your first char, and your first day in daoc


Fledgling Freddie
Apr 23, 2006
it may be the wrong section. but most people read this section so, move it if you want to.

how was your first day in DAoC?
who was your first character?
was it hard to lvl?
tell everyone about your noob days.
first time in rvr?
would be fun to read.

I'll start.

I couldn't wait to get my DAoC account, first character I made was a skald with 10str 10con 10charisma (charisma?) so I could get out of tight situations with enemy players lmao, so I'd be good at talking and singing:q called him Skeggi:p xp'ed around, till I got to lvl 7, was so hard, cause I was killing grey cons in vasudheim 24/7 :E I weared what most mids would know what is:x a vasudheim uniform aka mix of leather and cloth armor was the pwn.
joined my first guild with some randoms, a guy called Baeren or the gm there, it was called Bears or Fate. met a guy called jon after a while:p the warrior that specced 30 30 30 30 30 in everything, the first 50 on mid. he was a god...

you know you got this map with the first daoc acc you bought. and I sat looking at it often, and you see on the map that fort atla is quite big xD so I'm like omg fort.. atla... swam from vasudheim and down to fort atla, then myrkwood:p where I met on the most scary mob for every low level char... njessi...

that was good old days xD oh yes, I thought everyone was rvring in Raumarik mountains:q not lucky with that one tho.

my friend gizor and I sat talking about places and stuff back in the days ingame, went to he's house one day, and told him I've been fucking muspelheim!:p and he is like, OMG YOU'VE BEEN THERE? yea took screenshot and everything, he asked if it was covered with ashes and lava and stuff, yes I told to him, apparently my graphics card was so shit that everything in vale of mularn turned into the colors of the rainbow x<
" I took down a hill cat the other day!.... solo! " omg...

thought rvr was in raumarik, wtf... heard that people should be standing side by side charging into eachother at the rivers there, more or less got omg wtf pwnd by mobs...

^ fits in the rvr section yea?xD


Part of the furniture
Dec 26, 2003
My first character was Khayadarin the sorcerer. I used to walk by my dad playing everquest and wonder how the hell anyone could play such a game (I still think that ^^) but he decided one day to download DAoC beta test and so I thought what the hell and signed up.

I started in campcorentin (sp?) forest and moved north to the first lot of monsters where I slowly tried to build my way up the levels. My dads friar (hinanthesecond) started way up north in prydwen keep and me being the sometimes stupid person I am, didn't know about horses at the time, nor would I even have had the money if I tried. Moving up through camp forest I didn't think much of it but salisbury plains looked fantastic to me.

I died on the top of a scout brigand hill and was bound in camp forest...the next time I tried to get up there I got a horse and life was much easier :D

Exping around prydwen keep were some of my better first memories, especially with that bastard zombie, which I can't remember his name...everytime he popped, tonnes of people would pour out of the graveyard yelling RUN!!!!!!. I still everytime I pass there kill him just for the torment he caused just about everyone I knew back then :D

My first rvr memory was in odins gate. I had absolutely no idea about rvr when I joined the game, nor did I know about the frontiers. I did the typical noobish thing asking people on the pad what they were doing and eventually got coaxed into walking onto it myself. They were all (high lvl)talking about emain so I thought I'd go to a different (and hopefully lower level) place!

I arrived there not knowing what to do so I just kept running. I came upto a milegate and went straight through it. I then came upto another milegate (somehow I'd managed to avoid every single mob on the way from apk-amg-hmg) and I walked through that too. Walking down the hill I eventually managed to make my way to a big castle (hpk) and I charged at it thinking it would be friendly.

I was insta gibbed and didn't go back to rvr again until the end of beta big boos in emain bowl :D

And I'm sadly still here today, although granted a lot less often ;)

Edit: I forgot to mention that my sorc was tri-spec, mainly matter with 2nd body and small amounts of mind ...


Loyal Freddie
Oct 11, 2004
My first char was a shammy.

