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  1. Edgebeard

    Edgebeard Guest

    Band of Fools

    Hi this is Edgebeard speaking for the Band of Fools. Were a small gaming guild based in the UK who are waiting to put on our Jester's Hat for all out WAAAGHHH!

    We initially met up through that 'other' MMO game but our members are now restless to sign up to the WAR effort. Although a small guild we have a good team spirit and relaxed play style. The majority of our members have pre-ordered the collector's edition and our now chomping at the bit awaiting open beta.

    You can find more about us at

    We've decided to to offer our services to the Armies of Destruction as we feel that that evil fools are the new garlic bread, they're the future. Plus it's good to be bad and our jesters are looking forward to playing more than a couple of practical jokes on those lovey dovey Armies of Order. I mean how embarrassing is it going to feel to be killed by a fool! Salt into the wound most definitely.
  2. Treznor

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    Treznor here putting the guild Darkwind into the hat for beta participation. Darkwind started several years ago with everquest, and was our sole game for quite some time. Several of us left everquest and ventured into Vanguard, and more recently into Age of conan....

    This was a sad time for the guild indeed as the Everquest guild decided enough was enough and time to call it a day. A long time member posted a memorial link on the forum here and if you have played everquest at some point, just reading through that quickly will bring back some memories I'm sure!.

    Currently we are active in two games, and would very much like to be part of Warhammer. The vanguard team have been there since day one and we have nothing left to do! So we are looking forward to new challenges which lie ahead.

    We are mature players, and hardcore, exploration and achievements are our main goals.

    Once a member is accepted into darkwind, we generally have a very good community and people tend to stay and hang around with us for life, several older members still frequent the forums to keep in touch, so we have a good sense of community and it would be even cooler if we could all finally play a game which captures all our imaginations once again.

    We look forward to hear from you.
  3. Leth

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    Aqshyash Khar

    At first I'd like to describe Aqshyash Khar as the guild we realy are. First, we're not hardcore. Second, we're not casual! With that in mind, we usualy define us a semi-hardcore. Yet, semi-hardcore is a very wide term!

    When I asked my council how exactly we should brand ourself on the market, my most trusted councillor said:

    "Unlike most other guilds, we are a a mix between a hardcore and casual guild and therefore able to appeal to a player base inbetween the two. We are not as strict with our players as most hardcore guilds, and we encourage our members to enjoy themselves ingame and create a nice guild environment."

    When I asked one of our members what he thought was the most important aspect of the guild, he said:

    "Aqshyash Khar is the guild to be in when you want to play in your own pace but still with the feeling of being hardcore. There is a friendly atmosphere and people are always willing to help or discuss interesting matters... .., well take a look at the forum and you'll know what I mean!"

    I think this is the best description of the guild, I can possible give.

    Aqshyash Khar: Our Histroy

    Well, it all started out with an idea I got. Me and my mate (Some might call him tuff, I say he's got Balls of Steel) had played Warhammer since forever and when we found out about a serious WAR mmo we hurried on the internet to find information. In the end, we decided to start a guild. But it shouldn't just be any guild with any name. We wanted a guild with meaning and a guild which did not take away all your spare time, and yet was able to experience all the content ingame. Eventually, we decided to call us Aqshyash Khar.

    The Name

    Aqshyash Khar is the chaos language. The first, Aqshy, means "Red" or "Fire Magic" and is the root word. The second, -ash, indicated a liquid. Aqshyash is therefore a red liquid. In the warhammer this would be most commonly Blood.

    The second part, Khar, means "Rage".

    Aqshyash Khar means Blood Rage, fit for a WAR guild imo!

    (Before we go any futher and anyone sends me any email; we've already had our fun with Chateau de Rage and the like! Basicly, you choose a red liquid and put rage behind and make fun, but it's fine!! make fun! (of us :s))

    Evolving, the guild now.

    Since we started out, exactly a year from now, we've grown vastly. We're currently on 34 members of a 50 member cap. This is above all expetations. It seams like we hit a gold ore when deciding to mixing up the hardcoreness and casuality of guilds. But the thing that realy hits me is the forum. The game is not even out, yet we're soon up on 5.000 posts. This means more than a houndred posts per member, on average. Ofcourse, some are more active than others.

    We got both Teamspeak and a Website (Which, by the way, is getting a facelift very soon, with some amazing art done by our master artist). So come visit us, even Order people should find plenety to talk about! (Don't tell me Order people are not eating pizza, playing Warhammer Fantasy, online games, eve, .. (and a lot other games), .., watching anime, .. the least you could do is stopping by to bash us! ..several attempts to take over the forum has already been made [​IMG])


    -Leth Khar, Guild Master
    Aqshyash Khar
  4. bombibitt

    bombibitt Guest

    Hi, We are a Swedish guild named Bombibitt who is going to play order in Warhammer online. First off, we are almost all RLF and some off us have been playing DAoC since the very first day it came out. Then as time went by, we got to know more and more people and we still, to this day, play together.

    All off our members have been waiting for Warhammer "forever" so this is a dream come true for all off us. We all play everthing from PvE to RvR and we also have people that are doing crafting for hours and hours.

    We are more lika a family in this guild than friends and we just love to play together. We play for fun and the joy of the game.
    We have a good and open vibe within the guild and all of us is keeping a constant eye out for WARHAMMER - online age of reckoning.

    Let us in for the guild beta so we can test your new guild system and give something for Destruction to talk about. :kissit::twak:

    FOR SIGMAR!!! and some DWARF :cheers:

    GM of Bombibitt


  5. rsmarsha

    rsmarsha Fledgling Freddie


    Greetings from neXus!

    Site: (someone will need to PM me for full access, we limit the forums and some panels to members for spam reasons :flame:)

    Hmm where do I start?

    Who are neXus?

    Myself and some online friends were playing EQ2 as part of an existing guild. We had played EQ1 (and PS) together and had both run and belonged to various guilds in our time. Whilst playing EQ2 as part of a larger guild we soon came to realise that in a large guild working towards the higher end of the game we just didn't have the play time to keep pace. We also felt that there was no "friendly" or "family" feeling in the guild.

    As a bunch of mature (in age at least ;)) players with busy real lives we longed for a small friendly guild where each member felt they were involved and a part of the guild as a whole, where each member would aid others without questions and knew that whatever time they could manage in game would be well spent with likeminded gamers.

    With this in mind a small group of us formed "neXus" a guild which we hoped would encompass all that we wanted in a guild. The name was chosen due to it's meaning as a connection/focal point/centre of something. The guild is what joins us together so we thought the name fitted well, plus it's snappy. ;) Our EQ2 guild cloak has a knotted star as it's logo joining all the members together. Some from our former guild said we could never achieve what we set out to do but we all had hope and I guess conviction to make it work.

    The beginning and the story so far

    NeXus was formed on 27/04/05 and we quickly settled into our new guild tag. :) We originally aimed for level 5 just so we could display our guild tag over our heads and thanks to the great bunch of players we, we are now a heady level 55!

    In the 3 years that neXus has existed we've kept most of the core members with us and even those that no longer play MMORPG's pop into the forums. We are careful with our recruits as we like people to post an introduction on the forum before an invite is received. We operate a trial and have a quick chat with prospective recruits to make sure they fit our style and know what they are getting themselves into. Our numbers have grown slowly but at the same time we are still a smallish guild with the advantage that everyone knows each other and there's always enough online to get at least a group going. We have a calendar on site and often use that to plan groups enabling our members to say when they can make such events. Guild chat is lively and usually amusing with a good level of banter going on at all times.

