asked someone to volunteer to make this application, so because no one else had done it yet, i decided to volunteer.

    Some guild facts: Guild was founded on May 2007, after Oxa decided to make his own guild called Kalevala Syndicate, which is a guild for a Finnish/Finnish speaking people. After that guild has been constantly growing to this day. We currently have 488 registered members on Kalevala Syndicate forum, from which majority is playing Age of Conan. Originally guild was playing Lord of the Rings Online, infact is still playing, including myself have active subscription on both games.

    I myself joined this guild, because the first impression was incredible, guild for casual players, with family and real life, so no need for raiding 24/7. And very mature people, with average age of around 30's and lots of helpful and active members are the facts that made my decision for joining very easy.

    Guild plans for the future: Guild is looking to expand to other MMORPG's and be the biggest Finnish guild there is. I don't know, how many members there are in the biggest Finnish guild, but that i'm sure, that nearly 500 members can't be bad in our small country. Our next target is naturally Warhammer Online and many of us have already bought the pre-order kit and are anxiousily waiting for open beta and especially the finished game.

    As we have close relation to Frozen Dawn guild (another Finnish guild), where Oxa used to be before making Kalevala Syndicate, we are going to join to Order side, where Frozen Dawn is going to be on Destruction side. Conversation on Warhammer Online has started to speed up, when the assumed release date is starting to get closer and more info is released.

    I'm sure there would be much more to tell, but my English is starting to brake up after writing so much and the rest of the text would be too much babbling, so i have to end the story here, before the actual story begins... in the Warhammer Online:worthy:
  7. Throbbi

    Throbbi Guest

    Giuld Name:Room For Improvement
    Active Members:230+

    This is Room For Improvement signing on!

    We are a friendly,mature-acting and (here's the surprise) democratically run guild. We are run by the members, for the members and no one is regarded above others.

    Now while that sounds very prim and proper dont be fooled into thinkin we are boring :flame:! Just last month about 40 of us in the LotRO chapter dressed in blue and changed our names to Smurf! Didnt really achieve very much but my word it was a laugh and is just one example of what we like to do most, have fun. Whether we live, die, or fall off something rather big we still always have fun which is what its all about after all :)

    We have our own website to be found here containing forums,galleries,events calenders and resources sections covering each game in which we have a presence including Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online, Age of Conan and soon to include Warhammer Online (even if our site is already prepped with dedicated forums.) and also some members who like to wear our badge in other games like Team Fortress 2 and Call Of Duty 4.

    Why Room for Improvement? Because no matter who you ar or what you play there really always is....Room For Improvement

    Come see us at our site and take a look :)

    Q:Why should we be invited to the WAR Guild Beta?

    A:Because we always do our utmost to enjoy whatever game we are playing at the time and we are not run like every other guild. We structure our guild in a way that always has the best interests of the members in mind. Also because we like to go a little crazy every now.....which is nice :):D
  8. Vale

    Vale Fledgling Freddie

    Guild: The 58th
    Faction: Order
    Established: July 6th 2003

    The Past

    The 58th was founded within the MMOFPS game known as Planetside, which we played for many years. Beyond the Planetside period we have played many games together ranging from: CS, BF, UT, DoW, WoW and the list could go on. As a clan we were highly successful in Planetside and in WoW, where we commanded respect and were one of the top raiding guilds for a period. Our name is in reference to a TV series called Space: Above and Beyond.

    The Present

    We are currently Waiting on Warhammer and in the meantime we have members playing EVE, ETQW and TF2, with some other games thrown in for good measure.

    The Future

    The future due to this game has many points of interest from expanding the guild, a community rewards system, merchandise, a newly designed website and its very own lore, portraying players from our community. Our goals within WAR are to have or to be:

    • One of the best Order Guilds on the server.
    • Active community and forums with regular events.
    • RvR centric with some PvE mixed in.
    • Medal rewards.

    • Become a part of an alliance amongst the Order Guilds of our chosen server.
    Now I'd like to share with you an extract from the 1st chapter of the 58th lore that will be accessible via our community:​


    The plains that lay along the shores of the Sea of Claws and the Forests of Shadow were not the most fertile of lands, but a few farmers scraped a living here nonetheless. Most of the farmsteads were unremarkable, except perhaps for the resigned determination of the families that lived there.
    Night had fallen and even the late working farmers had gone to bed. It was strange therefore that at one of these unremarkable farmhouses, a shadowy figure appeared to be climbing out of a window. It landed with a thump and muffled curse, shouldered a small bag, and set off at a trot towards the distant treeline.


    A persistant hammering noise jerked Ecclesturm the dwarf rudely awake. He groaned and pushed himself out from under the tavern table where he'd slumped the night before. Moving unsteadily to the door, he uttered some colorful oaths under his breath, involving whoever it was doing the hammering, their head, and the hammer itself. The dwarf took a lungful of air, screwed his eyes up ready for the inevitably bright sunlight, threw open the door and stomped outside.
    "What in th' name o' Grogni are ya pis...?"
    The question and the curse faltered as he realised where the noise was coming from. Crowe, his comrade in arms and the recruiting sergeant of the Old Bountyhunters' 58th Mercenary Company, was nailing to the doorpost a poster proclaiming that the life of a Mercenary in the 58th was the Life Of A Hero! Whatever his views on this, Ecclesturm kept them to himself and decided instead to stomp over to the horse trough and dunk his head.
    "Ya realise these yokels prob'bly can't read lad?"
    "That's why we were in the pub last night, spreadin' the word, remember? Anyway, neither can you."
    Slightly wobbly memories eased their way to the front of the dwarfs brain.
    "Oh, is that ya wer bangin' on fer? Can' say I recall pas' my 19th ale. And tha's no proper wordin'. Runes, now there's proper wordin'. Can't ya bash it wi' less noise?"
    A loud dwarf arguing outside the tavern with a man clad in chain mail first thing in the morning was more noteworthy than most things that happened in this town, so those locals who weren't still recovering from last night had started to take an interest.