I played alot with my irl m8 a healer named Sveyn we duoed quite abit. and when we got lvl 50 we duoed all the epic steps and that takes quite some time as healer/shammy duo ;)

Was fun tho and mostly had no problem getting grp while xp'in g as a shammy back then. :drink:


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 23, 2003
in beta my first char was an armsman called Meerclar.
i also levelled near prydwen keep a lot and fell foul of the zombie named Mulgrut Maggot many times and like Kirrenia i kill him on sight now as payback for my pain.
my levelling was slow and painful as it wasnt until the last day of beta that i learned that weapon styles had to be placed on your quickbar to be used and that some weapon styles only worked with certain types of weapon.
my first experience of RvR was also on the last day of beta and what i mostly did was hang around at the back watching all the red and purple con people fighting.
when i finally got the courage to move forward and join in i got slaughtered immediately.
this experience put me off RvR untill only 2 years ago when i finally discovered that it could be fun even if i was losing more than i was winning.


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
I never actually wanted to play daoc, friends nagged me into it. They all quit shortly after but I got hooked and stayed playing with Kestrel and some others.

My first character was Kagato.

I wanted to name him Kamanth, which was my usual internet nickname but someone already had it, which amazed me as I made the word up lol, so I named him Kagato instead after the bad guy from a favourite anime of mine.

I chose armsmen cause they sounded cool in the book and I hadn't used a polearm type weapon in any rpg's before and fancied a change.

Naturally I messed up my starting stats, with my having no idea how the game worked back then. I keep hoping mythic will finally let us respec them. It hasn't hindered me to much though, or if it has I have no comparison to know different.

My first day I met up with some friends who were level 8 and already started, they gave me some eb's and got me started killing, first thing to kill me was a red lion in black mountains south heheh.

Sadly no one told me about auto training so I missed that chance completely :(

Took me quite awhile to get my head around the whole double spec, base line and spec spells system etc. And when I finally understood it I was quite happy with what I chose anyway in pole/thrust and did not respec once until ToA came out, and even then I still kept to pole/thrust but just respec'd to compensate thrust with RR to give etc points elsewhere.

levelling was ok at first but in the mid 30ies it became a bit of a nightmare but I was mostly levelling in duo's or small groups with kestrel and other dark knights members, we also exp'd alot with red dragons guild.

Finally dinged 50 in barrows

First time in RvR I was 15 I think, went to emain with a friend about same level, albs had just chased hibs away from ATK and a minstrel, do not remember his name, began with G, he grouped us to give us a lift to AMG, he was level 50 and seemed like a god back then.

Few seconds later the screen was flashing black, couldn't see a damn thing and we were dead instantly.

Not much has changed really :twak:

Went back again and remember being amazed at getting 28 rps lol.

Did not RvR much after that until much higher level.

I miss the old style exping, I think the pve would is just to big and spread out now. Most of it never gets used anymore.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 27, 2004
A group of friends were playing so i joined em in The Black Circle.
I started Drusus (Infil) in Camp Forest, they told me it was better to Exp near Pryd Keep, so i began the arduous Trek there.
I ended up in our Strength Relic Keep, after avoiding hundreds of Purp Con Mobs (i was level 1).
Finally got to where i wanted to be, i was given 100g by Belcar (a Fortune!) then it took me months to level, didnt help i did every quest i could =/
At about level 40 i found DF, and lived there till i was 50, thats where i got my 1st RvR too, back when DF was full of ppl =)

Drusus is now semi retired, as my love for Jaxxal (Necro) hasn't died =)


I am a FH squatter
Jul 5, 2004
First Char created was a SB on Mid Exc called Python (?). Lasted 2 days before I rerolled Albion. Reason being that there was no one to group with and those that were on, were very unhelpful to a total newb.

First char on Alb was a Palladin called Hawkwind almost instant grouping for Mithra etc, was great fun. Joined Red Dragons Guild along with leveling partner Spiral. Red Dragons was a great friendly guild with guys like Madonion, Feyd, Zlair, Stephen, Fii +++. Really enjoyed those first couple of years on DAOC. The huge Relic Raids, seeing green con chars in RvR wearing rogs. Racing to level 47 so you could compete in RvR! No TOA, no SC, just great fun.