    We have managed to the pride of all our members to keep the spirit going and to embody all that we set out to be as a guild. We've even had our first guild meet last year and have a mini meet scheduled for next month.

    As well as Everquest 2 we now have branches in Lord of the Rings Online and Vanguard and there's been a good few forum posts and guild chatter about WAR with myself and a good few of our number looking forward to trying it out.

    Why should you let us in?

    Why should you let us into the guild beta? Well we think we are a likeable bunch and will liven up whichever corner of the world we happen to be wandering around in (often lost ;)). We always try to help out others not just our guildmates and we are keen to expand into new worlds and see new faces.

    Hope I havn't rambled too long, have fun all and say hi if you see the "neXus" tag in game. :cheers:
  6. Frode789

    Frode789 Guest

    Hello from Intoxicated!

    Website: Intoxicated

    Our website is not filled with unnecessary "stash" so the visitors eyes pops out due to all the light effects\sounds and auto played videos... It got it's charm and reflects our style. It's simple to navigate and provides the important information. However, I must say that it looks way cooler then most of the other guild sites.. Logically enough, we have a forum with in the same style, where everyone of the forums hang out. If a forum access is wanted (to read a little around) you need to PM the Admin for reading permissions on your account.

    Our guild

    We are a medium sized guild which where formed earlier this year. We have already played several games, and are continuously looking for new games to rule the battlefield! WAR has been under our scope since the beginning and we sadly did not get the chance to get into the guild beta then. We are all about "Honor - Family - Loyalty ". Our slogan is pretty easy to explain. We care about our reputation, and we do not withdraw from battles even if the odds are close to 0. No "carebear hello-kitty island hugs" playing here. However, we work as a family. We have fun, we make jokes of eachother, and we share experiences. We only require that everyone are fully loyal, and we look at betrayal as the worst thing you can do. Consequences should be expected..

    Why should we play the guild beta
    Our guild has a large experience with MMORPG betas, as individuals, but also as a whole guild. For instance, in Rohan Online the whole guild was invited and I must say, we did our job great. We got to the higher lvl's, formed the guild and tried out the high-lvl content looking for bugs and possible exploits that needed to be fixed. What makes us slightly "special", is probably the composition of our guild. We have younger (mature) people, we have students, we have adults (30+) and we also have our female participants. We cover them all, and we have our own special ways to work on, which makes us able to cover many fields and find a solution to whatever it should be. We are happy, we laugh and we have fun. We are Intoxicated!

    -GM of Intoxicated-
  7. SungHi

    SungHi Fledgling Freddie

    Sanctuary Guild

    Guild Name: Sanctuary
    Faction: Order
    Location: EU Servers

    Hello to all!

    Our guild Sanctuary would like to be considered for the WAR Guild Beta, we applied for the original guild beta around a year ago and we are still hoping to help test out the guild and raid functions in the beta with you.

    About us
    We have over 750 registered members on our site, with around 200-300 currently active guild members.

    We are a very experienced guild, thats been around for many years over many MMOs. We started in a fun little game called Ferentus, and we have had a presence in many others such as Wow, Voyage Century, Silk Road, Perfect World, Shaiya, and Rohan to name a few. At the moment, due to some dissapointment in Rohan because of many bots and hackers infecting the servers, there are a lot of us actively seeking a new game to commit to, and hopefully WAR will be able to accomidate us all =)

    Our orgainastion and stability attracts the older gamer and we have a higher average age than most guilds, we seem to attract a few married couples as our members, the guild being run by a married couple also. This lends us to have a really strong family atmosphere that we are very proud of, we are a fun guild, but one that likes to acheive, and we have succesfully controlled territory in most of the games that allow this due to our tightness as a guild, and our strong alliances that we enter, we take our alliances seriously and can be counted on to be there when needed whatever the odds. We have strong family values which you can read on our Sanctuary Values page. We will bring strong teamwork to take on the toughest of challenges and to test the guild functions to their limits! hehe

    Why should we be in the beta?
    Ahhh that's easy...

    Sanctuary got cookies!
  8. Oathbreaker

    Oathbreaker Guest

    EU Guild: Axe to Mouth

    Axe to Mouth is a collaboration of 3 wow guilds. All 3 guilds have always tried to mix PvE with PvP and managed to be rather successfull in both without going hardcore. 2 of the 3 guilds managed to clear ssc/tk/mh/bt in the shortest time on our server.

    We're from all over Europe, but most are from the UK and Scandinavia. Over the years our guilds have managed to build friendships that transcended our guildtags. So it only made sense to start the Warhammer adventure together. We'll have about 50 members.

    With the coming of the summer and Sunwell alot of the people in these guilds have gotten enough of WoW. It's a good game, but it stopped being innovative a long time ago. So we were hungry for something new! :clap:

    And we fell in love with Warhammer. All of us love the lore and the new gameplay features Mythic is introducing with this game has made us drool.

    I hope this little intro has warranted a guild beta access, since we're very keen on trying the game out :)

    Yours truly,

  9. Marcus75

    Marcus75 Fledgling Freddie

    Valour's application for the guild beta!

    The life within the guild, the who and what of Valour;

    We are a gathering of people (15-25) whom once upon a time ended up near eachother on the dry slopes just outside Nalliten in Midgard. Back then we were two diffrent guilds, Valour and a smaller guild called Beowulf's Legion and during a very friendly discussion under the sun we joined forces under the wings of Valour wich was our guild emblem.

    We are from many diffrent countries in Europe, we have had three guild meetings in real life where people travelled for their own money just to see the face behind the avatar and talk about our favourite passtime, mmorpg's. A forth real life guild meeting is taking place this fall.

    So, you ask, why do we deserve to join the forces trying out Warhammer?

    Because we are a dedicated group of people whom are slightly (for us to know and you to find out...) older than your average mmorpg-player. We have alot of experience from games ranging back to regular rpg's as far back as Phantasy Star and Zelda and within the mmorpg's to Ultima Online.

    We have a relaxed attitude and click on most stuff to see what happens - a fact that sometimes causes interesting results. :D

    We have all type of players, those that run around and get lost and usually find that place whom noone expected it existed, those that PvP and cant take defeat, those that analyze everything in detail and almost mail out a stack of papers for "this next encounter", those that just tag along up a hill and straight into a enemy keep only to get wiped in a few seconds because the "sticky" in the group (Me? No, no, no.... ;) ) gets a momentary loss of brain functions.

    What will you guys get from us?

    We're old enough to know how stuff should and shouldn't work in the real world, we are the type of guild that takes the extra effort to help and to try and contribute to a better game both with our own behaviour and attitude but as well in correspondance with you, the developers.

    In short, we aren't the type whom dosn't give a f-k - quite the opposite - we care about things in real life as well within our favorite hobby... your mmorpg's.
  10. Yourimeister

    Yourimeister Guest

    Chaos Crew FTW;)

    Hi Ian,

    so to put up our banner:

    Chaos Crew, 15 member Dutch guild. We're all really waiting for this game we've all pre-ordered the ce.

    Why we should be invited into guild beta?

    first: why not?

    second: we all live in the same city, and we have lan-parties all the time.
    So we are very well coördinated as a guild. We're not some big hard-to-lead guild.
  11. Gutte

    Gutte Guest

    The Older Gamers - Mature PC, Xbox, Playstation and Wii Gamers

    The Older Gamers is a gaming community for people over 25 years of age. We currently have guilds in all the major mmo's in europe. We are open to anyone of the right age and our goal is to provide a mature community. Our members range from hardcore gamers to people who just wants to log in for an hour to relax from family and work after a stressfull day.