    The day had rolled on slowly, the two warriors taking turns, one to sit by the wagon with the companies heraldry painted on the side, one to sit in the tavern in an effort to get someone drunk enough to sign up. Currently Sergeant Crowe was propped up against the wagon, sizing up the townsfolk and mentally working out which ones would be brave enough or stupid enough to want to sign into a mercenary company who, to date, had done nothing more noteworthy than eliminate a local bandit gang. It was getting on to early evening and so far nobody had volunteered, although Ecclesturm had gotten drunk and suggested that a dog that had attempted to relieve itself against the wagon definitely had potential.
    Crowe decided to call it a day and headed to the tavern. Inside he found Ecclesturm hunched in a corner, trying to list the grudges he could remember having to anyone who would listen. Crowe sat by him and was about to explain to the dwarf exactly what he could do with his grudges when he noticed the tavern door swing open and a young, strapping lad walked in. Ah, the mercenary thought. Here's potential...
    The lad was clearly a worker, probably a farmhand by the looks. He still had his eyebrows, which pretty much ruled out blacksmith. The lad had shuffled over to the barkeep and after a brief exchange of words, looked straight over at the mercenaries. Crowe nudged Ecclesturm hard in the shoulder and grinned at the young farmhand.
    "You lookin' for us then, young 'un?"
    The young man nodded. "Come to join up, sir. Wanna be a hero, sir."
    Ecclesturm belched loudly at this, and Crowe rolled his eyes.
    "How old are you?"
    "Nineteen, sir."
    "Any experience with weapons?"
    The young man appeared to think about this. "Chased off a wolf once with a pitchfork, sir. And I'm a good shot with a bow. Dad used to let me hunt a bit, sir."
    Crowe shrugged. It was better than some he'd talked to in other towns. Ecclesturm decided to chip in.
    "And are ya' ready lad, to take a mans life?"
    The boy shrugged this time. The mercenaries looked at each other and nodded. The ones who enthusiastically said yes always turned out to be cowards, in their book. The ones who said they didn't know, they could work with that. That's what training was for. Crowe nodded at the young man.
    "Time we were off then."
    The two mercenaries pushed their way out of the tavern, the lad trailing behind. As they were about to mount the wagon, Crowe turned to him and gripped his shoulder.
    "Welcome to Old Bountyhunter's 58th."

    Why do we deserve to be a part of Guild Beta?

    Guaranteed feedback: We're not short of people who speak their mind and I will as Guild Leader collect feedback to post within the Beta forums or my own personal blog.
    Well established Guild: Having been around for over 5 years and forever expanding we are well suited for Beta and the future where "In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war."

    If the above is not enough then you leave me no choice, but to share with you this pie chart and further reason for granting us the privilege of a Guild Beta spot.

    Thank you for reading.

    Vale Fairamount of the 58th Order Guild.
  9. Bogey

    Bogey Guest


    My name is Bogey and I am one of the guild leaders for Salty Bogey

    We're a 100% Greenskin guild based in the UK

    Website url >

    Contact >

    We believe we have 'the' best website catering for the upcoming release of Warhammer Online.

    We currently have over 60+ members sitting in anticipation of the release of WAR

    Thanks for reading and I hope you like our site!

  10. Roo Stercogburn

    Roo Stercogburn Resident Freddy

    I won't bother to do a big recruitment post for Ancient Shadows but we've been around as a group of rl friends and online battle-mates for many years now. Some will remember many of us from Fedaykin back on Mid/Pryd in DAoC.

    Our guild got into the beta. You'll see us there. Unfortunately it arrived at a time when I'm moving home and though I've been in the beta for a wee while now I haven't had as much opportunity to get orcish as I would have liked yet in the lead-up to house-shaking trauma.

    Not to worry, our merry band of loons will see you in there and hopefully I'll have my new connection sorted out sharpish but it will still be a couple of weeks at least before I'm online and getting myself splatted.

    Good hunting to all in the guild beta!
  11. Edz

    Edz Guest

    I am the leader of a Guild called 'The Unified Order' with the intent to fight for justice on the side of the Order! We are a group of gamers all living in the UK from the same town (Hartlepool, it is in the north east for those that do not know) and there are many reasons why we should be picked for the Warhammer Online Guild Beta!

    We have all known each other for a long time and are great friends, but never have we had the opportunity to come together as a unit. We are all successful gamers individually, but as one, we would be unstoppable. We intend to be a professional guild and to succeed immensely within the game just as we did in DAoC. Oddly enough we had separate guilds in DAoC each one as successful as the other, but with this new game we decided to come together and remove the scourge that is Chaos.
    We also have a lot of Warhammer tabletop experience within the guild, two members specifically entering doubles tournaments across England.