Fledgling Freddie
Jul 19, 2006
My first RvR was when I was a gimp 3x ish smite cleric with little rejuve and enhance.
I met Biggles the pala in emain, and he was like 46...back then there was no 50's...he was like running around pwning groups of 4-5mids/hibs solo...I was just hiding in trees rezzing/healing/buffing him from distance.
He was my idol.
I rolled a pala, and then I wtf pwned. xD Now I am a pala God.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 31, 2004
back in beta i made a sb, and played it up until lvl 14-16. I totally gimped the spec, had 1 rog sword and struggled agains blue cons. Remembered that we killed wolfs and hill cats in mularn area in the beginning.

I made a thane at live launch and during first month me and some rl friend founded Klan Nidstang. The thane is still in the guild. My first visit to muspelheim/spindel /malmo, first time i saw the dragon, first time i used hammahs of doom in rvr, all very memorable.

My first encounter with albion was in Yggdra forest, we where xping near zombie camp and a all black shadow appeared infront of us, he conned purb to us. It said saracen invader, he messed us all, and took us down one by one, i remember the adrinalin rush i had at that point , and i said to myself mygod this game is great!

And ofcuz i remember our first field day with KN in emain roleplaying our asses of, with trebs/rams we barlely knew how worked.
Chased by a Champion commander across the zone on mach 5
Fun stuff :)

There are tons of stuff from the first days that brings back memories, cant mention all.


Part of the furniture
Jan 21, 2004
I made my first character of Avalon, german server. It was a dwarf warrior named Befnal. Sadly I don't remember too much from that time, I believe I had a pretty balanced spec but I just couldn't understand why the mob started attacking me when I used taunt styles :) (didn't know you could do shift+i). I joined a guild with a guy I met, think this name was Frudo something, the guild was called Asgards Kreigers. Remember they were once organizing an RvR raid, level restriction was 15 :)D). We met at Mularn and I begged them to take me in, I was just level 11. But they didn't want me and I got really angry, spammed their guildchat and then quit. Got kicked from the guild on a guild-meeting the next day :)

But one day I just got tired, since I had no guild and it was hard to understand the german sometimes. Remember the last time I was online with Befnal, was at spiders close to Fort Veldon. So I quit and went inactive, by the time SI was released I had forgotten the account details. Created a new and started on Hib/Pryd with Maheadros, the firby hero. Remember everyone thought I was the NS called Maedhros :)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 28, 2004
My first char was Elrandhir my hero, and back then Everything new you saw was like woah.

Was excited about more or less everything I did.

more or less all the way to 50 was a really nice experience, and I was also one of the last tanks that got into Fins =P

and the first time in the Front was really amasing, together as a realm against the forces of albion and midgard.

But the Joy and excitement I felt is long gone

The only thing I really care about now is RvR, so I wouldent mind atall if you got a Insta RvR ready char, maby except for being SCed you had all you needed.


Fledgling Freddie
May 19, 2006
mm, reminiscing.. Started out in midgard as well, on galahad, us servers shortly after the game came out, made me a spiritmaster. Me and some friends all started playing pretty much at the same time, we had decided to start out a guild. No concept of healers or anything, we were a group of 1 warrior, 1 thane, 1 skald and 1 spiritmaster. While thinking back about it, the steps outside vasudheim seemed awfully huge, when you went out and met the bears and ghost wolves and shit up by the T-cross in the road. (i e like.. lvl 4-6)

First RvR-experience is kinda funny, 'cause it never actually involved meeting anyone. Way before any lvl 50s ever existed, we had hit lvl 20, most of us, which was, obviously, a huge feat. We had just gotten our emblems and scraped together enough cash to dye all our RoG-lord armors charcoal to go with our new emblemed cloaks. So out we go, 4 people, into the hibernian frontier, by teleportpad. Midgard has managed to take both crauch and crim, so we go to crim, dodging guards like there's no tomorrow. Was quite incredible, being out there, and we ended up moving down to the ghost lizards in OF breifine. Quite the frightening scene when you've seen nothing bigger than the averagesized troll. Then suddenly we were attacked, and everyone was instagibbed, no clue what hit us. Checked our logs and it just read "Champion hits you for xxxx" for everyone.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 15, 2004
heh...a long story.