    I think the system of public quests, easy to find RvR and the mix of cooperation and competition that the realm war brings will be something that appeals to our members.

    Our european wow guild the old grudge has been one of the bigger guilds in europe for a long time with over 200 unique accounts. With our strenght in numbers we have been able to both progress and have room for more casual gamers.

    During the spring we were active in AoC beta and now have established several guilds that are successfull over there.

    Being older gamers we still have the need to relax and have fun so we sometimes do silly and fun events that all our members can take part in. One example is the running of the bulls we did where we invaded Ironforge with lvl 1 bulls and spelled out our initials with our dead corpses for all to see.

    YouTube - Running of The Bulls - TOG - 2006

    Our forums for separate guilds is closed to non members but our warhammer section is in the open section.

    If you are 25 or over and read this you are welcome as a member apply at the link at the top.
  12. Twierdza

    Twierdza Guest

    TWIERDZA Guild

    We are Polish multi-mmo guild. We have active divisions in most of the paid mmo games (e.g: Lotro, WoW, AoC, TR, SWG, EQ2). Altogether we associate more than 350 members in various mmo’s.
    The average age of our members is 30 years. The average number of games played by each member – 2.
    In AoC our guild had more than 200 members on the pve server, however AoC really disappointed us, except nice graphics and bugs it didn’t really offer anything new:flame:
    There are still about 50-60 active players, but they are true believers.
    We are hoping that WHO will be the game, in which we will fall in love, which will be as a water for dried tree for the not-very-diverse mmo market and will be the game of the kind we would love to play forever:ninja:
    Initially there are over 70 ppl, who will definitely play WHO once it is released. Over 20 members has pre-ordered collectors edition. Why only 20? Because in Poland there were only 600 pre-order packs available.
    Many of our members has played other betas – eg. WoW, Lotro, Vanguard, Aoc, TR, so we are quite experienced in this field;-)
    We would like to try WHO beta, as we are sure that the experience gained in beta will allow us to enjoy the game more after the release date and also, what is more important for us – will let us convince those, who doubt and hesitate;)


    Website: Twierdza - Gildia Multi MMO - Index
  13. Mandavar

    Mandavar Guest

    Twilight Guild!

    Hello this is Mandavar, the GM of Twilight guild :england:
    Guild website:

    Twilight is World of Warcraft european guild that has been founded in 19th september 2005 on Sunstrider realm. The guild started off as a Molten Core guild and currently - we have cleared all high end pve instances as well as enemy player cities (hello Orgrimmar :clap:).

    We have currently transfered to Sylvanas server and merged with guild Silent Vision. We have over 80 active, mature and dedicated members. We are a PVP/PVE oriented guild and most of our members have Veteran WAR Newsletter Subscriber status. Whole guild is converting to "Warhammer only guild" right after WAR launches.

    The members of Twilight have been core players or leaders in many high end guilds in games like: Ultima Online, Vanguard or City of Heroes. We know what we are doing, and we believe we are building a guild that is destined for greatness.

    Our goal in every MMORPG game we play is to kick ass and have fun while we do it :flame:

    And Since we're playing World of Warcraft from quite some time already (around 4 years) we would love to try something fresh and different, especially something with the heavy emphasis on Player vs Player and Realm vs Realm combat.

  14. pord

    pord Fledgling Freddie

    I am here to represent "The Bloodstone Clan".

    website: Bloodstone Clan Main Hall - GuildPortal Guild Hosting

    The Bloodstone Clan will be a dwarf clan with the primary objective to provide the members with a solid community of like-minded friends aimed at becoming the most Heroic and Legendary dwarf Clan. Bloodstone’s will be founded on a role playing server and be committed to medium Role-playing intended to make the WAR-world come to life.

    As all dwarf Clans the clan is about its kinsmen, given our previous experience of community games, a Clan where the members are altruistic and thinks not what others can do for them but what they can do for others benefits everyone in the long-run. We will therefore expect all players to undertake their responsibilities towards each other and to the clan.

    In order to succeed in RVR/PVP the Clan will have a well established hierarchy for ranks and groupings, at the same time this structure will be flexible to meet what type of difficulties WAR will face us with. The structure will also enhance our RP-ambitions and include internal Titles, rewards and other community features.

    We will accept hard-core players, role players, crafters and casual players; depending on the type everyone will find a suitable role in the Clan. To be able to have a high level of activity we will structure the Clan according to different player’s preferences in gaming-objectives and gaming-hours. This means that Hard-core players will belong to Squads consisting of other Hard-Core players, while causal players will fill the Reserves rather than be part of their own Squads. Details will be worked out as the Clan comes to life.

    Our main ambition is that the Bloodstone Clan will be a Heroic clan with a large number of friendly and active players who have a great time together. Our secondary ambition is that we the Bloodstone Clan will be THE dwarf force that the greenskins fear the most to face. This means we have set our ambitions high, but given that there is still some time until WAR is finally upon us we hope to be well organized and prepared for the release."

    We have stories about the clan and the families within the clan, with a quite extensive history in our library.

    We have also received an award on the guild portal site for being a spotlight guild where we received 5 stars.

    Rate where is me bugmans XXXXXXXX!!!

  15. Bobtree

    Bobtree Guest

    Guild: The Suffering
    Members: 100+
    Games the guild has a presence in atm: World of Warcraft, Lord of the rings, Age of Conan

    Website: (also have Lotro and AoC forums running as well)

    Who/what/where/when of The Suffering

    First started off on Bloodhoof server in World of Warcraft when 2 x similar guilds who were for more mature players with a slightly twisted and warped take on the world merged together. The atmosphere within the guild has always been excellent so once members join they rarely ever leave which means we've all had a few years to get used to one another :p

    We became one of the premier guilds on the server, which was a great achievement considering we were not as hardcore as some guilds around us, although within the past year we have become quite prominantly raiding/PvP emphasised, whilst maintaining the cheery atmosphere we hold paramount above everything else.

    We raided all the 40 and 20 man instances before Burning crusade, and since then have raided all the 10 and 25 man content.

    When Lotro came out some of our members moved there, and likewise with AoC. We established the guild name on those games as well and brought more mature/friendly people into the Suffering (the fools!). So between our Lotro and AoC Suffering guilds there are around 30-40 players, with the remaining 50+ odd being in WoW. Because of the type of guild we are lots the wifes and girlfriends of the chaps who play have been convinced/nagged/bribed into playing so we have a higher than normal amount of women in the guild (who keep us in the straight and narrow essentially :p)

    So now we boast players/gimps/psychopaths/kittens from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Romania, Hungary, Holland etc. Although we do hold English as our speaking language so all members must be able to speak well enough to communicate over our ventrilo servers.

    Currently lots of our WoW members have expressed a big interest in WoW, through either an interest in the warhammer universe that spans some years, or the desire to try something new.

    It is the intention of the guild to move a large number of us to Warhammer when it comes out, and as a horde guild in warhammer, I guess its our destiny to become Destruction eventually:)

    Hopefully we will get the chance to test WaR beta, and give our feedback (as about half the guild seem to be tech savvy, programmers, designers, technicians etc) and improve the game for when its release to the public comes :)

    The Suffering
  16. Firefly

    Firefly Guest

    WAR is Unleashed!

    A new Era has begun for Warhammer online. From the dreams of one person came the hopes of many. Unleashed, first formed early 2008, has taken WAR by storm, excelling in all areas from teamwork to patience. Swiftly becoming one of the most active and well known guilds to burn its name into the stone that is called Warhammer online. Out of just over 2000 applications just 30 remain, showing teamwork, effert, commitment, patience, time and skill to make it into the monster that is Unleashed!