    On to the specifics of Warhammer Online, The Unified Order is a small guild comprising of 12 gamers, none of us have been lucky enough to be chosen for the closed beta so we are going off what information has been given about each class. We have gone through what classes are typically needed in an RPG of this sort and assigned certain classes to specific people according to previous experience in other games. For example one of our members has a very successful Cleric in DAoC and therefore will be playing a healer class of sorts in Warhammer. The game is obviously going to be quite unique but i believe this will give us a slight advantage. We have much experience with many types of RPG, but also with RTS and FPS.

    We would love to be able to participate in the beta tests leading up to the release and feel we would contribute greatly by testing hunting zones etc...

    There is much more information i would like to give about each person and our past experiences but I will not bore you any longer.

    Oh and here is our website, a converted gaming site, I know you are largely taking in to account websites, but we have a guy working on our final website which should be done for the release of War!

    Xtatic gaming

    Contact -
  12. DeeDeeX

    DeeDeeX Guest

    Guild Name: Maat
    Faction: Order
    Location: EU Servers

    Hello to all!

    Our guild Maat would like to be considered for the WAR Guild Beta, we applied for the original guild beta around a year ago and we are still hoping to help test out the guild and raid functions in the beta with you.

    About us
    We have over 800 registered members on our site, with around 200-250 currently active guild members.

    We are a very experienced guild, thats been around for many years over many MMOs. We started in a fun little game called WoW and we have had a presence in many others such as Wow name a few :)) . At the moment, we realy need a change seeking a new game to commit to, and hopefully WAR will be able to accomidate us all =)

    Our orgainastion and stability attracts the older gamer and we have a higher average age than most guilds, . This lends us to have a really strong family atmosphere that we are very proud of, we are a fun guild, but one that likes to acheive, and we have succesfully controlled territory in most of the games that allow this due to our tightness as a guild, and our strong alliances that we enter, we take our alliances seriously and can be counted on to be there when needed whatever the odds. We have strong family values . We will bring strong teamwork to take on the toughest of challenges and to test the guild functions to their limits! hehe

    Why should we be in the beta?

  13. Mr.Burton

    Mr.Burton Guest

    Guild Name: Death Knell
    Website: The home of Death Knell - Warcraft raiding guild - Sunstrider (EU) - Home

    I write this message as an officer of Death Knell, we are a diverse group of players hailing from all over Europe with around 30+ active members, the guild play style can best be classified as “Semi-Hardcore” for a mature group of players with “fun” being a main part of the guild atmosphere for over the past 4 years.

    A little over a month ago we finally decided to say goodbye to “That other game” and move on. A number of players familiar with the Games Workshop IP have been closely monitoring the development of WAR over the years and lit the fire in our other members for some glorious WAR as Josh would put it.

    What our guild would contribute to the WAR beta?

    A fine group of mature players hellbent on having fun and checking out what kind of features have been implemented in the game to make guild-life so much better in WAR. Also we believe that being invited to this beta would be a great privilege and honor, and we wouldn’t dare to shame the trust placed in us (NDA and in-game behavior wise).

    With kind regards,

  14. Pantso

    Pantso Guest

    Anarchy Guild



    Greetings. My name is Pantso and I am proud to be called leader of the Anarchy Guild. During these 7 months of existence, we have managed to gather many eager and hardworking people from all around Europe and we have created a very strong community and a friendship that will last through time. We have people from all gaming backgrounds and all with amazing experience in the MMO world. Our guild provides all the necessary stuff and we can cover all the needs that a player may have. Anarchy is the only Warhammer guild so far where members can go and buy their own Anarchy thongs and then go play the Age Of Remembering or the Slaught Machine flash games all day long. We also offer 100% refund. If you enter the guild and you are not satisfied with it, then we refund you the whole amount of kilobytes that we received from you. Even Joker from the new Batman movie talks about us : ""Introduce a little Anarchy... Upset the established order... Well then everyone loses their minds!".... I do not want to bore anyone who is reading this so i will just let you investigate us and see who we really are. And if you like who and what we are then you are definitely welcome to join us. And even if you don't like us we will still like you. But dead . So go ahead and have a look at our web network and we expect to see you around.

    Join us and "Let's Bring Anarchy To Order" together.



    • Professional Guild Website with all the latest WAR news and a super Media Gallery

    • Amazingly Active Forum

    • Our Own Anarchy Blog where you can write anything that comes into your head.

    • Our Own Ventrilo Server to tell jokes about Barnett's bloopers

    • Exclusive Warhammer Flash Games to spend the time till WAR arrives

    • Cool promotional video ( WATCH IT HERE )

    • We already have 50+ active members (and we're growing fast)

    • All members have a lot of experience in other MMO games

    • We have our own Beta Begging Orc


    “All of us worked hard creating this community and still are. We didn't want many members just to look big and cool. We prefered to choose the right people with experience,humor and friendly feelings in order to have an excellent ingame co-operation. And I believe we accomplished it! The only thing that's missing is... WAAAAGH!”
    Countess, Anarchy Chancellor

    "I was a bit nervous at first at joining, i had always joined clans/guilds that had at least one friend in in the past. However when i joined all the fears i had where put to rest and my guild mates quickly became my friends, there a crazy yet funny and friendly bunch. We all have different backgrounds but its great how we've all been able to come together and become great guild mates, i really cannot wait to start punching the living snot out of things with my guild. LONG LIVE THE ANARCHY!!!"
    Ranooth, Anarchy Champion