i was reading borads, generally - VN, about game since dec 2001, so i had a lot of info about game, and still have...1st wanted to create a ranger (coz majority of russian daocers voted to play hib on igraine, and i had one of best PvP Amazons in D2/Euro realm), then some part of ppl decided to go Euro and play Midgard, and i decided to go with them. Naturally, my attention switched to hunter, but after reading VN Mid Rogue Boards more and more i found myself more interesting with shadowblade....thought it is extremely funny to evade enemy attacks and poison weapons

15 feb 2002 - Euro daoc started.
7th apr 2002 - bought a french daoc copy from a friend.
11 apr 2002 - finished a big project and got a lot of money IRL
13 apr 2002 - upgraded my comp from celeron 300 to athlon 1.4, got a newer generation graph card and created acc and started a shadowblade. My nick - Haldar - was already taken, so have chosen another for that char (Hroft).

Norse - as i decided i want some reliable bonus from race - stronger and tougher, instead some tricky extra chance to evade attack. Besides, i usually play humans in RPGs. 13str/12 con were the attribute pick choices.

Started in Vasudheim, went killing newbie mobs...solo :)

2 days later i found Bee ingame and we arranged a meeting near tower that stands at border between Gotar and Myrkwood. I was lvl 9 back then, specced full axe/LA rest env and adamant on autotraining stealth till the end. There i joined Black Company, the only guild i ever was and will be.

After that it was soloing little werewolves and undead trolls near Askheim/Gna, with ocassional grouping, then willows (20% weak to slash, wee!), which were almost perma-camped...from 1 willow there i got OTD jewel drop with +6con, levels 13-18 were spent solo in W.Svealand, level 19 - killing female witches at that stone circle in Skona (they are not aggro), at level 20 i inherited one of Njessi axes from elder comrade and went to Musspelheim. Lived till 24 there, done a Njessi quest of my own to get a paired axe to the first. I had no problems with armor - majority of BC were conquiring Spindelhalla at that point and i had a good supply of leather drops from there, namely, Webbed Shadow set - tho it was extremely purple to me.

When i dinged 25, i killed Gokstorm the Giant at the entrance of Musspelheim, got OTD cloak from him. It was on 27th may 2002, and that's the date of my 1st SS from daoc.

Level 26 - killing crabs outside SF gates in frontiers. Our grp has its butts kicked by Alpha and his followers :p

Then solo leveling became slower - as noone wanted SB in groups, and class differences became more apparent. Vikings to hold mob, seers to heal, mages to damage, even hunters, after 2 patches that reduced aggro generated from arrows, were more-less ok...but SBs were completely out of that. However, i grouped a bit in Varulv at levels 27-29, soloed in Musspel till 31....pull enemy with throwing dagger, fight, collect loot, rest for 2-4 minutes....i was even reading a book between pulls....and was so happy getting Evade V at lvl 30! At 31 i decided to stop that solo QQ and tried to group. 31-35 went grouped at terra crabs in Spindelhalla, then i went to willows in the SW corner of Skona....ultimate SB hunted mobs! Noone comes there, no aggro, no CFH, no BAF, weak to slash(15%), thrust damage (weak vs my leather). Next day after i soloed to 36 there patch 1.48 arrived - with 2.2 spec for SBs and Battlegrounds - which i missed completely.

Leveled there till 38, road 38-39 was composed partly from pwling with BC grp in lair, partly - from our run thru DF, where i first met albs. I was among those who died ,but our 3fg defeated them and we continued.

After that....39-43 -- H spot in Malmo and soloing in Spindelhalla, where i surprised one thane once by getting more hp than him....guess he was really wounded - some Rogue - and stronger than him, Viking. Told him that 'i eat well'.

At level 40 i first went to frontiers guildie skald Warb found 2 same level newbie Albs near turn to Benowych....after short, but bloody battle i was only one who left standing :)

at lvl 42 i finally broke down and leveled up stealth - so it would get easier to sneak up to mobs. My spec shifted to 5-spec at that time already, which i planned from the beginning.

43 - 50 -- Malmo lair. I've usually taken managing the lists, as i was least busy person in both grps....and this allowed me to get my guildmates into grp sometimes :)

At level 46 i went to defend realm from one of mass Albion raids. Realised that
1) my modem is hardly adapted for this task
2) need level 50!