    Unleashed is made up of the members that were handpicked from the best the EU had to offer. All Unleashed members play 12+ hours a day, and have been in the best guilds worldwide. All of our members have been guild masters, raid leaders or officers of the best guilds worldwide over a number of different games. For example Sey ran the worlds 2nd best Final Fantasy XI guild before aiming her time in helping to run Unleashed alongside the other officers. We have a wealth of experience and a spirit to push on as all members have seen how a guild can fall, and we will not make this error. We are the Future of WAR. We are Unleashed!

    Unleashed was formed with the desire to be one of the biggest and most active hardcore guilds in Warhammer Online and with that in mind we set out into the world and opened up the recruitment. We have a rigorous application system that accepts only a small percentage of the applications we receive. We are actively looking for the best of the best, not only with great previous experience but also the right attitude to fit into the Unleashed mindset. Unleashed is a guild which does not discriminate against age or gender, and we are cautiously going through the applications to make sure that not only do we become a dominating force in ripping Order guilds apart, but also a guild that actively helps other guilds and players. We are a hardcore guild but we do not consider ourselves above anyone else and lend a helping hand as often as we can since we strongly believe that Warhammer Online will be a MMO based on teamwork and relations between guilds and players.

    Because Unleashed was formed after the guild beta invites were closed we missed the earlier opportunity to get to join as a guild which was heartbreaking, but we moved forward and immediately started preparing for the release of Open Beta. All our members have a Collector’s Edition and that is also a requirement in our application. We want to make the most of any situation that is presented to us and when we heard that there was still a chance for us to join Guild Beta we excitedly jumped at the chance to be able to prove that Unleashed wants to be one of the few privileged enough to take part in Guild Beta.

    Our website is: Unleashed
    We wished to make a unique Guild website that had a clear Warhammer theme and something that really stood out from the often generic websites out there. What we wanted was a website which would contain all the latest news and downloads, as well as screenshots and videos that will come in the future from Unleashed. As we draw inspiration from the Tome of Knowledge we feel that we have created the perfect website for us and a tribute to Warhammer Online.

    What Unleashed is today
    Unleashed is a close guild with about 30 very active members at the moment that have also become the most active guild in mIRC and one of the more active guilds in the different Warhammer forums. We are an open and social guild that talks with everyone that wishes to talk with us and our hope is that we are generally well liked and respected by the other guilds out there.

    We have members with talents in a wide range of areas and we put this to use making sure every member has something to do, whether it be internally or externally. All of this is to make sure we have a high activity and a strong base on which to build on for when Warhammer Online is released.

    Unleashed has already began to help other guilds. We ensure that all guilds know that we are there if there is anything they need and that we are here to help, reaching out a hand even though they might not need it and giving a helping hand with everything from building up their recruitment system and internal structure to forwarding the good applicants that we have received but that couldn’t play hardcore with our guild but that we still feel could make a good addition to the semi-hardcore guilds we are working closely with. We are also helping out with website and banner design on a daily basis and this will continue on when Warhammer Online is released.

    We actively take part in all the discussions that are being brought forward about Warhammer, either it be in the forums, ventrilo or mIRC. You will not see us overreacting to news and issues since we prefer to view all sides of a story and work with it to make the best of the situation at hand.
    For example we have already proven our capacity to cope with change by the current reshape of the guild. This reshape was partially forced upon us by the news of both the Black Guard and the Choppa being cut, however we worked around the obstacle and have managed to relocate the people set to play these classes according to their skill sets and natural flair for certain types of classes. Moreover, we have decided to change the number of people allowed to join certain classes to accommodate the change of classes so that, when full, we still have the same amount of members in order to maximize our chances of succeeding in our goals.

    As a part of preparing for Warhammer Online we have also put up a 200 man ventrilo which will be used later in game as a gathering place for our future alliance. This is something that will be taken more into use as we start playing Warhammer Online.

    Furthermore two of the members of the guild are leading a project to create a guild theme song with guitars, drums, bass, keyboards and everything else which may fit in, they are striving with the help of the guild to create something which has power and an epic feeling. The first version of the song will probably be instrumental, but if we find it necessary and possible there might be vocals added later on. This guild theme song will probably not be the only kind of music these two members will produce as they are about to launch a project creating industrial music which will probably have tunes to fit in with videos of our future encounters and moments to remember. One of the members leading this project is a skilled musician who has been playing at the Epsom Derby in front of the Queen of England(!) and a very big crowd.

    What Unleashed strive to become
    Unleashed has a great number of plans for the future, we have set goals and set ideas like every other guild. Unlike other guilds, however, is our lust to help others. Within the ranks of Unleashed we push members to aid other guilds in allot of ways. Unleashed will become the best guild by aiding other guilds and that is the key to Warhammer. Teamwork, Time and Effort. These skills make up the right aspects, and they make up the Core of Unleashed.

    Unleashed not only aims at becoming the best guild within Warhammer online, but the best community. We believe that a strong community will make the game more enjoyable for everything and therefore will make the game worth playing. As Unleshed pushes on past the ranks of RvR and zones of PvE, we want to help to pull others past them as well. By helping other guilds and creating the best active and nice community as possible, we can help create a game that we have all been waiting for, we can help create what Warhammer longs to be...

    As every member has required the Collector’s Edition, we plan to rush out of the gates as soon as they open to get the best start possible, too quickly excel within Warhammer Online. We strive to become one of the most noticeable guilds in Warhammer Online, and will work hard for recognition together with server and world firsts.

    One of Unleasheds other goals is to develop our already imaginative website into a well known site for news, updates, add-ons and a general source of information for Warhammer Online. This would be to benefit not only ourselves, but everyone, on the side of destruction, on the server we land on so that we are contributing to the overall war effort.

    We look for players who are mature in all areas, but also love to help others and who enjoy teamwork and interacting with others. In the end we are looking to have around 50 highly active and experienced members and together with the other Destruction guilds work to take over the Order capitals. Unleashed will continue helping other Destruction guilds on our future server as we will help defend keeps and plan for the upcoming capital raids, we will help to take everyone to the top, not only ourselfs. Its a team game.. lets keep it that way

    One aspect that will be seen from Unleashed in the future is that we have a number of accomplished video makers within the guild that have a great deal experience from other MMO’s. This will be put into use as we early on will be creating everything from RvR and PvE-videos to Machinima and sketches, as well as tutorial videos that will be released later on from future boss encounters.

    Inside the game we intend to enjoy every aspect of it and take part in all PvE and RvR content that is available. We will make sure that the Order tremble beneath our feet as we at the same time play with honor and determination.


    Unleashed is just not full of gamers, but a wealth of differnert people. Within the ranks of Unleashed artists, musicians and writers can flourish. One of our young writers have created a book, and this is the first ever release of the first 3 chapters of it just for the staff at Mythic. Enjoy
    Closed Beta Text.doc
    "My name is Tom J. Skoog, fourteen year old resident of Sweden. I started writing this book to be known as someone out there, and with the talent for language I had discovered I was able to make the world of Viridia, and then start writing Crestfallen. I joined Unleashed because they wouldn’t stare the other way about my age, and I would be able to share what I was creating. They looked past how old I was to what I had made, and for that I am grateful. This is Crestfallen, first book of the undead arc, and a story worth telling.

    I am Tom, aspiring author, gamer and forever dreamer."
    Nefy – writer and Unleashed member

    In our Final words
    Finally, we wanted to end on something witty however, we have found this poem that here at Unleashed is like our bible as we intend to game and live by these words :

    Adapted from the poem “If”

    "If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
    But make allowance for their doubting too,
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
    And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:
    If you can dream--and not make dreams your master,
    If you can think--and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools

    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"
    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with kings--nor lose the common touch,
    If all men count with you, but none too much,
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
    And--which is more--you'll be a Man, my son!"