    “Anarchy is a fast growing community, and a good one. Everybody in Anarchy is friendly just as a guild should be. Alot of us have previous experience with MMO's like WoW etc so i can't wait to see how far we get... Keep your eyes out for us people.”
    Veshna, Anarchy Legionnaire

    "Anarchy, a cohort of chaos infused gamers looking to make a name for themselves amongst the vast legions of Tzeentch and the other chaos gods. Along the way we have great fun and are a very friendly, active and dedicated guild. I hope to spend many happy years here."
    Blutark, Anarchy Legionnaire

    “I really love being in this guild because of everyone being friendly and nice on the forums and on ventrilo. Also I love the constant activity at the forums and the informative guild site. Also it's awesome that most people in the guild have some experience in other MMO's.”
    MasterKill, Anarchy Legionnaire

    "My Guild Are Nice Peoples, And Tastey To Eat"
    Luzzo, Anarchy Legionnaire

    Thanks for reading and we hope to see you all on the battlefield. WAAAAAAAGH!!!

  15. Wivelrod

    Wivelrod Fledgling Freddie

    Many worlds we've seen.
    Many members, all are keen.
    Go where we've not been.

    The Order of the Rose Croix is an international Guild, which has already seen a lot of different game worlds.

    The Guild was founded in the Year 2001 in "Dark Age of Camelot" on the Kay server, where an offspring of the guild is still active. Since then, we made our appearance in most MMORPGs released.

    Currently we are active in World of Warcraft and Age of Conan.

    A few of our members are already in the closed beta and many more have pending applications, with a good few of them having pre-ordered the collectors edition and expectantly waiting for the Open Beta to begin. So, we will no matter what, most definately make an appearance in Warhammer. But to be part of the guild beta is a completely different ballgame. We would be honoured to receive such a privilege, and many of our members will follow the call.

    For your part, you would benefit from a bunch of experienced MMORPG players, who know many games and are able to give excellent feedback.
    Furthermore, Order of the Rose-Croix (or ORC as we like to call ourselves) will contribute a lot to the games society and help build an enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

    We are a mature Guild with a strong emphasis on our guild ethics, the memberships age ranges from 18 to 50, and even older!

    Over the years, ORC has acquired a well earned reputation as a friendly and helpful bunch and as being reliable and polite. Our family style is the foundation of a strong base of members, who come from all over Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom). Besides the online worlds, we have met each other in the real world many times and many of us have long relationships inside and outside the world of games.

    Over the years, ORC has been seen in many MMORPGs since DAOC. From Anarchy Online and Starwars Galaxies over Horizons, Everquest, City of Heroes (and Villains) and Guildwars. To the more recently published Age of Conan, Hellgate London, Lord of the Rings and of course World of Warcraft. I could name many more too, it's a running joke that we're addicted to MMOGs, hence why we own the URL ;) .

    If you want to see a more detailed info, please refer to our forums:

    Guild Website:

    Guild History: Guild History
    Guild Ethics: Guild Ethics
    Guild Charter: Guild Charter

    And finally, no post here wouldn't be complete with out the obligatory cry of:


  16. bloodwire

    bloodwire Guest

    I am one of the guild leaders of The BlackHand Order. We are a guild with about 300 members currently playing AOC and EQ2. The guild was established in 1998 and we've had successful divisions in games such as Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest II, Eve Online, World of Warcraft and more.

    The majority of the guild is currently playing AoC, but with the state that game is in at the moment, we are seriously considering moving to WAR. Most of our members are western Europeans, with most coming from Scandinavian countries and England.

    Our guild web-page is at: The BlackHand - We always prevail!
  17. W1nst0n

    W1nst0n Guest


    Hi I am the GM of a clan/guild from the FTP Codemasters game Archlord. Our guild was - at last check - in the top 20 of over 1300 on the server. We are active and comprise a player base that differs hugely. We have players from all parts of the world and all walks of life (ranging from IT and graphics development manager from a Xerox office to school kids). When the guild was started only 10 months ago it was started with one primary goal in mind - Support and enhance the enjoyment of the game for all members. This is still a priority. As codemasters have been found lacking in the provision of general in game events we have taken it on our selfs to provide and fund events for the other guild members. We also take part in the weekly siege battles and encourage all members, regardless of level and PvP ability to join in. We have also opened up in game chat rooms on numerous occasions and invited all new players in the game to come along and get answers to any questions that they have regarding the game in order to make the experience better for as many people as we can.

    Me and my partner are solely responsible for administering the guild, it's web page and it's forum. We have recently bought a domain and hosting purely for the guild and are online at least 6 days a week in game. Visit our sight Here. The forum if viewable only to registered members.

    Mostly our guild/clan consist of heavy gamers who all have experience of MMORPGs in one fashion or another. Some even play 4 and 5 at a time - though how the hell they find the time is beyond me. Personal experience of MMORPGs include WoW, Rohan, Shayia, LastChaos, Dekaron, InfinityOnline and Sword of the New World to name the ones off the top of my head.

    Responsible and Respectful behaviour are a must from our guild members and we do not tolerate otherwise.

    Having spoken to a number of members in game we have opted to sign up for your beta as we are looking for something that offers a fresh challenge. We hope to get included in the beta and look forward to hearing from you soon.
  18. Nibor

    Nibor Can't get enough of FH

    My name is Nibor Hood and i am the GM of Shadowlords Society.

    The guild has over 100 members acording to our forum and as an old DAoC guild we are intrested to join the Warhammer guild beta for mainly 2 reasons.