I've dinged 50 of 18th sep 2002, 3 days later i've got my epic....and a new life has began....with rampages through DF with Oxota, who told me alot about Shadowblade trade....killed 70 ppl in 5 hours there once.....with creating pseudo-SC in 1.51, when we didnt have it yet, but i managed around stuff with calculator and got 24% thrust resists (39% total with armor), which was a pain to Alb infiltrators, almost all of whom were thrust specced...

But guess that's another story.


Fledgling Freddie
Jul 1, 2004
My friends had allready start played and I had sat beside them, looking some to see if I liked it or not (my useally tactics befor buying a game). So, I started to play, made my first toon, a warrior named Igoor (yes, 2 o'n... Igor with one "o" was taken.. dohh, will never again make a close-name-stealing again). I got invited to my mates guild that they had started, Enhärjarna.

One of my IRL friends and an english player with the zerker Egill took me to Muspelheim when I hit lvl 5... damn scarey place... but fast nice xp'ing.. well I just looked and saw the xp poar in.. ;)

First RvR was when Igoor was lvl 15, my mates draged me with them all the way to Odins... just to get killed by the guards at APK.. Somehow, I managed to get alive as the onely surviveing party member. When you past the AMG, faceing APK, there was a high, snowcovered hill to the right. I ran back to this one, sat down in the snow as a very lonealy lvl 15 warrior, waiting for my mates to come back.. as I was realy and truely lost.. Was then I saw my first Albs, they where pasing me down on the road on there way through AMG.. If onely one of them had looked up the hill, that had also been my first RvR death. I claimed that hill in guild chat, so you all know, that hill belongs to Igoor ;)

I played Igoor as my main to 50 and to rr 2L0, but then I was fed up with RvR without range, so Igoor became my main PvE tank (still are) and I rolled my RM, Rhana.

My toons on prydwen/mid is still in Enhärjarna, even as it hurts me that I think I will have to change guild atleast with my main in order to get some RvR, as Enhärjarna more or less died when Glaston opened.


Jan 22, 2005
My first character was a Mercenary called Haladrid. EXPed with my brother Gwohar mostly and our 2 IRL friends Filath and Sovridance. They made a guild called Knights of Fire which we joined, met some cool people like Brucilla/Vanya there, when they went inactive the 4 of us made Knights of the Forlorn with Reck/Ourphil/Lanatherin and some other nice people and we eventually made Guardians of Vetutsa with alot of my old friends like Mybuddies/Mealin/Galyn/Rhori/Halldir/Osprey, turned out to be a big guild.

Leveling in the 30s and 40s was hard but I had two great friends Sing and Lynxus who helped me, I was jelous of this mincer called Musik because he seemed to level much faster than me.

My first time in RvR was in a relic raid and I was lucky enough to be grouped with Public Enemies (they had no choice :p) who basically RP PLed me like mad, it was an honour to group with them and I think how lucky I am as I am a complete random. I remember staring in awe at Dreami's Azure Duelist Rapier and wanting to buy it off him for 200g :p I was a noob then and didn't understand how much it was worth.

I definatly agree that the joy and excitement is long gone. Memory sometimes makes things appear better than they are but the old days were so much better.


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 24, 2003
my first character was a tall avalonian sorc. 10 int 10 str 10 quickness .....
i actually wanted to be a wizard but found out that i chose the wrong profession , i did not want to reroll @ lvl 10 ;-)
@ lvl 30 i found that i specced wrong i was a body sorc and all ppl needed was a mind one for AE mezz ....

deleted him at lvl 44 since i got always targeted first in RvR ... and made a briton sorc and ran around in RvR without a staff so they couldnt see that i was a caster and they left me alone :p. those where the days in HB with brommix huma gwal krane etc ;-)


Resident Freddy
Aug 28, 2004
My First Day in Daoc.
After some RL friends bought daoc, about a month later i decided it was best that I did as well. (couple of months after release)