    --Rudyard Kipling​

    “The atmosphere is unlike anything I´ve seen before. People are friendly and very helpful and it´s great to have all these dedicated players at the same place, it will be one of the things that mark out Unleashed.”
    Gromit – Unleashed member

    "I have to agree with Gromit, there is nothing less I could do, best guild I've been in so far even though we haven't played with each other yet in any game, I have been playing games with 2 of the officers earlier though and they recommended me to join this guild, which I have been a part of almost since the start... I was very impressed when the flood of members joining was very talented in creating awesome graphics which has been a great way for many of us to gain help from each other and found a connection to each other... Our desire to help each other and other guilds around us greatly shows how great our teamwork is, as said we are one of the most active EU guilds out there, on forums and IRC and probably most other ways as well... "
    Scott - Unleashed member

    “I joined Unleashed because I want to be the best, I want to play with the best and I want to have fun doing it. I wanted strong leadership who knows how to run a guild and keep it going. Fun, friendly players who know the amount of effort one has to put into the guild to reach the top.
    And that was Unleashed. And I reckon the next few years in WAR are going to be great fun…”
    Cain – Unleashed member

    "What we have in Unleashed is something very rare and special indeed. Never have i found myself with such a great group of people, so commited toward the same goals."
    Mythical - Unleashed member

    "Iv'e been in hardcore guilds before but not in anything like Unleashed. The dedication, team work and quality of members is something unique and special. I know with players like this we will reach the top"
    Kuffe - Unleashed member

    "Unleashed is the most committed, skilled and dedicated guild in the EU. I have never met a better group of people that strive for the same goals. we stop at nothing to be the best .We have somthing special as a community"
    Serenity - Unleashed member

    "The harder I work at something the more luck I seem to get. Within Unleashed I'm amongst players willing to work harder than any other players in any other guild I know of to make Unleashed a great guild."
    Ryanous - Unleashed member

    Feel free to contact us on:

    Have a nice day
    ~Firefly, Guild master of Unleashed
  17. wizzawoz

    wizzawoz Guest

    Guilds - EXILED

    Hail all

    We are EXILED A guild made up from over 3 years of playing in one of the hardest PVP MMO's ever made - rfonline

    Grinding is our thing we dont aim to be the GREATEST guild in the world but we do aim to have fun play hard and level fast.

    We have our own WEB Site : -Exiled- : Multi Gaming Community the current membership is at 120 members!!

    On top of that we also have our own ventrilo server.

    We have recently come away from RF online and looking forward to some much needed mmo action from warhammer online. We all like to :drink:but find :cheers: a better way of doing things.

    I am sorry to say that we even let the odd (very odd) members sing to us in vent :clap:.

    We orgainse guild nights and even make our own story lines up with wicked prizes given in from members.

    Recently we met up in birmingham for an event arranged by another company. We rocked this event and even stayed for 2 days grinding.

    Why should we be allowed to join the beta guilds? Because if you do not let us then YOU WILL ALL MISS OUT!!
  18. Ffade

    Ffade Fledgling Freddie

    Hello there to One the mods :worthy:
    I'm George and i'm GM of the Angels Of Retribution and we do not ask......! We demand to join Guild Beta :lol: :p or else we gonna unleash :flame: notorious flame lord 'Powahhh' is somethin like 'Waaagh' but irl !! (ask Faya & Methos they know him well)

    We are a Greek guild 99% of the greek Albs in Excal(since 2002) where AoR member, mind that most of us had at least 3 account (at DAoC)e.g. wizzard ice pbaoe then alt tab spam heal then hold agro with tank :p
    Pleeeeeeease accept us, it is very hot down here in Greece give us access ,to chill us outttttt!! show us mercyyyyyyy
    Also we can give you the following offerings: greek mousaka,soublaki,tzatziki - zorbas videos :cheers: & OFC Anna Mouskouri & we can arrange a weekend (for the mods & dev only) to Mykonos !! :sex:

    Our Forum URL Angels Of Retribution Greek Version

    Anyway see you at a few months at the official game start :(
  19. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Fledgling Freddie

    Sol Invictus

    Guild name: Sol Invictus
    Faction: Order
    Server type: Open RvR
    IRC: #solinvictus @ Quakenet

    Who is Sol Invictus?
    Sol Invictus has been formed as a mind twist by Moods and by me. We both have been gaming together in various games and raided together as well. When world of warcraft became to repeatable we put our heads together and started to look at our options. We had 2 options to look into, those were Funcom's Age of Conan and EA Mythic's Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. Our first decision was go for Warhammer Online (this was also my favorite choice due to my rich history with the Games Workshop game). We made the decision to go for Chaos as our first choice as it seemed we wanted to be the bad guys and not go for the World of Warcraft kiddie Alliance.

    When Warhammer was delayed we decided to put our guild focus on Age of Conan and work as a guild. The result was a group of people who set a goal for levelling and to hit the raid content as soon as possible. This resulted in several people taking time of from work, school to get there. Once Sol Invictus started raiding we made our name on the server as one of the top guilds and that we were ready for everything.

    However due to the bugs and a failure from Funcom to deliver their promises Sol Invictus withdrew from Age of Conan, leaving some friends behind who remained there. When we were setting up again for Warhammer Online we decided to look at our options and noticed the small amount of Order guild. Having worked closely together with our friends from Semper Dius we decided to give in to what our hearts desired, play the underdog and play Order.

    So here is where Sol Invictus stands, an Order guild holding the gates against the unleashed fury of Chaos.

    What is the goal for Sol Invictus?
    With the background of most of the member from Sol Invictus we are aiming to become a known name on the server we will be rolling on. We are going to be one of the major players defending the Empire from the vile Tzeench spawns, drive off the vile followers of Khaine from the majestic lands of Ulthuan and clear the mountains from the followers of Gork and Morg. We will be the bane of the followers of Destruction!

    We are aiming to get a community up and running and make our friends on either side and have fun. Altough we are setting a goal for being the top dog we do realize we want fun. A game needs fun and it needs a challenge. We hope that the people from each faction will have the same attitude to make Warhammer a good game (We all know Mythic is doing their best!).

    Why should Sol Invictus be in the Beta?
    The reason Sol Invictus wants to get into the beta is to test the guild system, push it to the limits and see if everything is working as is intended.
  20. Hellkouar

    Hellkouar Guest


    Hi my name is Hugo and im leader of Karnage.

    I think Karnage Should have an invite to the guild beta because we are the best and will bring great WAR to the game :)

    All of us are playing WoW atm but we all wanna go to WAR instead, not all of em have pre-order the game but I am working on it so they do.

    We like to play competitive PvP and PvE mostly pvp and we are looking forward to WAR PvP system.

    no website atm but I will bring one up shortly, brt

    Best regards
  21. Ridell

    Ridell Guest

    we are a Wow raiding guild.
    a casual raiding guild that still is in top 10 on our server...
    we are about 60 active members that love to raid and do PvP
    everyone spends there time in Battlegrounds when not raiding.

    you can see on our website that we are active, plz check in and see what you think:
    Dungeon Raiders of Darkspear

    if you want good players for your beta this guild is one to invite!

    got any questions just go ahead and ask ^^

    /Ridell, Carissa, Officers/kinght of Dungeron Raiders
  22. xavier69

    xavier69 Guest

    Damned Souls

    Damned Souls
    Future Website design(WIP):- Damned Souls

    My name is Xavier and I am the leader of the ‘Damned Souls’, a European regiment of destruction formed in October 2007 with the sole purpose of playing Warhammer Online. I founded the regiment with a few real life gaming friends and together we have steadily recruited new members, finally reaching our pre-release target of 85 on the 13th of July. A second phase of recruitment will begin after the game releases to balance our classes with our maximum headcount set at 100 players. We believe this number will prove to be the ideal strength, and we aim to prove it by making Damned Souls a powerful guild to be reckoned with.