    1. we intrested to help to get the game as good as possible

    2. most of our members missing rvr as no other game could top DAoC so far.

    a little history:

    Shadowlords Society was founded in Ultima Online.
    With the start of DAoC we played a major role on the server Excalibur.
    Nowadays the guild is split, while some members went to play Warcraft others started a career in Lotro.
    After a short visit at Pirates of the Burning Sea the majority of our members are playing Age of Conan at the moment.

    My great goal as GM is to reunite Shadowlords at Warhammer.

    You are welcome to visit us at our forum

    thx for your attention
    Nibor Hood
  19. Samuel

    Samuel Guest


    All Destruction

    Check out our latest promo video at
    YouTube - Warhammer Online - Supplicium Guild Promo

    Currently Recruiting (also available on the site at

    EU Players - Open
    North American Players - Open
    Oceaniac Players - Open
    l337 d00dz - None

    Member status:

    Hovering between 60-70 members total, around 30-35 of which are EU.

    Who we are:

    - Supplicium (used to be "order of" but that was dropped for clarity's sake, you'll still see the veterans referring to it as OoS from time to time though Happy Roughly means capital punishment, details to be found on the forums)
    - Established on the 6th of june 2006 in its current form and still very much alive and kicking
    - All-destruction guild, with the option to set up order mirrors for members who want to have order alts.

    What we bring to WAR and our members:

    - Mature atmosphere, with members selected on a no-weiner policy
    - Decades of mmo experience between the members, from mmo's ranging from UO and DAoC to EvE, Guildwars, WoW and even Runescape, you name it ;)
    - Experienced officer corps of people who either have officer experience in other mmo's or have been guild leaders themselves
    - Active forums (to give you an idea, at the time of writing a total of around 9500 posts, over 10% of which contain under 75% nonsense)
    - Ventrillo communication and guildlaunch-supported site
    - 3 divisions to share experiences, strategies and tips (NA, EU and OC)
    - A casual approach without that having to mean we won't get anywhere, experience serves us well here. Ofcourse, we have a few hardcore lunatics running around as well ;) But don't expect anything forced on our members, we're very much "live and let live"
    - RP is encouraged for those who feel like it, we'll be going to an RP server for a more mature audience but we don't force anything on our members (I personally am not an RP'er for example but I don't go around disrupting people's gamestyle either)
    - We have pretty ribbons for member achievements!
    - You might get lucky and win one of our t-shirts and what not through occassional give-aways by the guild leader

    Why should we get into the beta?

    Back at the guild beta sign up phase we ran into a problem. We couldn't sign up both the european and north american guild. As the NA part of the guild was the biggest at that point by far we chose them. We never had a second chance of signing up the european side of the guild. Our EU members always pray to the beta gods for a random invite, as we havn't been able to sign up :(
    Our EU members have been waiting for a chance like this for a very long time, and has been really entusiastic, and taken some great initiative. We have had members writing poems, short stories, and making videos ( No interpretative dance videos though ;) ).
    We would like to contribute to the contest with a poem, written by our member Eterninox. It describes Supplicium as a guild, and what we hope to accomplish in WAR. The other written works will be posted on our site, if anyone enjoy watching, or reading them.

    The Darkness has fallen, the end is nigh
    Of humans and dwarves and elvenkind high
    For a fearsome guild to being has come
    Merciless, destructive, wicked, loathsome

    And voices of Tzeentch, Gork, Mork and Khaine
    In unison portend eternal pain
    To all those who are foolish enough
    To dare stand in the regiment’s path

    Armour clad figures charge in the fray
    Descending brutally upon their prey
    Deathly dark magics in the air thunder
    Tearing flesh and souls of weaklings asunder

    The first strikes have fallen; the dying a-wail
    Invoke their feeble gods, to little avail
    To ashes crumbles the pathetic defence
    That Order thralls did in vain hope commence

    Clarions cry of imminent doom
    Enters the battle...Supplicium


    Our guild leader puts quite some time in what we affectionally call "pruning" (or, "sacrificing to the prune god!").

    The concept is this: after you apply on the site, the officers involved in applications, myself included, make sure that your app gets handled within a 2 day timeframe, at which point you'll get confirmation about either being accepted or declined.

    After you have been accepted you are expected to post on the forums within the next 2 days or the system deletes the application. This is to keep out people who just apply at 10 different guilds and then check back a few weeks later and basicly wasting a lot of people's time, most importantly ours ;) We like to state this in advance to discourage this type of thing. We expect at least some kind of initiative and motivation on your part, because we're worth it ;)

    Once that's done members are expected to make at least 1 post every 2 weeks or they are removed from the roster. Once removed (for this reason or any other) you'll have to reapply like newly arriving people and will only get back in if an officer decides to sponsor the app. Nobody is exempt from this, officers have been cut in the past as well, everybody follows the same few and basic rules If you're going on a holiday or just taking a break or whatever, you can post a message in the LoA part of our forum (Leave of Absences) so our guild leader knows you're still in.

    This may sound harsh and hardcore at first, but for those scared off by it, just think about it for a second, it really isn't.

    Our reasoning is that if people can't put up the effort to make 1 (one!) measily post every 2 weeks, they stand a very high chance of being the same people who just leech off others and thereby end up causing a lot of trouble and drama. If you've ever played an mmo before, you know how it is.