So, naturally Rolled albion, and for teh easymode i rolled an armsman. (didnt want anything too complicated when starting)
name was Dastardly. level'ed with my mates pally and cleric (i think)> continued up till about 16 or so, then went RvR, remembering a DC keep take with shit loads of purp furbies and stuff, got like 15 rps or something :)
Was awesome fun, then I cant remember what happened but something made me roll My first hib toon, Pikeh. Was a tough ride up to 50, and part of me really yearns for the old school leveling game. Grps in sprag den, siabra killing etc. I was a complete gimp back then so even killing blues was a mission. Somehow i made it to 50 though (mostly due to awesome guilds and friends).
But part of me , like i said, just wants to go back before /level was out, and the game was still populated with lots of new players leveling up.
I also would like my old armsman back, tried 2 years ago to get him but I didnt realise that You couldnt get it back if there had been a patch alrdy.
Remember leveling up with Caylan, Venomblades (crazy shade that had nothing but NS's on his account) , and seeing Jamiesmallicus about in Tir Na mBeo, in the days before there was a bind at Ligen (had to horse from mBeo just to get to Ligen). Jamies would always give me 30g or 40g when i saw him, and it was awesome! Saving up for first black dye etc.

Ahh. The game needed to move on and progress, but If i could go back and level again just like the old days i would. A real sense of achievement.


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 22, 2004
Ah all these memories! I could go on wrighting all day, so ill try keeping it short with the funniest highlights!

My first char ever was on the beta server. After playing diablo and such, my favorit toon was always the big and strong chars, using weapons in both hands. I became Piglet, the troll zerker! :)

My first guild was made by me and irl friends, called Da Holy Blue! The others in my guild was so jealous at me, cos i was so high level. I was level 9 when they said this. After this exping went on slowly, i explored our lands and though to my self that this world was never ending.

At level 23 i met another zerker in Muspelheim. His name began a Z (not zzang). He was level 25 and o looked up to him cos of this. We played together bout an hour, not being grouped together. We logged for the day. I ran in to him 3 days later. He was now level 27 and i was like: how the f*ck have you got 2 levels in just three days??!

My first rvr encounter was in Yggdra forest. Me and a small group of 4 ran in to a to me ornage orange mincer. He name was (something simila to) Joxer or something. He killed all of us except me. I got the final hit when we were both on 5% hp. The adrenaline ... ah, good times.

At 35 i was finally high enough level to join my favorit guild, Red Guard. I talked to wrathofsouron, who was 42 at this point and he said he'd invite if i used their correct colors. So i went and borrowed alot of gold from all my friend to get Black hauberk, sleevs, boots and arms. Rest was Crimson (all dyes costed 30g, which was alot). When i got back to wrath he said: Sorry, you used your dyes wrong. Chest and boots need to be crimson aswell. I had to go out and farm money for about a week, so i could afford new dyes (60g) to re-dye and finally join the guild...

After that it pretty much went on until i had lots of friends, lots of level 50 char and started playing both hib and alb aswell... :)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 7, 2004
I made a Paladin on the day of the euro release. Can't remember the starting stats. Char still exists and is only level 47, I stopped levelling him at 24 but he has stood at the orcs camp a few times salvaging so has levelled by default.

I remember one morning slowly killing a mob with my Paladin, a player came and stood by me. He then killed the mobs I was killing in what seemed like the blink of an eye with huge fire explosions and stuff. It looked cool, I wanted one of those. I asked him what he was, he was a Wizard. So I made one, a Briton with 10 Dex, 10 Int, 10 Quick :) Then I got to RvR and discovered 50% Fire Resists :mad: Thank you Mythic for patch 1.83 :p I named the char after the first name that came up in the random name generator which was Legera, when I join DT it was with that char and from that day onwards I have been known as "leg", despite the name having nothing to do with me.