    The Regiment
    Damned Souls was founded upon democratic principles; all big decisions are debated and voted upon by the entire regiment in the forums, which are very active. At last count, our members had viewed our forums 198387 times. We are a mature, well organised, and well-managed regiment with an elected hierarchy of officers already in place.

    Although we think of ourselves as a semi-hardcore guild, we number quite a few hardcore gamers among our members. Our regiment has recruited fun, friendly, and dedicated people who are very active online and are already committed to playing Warhammer for years to come. We recruited many of them at the same time from other MMO games. They are great friends and have played together for years. All but a few of our members have pre-ordered Warhammer Online Collector Editions, and are looking forward to Open Beta.

    We are also currently in the process of creating a new and improved web site that should be finished in a few weeks as you see in the link above.

    We have an extremely active community in the forums, live chat, and ventrilo. We are all extremely excited about playing Warhammer Online. All of us are experienced gamers with a passion for MMoRPG, PvP/RvR, and most of us are fans of the Warhammer IP, its world, and its lore. Also many of our members are experienced warhammer table top gamers. Our members have been watching and waiting patiently for the game for years now and are glad that the waiting will soon be over. They have been playing together in HL2 mods to improve teamwork and help strengthen our community. Warhammer news is so eagerly awaited, that our members habitually trawl all the WAR related websites for information/articles, and repost them in our forums where they are discussed for hours.

    If you select our regiment we will do our very best to test the game and help in anyway we can. We will be constructive with our feedback on the game, its mechanics, and its features (especially the guild features). We really want to help with the development of the game and make it the best MMO to release bar none. So please select us.

    In way of bribes all we can offer is home baked regiment chaos cookies which are extremely good.

    Finally one of our members is hell bent on moving to a dark hole with no running water, electricity or internet if we don't get in the guild beta, as he just cannot bear hearing anymore about others playing the game while we just wait, wait and wait. It would be sad to see him sink so low.

    Many thanks

    Regiment leader of the 'Damned Souls'

    One of our members has written a small Warhammer Damned Souls story for you.

    A Damned Souls Warhammer story (by member Viz)
    The Black Orc towered over his foe, his panting breath the only proof that he was a living being, not a colossal statue created out of some mad sculptor’s imagination. In his left hand his razor sharp axe glimmered high overhead, washed in milky moonlight. Emblazoned upon his shield the white skull proclaimed his allegiance to Damned Souls.

    The moonlight glinted on the wickedly sharp axe dazzling Deurgar, but the dwarf dared not let his attention slip. Damned Souls, why did it have to be that cursed regiment? All knew what the deaths head on sheild or standard meant. He cursed his luck and vowed to sell his life dearly.

    Deurgar firmed his grip upon his battle-axe as the orc shifted position. In an instant the creature was upon him, razor edged death rising and falling again and again barely intercepted on the edge of his axe each time. He could not hold out much longer. He desperately parried and stepped back, looking for an advantage that failed to appear. How did the evil creature become separated from its band on this dark night? What horrors were the others planning to unleash upon the lands? Deurgar wished he could warn his people that Damned Souls were on the march, but there was no time left for anything but his next parry.

    At least his last fight was against his people’s ancient foe and not against one of the hated magis, or worse one of their cursed priests. An honourable fight, a clean death even at the hands of a blasted orc was better than a priest stealing his spirit. At least this one promised certain oblivion. Yes, it was better. His spirit would move on and join his honoured ancestors, as was only right.


    The sound seemed to echo over the battlefield. Deurgar stared stupidly at his broken axe, only then realising what it meant. He was done. He snarled in hate and raised the handle defiantly, but it didn’t even slow the axe already swinging down. It struck him at the juncture of neck and shoulder, the blow so hard it drove him to his knees. He would not have chosen to die on his knees before an orc, but fate didn’t give him the choice.

    The pain came flooding over him then, blinding in its intensity, but he was already looking ahead for the first glimpse of his ancestor’s welcome. The last thing he saw through a veil of crimson were the orc’s ghastly fangs under that red blooded moon.

    The orc wiped the gore off his axe and smeared it across his breastplate. For the Damned Souls, he thought to himself, for the call of battle, for the sound of hammer against shield, of sword ripping through flesh and for the liberation of their foes’ souls from this tortured writhing world. One day his own spirit would leave this mortal shell, but not anytime soon, not until countless more had been added to his count. He laughed loud and long, imagining the glory to come.

    “Waaaagh!” he roared, the sound echoing through the forest.

    He turned to watch as many dark wings, a murder of crows, took flight across the violet black night sky above.
  23. zyxx

    zyxx Guest

    Head Hunters

    Head Hunters

    Website: Head Hunters
    Contact: My self via PM or E-mail linked to freddyshouse.

    I will keep this short and sweet if you have read this far. You won't want another essay.

    We are a casual to hardcore raiding guild, very organized and very motivated. We have dipped our toes in many MMOs starting in Planetside. But we currently hold guild positions in both World of Warcraft and Age of Conan. We currently have over 100 members in the WoW guild with the AoC guild rapidly expanding. Our aims are end game raiding via PvP or PvE. Enjoyment and a good community (via RL events and constant communication on vent). Our progress is astounding. We have covered 90% of what Blizzard can throw at us while still managing to take time to have an active role within AoC competing in keep battles.

    We are now looking to expand upon Warhammer Online starting with the beta then moving in to retail. A good number of our members have pre ordered the game and looking to get a feel for the mechanics before pushing our way through the content you have prepared for us.

    With our average age being well over 20 we feel we are more than mature enough to provide valid and constant feedback to your selfs while still managing to, of course, enjoy our selfs.

    We look forward to your reply.

    - zyxx.
  24. thedark1ro

    thedark1ro Guest

    :england: Sacrilege clan reporting in!

    Hello everyone! My name is NymROdel and I am the leader of Lineage ][ Sacrilege clan.

    My guild has around 20 members who know each other in the real life very well. We value friendship and we love to play MMOs with our friends. Most of us have played other MMOs before (WOW,MU,Everquest,DAOC) but we've all chosen Lineage ][ for it's unique style of PvP (mass pvp, castle sieges). Right now I'm looking for new games that can provide us with a chalenging pvp experience and looks like WAR is going to deliver that.

    Guild HQ is currently set at Timisoara/Romania for anyone who might be interested (yes we are always looking for new recruits who love to drink :cheers: with clannies).
    I will resume my clan presentation to this since I preffer to play rather than write long and beautifull stories.

    Clan site is here: Sacrilege Home - GuildPortal Guild Hosting
  25. Eararaldor

    Eararaldor Guest

    Shadows of Sin

    Shadows of Sin

    Guild Leaders:
    Eararaldor (English)
    Ashlin (English)

    In the Darkness there are Shadows

    “In the silence a clapping started. He raised his head and turned startled. Eararaldor was stood there having had watched the execution. Eararaldor stopped clapping and began to speak “Your Nezith? The Champion, leading the skirmishes on the Empire?” Nezith was a bit startled that this Elf was not afraid and knew who he was. Eararaldor continued “We work for the same cause and the destruction of the Empire would benefit us both. If we work together this may happen faster.” Nezith lowered his axe and turned his body towards him “and why should I or my legion work with you?” Eararaldor pulled a slave from behind him and threw him in front of Nezith. “More death than you can possible imagine” Eararaldor said with a smirk. Nezith looked at the figure on the ground in front of him. A snivelling human shivered in the cold wind, scars covering his body. Nezith lifted his axe again slowly and just as he said“deal”, he slammed it down.”