    Our guild leader puts in a lot of time every 2 weeks in going through this process, and I think it's a good example of how the garden is kept clean if you will. It has worked very well for us op to now, which is why we're sticking with it. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

    What we are looking for:

    - Mature members (we currently have a really good group going and none of us are going to take any chances with "bad apples", as stated before most members have extensive mmo experience and can see drama coming a mile away)
    - MMO experience is nice but isn't necessary, we all had to start at some point

    Important to note is that as long as beta is going we pretty much have an open invite policy, meaning that just about anybody can get in at the moment under "Trial Beta Member" status, which basicly means that you can use the guild channel for easier grouping and what not and can see whether you like us. However, if you plan on staying with us after beta you'll have to apply through the site to get to what is currently called "Full Member" rank. After release there's a whole range of different ranks already on the table, for more info on that you'll just have to wander around the guild site a bit if you got in ;)

    Ofcourse, you can also check out the site at


    Best regards
  20. Sheepyz

    Sheepyz Fledgling Freddie

    Unfortunately site broken :( will be back up soonish hopefully
  21. Torpis

    Torpis Guest

    Fuse Guild

    Hello to the Warhammer Online Community.

    About Fuse

    Website: - Please note this is still a work in progress, trying to merge with our World of Warcraft website for more of a Fuse Community, rather than 2 totally separate guilds.

    Well, im here to tell you a little bit about our upcoming Warhammer Online Guild - Fuse. Currently we raid on World of Warcraft (Bronzebeard EU) and have a strong community who are waiting for the release of Warhammer Online. We were founded by a close group of British friends, and quickly grew in numbers. Although Fuse has only been founded a few months, we have played many other MMOs and raided under different names - We began with a Guild on Guild Wars who were very successful, but many members got bored of the game so we decided to play on World of Warcraft. In WoW we have played on many realms and have many level 70 characters, in which we are currently having trouble progressing due to recruitment being low. This is because most people in World of Warcraft have progressed past our level due to our re-rolling on different servers to find a home. Hopefully Warhammer Online will allow us to take our sucess from World of Warcraft and place it into a guild whom will quickly grow and progress in the Ranks of RvR.

    Currently Fuse is a PvE guild in World of Warcraft, but we do also enjoy performing the PvP aspects of the game - everyone likes a break every once in a while. In Warhammer Online we plan to focus on RvR but also perform some PvE - the total opposite of which we currently do in WoW, but we like a challenge :)

    Why did we choose WAR?

    Many of our Officers and members have followed Warhammer Online since it was first announced by Climax, and are also avid fans of the table top game having large armies fully assembled and ready for battle ;)

    Paul Barnett is another reason for choosing Warhammer Online - Watching one of his videos convinced all those not yet wanting to play Warhammer Online into avid fans of the game - as a British based Guild with a witty humor, watching another funny brit grabbed us.

    Why Choose us - the Tricky Question

    The main reason Freddys House should choose us as Beta Testers is our commitment to the Warhammer World, and our final aim to achieve total server domination. Seriously, we want to become an amazing RvR guild who will achieve greatness in the game and will kill any Dwarves who may cross our paths. Although some of our Officers will be in the Open Beta when it begins it would be nice for the whole Guild to come to Warhammer Online and test the system they have implemented into the game and to get a good feel of how to get the guild running before we jump in at the deep end so to speak.

    Thanks for listening to me at 02:00am, although im sure you won't be reading this at 2am... and now i'm talking to myself *looks around* - Why am I still up, dedication I suppose...

    Good Luck to all applicants!
    Guild Master of Fuse
  22. Morry

    Morry Fledgling Freddie


    Joined: 20 Dec 2006

    Posts: 36

    Location: Hamburg, Germany
    hi lads & lasses

    My main char on DAoC is an armsman called Morry. He is the first char I rolled when I started playing 6 years ago, and still active. I joined Shadow Brothers (= SB) about 18 months ago after my old guild broke up. I knew many of the SB guildies through hunts and raids and when I asked if they would have me in guild I was welcomed with open arms. It has nothing to do with me being special that's how all newbies to SB are treated. As Zed stated all our members are adults (some only in age, I'm the eldest member at 61 seasons) The most important for SB is to have fun in playing. Many players are Lgd crafters and we work hard to get your chars templated and are always on the look out for anything new to improve our chars skills and fighting to protect our beloved Ablion. RvR is also high on our list of active events, to improve our tactics we use "Ventrilo" saves time so commands are quickly given and not over key board. To give you an idea how we feel about RvR, SB moved over to Hibernian about a year ago when the number of player went down. We felt that the realms we unevenly balanced and RvR held no challenge for us. Some of the the other guilds in the alliance could not beleave this when we told them what we planned. After much explaining why we were making the move they understood and welcomed new battles. Not only did RvR become fun again but we noticed that the number of Hib plays had gone up, which meant that they seen we were active and wanted to join in our raids. After some time we seen that Albion was no longer the strongest realm so we returned to protect our home fronts At the moment SB is very thin on players, as you know English servers have lost many players due to the different factors
    I'm still active and always on the look out for new people joining DAoC or X players returning. I invited 2 new plays to guild last week and spend now a lot of time helping them to level, in saying that I dont mean "power leveling" that is something that we don't do if a player does not know how to play is char. Skill in battle can not be gained when player lvled only on Pling.
    My DAoC accounts run out in a few months as I pay them every 6 month. Like many players I can't wait till WAR is released for new challenges and battles. Shadow Brother guild will be there in full force and with all might and craft we can muster up

    Shadow Brothers - A Dark Age of Camelot Guild

    Stay Safe out there
    Morry armsman.
    Weemo Hero.