>.< Pooned

Fledgling Freddie
Nov 12, 2005
I start playing daoc in the release of toa not because i wanted but because of friends :/ around 8 of em xD

my first char was a hib elf champion with 10 str 10 con and empathy i think and rolled a champion cause it was the first trainer i found xD and i could join in his family xD (because i had a friend hib too)

in the end the alb friends won and i reroll alb in the form of a necro cause was a Necromancer and i though wow it rox and it did :< but times was hard to lvl etc and ask what the world needs? so i roll a cleric first rvr as a lvl 46 then 48 and exp in rvr xD till almost lvl 50 well with a 43 rej and rest in buff was the good spec before buffshearing been introduced before that i had a 33 smite rest rej....... as a solo exp cleric...... and believe me was too hard
the hardest exp in my life wasnt till lvl 50 (although it was a pain) but exp kalare's necklace in orange yellow statues as a solo semi smite cleric :<


One of Freddy's beloved
May 29, 2004
I started daoc after some old gaming friends of mine left our Sudden Strike clan to join the game and The Black Circle ! , all i kept hearing was " its great fun " so finally i gave in and became addicted !! Smellysox was produced after i had sunk my second can of stella , i was struggling to find a name was even thinking of calling him straef or martcock , something really stupid roflchopper ! < lucky i never tbh > after which i decided to remove my socks i had worn for about 3 - 4 days and BANG it hit me ! the smell and the name inc to the nose ! sad but true ! im soon to retire but not till i get my ding dam it ! xD


Part of the furniture
Dec 22, 2003
I worked together with my older brother four years ago and he told me about a game he just bought so one time he came over to my house he brought the game to let me test it.

I was addicted right away so we went out and bought it the same night.

I think the upcoming days were the first days of my entire life where I had sit so much infront of the computer :(

Oh well, first time in RvR was when I turned 43 and a berserker called Arnor were out in RvR alot and I were in the same guild as him (Odin's Æresgarde). I joined one of his groups and I remember beating a level 50 paladin rather easy due to the overpowered LA damage :p

Actually did rather well back then no matter if I were 43 or not, though the real fun began once I turned 50.

I joined The Domination which basically were a Supp SM rvr guild where I were the only tank together with a skald.

The LA fix came and I were mostly an interupter than I were a damage dealer :p

Joined Cutting Edge a while after that and in the end I went to Blizzard (R.I.P).

ToA came and I deleted my zerk (still regretting it).


Fledgling Freddie
Aug 30, 2004
I started playing daoc after gettin bored a bit with other things and knowing from others this wasnt sush a bad game.

My first char was a BD, dreadlock, when i started playing there was 1 nice guy there (forgot name) he explained some basics and gave me a wooping 200G!. This was my first mmorpg ever played so i had a lot to learn. Later on i came across hellrock who was also new and we played the first days together and then i joined my first guild the salamanders. After reaching lvl 22, i got bored with it as never getting groups so i rolled the first of my vav's, A shaman Vavires.

RvR, never liked rvr in the first year i played, always was against it, its only the last 6 months actually i really started to enjoy and play a lot of RvR. i think i played once or twice RvR Pre-frontiers.

Its a shame xp groups -40 are as good as non excisting now. Ppl go moderna or pl themselves.



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Jan 26, 2004
Haldar said:
heh...a long story.

But guess that's another story.
1 of my first rvr experiance i remember is my meeting with u in Odins, at AMG bowl close 2 the little wood down at APK.

was a shot experiance ofc. I died even b4 i knew what happened :)


First day in daoc -> Saracen -> cant remember start stats -> Campacorentin Forrest -> hours of running around cause i was completly lost


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Dec 9, 2004
I remember starting 3 years ago or so. My first char was a troll warrior. And i exped him in galpen. First time i ever tried a internet game, so it was really exciting seeing other people running around who wasn't just mobs or npc's.

I got him to level 18, and realised speccing in only sword/axe/hammer is really hard to exp with. So i decided to delete him and started on the warrior i have now. Found out from a guy running passed in galpen how to spec a warrior, so i followed his spec which was 50 hammer 50 shield 28 parry.