    And these are the opening days of the war…..

    “Shadows of sin” is a fairly large guild of 150-200 members at the time of this application. SoS has been around since the early summer of 2007 and has been eagerly awaiting this game.

    SOS is the continuation of an older guild known as MDI. During this period we were apart of Guild Wars and regularly took part in Guild Wars and alliance battles for the Kurzick following. We changed our name and our game after we found out that Guild Wars 2 will not be using our hard fought for characters. A little apprehensive I know but we decided to move on to knew things. Warhammer Online promises us so much that we can’t turn it down. While most of SoS are European a few of our members are also American and requested the opportunity to create a additional group for US servers. They are run by Hobie420.

    Most of our members have been in the guild for over half a year and we are a community with strong ties to each other. We also have had a lot of events in other games – Such as in Dawn of war, but also other RPG’s (Diablo2 for example) . To show that were a bit nerdy we even have our own fan fiction section in the forum that all have been tied together in some form to the Warhammer universe.

    Communicating through regular meetings we have become a close guild. Planning all our strategies and ranks ahead of launch we are totally ready to put WAR to the test. Our members have interest spanning over all races and classes.

    Our guild members are very active on our community website. Can’t wait to put all our long planning into action!

    If you’re still not sure about us check our promotional video:
    Shadows of Sin
    Our members eagerly await their beta invites!
  26. Malifact

    Malifact Guest

    "Abhor the is but a false premise"

    "It was on the night that the Khaos Moon shone bright that the Black Host did gather under a stormy sky where rain and the voices of the Gods boomed across the land. This host, peculiar to most, stood silent in anticipation, for it was to be a night of omens and prophecy. There they stood, gathered around a large tent which stood fast against the howling wind, eagerly awaiting tidings which would determine the rest of their existance. They stood erect, weapons held tightly. Spears rose up, tall and grim, silhouettes against the moon that did cast it's baleful, maddening gaze upon the land.

    Lightning flashed in the distance, illuminating the Black Host for but a moment and revealing the faces of many of these warriors. Druchii from the Land of Chill, cruel and wicked, set their gaze upon the tent, eyes narrowed and keen. Banners proclaiming their allegiance to the Lord of Murder, Khaine, glinted in the moon's red light. Greenskins, the Orcs and their Goblin kin, were like imposing statues, strong and unrelenting. Icons decorated their green hides, exclaiming wordless praise to their Gods, Gork and Mork. Beside them the Norsemen stood. Their devout worship was kept no secret as scars and tattoos marked them out as worshippers of the Ruinous Powers, the Gods of Chaos themselves.

    There was a great flash of light from within the tent which seemed to burn itself into their very eyes. To the sorcerous among them, the Winds of Magic rippled and flowed sickeningly, irresistabley drawn to the tent. More flashes erupted, green, blue, red, every colour imaginable and some not. The wind that swept the plains relented and with one last mournful sigh, it vanished. The rain soldiered on, thundering vertically from the heavens. The smell of acrid smoke pierced the air as the torches sputtered out. Words of blasphemy and utter heresy reached their ears as the wind ceased and evidently their wait was nearly over.

    Sure enough, the flap was raised and out strode four figures. One a Goblin Shaman, clutching a staff of power and tribal fetishes. His little red eyes discerned no emotion. The second was a Druchii. She was wrapped in a black cloak and from a dagger in her right hand fresh blood dripped only to be washed away by the rain. The third was a man, clearly touched by the Gods. A tectacled arm was wrapped around a blackened staff and his yellow eyes exuded malice. The fourth was a huge figure, encased in an armoured suit that served as his second skin. In one hand was a huge axe, glowing with pulsating ill will and black energy, and in the other was a scroll of parchment.

    "Warriors of Invicto! Your waiting is over! The seers have divined the future of this world!" The large man's voiced boomed.

    It was as though his words were a command to erupt into deafening praise and cheer, because as soon as he finished speaking the Black Host was overcome with fierce and savage joy. They bellowed and screamed praise to their Gods and hammered their weapons upon the ground.

    "I hold here a sacred document, penned by the Gods themselves! It foretells the Ending of this World and the Rise of a new age of glory!"

    More cheering and zealous praise rose to the sky.

    "An Age of Reckoning is upon us! Usher it in with great speed my brothers and sisters! We shall not fail! We shall not be stopped! For we are Invicto Incarnate!"

    With his words, all grievances were set aside. Only one thing mattered, and that was complete annihilation.

    The celebration continued until, through the harsh delight and savagery, cut a voice. From the tent it emanated and when it reached their ears all was silent, for their master spoke.

    "I offer one piece of advice. I shall only speak it once, and let it's meaning sink into the very core of your being and fill you with purpose. Abhor the is but a false premise."

    And with these final words, the Black Host marched South." Prophecies Foretold, xx, 21.

    Invicto Incarnate here, stomping southlings since '06.

    I'll first give a brief history of the guild. Invicto Incarnate started as the biggest Mark of Chaos guild around. We formed in 2006 and rapidly grew to be the most prominent guild around there. But then due to issues with the game, we disbanded. But of course, the plan always was to play WAR together.

    So, a year later (In July 2007 I believe) we reformed. We ensnared a large chunk of our old players, and then lured new folks with promises of immortality and all the usual. We always had an RP flare, and so it was set in concrete that we would be a Destruction RP guild.

    So we grew and grew, we obtained a Vent channel, genorously given by one of our wonderful members. We got ourselves a spot in the WHA community spotlight (Community Spotlight - Invicto Incarnate - Articles - Go on. Have a gander.) and have just generally been as awesome as they come.

    Our guild website is: Invicto_Incarnate :: Index

    Currently registered are sixty members, but I expect this to grow as the release looms ever closer. We have a stable and fair ranking sytem, which reflects that we know what we're doing. We ain't no disorganised rabble.

    What can we can bring to the table? We're experienced MMO players. We know what to look out for. I know for a fact that a large amount of us have Beta tested before.

    Besides all that, we've been waiting for Warhammer Online since the Climax days. I remember when it was just a few screenshots in White Dwarf. Plus a few of us have preordered the CE. You know you love us.

    If you'd like to have a look at our RP, then take a look at the "Arena" section of our forum ( Invicto_Incarnate :: View Forum - The Arena ), although admittedly it's still very WIP. It shall be unleashed by the time the game is out, and we shall dominate etc etc.

    Thank you for wading through this, and I hope you'll consider us for the guild beta we've been waiting for.
  27. Gudwifshield

    Gudwifshield Fledgling Freddie

    Smelly n Scary

    ~~ As Radi, our Guild Leader has badly timed his holiday <:twak: Radi> then I must post this on his and our guilds behalf. Holidays? Gah! What was he thinking? ~~

    Hello! I’m Radi (I know, i'm not, but you get the gist of it ;)) the leader of Smelly n Scary! (also known as Stout n Sturdy)

    We started out in WoW (yes that game shh), where we first got together under the banner of the tankards! :cheers: (Made from friends who played DAoC). After some time unfortunately the game just didn’t hold us and we left. The guild was remade anew in LotRO during the beta phase (which we did LOADS! Of testing in) and has been growing stronger and stronger since, we have been together for over a year now (live) in LotRO, less than some I know but we still plan to be here years to come!