    Forgive your enemies but never forget their names. JFK
  23. Lhel

    Lhel Guest

    Elysium Application

    Below would be our boring text based application, for a more eye catching version follow this link.

    EU Order Guild

    Elysium is a dedicated Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning guild. Our guild is real-life friendly, but still a hardcore regiment. To us that means our goal is to become the top regiment on our server, ready to do battle with the best. The guild was formed in summer 2007 and has created a solid community with the same goal; Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. We have drawn experienced players from various genres of computer games giving us an extensive background in MMO's such as: Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars to mention some. Some with experience as leaders or officers, others as contributing members, but always as the top players in their respective guilds, regiments or clans. We feel this will give us the ability to contribute to the BETA feedback process as we can draw on a depth of both experience and guild management skills.
    Our guild (Formerly called Hades) was initially a destruction based guild but recently we took the very serious step of voting on a change to Order. Our reasons for changing to the side of Order outweighed our reasons to stay as a Destruction guild. Two of the main reasons for the change was the seemingly under population of Order and our desire to achieve greatly. Looking through the guilds currently formed we see that Order is not as well represented by focused guilds determined to win relative to Destruction. Order has a solid base of careers to chose from, none weaker then their destruction counterparts. So we intend to tip that scale more to the Order side, as we define being the best as fighting the best. If our enemies are weak, so are we.

    In Elysium we have one Guild Master and 6 Templars. The Templar rank is the ''Officer'' rank in Elysium. All major responsibilities are divided amongst the Templars. While one Templar focuses on applications and recruitment, another Templar will be working out strategies to surprise enemies and ensure their complete annihilation. The Guild Master holds final responsibility for the guild, his job is to coordinate the Templar’s efforts to maximize the guilds efficiency by minimizing the chances mistakes are made. He does this by maintaining the command structure and supervising as well as participating in the all the regiments endeavours.

    Our main focus in Warhammer Online is RvR. We will do whatever it takes to become the best regiment and help our realm achieve victory. If that means PvE, then that’s where you'll find us. If becoming a better PvP / RvR guild requires us to raid the capital city of our enemy, then they better be prepared for what’s coming for them. If we set a goal, that goal will be completed, one way or another.

    Our regiment is made up by members who are determined to be the best of the best. They are used to boring grinds, long nights of dying and failing and having the same goal for weeks on end. Having been through all of that we have learned how to improve our skills, adapt to our enemies, come up with strategies to surprise our enemies over and over again. With all of our experiences combined, we know how to interact with our environment and everything in it.

    To improve our skills and better our results we will be recording (sometimes from multiple class perspective) and reviewing our bigger fights so that we can see what went well and what didn't (This would be after the NDA is lifted of course ). Where did we go wrong? How did we lose our position in a certain part of this area? What if we put a different career combination in that area? Elysium is the kind of guild that’s always moving pushing forward, analyzing every possibility and variation until the perfect solution is found, then the work begins.

    So to the question... Why us?

    Our guild is not one that has been formed overnight. We have all come together with a common goal. That of being THE leading guild on our server. To this end every member has gone through a stringent recruitment process and believe me, if you have had an interview with our recruitment officer you will know what I mean... I have had easier job interviews!

    Our website is constantly evolving to a higher standard thanks to our very talented design team which has created our site from the first line of code to the last. This encompass any new aspects of WAR as they are announced as well as member requirements to allow us to perform better.

    We have a number of very active Community Members as well as the “Lore boffins” which no good guild should be without. You can walk in on all kinds of conversations on our ventrilo server, anything from where orc babies come from to how to build your own computer to the trouble Tottenham is in the coming season with no strikers to speak of.

    We have built a new Community from all over Europe with about 40 Members. All of the highest Caliber, all fluent or native to the English language, all with a fairly well working brain empowering them with communication skills any firebrand preacher would envy.

    We already have a number of members in the closed Beta. We know this because that’s about all they are allowed to tell us about it no matter how much we torture them. Even as Dark Elves we could not break them, try as we might. Diligent research in what resistance to torture they have been given upon their entry in the beta process has been done, but it is still unknown what dark and insidious magic has been cast upon their souls.

  24. civy

    civy One of Freddy's beloved

    I am an officer in our guild KotT. (Bet you cant guess what it stands for ;) )

    We are a medium sized guild currently standing at around 200 members. The guild has been under its current leadership for over 2 years. Members are from all over the world but mostly from Europe. The majority being English/Dutch and Jock.. erm Scottish.

    MMO experience within the guild varies, some being veterans of DAoC/EQ/AC whilst there are others where WoW is their first.

    Whilst some as still happy campers playing WoW, there is a sizable chunk of the membership looking for a new game to call home. A number tried AoC but soon gave up when it became apparent it wasn’t the game that was advertised.

    I hope you consider the guild for a beta spot. I can’t promise you world beating pvpers, but I can promise a mature easygoing bunch of players.

    Our WoW website is
    The WAR website is under construction. I can give you the URL if you really want to see it, but there is no significant information on it yet.
  25. Thorn_RA

    Thorn_RA Guest

    Hi I'm a guild leader of the Keepers of the Tree of Life (ktl), we are an Italian guild/community.
    We are 30 active members (on forum 100 + subscribers) and we will join order faction on the Italian server.
    We have played/play daoc since 2001(on GOA/Deira server and first on cto/vortigern )in some cases for 6 hears,some members are currently playing age of conan ,wow,lotr, and me and another member of ktl are already in the beta war.

