A Bonedancer and his minions


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Dec 22, 2003
My Bonedancer is only level 46 and although trying to figure this out I've always failed miserably..

My Dread Commander is permitted up to 3 sub pets, however I can't cast them all at the maximum level I have, is there any easy way for me to the max combined level of pets I can have? right now my Commander is level 37 and at most I can have 2 green con sub pets or 3 grey cons.

Don't suppose I can sneak an extra green con in there somehow can I? ;)


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Jan 18, 2004
dont think so, if im right in the begining there was some but that allowed the bonedancer to get more highlvl pets if he did cast em in a specific order, but now i dont think that is possible anymore and on lvl 50 u can onöy have ur dread commander wich is blue and then 2 green healers the level 48 ones, im not that experienced with bds but i think im right anyway.


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Dec 29, 2003
I remember hearing that 2 'higher' level pets are better than 3 'lower' ones, but is there any reason you can't summon 2 green healers and maybe a grey buffer? Even if its a really, really weak (i.e - lvl18) i'd imagine it would still have a degree of usefullness in atleast the buffs.


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Jan 9, 2004
The maximum level of the subpets can be 75.

Have a look at this old BD guide by BD TL Sheena at Camelot Vault

Pets are lower level than a SM pet. Commanders are 80% of BD level except the Dread Commander (gained at level 45) which is 82% of caster level (thus level 41 with a BD 50). The minion pets are 75% of BD level OR capped for the specific summon spell version. Minion pet abilities increase according to their level. To get higher level minion pets, you have to spec higher in that spell line. Note that there is currently a total level cap on the levels of minions that can be controlled by commander pet. It's currently set at 75 which will not allow you to summon 3 pets of max level (37).
lvl of summon spell --> lvl cap of pet (caplvl)
15 ----------------> 15
18 ----------------> 18
21 ----------------> 20
24 ----------------> 22
27 ----------------> 24
30 ----------------> 27
33 ----------------> 29
36 ----------------> 31
39 ----------------> 33
42 ----------------> 36
45 ----------------> 37
48 ----------------> 37

Another way to look at it is in equation:

commander level = 0.8 x caster level (for version 5, 15, 30)
commander level = 0.82 x caster level (for version 45)

minion pet level = (0.75 x caster level) OR cap level (as per table) whichever is lowest.
I hope you find it useful


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Jan 26, 2004
When bd was first introdued u could use 3 green healer pets by summoning pets in a certain order,first patch after si this was fixed.

Run 2 green healer pets Rvr and u be fine.And thank god they finally made the pet buffs aoe,now just decrease pow drain on abs and i be happy bd.

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