    Our guild ethos is based around a tavern! Drink, fun, friends and some good brawls (greenskins at heart!) oh and did I say drink? We put fun and friendship first over any other aspect in any of the games we play.

    Our excellent forum is the main hub for the guild at the moment where all info and discussions can be found. As well as our raid calendar and our events boards! You can find it here: Our Forums. We also have a WAR site which is a portal to our multi-game forum at the moment until WAR launches in all its full glory! We do have a PvP hit list though, and three dodgy characters are already on it... check it here... Three Stooges.

    For our LotRO guild we created an on going story that continues to twist and unfold as the game goes on, with no help from GMs, we have a dedicated team of players who create characters specifically for this story and other events (and delete them even after reaching level cap). We enjoy making events and running them for our members, things from mass questing runs and PvP jaunts to just throwing pies at each other and laughing!

    Hmm, what other useless facts can we use to sell our souls?

    Oh we have a great MAP that has loads of pins in it, well virtual pins! That shows where all our members are from around the world, you should be able to see it here... Map of SnS and if you join us you can have your very own pin! (/doh this isn’t a recruit thread!)

    We have many real life meetings, Stoutfest 07 was held in Cambridge which we managed to bet booted from a pub on our first night but did manage to settle in a nice pub the second day with over 30 members filling up the top room (yes they hid us out the room) this did involve lots of drink obviously. Oh oh we have our own t-shirts! (and worryingly a thong!) Which we all wore at the meeting so we looked like right geeks! But designed by experts no less.

    As well as questing and monster play (lotro) we also like to relax and have fun events, like picture posing and tavern crawls... oh and we did “pimp my hobbit” too pictures can be found here in our gallery.. we looking forward to doing “Pimp my gobbo” in WAR

    We have about 60 active members in our LotRO kin a mixed family friendly bunch with lots of old timers, young uns, men, women and generally insane folk from all over Europe. We be smashin dem round da ‘ead until they all sign up ter playin dis game too! We very much plan on bringing that ethos and mix over with us to WAR. We're going to be Destruction (how can ya not want ta be a Greenskin?!) and the emphasis will definitely be on fun.

    Oh, and another odd fact too, since playing LotRO I think about 6 members of our guild have become pregnant or their partner has, so if you join us you may have babies! (we think its something in the beer!)

    Why us for the Guild Beta? Well, we're experienced testers and I would expect we'd bring a different viewpoint to the Beta from many Guilds! Certainly from the social mechanics of the game (and Guild workings) rather than just gameplay alone.

    Hmm… anything else… I (Radi) played DAoC for years, does that help? (oh and lastly an interprative dance will be added for you on MONDAY! so watch this space)

    ~~ Well that's our Guild in a nutshell. Any further questions about us i'm more than happy to field in Radi's, er, absence. Lucky git! ~~
  28. Kier

    Kier Guest

    The Lost Guard Of Tor Anroc


    Salutations from The Lost Guard Of Tor Anroc.

    Who Are We?
    We just might be the oldest High Elf exclusive guild, having formed in December 2006.
    We are a thriving casual-RP guild that is participating in The Eternal War ( aka The Eternal Waagh! ), and a member of the Conclave Of Light alliance.
    Our guild is composed of two chapters ( US & EU ), so we are open to High Elf fans of any age, gender, orientation or nation.

    What Do We Believe In?
    We aim to provide an environment that is pleasing to members of all preferences and experiences, participating in everything from PvP to high-level PvE to good 'ol tavern roleplay.
    Our ethos is that everything is supported, nothing is mandatory.
    All we ask of members is enthusiasm for the game and respect for each other.

    What Do We Fight For?
    We are the survivors and descendants of the noble citizenry of Tor Anroc, a fair isle that was sent to the murky depths during The Sundering in a desperate bid to halt the advance of the Druchii and their diabolical allies.
    With no home to call our own, we of The Lost Guard wander the world on an endless crusade to drive back the forces of destruction.

    Why Should You Choose Us?
    We are a dedicated and diverse group of players, with many MMO and Warhammer veterans among our ranks.
    Hopefully we would be able to draw upon our experience to provide some valuable beta feedback, and also to show just what a single-race guild is capable of!

    And... ?
    And the US chapter of The Lost Guard got in to their guild beta while we did not. :confused:
    If they gain too much WAR experience ahead of us, we may never outshine them after launch!
    For Brussels, for Eurovision, for Abba, for all things shiny and European - don't let the Yanks win!

    Thanks for your time, we all hope to be playing this wonderful game soon.

    - Kier
    Envoy of the Lost Guard
  29. Deacardo

    Deacardo Guest



    Hi all

    My name is Paul (aka Deacardo) Guild Leader of Remnants of Sanity and we would love to be considered for guild beta.

    Remnants of Sanity is a Warhammer Age Of Reckoning guild, battling the forces of Order. We pride ourself on co-operation and teamwork. We are dedicated to creating a mature, friendly and fun atmosphere and will be focused on progressing through the game and experiencing all that WAR has to offer including end game RvR and PvE content. We strive to build a strong community who share similar goals and are dedicated to each other through team work and long lasting friendships.

    We have only been open for business since the 27th of June 2008, and in that time have grown to 25 members. Some of us have been playing MMO's for a number of years together, through several games, and as a guild have a lot of MMO experience. We have members aged from 15 to 60 who are ready, willing and able, to explore every aspect of WAR in both RvR and PvE.

    We have experienced members from EQ, EQ2, FFXI, SWG, Lineage 2, EVE, WoW, LotRO, CoH, CoV, AoC and more. We are now looking forward to WAR and all that a new game brings, experiencing new content and making new friends. We aim for our guild to become a big part of the community actively participating in RvR and aiding the side of Destruction to victory over the forces of Order on which ever server we eventually call home. We may not be the biggest guild out there (yet) but we are growing and what we lack in numbers we make up for with enthusiasm.

    Its fair to say that all the members of Remnants of Sanity are itching to play WAR and we are all keeping our fingers, toes, eyes and whatever else we can crossed, in the hope that we are selected.

    Why select Remnants of Sanity?

    Do we want to join guild beta to get early access to the game? Yes.
    Do we want to contribute to the testing before the release of the game? Of course.

    However, our main motive for wanting to join the guild beta is far more selfish. We want to join the guild beta to start getting to know each other better. At Remnants of Sanity we aim to not just build a great guild, but to build a great community.

    We already have an active community on our website, and we’d love to take it to the next level and get our feet down onto some terra firma, and to start getting our hands dirty.

    Last but not least, I have composed a little song about why we should be accepted into guild beta.

    Here goes….. no….. wait….. my doctor warned me about this….. I must leave now to go and take my medication :ninja:.

    Yours Hopefully
    Remnants Of Sanity

  30. Marcus_

    Marcus_ Guest



    I am Marcus_ leader of the Apocalypse.

    We are all Kung-fu champions and really good friends with 25 members.Experience in MMO`s Star Wars Galaxies,Ryzom and World of Warcraft.Guild ages 14 to 35 (some really dangerous girl!)Our guild will be choosing destruction.The majority of our members have pre-ordered the collector's edition.

    Once in SWG me and few friends from my guild gone to collect some rare
    hide from mobs. Because it's a very boring project, we found some newbie
    players for support.
    After one hour we finished it, and my friend with poor english language
    said to newbie:
    - Please hide!
    And they are vanished with collected hide. We never saw them since that time.:lol:


    You can find more about us at Untitled-9
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