    Here is our home page link:

    KTL - Keepers of the Tree of Life Community - News

    We are waitng for WAR to fully rejoin in a single mmorpg, even for members who aren't active at the moment. The majority of active members are playing together for 4/5 hears,we are a solid core for new members and well belanced gamers (neither too noob,nor too pro ^^).

    Kind regards,
    Thorn RA
    Gm Keepers of The Tree of Life
  26. Jakarth

    Jakarth Guest

    Hi there,

    My name is Jak'arth and I'm the guild leader for the Circle of the Moon.

    CoTM was founded over 3 years ago in the World of Warcraft and is still going strong to this day with a guild presence in AOC as well!

    Cotm is a "mature" guild for players over the age of 18 and this together with our stance on equality and tolerance for all has resulted in long lasting friendships formed between people from totally different backgrounds.

    We have over 30 active Guild Members located throughout Europe many of whom have developed firm bonds of friendship outside of MMPORGS. Regular events both in and outside of the gaming worlds are often on the agenda.

    We'd dearly love to take part in the WAR beta, many of us were brought up on a stable diet of Warhammer Fantasy battle and it's really this that first led us all to playing mmporgs (though some of us still play the table top games.)

    Our guild structure is fairly straightforward with a High Council of founding members presiding over the guild with appointed wardens assisting in guild duties. You can read all about us at:

    Welcome to the Circle of the Moon

    Many Thanks

  27. nitche

    nitche Guest



    My name is Eli,and im the guild leader of horizon.The guild has been in many games,and even in a few different names,which were changed cause we wanted a fresh start in the new game,we have been around since the 2d Game called the realm from there we went to EQ1,DAOC,Diablo 2,AC2,WOW,EQ1,currently we are in WOW till your game is out :) .
    As you see our guild has a VERY long history,and we have been together through basically everything you can imagine ingame and out of it,We are all close friends who love to play together,and come from all over europe and a few americans,but ofc this app is for our euro players,we have been waiting for a VERY long time for WH to come out and would like to play the "BAD" side since its usually much much more fun!We have a guildie that finds bugs without even looking for them,in EQ1 i think a bug was invented just from him,he jumped from a ladder 1 meter away from the floor and twisted his ankle and broke his neck for 10,000 damage!we all went omg what killed you?!?and when he said that...we couldnt help but laugh,this guy in your game every bug there is and some there arent will be reported to you:)
    We have been amongst the top guilds on the server everywhere we went to,and we usually stick to a game for years,and we hope WH will be our new home for the years to come.
    thank you for reading our apply and goodluck with yours and our newest advanture!
  28. clarkejust

    clarkejust Fledgling Freddie

    Hey There Agga here
    I am applying for our guild Clan X we are a bunch of m8's who have been 2gether through many an MMo we are a mature guild who enjoy PvP eating rival guilds is our staple diet and we dont go hungry!! we have been following WAR with much antticipation conflageration temtrepidation across the nation!! (for some time now) and have applied many times for beta test in fact i think most members have applied there whole family at least once!! we have been involved in a lot of beta testing before as individuals and we would like the chance to help you iron out any pre release problems you may have with guilds and PvP or whatever u could use us for although we draw the line at fact we dont draw line anywhere anything will do!!!!!
    Clan X Online :: Home please feel free to peruse the web site thx for reading ... Agga
  29. CowledScout

    CowledScout Fledgling Freddie

    Hello there, i'm a lone Archer, with 4 years experience - from the realm of dark age of camelot. :)

    Everyone in my realm has gone missing, and it's really lonely here! ;)

    Why should you pick an archer without a guild? Cos I need only my bow to win! :clap:

    I wrote a poem:
    Mythic owned 2008 E3,
    Now they only need to see,
    That i'm the best tester for them to pick,
    so dear moderator don't make me sick.

    Sick of envy of watching others, playing,
    so listen to a dear customer's saying:
    A key is all i need,
    for my dreams to start as a seed.

    I brought my shield,
    and are marching towards the battlefield!
    So light my pibe,
    and let me join the hype!

    WAAAAAAAAAAGH! :clap: :drink:

    Love you all! And if i don't get in, i hope every guild has some great fun.
  30. Uku

    Uku Fledgling Freddie


    if you dont know who we are , you havent played long enough!

    our history:

    Nazgul has a long history of mmorpg gaming, the guild was founded in November 2001 in Dark Age of Camelot on the Excalibur server, Midgard realm , we were often in the top 10 of rvr.
    Many moved across to World of Warcraft when it was released some playing on Horde and some on Alliance and enjoyed a long successful stay there. where we still are present.

    Now some of the brave souls have decided to adventure into Age of Conan , Hyboria and Nazgul was formed on the Dagon server whilst we wait for warhammer!.

    Nazgul is not about power-gaming, elitism, or any desperate striving to be ‘the best’. Nazgul is about having fun with a good reliable group of friends.
    So if you are looking for a mature, friendly, casual guild that can add a laugh to the game with our mad bunch then we can be found here.

    Nazgul :: Index , or our other website here NazgulHQ

    as you can also see this isnt a newbie post , we've been on freddys some time including myself and have a long serving history with mythic :)
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