Getting to level 50 seemed realy far away, and i took a mini brake. I then saw SI was out and started exping in aegir. And i always remember a guy called wholdar came upto me and gave me this glowing 2h weopon. I was like wow, thanks so much. Doubt he remembers that now, but i certainly do. And i remember exping with this glowing 2h weopon and everyone was like wow, how did you get that.:)

Then i remember bluesky inviting me to join Sons of Nidhug. At the prime........this guild was the best one i've ever had. Can never forget the legendary svartalf! Guild raids every week. And would be 2fg raids all the time and guild meetings in gotar. Then FUCKING WoW came out and the guild went totally dead. Used to remember logging on and seeing just me.:(

After 30 days /played i finaly reached level 50, this happened just after NF came out, as i played in leirvik for a while. I still remember that good old battle grounds. <jamie's merc> pwned me.:( Was fun claiming the CK and making it level 10 and seeing thousands of albs come to take it back.

Then i got to 50, tried out rvr, and started soloing as i could never get groups. And i just carried on doing that. I was a nobody.:(

Now 50 years later. Im Bradlex the overlord!


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 5, 2004
4/4/2002 i received my copy of daoc couldn't wait to get started and like all games the manual was thrown to one side and i went straight into the game.I chose to play Mid and rolled a dwarf called Thornbeard who later progressed to become a skald was some happy days joined White Rose then Expedient Demise , Nemisis and finally finished my Mid days at Wrath of Valhalla quit easy mode and moved Albion :)


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 2, 2005
My first day in daoc i spend looking for my old friend Kjartan who told me about daoc when we were playing diablo2 together :D

I started a Norse Thane rocking Vasudheim. Met a troll warrior named Tynian there and we leveled alot together in E. Swealand/Nisse.

I deleted him tho, becaus i was jaloux of Tynian who did more damage than me and made a norse Warrior instead, by then Tynian was a bit to high level for my to level with so we didnt level much then.

Pretty soon i got most of my CS clan to play daoc and other friends to play daoc aswell..

First RvR experience was in DF when my warrior was around level 42 fighting at cambions, i got jumped by a nightshade named Cyclodia.


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Sep 29, 2004
i made a solo druid specced in everything. and i was at trees somewhere with my overly pwnage tree pet (why did they get rid of tht :( ) and thn realised i sucked and quit for a year. went to alb cause of littlenicky and got my 1st 50 which was a necro thn made inf thn cleric thn wiz thn reaver

and finally went hib so i could pwn all the albs who annoyed me :twak:


Resident Freddy
Aug 28, 2004
Thornbeard said:
4/4/2002 i received my copy of daoc couldn't wait to get started and like all games the manual was thrown to one side and i went straight into the game.I chose to play Mid and rolled a dwarf called Thornbeard who later progressed to become a skald was some happy days joined White Rose then Expedient Demise , Nemisis and finally finished my Mid days at Wrath of Valhalla quit easy mode and moved Albion :)
looked through a copy of an old old pc gamer the other day, and eXpedient Demise were in there, under "best at DAoC" :)


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Nov 7, 2004
I moved to DAOC which a lot of people whom played the same game i did (serious sam), we formed Outlaws of Darkness (Alb/Igraine) still there to this day.

First char was a necro (which i still have to this day, just forgot the psw for acc), was good fun tbh, leveling in gothwaite killing the dragonfly's was ftw, learning how to play a necro from a good m8, progressed through the levels fast.

Most fun being when i found mithra, this place was a gold mine and heaven, remember helping a few people with levels down here. Getting to 18 and heading through the plains to end up at Keltoi Fogue, where i met some mates whom i would xp with for a long time, names were bellamorte and horrin, great peeps, remembering when i met her pally for the first time and thinkin it was some god cos of its high level (38).

Soon i got to 30s, i left OoD and joined a guild called Manticore, great guild, was the biggest on Igraine afaik, soon i had my first glimpse of rvr, i went to the battleground (Caledonia), was wondering around till i saw this 'Sylvan' started to lt so i fp'd and power drained it, then just went into melee with it till i killed etc etc. Was great tbh, plus then i could afford mcl ;D

I dinged 50 on christmas eve, which was like an early present, although i knew nothing of the rvr, so when i was asked if wanted to go emain, my answer was 'sorry m8, im already 50 i dont need anymore xp' still laugh at myself for saying that ;D

Anyways, made a few alts, dinged a few 50, left my guild Manticore to join the mostly European guild Dark Knights, which were planning to move to the EU servers, so in the end we did, most were members of The Fallen Order, gd times xD, even though most of em have moved WoW now.

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