Any chance I could get u guys to farm all our rangers?


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 18, 2005
Hey mids

Very sorry that I dont see many of u in the frontier, but I surely understand with all those ranger adds. Can u mebbe get a fg together with some high stealth specced (with MoS 3) classes with some stealth lore, and some Pac healers so u can get those rangers stunned and farm those darn bow gays. Remember to keep waterbreathing up as those small luris tend to jump into the water. Hopefully we then can get all the rangers to log their grp classes on and we get get some nice old RvR.
I promise if u go for all the rangers (normally camping bridges) I wont come mezz ya ;O)
And btw: Remeber to claim and upgrade ur towers so 2 rangers cant Ninja it. It seems like they have awfully much fun in doing this.
Let em have a hard time tbh.

Guidance, Golden Adder of Hibernia

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