why not


Trem's hunky sex love muffin
Dec 20, 2003
Slightly, but more to prove a point to the emotionally challenged among the mods. If only we could clone you we would be sorted.

If I had a clone, we would stay home and recite dirty medieval poems to each other all day long while playing coconut-oil twister. None of this forum mod lark.


FH is my second home
Nov 7, 2004
Thing is, he's right, people have been leaving left and right, there's SO many people that I can list on this forum that play freeshards, but because BloodOmen and his cronies don't like it, it keeps getting nuked.

It's a bit like all those threads/posts about Torrents being nuked, right?

This place died when DAoC OT got forced to merge.

I post on one or two threads but seldom elsewhere, let the ole girl go.

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